Young Employed and Single

Y.E.S 59

“In the same way, a woman who is no longer or has never been married can be devoted to the Lord and holy in body and spirit. But a married woman has to think about her earthly responnsibilities and how to please her husband. I am saying this to your benefit… I want you to do whatever will help you serve the Lord best, with as few distractions as possible!” I Corinthinans 7: 33 – 35


I still had a lot of questions but I had no time now. My relationship status was important to me so I had to ask before I left.

“Aunty I forgot to ask you, what happens with my relationships now. Do I date just anyone or I must wait to be directed?”

I asked her.

“Look, when you get the water calling which is what you have it means its a very powerful significant calling. It will affect your relationships but you can date. Your ancestors can choose who they want you to marry and will remove any obstruction to that happening for you. However, its something you can choose to fight them on of which they are understanding!”

She explained but now I had to go. I told her of my call and she walked me out. She had given me a lot to think about though. Driving back I was caught in two minds. I was not sure whether to start by going home and changing or just head there straight as I was already late. In the private sector its not unheard of for business to also have a social side and this was it. I was management level, well junior management to be honest meaning the company was going to give me an expense account for it. Its funny how the company had the final say on this contract meaning realistically they should have had the power to remove me from it but they were not.

My sister called me.

“Mum told me what’s going on. Why haven’t you told me?”

She asked me angrily. Its true I had not told her. It was because I had not thought it necessary. Perhaps I was wrong but usually when you are about to have an abortion you don’t tell anyone. I saw how my mother and her sisters relationship had been destroyed by this.

“I know. I have been meaning to tell you but I have just failed to find time. As you can imagine I am not having the best time of it. I am scared Pam! I am scared!”

I told her. I just needed a breather. I needed to catch a break.

“I know you do. We need to go out though. Have you noticed that I am always coming to your place and you never come to mine. Why is that?”

She asked. I did not expect that question since this moment was about me.

“Well because your husband is an idiot that hates me after I beat him up and you also never invite me. Its kind of hard to show up at your place!”

Ever since my sister got married I had never felt welcome in her house. Her husband and I had our issues. I found him pretentious and dishonest. I told her about this and she never paid attention to me.

“You alwats make those excuses though you need something different. This week, dinner at my house! You two need to make up. This fighting really does not do you any justice and I am the one that sufferes from all this because you the two people I love the most!”

She said trying to make me feel guilty.

“You left out mom!”

I reminded and we both laughed.

“I don’t know how I am going to do this on a serious tip. I can’t be this sangoma. Mum wants me to be baptized but I don’t think that will make it go away!”

I confided in her. I almost cried but I could not get to dinner looking somehow.

“Where are you going anyway?”

She asked me.

“To dinner with the bosses and Simba!”

I told her.

“You mean Simba, the Zim guy from the wedding!”

She asked me. My sisster would ask for details in wahtever conversation you were sharing with her. Talking to her was never a sprint but a marathon.

“Yes him. He is doing business with my company so its a business dinner!”

I explained to her.

“Oh ok, maybe you willl get a chance to get to know him better as that will be convenient!”

She said. We laughed a bit and at least she did not bring up the calling again. It was not a pleasant topic right now. We were meeting in Rosebank so I did not struggle for parking. I really needed to freshen up but already they was no time. I as not feeling this dinner. I called Simba ti ask where they were and he gave me directions. Jhb people go out everyday, this place was packed. You would never think that this was a work day. I found him sitting on his own. I switched on my voice recorder as I always do when I meet these people. Safetly first.

“Hey! Sorry I am late! I had a busy afternoon had to go to my aunts but that’s a story for another day!”

I told him as he pulled the chair for me and I sat down. I liked that.

“There I was thinking I have been stood up and left to hang out with Mr. Graaf and Nicolene!”

He said clearly displeased by it all but laughed at the end to show his relief. So Nicolene had been invited too? This was becoming a joke now. I had never been in a situation where there was such aggression to force someone to work on your harmony. Team dynamics are important for the success of any project and this right here, was the wrong dynamic.

