Young Employed and Single

Y.E.S 55

“A great relationship is with someone who knows all your insecurities and imperfections but still loves you for who you are!” @ithinkthatway


What is it about wealth and power that makes a man look so attractive? I remember when I first met Simba at the wedding. I remember distinctly thinking that he was ugly and fat and let’s not forget foreign. I did not even want him to talk to me so much so he caught talking to Anastasia behind his back. Now that he was in the conference and I knew the full extent of his power, maybe not wealth he was suddenly so hot? All women go through this phase where we used to go for “hot” guys but as we get older we learn very quickly that good looks do not pay the bills. If anything good looks come with so much drama as all the young women that think he is hot go after him full force and it’s even worse if he has money. One of the hottest girls I know whom I went to varsity married a man so ugly I remember at the wedding people kept asking if this was for real. He was rich and today they have two kids who by God’s mercy took the mothers looks. I have always wondered if they are his kids though. Anyway here was Simba, expensive suit and you can always tell a man by his belt, not watch. Why was I noticing all these things though? I must rush home to Mbuso who I don’t even know what he is to me! I felt I was the one chasing after him and he was not chasing me, sigh!

“Miss Mbatha are you ok?”

Simba asked me! Crap, I must have blacked out there.

“Yes I am sorry about that. I got lost in my thoughts there, apologies!”

BI said realizing that for about 45 seconds I had just went blank. He must think I have a mental condition after this.

“So let’s get to the business as signing!”

I told him.

“I will have you know that we are so excited to have you on board. My bosses and I have been waiting for this meeting because we are keen to work with you!”

I told him buttering him up. The meeting took about an hour in which we discussed contracts and projects. We agreed that we would setup an office focused on this project and this project alone. When we were done my boss came in.

“We should have a drink to celebrate? You know a small Monday get together!”

He said and all of a sudden people wanted to pop champagne to celebrate. That’s the difference with private sector and government. When we achieve something we are allowed to take credit for it and celebrate it.

“I am sorry gentlemen I will have to take a pass on this one. I have my mother in the office; she needs me to take her to the doctor for her check up!”

Fuck! I lied! I don’t why I lied. I could not exactly tell them that she was here to take me to a priest who needed to exorcise me because she thought I had a demon of some sort. My boss stepped out for a moment obviously disappointed but he understood.

“Let me say hi to your mom. I spoke to her at the wedding a bit hope she remembers me!”

Crap! How could I say no to the man who had gotten me a promotion and was the toast of my company right now?

“Sure that will be sweet!”

When though had my mother gotten to talk to him? I can’t remember seeing them together at the wedding but to be honest I had been rather busy that day. I led the way. I found my mother sleep whilst sitting. Yah neh!


I said waking her up. Unfortunately I think I startled her making her jump up.

“Goodness Lungi don’t scare me like that! I am an old woman!”

She said. She noticed Simba in front of her and said,

“Ah Simba, Is that you? What are you doing here? I didn’t know you work together!”

She said.

“How are you mma?”

He said and next thing she hugged him.

“I told you she would come to her senses after the way I saw her treating you at the wedding?”



This woman is out of order! They had spoken about me at the wedding?

“This is the son in law I want not that one with a baby”

She said in Zulu. I think she wanted to say like that so that he didn’t understand her.

“You will find me at your car. I saw it when I entered so I know my way!”

She said and she walked out pretty satisfied with herself.

“So you and my mother?”

I asked him. He had a guilty look on his face but he smiled when he responded.

“Look, your mother is a force of nature! She cornered me that day and was quite insistent I talk to you again. She even gave me your number which to my credit I did not use even though I was dying to!”

He explained. Yah neh, my mother was trying to get me laid. Did she think this was Date My Family where mothers actively try to get a man for their daughters to be chowed by? Nah it was not. I was actually not that impressed by this at all and my mother had to be stopped. I did not act like a baby at all.

“I am glad we have signed; now we can start working together professionally!”

I said putting on my business like voice. Straight and to the point.

“Good day Mr. Tizora!”

I said and I walked away leaving him standing there, Crap I had not thought this through! Me walking away leaving him stand there means he could check out my ass as I walked! Ah come on! I found my mom sitting in the car looking very please with herself.

“What a pleasant day!”

She said as we drove out. I gripped my steering wheel tighter because if had not I would have punched this meddling woman.

“Mum you should never do what you did today again!”

I told her.

“What did I do?”

She asked innocently not even defensively.

“You cannot just show up at my work place unannounced and start shouting about racism and white people! Come on mom, tomorrow it is me who goes back there not you!”

