Missteps of a Young Wife


When we arrived home everyone was very surprised to see us back so soon, I had forgotten to let everyone know that Dineo was discharged but it was a celebration. My mom said her house was very cold and maybe that is why Dineo was sick so she suggested that we move back to our own place in Midrand I can’t say I was sad, my mom’s place was getting too small for us with so many people around. I loved having everyone there but there was never a quiet moment there was always people around, it felt like I was in Park Station that place is busy twenty-four hours. I pretended to be sad to be leaving them, I asked She Rocks if she wanted to move in with us and Mthobisi gave me a death stare and I pretended not to see him and luckily turned my offer down and said she said she would feel like a third wheel and Mthobisi and I needed to bond with the baby, I couldn’t have agreed with her more, I was hoping she would decline my offer, and I only asked because it’s what nice people do, I don’t know what I would have done if she had said she wants to move in with us. We packed our things and Mthobisi said we should leave the court for when we visit my mother’s place then we don’t have to worry about a bed for Dineo,

5 thoughts on “MOAYW 286

  1. The inconsistency of this book is indeed beginning , to disapoint me #fromamissteps junkie

    I used to wake up every Saturday looking forward to it , and now 🙁
    Some Saturdays no post dololo, no reason behind it and will Lee ever find inner peace?????

  2. I’m thinking it’s just a slight technicial glitch which will be rectified soon, with a young bonus nyana😁😁
    Poor baby Dineo thou😩 Hope they didn’t harm her

  3. Mike. O thought Lesedi was excited that Dineo will be sleeping in their room until she’s ready to let her sleep in her own room? I was now surprised to hear that Dineo was crying and Lesedi had to drag herself in Dini’s room to put her back to bed?

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