“I am here now. Sorry I didn’t get a chance to go home and change. I wish I could have but I got the message late!”

I told her. Note to self, never pick up work calls after hours. I should actually teach myself that. When you answer calls after work you are just inviting trouble.

“Thank you.”

He said.

“Where are they?”

I asked him.

“Nicolene said she left her phone in the car charging and Mr. Graaf escorted her. I didn’t mind though because I needed a breather from them. They get along pretty well for people with such a wide gap in age difference!”

He said as a matter of fact. I would not know though because I did not know Mr. Graaf well. I didn’t read too much into it because funny enough Nicolene was super friendly. She had a way of getting into your face and making you notice her.

“Speak of the devil, there they come!”

He said. I saw them walking in. Nicolene was dressed up as though she was on a date. At work she was a tad bit more conservative so I had never seen her after hours. She was not overdressed but you could see she at least put in effort.

“Ah finally you joining us Miss Mbatha thank you for coming!”

Mr. Graaf said with a smile on his face. With the day I had had I was not going to be tense, I was going to enjoy this moment.

“Yes sir. Sorry I had errands to run but I am here now prime and focused!”

I responded. I smiled as I spoke so that they could see I was at least pretending to be happy to be here.

“Its after hours, you get to let loose a little. Blow off steam so we can all get to know each other. You know when you meet in the office everything is tense and hostile”

He said being nice to me. I remembered the snake in the bible, it was nice to Eve too and look what happened. I wished I could gossip to Simba in Zulu but I was not even sure he would understand.

“Thank you for inviting me.”

Nicolene suddenly said seeing that she was being closed out of the conversation. Its not like she had spoken first.

“You are welcome!”

I said to her even though I had certainly not invited her. Had they lied to her that I had invited her? Poor child!

“So Simba, have they been giving you a good representation of our company?”

I asked him taking charge of the conversation. I did not want Mr. Graaf to lead because he would then go back and say I contributed nothing.

“Yes they are hey. I didn’t realize the full scope you guys head. Mr. Graaf was telling me of your operation in Saldanha Bay that’s very impressive!”

Saldanha Bay? Wasn’t that the government contract we had with Denel? That was top secret and no one was allowed to talk about it. Even I didn’t know its details. Had he crossed a line.

“Yes sir we are a big company. Where is your partner the one who we met you with the first time?”

I asked him.

“Oh him, he is around. He is holding down the fort!”

It was time to change the subject.

“So have you guys already ordered! I am famished but we must also have an early night!’

I told them. I was hungry. I was that girl that could go on a date with someone I didn’t like simply because of the food. I had done it once or twice before and I won’t even hide that I would order the second most expensive thing on the menu. The second most expensive is usually not sea food and I don’t like sea food.

“Yes we have, we were not sure you were still coming!”

Simba said. Dinner was nice. We spoke and laughed and drank. Around 1030pm we called it a night. I had not drank too much so I was safe to drive. When I got to my place I noted that Mbuso’s car was not there in the parking lot. I wonder where he is.

My phone rang.

“Hey Simba!”

I said when I picked up.

“I was just checking if you got home ok.”

He said. That was sweet of him. I told him I had and I now needed a long bath then my bed. He said his goodnights without much fuss.

Living alone though peaceful is not always nice. Sometimes you need someone to just hold you and tell you all is well. Now I was staring at the wall and they were staring right back at me.

My phone was ringing. I jumped up because I just wanted someone to talk to. Thank heavens it was Miriam, she always had story.

“Hey, I was thinking of calling you how did you guess it?”

I asked her cheerful.

“Great minds think aline I guess!”

She sounded sad,

“What’s wrong?”

I asked.

“We just got news that Sfiso lost both his baby and his wife. The labour had complications and she had a heart attack. They could not save the baby either!”

She said and there was silence!

I lost all words.

