Missteps of a Young Wife


The last thing I saw of my car was the smoke coming from the wheels as my car speed away with my baby inside and all I could do was scream “help, help, help” I ran inside and as I was about to pass the boom gate a security guard came to me and asked where I had been shot because he couldn’t see any blood, I couldn’t speak all I was doing was crying and screaming and pointing at the direction where the car had gone.  “Ma’am please, I need you to calm down and tell me where you have been shot, we need to apply pressure on the wound so you don’t bleed to death” this man had obviously done his first aid class but that shit was not going to help bring my baby back, I tried calming myself down but nothing seemed to work.  My phone was in the bloody car, my bag with my wallet, I couldn’t do anything.  This security guard was my only help available so I needed to relax myself very quickly, I told him I was not shot but they took my car with my baby inside, while I was still explaining to him we heard sirens, someone had called the police thank goodness for that soul.  I didn’t even finish telling the security guard everything because my problem was beyond his paygrade, there was not much he could do to help me, I ran to where the sound of sirens was coming from, the police were arriving, as they were getting out of the car, no scrap that I opened the car door for the police who was on the passenger seat, I think my anxiousness surprised the but luckily it was a lady who was a passenger, I told her that the hijackers had stolen my car and my baby was inside it.  She told me to calm down and tell them everything that happened, how I hate people who ask you to start a story from the beginning, my baby could be at the boarder by now while I am busy narrating the bloody story of how the car was stolen and what I was doing there, but it was either me telling then everything that happened and them helping me find Dineo or being upset and not getting the help I needed.

I ran through the story so fast there were instances where she would ask me to speak slowly because she didn’t hear what I had just said.  When I was done she made a call and then asked me for the car number plates, the car was still new I didn’t know the number plates off by heart, I had to call Mthbobisi so I asked the lady cop to borrow me her phone to call my husband and she said I shouldn’t fininsh her airtime, I knew Mthobisi was going to ask me a million questions so the best thing to do was ask him the important question first of what my number plates were and tell him to call me back so I could tell him what had happened, I didn’t exactly that , he wanted to know why much he call me on that number and not on my number and whose phone it was. “It’s the police’s phone, please honey call me back” he wouldn’t stop with the questions.  “Lesedi, have you been arrested.  What the hell do these cops want from us?” I quickly said no and he said “Oh God, please don’t tell me you got into an accident” I hung up, I was not in the mood of this guessing game, I gave the cop the piece of paper I had written the number plates on that Mthobisi had given me.  She went inside the car and use the car radio to report my car as stolen and a possible child kidnaping. While she was still in the car with the door opened her phone rang, I was still holding it, it was my husband.  “What’s going on?” that was the first thing he said.  I told him what had happened and he asked where I was and I told him and he said he was on his way.

In less than fifteen minutes Mthobisi was there, “Did you get a good look at them?  Would you be able to recognise them if you saw them again?” this was a question that Mthobisi asked me as soon as he arrived, I shook my head and before I could explain the lady  police who had been comforting me asked “is your husband a policeman?” I shook my head and said no, my answer was for both of them, but it didn’t seem like neither of them were listening to me.  There was so much going on around us, the police were all over the place, there were ambulances too and I saw some people dressed like doctors that are about to go in theatre and operate on a person, they were dressed in blue and were wearing masks.  Whatever those thugs were trying to steal must have been major, there were so many people combing the crime scene, I had never seen so many people in one crime scene and trust me I have seen plenty but there was something different about this one, even the time of response was just to quick for South African police and ambulances, someone had mentioned that the police station was close but I have seen people who stay two minutes away from the police station only getting response from the police after two hours, but that was not my main concern, the only thing I cared about was finding my baby.  One of the people who were dressed like a doctor came to me and asked if I had been hurt or if any of my blood was in the crime scene, I told her no.  “Your shoes they have blood, whose blood is that?” she asked starring at my beautiful shoes that Mthobisi had bought for me in Paris.  “I don’t know, I never even realized that my shoes had blood.” I said looking at her wondering what the hell she was thinking.  “we’ve got more blood here, come bag it.” She said shouting and a guy come with one of those transparent bags and handed it to her, she grabbed the bag then stared at “What?” I asked a bit confused.  “I need that blood in your shoes please take them off” she said firmly, was this women crazy, there was glass everywhere, how was I going to walk bare feet in public?  I shook my head and  said “I am sorry but that is not going to happen, you can wipe the blood and collect all the evidence you need but my shoes are not leaving my feet.”  She called one of the cops who had been with her and said  to him “arrest her for obstruction of justice” to say I was annoyed would be an understatement, Mthobisi stepped in and said that won’t be necessary and he asked me to remove my shoes and let the police do their job.

I couldn’t believe he was taking their side, but I obliged and handed my shoes over with a sore heart.  The police officer lady’s phone rang and I gave it to her and she went away from us and while she was gone Mthobisi continued with his question and asked if I would be able to recognize the people who took our baby, he had stopped asking a lot of suspicious questions when the police lady asked if he was a cop, I told him they were wearing balaclavas so I would not be able to recognise them.  I could see the disappointment in his face, the police lady came back and said someone had spotted my car in Tembisa, they were following up on that lead and the police in the Tembisa area were on the lookout for my car.  Mthobisi had called the tracker company and they couldn’t see where the car was, I swear sometimes having a tracking company is useless especially when they can’t pick up the signal of their own bloody tracking device, they said we should call again after thirty minutes and maybe by then they would be able to pick up the signal, I found them to be a waste of time.  The ambulance was taking security guards that had been injured and there were now people from the offices coming to see what had happened the police told Mthobisi and I that we could go and they were going to call us if there were any new developments and I told them we were not going anywhere, at the back of my mind I strongly believed that those fools were going to come back and bring back my baby, at that moment I didn’t care about the car all I cared about was finding my baby, even they just brought back the car and brought my baby back to me I wouldn’t care, in fact if they had come back I would I would ask for my baby and tell them they could keep the  car.

Another call come through the police in Tembisa had found our car, I almost jumped up and down with excitement, I heard the police lady talking on the phone but then more sirens sound came it was a fire truck and I couldn’t hear the conversation because of the noise but I knew she was going to come back and tell us what had happened.  She came back and said I have some news about your car, I couldn’t wait for her to tell us “Okay, where is our baby?  Where can we pick her up?” I asked with excitement in my voice, Mthobisi held my hand and told me to wait for the police officer to tell us what is going on.  “The police in Tembisa managed to located your car but I have bad news” my heart just sank at hearing the word bad news, I was not ready to hear whatever bad news shew was about to drop on us.  “No please no, I don’t want any bad news, that’s all I have been hearing, I just want some good news, some positivity please, my heart won’t be able to take it, please don’t say what I think you are going to say, please, please” I said sobbing, my excitement had quickly turned into tears and I was sobbing like a child.

Mthobisi was trying hard to calm me down but I was hysterically crying and I could see people looking and pointing at me I didn’t care about anyone or anything at that moment.

Mthobisi asked the police office to continue and she said “They found your car abandoned but there was no one inside it, not even the baby.” Both my husband and I exclaimed “What?”

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