Missteps of a Young Wife


When we arrived home everyone was very surprised to see us back so soon, I had forgotten to let everyone know that Dineo was discharged but it was a celebration. My mom said her house was very cold and maybe that is why Dineo was sick so she suggested that we move back to our own place in Midrand I can’t say I was sad, my mom’s place was getting too small for us with so many people around. I loved having everyone there but there was never a quiet moment there was always people around, it felt like I was in Park Station that place is busy twenty-four hours. I pretended to be sad to be leaving them, I asked She Rocks if she wanted to move in with us and Mthobisi gave me a death stare and I pretended not to see him and luckily turned my offer down and said she said she would feel like a third wheel and Mthobisi and I needed to bond with the baby, I couldn’t have agreed with her more, I was hoping she would decline my offer, and I only asked because it’s what nice people do, I don’t know

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