*******The End********




Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Thank you sir for reading my letter and greetings to your readers.

I am in love with two girls and they both are in love with me. They know about each other and have sat down and discussed this. I met them both a the same event, a wedding and we hit it off. At the beginning I was playing one against the other until one day they put two and two together and confronted me. They asked me to choose whom I wanted and I couldn’t and I said I wanted the both. I thought that would be the end of me but it was not. They said we should try it. One girl works in a bank and the other is a teacher. I am a doctor. My friends say they did it because of that but these girls seem to be so in love. We are all from Jhb and I am Tswana. My two girls are Sotho and Pedi. We been doing thiis for about two years. We have had our fights and makes even they have fought too and made up so we are strong. Now here comes the problem, Sotho girl is pregnant and Pedi is not. I obviously want my baby but Sotho girl is saying come talk to her parents. They have met me before singularly. Pedi girl is jealous and says she wants a baby too and if I am about to pay lobola for Sotho then I must pay for her too. I get where she is coming from but in my family background there is no pologymamy at all. In fact my father is a deacon I know he is anti it. I can’t abandon my two girls because I love them both, we have been through a lot.

Please anyone advise me on what I can do.

Thank you kindly

Dr. Polygamy

58 thoughts on “Y.E.S 59

  1. Oh my I get the felling S’fiso is the one that has been chosen by the ancestors for Lungi…………great chapter Bhut’ Mike as always

  2. Thank you Mike

    Lucky you Dr Polygamy

    I will wait for JJackzorro on this one.

    Mike what happened to you hooking us single people? 😏😏😏😏

  3. Ah thanks Ta Mike & team
    Nw shit is getting real for Lungi.Amadlozi are removing all obstacles between her n Sfiso.Cnt wait for Friday.
    Dr polygamy I don’t know shem I wil have to refer u to my crush Jackzorro. Gud luck wit ur two girls though

  4. heeeeeey maaaaan! Lungi’s ancestors are deeeeeep!! this is getting intense..

    Dr Polygamy bathong.. o lucky those girls bathong.. I have never… what a wow.. girlfriends in law..nice life problems

    as for marrying them both.. batswana dont typically do that, Ima keep quiet shem because i have no constructive advice.. maybe le jole for the rest of your lives or something yhu

  5. Talk about nice life problems!! I must say both girls are crazy to actually stick it out with you for so long and maybe the one who fell pregnant did it on purpose to have an advantage over the other one , to “win” you so speak… messed up situation to bring a child (or two) into if you ask me… are we that desperate as women that we would sleep with a man that is playing us like that?! this is so sad shame
    I think that the fact that you are a doctor helped you some, I cant imagine two women sticking up with that kind of BS for a low income earner

    1. Sesi.. how do you mean she fell pregnant on purpose? this guy knows unprotected sex can lead to pregnancy mos.. and they were not being played nje, they all agreed to this arrangement.

  6. Mhhhh, Interesting, first Obstacle removed,

    Q’n’A you lucky ding, jahhhh ‘d give anything to be in your shoes, make it last brahh, but honestly, I don’t believe in polygamy and know for a fact that if you loved one of those girls you’d have left the other in a blink. you are settling for them and they are settling for you. no love lost.

  7. DR – hehehehehe… You are the man & you have the final say. You are asking for trouble by agreeing to marry these women. On the other hand, in this day & age, I guess knowing the *other* woman also has its perks

    Good luck!

  8. Thanks Mikeesto, Now it may just be that this is purely coincidental, Im still vouching from Mbuso but Simba might just snatch her. Sfiso is going to be grieving and thats going to be challenging with this thwasing business coming up… Dude I wish this was a series I could watch in a Marathon session. Props bra Mike, Untswempu playa.