I told her. I was right too.

“Well if you had listened to me yesterday I wouldn’t have come so there, we are even!”

She said and zero fucks given. She did not care as long as she got her way meaning all that had flown past her.

“That Simba boy looks like a decent guy. He might not be the most not good looking guy but I will have you know that most guys who are not have good hearts!”

She said changing the subject. See, beauty is in the eye of the holder. I had gone past his looks already as other qualities he had had enhanced him. Goodness I needed to get a grip of myself.

“Mum I will find myself the boyfriend I want when I want!”

I told her curtly.

“It took you 28 years of failure to do so, maybe you need help!”

She retorted! Eish this woman. We drove in silence all the way to her house. I think she could tell I was angry because she did not make any snide comments anymore.

“I just need to call Moruti!”

She said taking out her phone. I had bought her a smart phone but the thing confused her. It’s what I preferred though because it meant she called me less. She dialled his number from head. Poor guy! She knew his number like this. I don’t know what she pressed because the next thing the phone was on speaker.

“Ah Mrs. Mbatha I was about to call you!”

He said. I could hear he was in a car that was driving fast.

“Yes. I am at my house about to head to church with my daughter as we agreed!”

My mother said to him.

“Yes I was calling you about that. I am on my way to my home in the Eastern Cape. My brother was taken ill all of a sudden and I have to rush there! I am sorry I didn’t call sooner as now everything was rushed!”

He explained. I could see my mother face loose colour but she held her nerve and cold asked,

“So when will you be back!”

She didn’t even ask after the health of his brother.

“I will assess what the situation is that side. It’s not something I can just give you an answer on without taking stock!”

He explained to her. She was so annoyed.

“Ok then. See you when you get back!”

She said and hung up the phone!

“There, you got your wish! Don’t say I didn’t try! She said and got out of the car angrily!”

It was suddenly my fault that his brother had fallen ill. To her I had sent that man a message to get sick. I was so annoyed I didn’t even bother going into the house with her. I drove home! Why is it it’s on those bad says when you are in a bad mood that traffic decides to be shit! It took me two hours to get home. There an accident on the freeway but that’s typical Jhb for you. You can never be fully happy.

“I am glad you are back. You have a guest; I made him wait at my house when I saw him because he had been sitting outside alone!”

He told me.

“A guest, Are you sure? I was not expecting anyone!”

Goodness my mother could not possibly have beaten me home. I saw her go on. Who could it be? I followed Mbuso to his house and when we walked in I got the shock of my life.

“Hey baby!”

Azwindini said standing up carrying a big bouquet of flowers! You have got to be fucken kidding me!

“Why did you let him in?”

I asked Mbuso!

“He said he is your boyfriend and remember the other day I saw him sleep over. I told you about it. I couldn’t let the brother burn in the sun now could I?”

He asked me in what I could tell was unmasked sarcasm!

*********The End**********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike and DOAZG Family 

Yhoo bhut Mike, I can never thank you enough for this amazing platform you have created for us…and ofcourse, for getting us reading and also sharing your ever so amazing talent with us!! Taa bhuti..

Soooo this is me thanking the readers who helped me with my “predicament”… I am “flight girl” …well was flight girl *grin*
Since posting my letter on the blog and getting advice from the readers, I took what I could use and implemented it. I spoke to my boyfriend, quite openly I must say.
And I must admit, it wasn’t an easy thing…People always preach communication but its easier said than done..and that was the case with me..but hey it had to be done.
We talked about his “flying” and dry romance…we said some harsh and hurtful things to each other ( things one doesn’t like hearing) but I must was worth it .
We aren’t cruising yet..but atleast now we driving…I just need to teach him how to utilise his tongue in the mouth properly, its excellent for a muff but eish too much tongue in the mouth can make a dry nanana…lol

Thanks to everyone for the much-needed advice….it sure helped a lot 

PS: When are we having this get-together…I am dying to meet JackZorro…lol

Kind Regards,

“Flight Girl”

Hello readers Bhut Mike thank you for your books you are an amazing writer.
My story is a bit too long and I apologize in advance. So here goes, I am a 23 year old mother to a 8 month old baby. I fell pregnant last year while I was doing my 2nd year ko varsity, I couldn’t go back because of finances which was really sad because I was a very good student. My problem is that I need a job to support my kid because the dad has gone “slyza tsotsi” on me and there is nothing I can do about it, I can’t even claim maintenance because this guy has disappeared from the face of earth but its fine because I will do anything to provide for my son and give him the best life I can give him. But now I need a job I’ve applied to study part time and finish my studies. If anyone knows of anything please tell me I really need a job preferably in Johannesburg. I have experience in being a secretary and I’m quite a fast learner, please help.

