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Your friend should never ever call your father cute to your face. It’s wrong and disrespectful in so many ways. Yes,

it might come across as a compliment but in a world of blessers and thirsty girls it also plants ideas and sows seeds of mistrust between you and her. It’s a very important boundary to place. When you grow up, you allow friends into spaces that others can’t even get close to. One of those spaces is access to your family. Ideally they should see her as a daughter too but the world of today is that she could end up sleeping with your father or him pursuing her. You can’t trust anyone and is not almost always true that the people that hurt us the most are the ones we know and put above others!

“I am just kidding Lungi, geez calm down! He is too old for me. You know i am not like you!”

She said. That was rather a low blow. She meant that I was into old men whereas she was into younger guys.

“Really Khanyi? So I am into a type now! Why is it when I bring home the money you don’t care where it came from as long as you get your cut?”

I snapped back angrily. She was always the one to ask what he gave me. It’s something that started from the very first date I went with him. She had been so excited she even helped me dress up. When I got back I had given her some of the money I got.

“Calm down friend I was joking ok! Loosen up; the meds are making you hear things!”

She said raising her hands trying to make what she said sound different.

“Well pick your jokes because the only reason why you going to Dubai is because of me and those old people you are dissing! In fact its time you got yourself a sugar daddy so that you stop judging so much! Let’s see how your gag reflexes will handle giving a blow job to a 45 year old man when you are only 20!”

I said angrily and so annoyed. She saw that too. I was calling her out. I think I had grown past those friends who urge you to do something meanwhile they are sitting at home waiting for you to fail.

“Friend, Palesa, I am sorry. I spoke out of term. I didn’t realize my words are going to hurt you!”

She said.

“Well they did and I am not kidding. I am going to ask Sam to hook you up!”

I said defiantly. I was actually joking, would never wish that on her. She looked uncertain and just looked down. I had gotten to her. With many people having other people live so called worst experiences is fine as long as it’s not them.

“I don’t know why you are saying that?”

She said.

“No moving on. Are you ready for Dubai? Have you decided what to pack? What to wear? What you going to buy? Are you still so excited?”

I asked her. I just confused her immensely. She did not know what to say to me.

“I guess so. Can we just talk about school and other things relative?”

She said.

“I don’t know what relative means but sure we can talk about anything you want!”

I told her. It was hitting home I think that to be part of my party she could no longer be a cheerleader only and seat on the fence but get in the game too. Don’t they say true friends if you get into jail, they will be sitting in the cell next to you.

“Uhm, so… Did they say when you are coming out?”

She asked me I guess the only question that could make logical sense to her. I told her what they had told me which was not much. I changed the topic for her and asked her if she had apologized to Yolanda.

“Hell no. I don’t like that bitch you know that! I haven’t called her. She tried calling me but I am really not interested so one step at a time please!”

She said putting up her irritated voice but today was in a bad mood as I was not going to nurse her.

“Do you have any idea what you guys put her through at that funeral? Is that what makes you better people? The poor woman loves your father and you can get angry all you want but he loves her too! It’s not your place to tell him whom he should love so stop being so cruel and selfish and give them a chance at happiness!”

I told her. She did not say anything but I knew from the look on her face I had hit home. I think I had hit home once too often today though because she left immediately after. She did not even say buy. It felt good telling her the truth for once not pampering her ego. I fell asleep. I guess I was more tired than I thought.

“Wakey wakey!”

The nurse said as she entered my room in the morning.

“You should be going home today so you must be exited. You must wake up and bath!”

She said.

“The doctor will see you shortly!”

I took a shower and it felt like the greatest thing ever. When I was done the doctor had already started rounds and eventually he came to my room. He checked me over and gave me the name of a psychologist. There was actually no medication that came with it. I was good to go at ten. My mother is the one who picked me.

“Your sister wanted to come but she had an exam today. You will see her later in the evening though.”

She told me.

“What do you mean in the evening? Am I not going to my place?”

I asked her already annoyed at her.

“I know you don’t want to go with me but you have no choice. Universities are on strike again. I am tired of it! It’s like you people don’t want to graduate! Every month a new strike!”

My mother said. How could this woman be so out of touch with reality though?

“Mum the strikes are necessary. University fees are too high. If I was not sick I would have been there with the other students. This is our time and we can’t hope for someone else to fight this fight for us!”

I told her. I had been part of the first fees must fall protests so I knew exactly what we went through.

“But why burn universities though? Why burn the one thing you are fighting for? Tomorrow are you not going to wake up and burn something new when you fight for the fact that there are not enough books in the library?”

She asked me. She got me there.

“Its not all students who are burning but mum you know that if we don’t protest nothing will change. One day when I have kids I want my child to know that we fought for this and won.”

I told her. She did not listen to me anymore and instead changed the subject.

“Your father has invited us for dinner tonight. More like he is asking to cook dinner for you at my house!”

She said sounding annoyed at the very thought. In her head it must have looked as though he was looking to get back with her.

“I think that’s a nice thing as long as the two of you don’t end up fighting. Its the fighting that kills anything we try. If you fight today I am leaving!”

I told her.