    Dr Polygamy, talk about nice life problems indeed neh. On the one corner, a banker that helps people with financial decisions, on the other corner a teacher that is entrusted to educate our future leaders… Yet both of these people with so much responsibility in reality are as naive and desperate as a hooker selling herself for a smoke. I don’t get how two self-loving women would be so foolish, because you’re a doctor? Ah come on dude really, le wena what ambition do you see from either one of these people? Coz they are settling for kak by remaining in this situation for two years, like what can they possibly get out of this?

    Look, I can’t say I envy you dude because any guy can pull that Zuma move you’re on, but one thing I don’t understand is how people that are educated fall into these types of ish, Your minds should be liberated yet here we are. I wouldn’t marry these people because this is not fighting for a man, this is selling themselves short and what can these people possibly offer my offspring’s in terms of lessons of life and independence? I get that wena you proly think ubosso and you getting your bread buttered ngapha nangapha, but what self-respecting women would subject herself to sharing a man, and be happy to ride the same man that was screwing another woman hours before? Yes they know about each other but does that make it right?

    Nawe ndoda stop playing abantwana ba bantu and choose one already. You could’ve avoided this when you got bust but instead you played victim, toyed with their emotions and now here you are. You either choose one or marry them both playa but this situation is bound to end badly for one or for all.

    Happy threesomes


  9. Dr. Polygamy.
    Please think long term. You have been living a life you know nothing about (polygamy) and now you are about to make it permanent. Please search within yourself if this is truly for you.
    The answer to that will guide your next move. Goodluck, and congrats on your lil one thats coming.

  10. Tjo tjo tjo…Lungi’s ancestors though 😀

    Heeee Mike I was actually watching Check Point yesterday talking about thi Pastor who sells prayers for marriage in Midrand….when I saw your quote today I though you were gonna touch on that, lol
    Life uGqwirhy sana…People be selling prayers now????

    Eish Dr Polygamy!!!! I will als leave ou in the capabel hands of my Jack ( whom I am still waiting for just so by the way ) to give you some sound advice my brother…But first step would be if you talk to your parents about this…..if the two women are willing to accept this, then I am sure you can convince your folks too….

    All the best nhe!!! And congrats on that bundle of joy on the way 🙂

  11. Lungi please look for Mbuso, a man who can take care of a child that is not his will always have a special place in my heart…

    Dr Poly, if the two women in your life are happy with the arrangement, I don’t see why not. Many men cheat on their gf/wife with the other woman knowing of the main but that does not stop them. In your case, these two know about each other and are willing to share you, be it for your status or not and here you also cannot choose, so dive in. Anyway society has put women under pressure by brainwashing them to thinking that a men should have a higher status than theirs, and therefore we cannot bash these two as there are not enough doctors, engineers and lawyers etc… don’t we all want to boast about our men??? 🙁

  12. I actually agree with Jack word for word. This is just stupid shame. Cant waste breath on childish professionals… Aids is still going to spread, siblings rivalry will still thrive… No one is free here. such Nonsense…

    I dont know, Sfiso will feel so gulity about cheating on his wife now… Lungi has too many options shame, maybe thats why she is still single.

  13. lol! I’ve got tears in my eyes from all the laughing I’ve been doing at some of yall’s comments.. WHY are we calling these women stupid for exercising free will? polygamy is a thing in our cowntree yet some of you feel these women think low of themselves.. emancipate yourselves from one-track mindedness somblief.. no one tricked these women, they did what they wanted to do.. doesn’t mean they have no self-love.. doesn’t mean they don’t believe they cant do better.. Just means they don’t mind getting along for their relationship(s).. stop it one cheated here.. no one did anything wrong.. this was agreed upon. And it certainly does not mean they are with him because he’s a doctor.. they just happen to both love him, aint nothing wrong that.

    How are yall bashing this poor dude when these women also agreed to this also??? LOL! can we open our minds a little bit

    1. I agree with you – no one forced anyone in this situation; they agreed to it. They are all grown ups with working brains and responsibilities.
      I will NEVER share my man with another woman though! other than his mom, daughter and/or sisters

      1. yabo? that i can respect.. you’re choosing to not share so i believe you would have walked away in that instance. Manje why are people wilding like these women didn’t CHOOSE to stay with this nigga and have no issues with sharing him??