Thanks for your time

Desperate single mother

20 thoughts on “Y.E.S 55

  1. \Thanks Mikeesto, Azwindini got whipped nge 1round…. Lungi must be flaming 🙂

    Flight girl, ah dankie san for the feedback yho, I’m glad the family helped you out with your issue and even more happy that you solving it. Its super awesome to get feedback and I totally agree with the get together 🙂 We need to petition Mike to organise this once for all. If they can do a Thank You SABC concert, surely we can come together and braai…. @ithinkthatway LOL!!

    Single mom, ei labo tsotsi and their slyza mentalities. Bona if you have his ID then get his ass blacklisted, I think that law was passed by parliament, iya kwi maintenance court I’m sure they have the lowdown… And good luck with the job hunting 🙂


  2. Flight girl am glad we could help. Eysh single mom ku tough yhazz.

    Lungi i still love Mbuso for you, AZWINDINI is a no go area…. Forget Simba because umsebenzi.

  3. Hahahahaha yhuuu shame uLungi I feel for her….

    Yes – get together YES 🙂 … Can we do it already. Its been quite a ride man ( excuse the pun )

    Desperate girl : Try those data capturing jobs and maybe call center….you might just find something… they dont pay much though but it beats sitting at home twiddlig your thumbs all day.

    All the best nana…

  4. Mike, in the interest of the story can Lungi please end up with Mbuso and cute baby Ntheteng. Can they both please go through their drama and heartaches and happy times (even if its with other people). I like Lungi and Mbuso together.

  5. Just yesterday my colleagues were laughing when I asked them if they know their boyfriends ID numbers….. my reason to them was In case he gets u pregnant and runs away..atleast u can go to maintenance court with that ID number, they will trace a nigger and serve him with court papers. askies that you have to go through that.

  6. Hey Lungi must learn to keep those legs shut. It just invites unnecessary drama in her life. As if she doesn’t have enough troubles attracting wrong men as it is!
    But she must have dished it so well for Azwi to come back for mo but unfortunately, that relationship will not lust as it’s built on lust instead of trust.
    As men, some of us can relate that the girls/women who dish it so well tend not to be “wifey material” if there’s anything like that. But we still come back for more. Eish!
    Danki abutiMike.
    Desperate single mother, wishing U all the best in yo hunt. Hope girls R taking lessons in these stories we read everyday. Take yo power back as a woman/young girl. Say NO to sex without protection. Take morning after tablets just to be sure until UR ready for a baby & can look after it alone when the tsotsi does the slyza style on U. Education first so U don’t depend on somebody.

  7. Been reading desperate single mother’s letter over and over again and its just puzzling me man.. like how did you end up making a baby with a person that’s just fallen off the face of the earth like that? you dont have his address? his friends? nothing? kanjani sweety? I am not judging, I’m just shocked.. how long were you with this guy???

    like DavieGenero says.. let us take responsibility for our bodies ladies, at the of the day that baby remains with you.. I sincerely hope you find a job that will help you provide for your bundle.

    LOL’ing at Miss T’s advice.. I beeeeen getting nigga’s ID numbers because of the sector I work in.. track you yesterday even lol..

      1. lol.. nare is it because I’m crazy and that makes you appreciate your sane angel even more? or do I actually make sense some of the time? :).. either way, I’m pleased. Lord knows the world needs better men and happier women.

  8. Lungi Lungi Lungi, where the hell is Sfiso mahn he fascinates me for some reason, did he go all slyza tsotsi on lungi as well lol

  9. Yey one round and Azwindini is in love. This guy is crazy. He watches tooooooooo much TV. Azwi please go back to Cape Town we are preparing for Mbuso and Lungi’s wedding not you.
    Thanks Mike.

  10. Ladies ladies please take not of your surroundings …… theirs a lot of ladies that doesn’t even know the age or date of birth of the baby daddy some just know his nickname or car registration . Thats how ignorant our fellow sisters are out their. You are doing your child a big injustice because of your ignorance. That child has a right to know the daddy and to be maintained. Maintenance court cant help you if you can’t help us to help you. I’m pleading with you ladies if you start pulling panties down do some research about the guy.

    Ps I’m not being rude/insensitive but thats the reality we work with everyday

  11. @maitanance clerk it true what u are saying. I saw some girl in church she was married to a pastor n the pastor lied about his age.he told her he was 29 bt he is 34 n they have being married for 2 yrs .Sometime women we are ignorant n gullible shem.

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