  14. Dr Polygamy, it’s too late to think that polygamy is not allowed in your fam or culture. You should have thought about that the minute you decided to date both girls, sit your family down and explain to them the issue at hand, m sure they’ll understand. Polygamy is not bad and yours is good coz they get along, Pedi girl has every right to also have a baby, and if you pay lobola for one you also have to pay for the other woman, so man up and do right by both
    these women

    1. hae man.. wa m’blushisa lol… I just want a world where people will stop being lambasted for their choices when they are fair to all parties involved

  15. Thanks bhut’Mike and team
    I think Sfiso is Lungi’s future hubby; remember he dreamt about her and “their future”
    Dr Polygamy I don’t know whether the three of you thought this through when you agreed on this situation seeing where you are right now. I would suggest that you think this properly, talk to your family and your ladies to find a possible situation and actually see if this will work out for the best in the future. If they start competing with each other now, imagine what they will do under one roof unless you’re going to have two households and have a roster like you do at work regarding where you’ll sleep which days of the week. What a lot of work – good luck.

  16. Ta abutiMike.
    Dr perks, chicks falling on each other for yo love. Hayi serious nice life problems U got here Dr Polygamy.
    This us yo life & yo parents’ beliefs can be set aside. U have to make yo own legacy. If U wanna try having both starters & dessert same time means U won’t have a maim course. But then who needs a main course after having starters together with dessert.
    Big question is, can they leave under one roof without strangling or killing each other? It’s a lab experiment that has passed in theory but the practical cud be disastrous. U will never know until U’ve tried it. But don’t say we didn’t warn U.
    Don’t wait till there’s blood on the floor!

  17. QThe good bõok says let your yes 2 be yes änd your no 2 be no, this is have to make a decision but make sure you don’t bring ANC § DA ön this éarth ant prepd bcause its hard 2 threw up without your dad, his brthing the same air you brth but his not there and never gave you that parent affection. It not about money 2 be a father it tóok you 50% active sperm but to be a Dad it about unconditional love.

  18. Thanks Bhut Mike.
    Thanks bhut Mike.

    Lol, Doc Your polygamy doesn’t balance you must invite one guy to assist you chow 🙂 , you cant handle two women alone. Polygamy is something like handing over your balls to two women. the next thing they wont be good enough for you, you will be looking for a third one. if it would be cool for you to share a woman with another man then go ahead marry them both.

  19. Mara the girls know each other and are civil towards each other, fights here and there (as expected in any relationship). If you say you love them both and you truly mean it, I don’t see where the obstacle is mina. you can talk to your parents about this, I’m sure the start of polygamy wasn’t made and everyone was happy about it nje, there were fights and everything.

    In your case it’s gonna be like that ke since you’re Tswana, sit your parents down and explain to them. And Jackzorro, I don’t think they were after him because he’s a doctor, you don’t just tell people when you’re asking them out that you’re a doctor, I’m a doctor myself and I can’t even begin to let people who are asking me out that I’m a doctor. so I believe they really love you Mr polygamy

  20. Why do I have a feeling that even though Sfiso and Lungi are meant to be it wont be an easy road. If I were Sfiso I would think Lungi bewitched my family just so she can get me, especially after that dream.

  21. Some man are lucky, getting your bread buttered on both sides.
    Zuma must be smiling 😊 where ever he is. Another Nkandla Coming!
    Dr …… Deep down you know what you want and I believe you’ve made your decision now you’re just looking for second opinion.
    I’ve got questions for you
    1. Are you going to satisfy both these ladies
    2.Are they going to be faithful to you(if you marry them both)
    3.They may not fight right now BUT what will happen to your child aren’t they going to fight?
    Think about your happiness and your health.
    You’re the “man”!

  22. 1st Choice ya Lungi ke Sfiso.. wa bona… he is too charming and just Lungis bff(mare my fear ke gore he might think Lungi o moloile bathong fa a simolola go twasa)!! Next choice yame ke Mbuso, chilled guy and very tolerating of things(his past and his present)… i think he might be willing to Twasa with Lungi… Simba, nope. Too much drama at work…

    Dr Polygamy… will you ever be happy with these 2 ladies or you are going to go full ninja (and take 500 wives and 700 concubines) on them after you 3 get married? when is enough enough though? what will stop you from getting more and marrying more?… what if the other lady cant have kids? o jelwe ke skeem, sa ring?? im down for all what you are doing as long as there is a contract… the two ladies need to man up and be smart enough to take away the 3rd-10th right ya gago ya marriage… then you still have free will ya to just cheat on them. eissssh

  23. i actually wondered about Sfiso’s dream where he has kids with Lungi ukuthi what would happen to Sfiso’s baby and his wife but I never guessed this, I didn’t see this one coming. Hai Sfiso wabatho, I bet Mbuso left town or moved cos he doesn’t Ntetheng to be surrounded by Lungiu’s dramatic life… due to what happenend with Azwindini

  24. Lungi n Sfiso relationship will never be a happy one, remember, he cheated on his wife with her, so she will always think he is cheating on her. Mbuso, i really like but doubt he will look at Lungi the same way after the drama with Azwindini. Simba, just a no, thats if she wants to kiss her career goodbye.

    Dr polygamy …i dont know what to say. These two women will be your downfall and perhaps death

  25. Poor Sfiso he is the chosen 1 but the pain of loosing both mother n child its so unbearable

    Dr Polygamy…What were u thinking? you’ve been together for 2 yrs wow ths must be working for 3 of u and you are claiming you love them both ryt, surely that wouldn’t be a problem to convince your Deacon father as why should you marry both of them…and remember its too late to choose now if u decides to choose by any chance well #I smell coffin and by the way just to be at peace make sure that the other 1 falls pregnant as a Dr do all the necessary measures coz jealousy might ruin your Threeships #lol

  26. Dr, U will never find inner-piece, NEVER! Even if U go to another province & start afresh. Bcz U will carry on “jolling” with both of them as they have allowed U.
    It seems too late to change the tripple-alliance now. Just take lessons from other polygamists how they make it work. Buy lots of Stoney ginger beer to stay strong!

  27. ta bra mike
    Dr yaz this got me thinking😅😅😅 wch of the two is going to kill da ada 1st.. the pregnant 1 after realising that the ada1 didnt gv up and wanted her own or the ada 1 for the jelousy of being beaten to gvng u a lifetime treasure.. this shit aint going to end well Dr.. love u can get from 2 women bt getting em to axcept that they will forever share you aint a decision u can go around claiming they took.. i bet these women are in a competition and it will get rough in da long run. I suggest u visit ka maimai in jhb Doc, ask for advise from zulu man, these women dnt just agree to isthembu, u make em agree ngezinye izindlela.. they both want to own da doc and they will eventually get desparate. that will b da day u will wsh u never got confused like u claim to be.. goodluck

  28. Heee banna your ancestors don’t play Lungi hhe at Dr Polygamy marry them because you love them both its your life at the end of the day.

  29. Thanks ta Mike

    Dr u asked what to do,but u already made the choice to b with both. I guess get the green o Chinese tea or taelo n make the pedi scream, make that baby baba. Aslong u can maintain them financially equal, ull be ayt dawg.married both get them different houses in same complex boi 😁

  30. Dr if u going to marry these 2 women b prepared,witchraft is real u will c,polygamy comes with the fights,jealous,competition,lies,scheming all that,alredy it has started how can 1 b jealous of someone’s pregnancy like really? U may find that 1 of them is only there jus coz they can’t let lose to the other, u may b lucky not to witness it but yo children are going to b victims of the situation

  31. pay lobola for both bcz you want them both.
    your father hasnthing to do with this; this is totaly up to you & the girls.

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