“I am not the one who starts hem though, he does! He thinks we are children and well, we are not!”

My mother and father were awesome as individuals but the moment you put them in the same room that was when you saw their true colours. I really was not interested in their brand of drama.

“Don’t worry we won’t fight. We having this dinner for you so the last thing we want is to stress you any further.”

When I got home I went to my room and slept. MY mother said she was going to Wonderpark to but some things for the dinner. She had used that excuse so many time growing up to go see her boyfriends I half believed. When I woke up there was someone in the house. It was Boitumelo. I went to her room.


I said to her smiling.

“Why didn’t you wake me up?”

I said walking into her room.

“You want the truth. When I found you sleeping I thought you had done it again. I had to check your pulse even until I figured you were sleeping!”

She said coldly and with a bit of annoyance in her voice.

“Are you serious?”

I asked her.

“Of course I am serious. You tried to kill yourself now every time I see I will have to make sure that you are fine. How could you do that though? How could you? I have nothing to say to you!”

She said and walked right past me.

“Boitumelo why would you say that?”

I asked her.

“That’s easy; you love yourself more than you love us. What you did is unforgivable. I am so ashamed to call you my sister!”

She said and with that she banged her door. This is why she had not come to the hospital. I had to fix this somehow.

I called Neo. His phone rang and rang until someone picked up.

“Unknown Number hello?”

A female voice said on the other side. Did she just refer me as unknown and why the hell was she answering his phone.

“Can I speak to Neo please?”

I asked confused now.

“Neo is in the shower may I say who is calling when he gets out!”

Neo was in the shower?

“Tell him his girlfriend called and he better have a good reason why my number is unknown!”

I told her and dropped the phone.


****************The End******************

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Thank you for reading my letter.

I am have married to my husband for six years now. He has always been childish and stupid, puts having fun first before us. We have two kids and I work so does he. The first time he cheated I forgave him. He begged for the forgiveness and I gave it. He then cheated again and this time I beat him up. No joke I beat him up. He thought he could fight back but once I hit him in the balls he never got up. I took a belt and I thoroughly gave him a hiding. That was the first time. The next time he said he was going out with his friends and guess what, he came back four days later. He had not been picking my calls. I was worried sick for him! He lied and said his boys wanted to do a road trip and they tricked him into it. I beat him up again, this time fists only. He thinks I am stupid. I told him to leave and go back where he was but he begged me to stay. I told him that those friends are not his friends anymore and banned him from going out and alcohol. We have peace in the house now but I feel guilty because one I am an abusive wife and two, he looks so sad. On weekends you can see he is desperate to go out but won’t dare ask me. I also can’t encourage him to do so because he takes advantage, what do I do to balance this out?

Thank You

No Nonsense

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  1. No nonsense bathong.. NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!.. BATHONG! okare monna oo a kailo go tshwarisa..helang (O_O).. wtf! you cant balance that because you are out of control. You need professional help sesi, you cant be beating on your husband like that (O_O)

  2. Oh wow! @No nonsense, first mistake you made was beating him up. The guy is now actually scared of you and it’s not like he can’t fight back u chava jele. You guys should actually sit down and talk, tell him how his cheating makes you feel also how his friends are a bad influence, careful it may also be the other way around, he might be the bad influence. Do not blame yourself that he cheated. It has everything to do with him. Na wena sukela ku ba vavanuna no nonsense! Hope you guys find common ground.

  3. Beating up someone’s child is wrong in so many levels. I mean, what gives?! He’s your husband, yes! He cheated, you know that! Do you own him because he gave you a ring and changed your surname, no?! Did you give birth to him?! Would you be pleased to know that someone is beating up your child?! How would’ve felt had it been you that was being beaten?! If are so miserable…why is it that you don’t leave?! I can never for the life give you props for what you doing…it is wrong. Stop abusing your husband woman!!!

  4. Haha you are fighting for all women whom their men mistreat them, cheat them, lie to them, and leave for 4 days

    Take control Mosadi
    lock him in like a dog, vele he likes behaving like one so treat him like one.

    That way when he tries to cheat or do all the nasty things the next time you allow him to go out, he’ll think twice.

    Yes you love him but don’t be sad. It’s quite clear that he wasn’t sad when he cheated on you more than twice.
    You’ll let him out Dec, if cheats again then lock him in til June 2020.

    1. U made my day….lock him up till 2020. you are right she did it for all of us. the aslways get away with murder. if it was him beating her up the judgement wasnt going to be that harsh. we as women should take control and stop allowing men to terat us like doormats

  5. no nonsense u shud have just ignored him shame silence fights even the biggest and baddest of battles sometimes. treat him like nothing was wrong, wen he comes back days later just say oh ur back and leave it at that, wen he cheated show him u know but actually do nothing about it but instead make him wear a condom evertym u do da deed and live ur life and smile and be happy for the sake of ur kids because when such tings happen one of u nids to be strong for them kids and since he looks like he doesnt want to be that then be that person. never let a person bring out the worst in u by endangering thier life, he wants to live like that fine but dont let him drag u down with him because all this beating him up is only going to make u bitter and resentful and ur gonna end up doing the same if not the worst thing just to also get back at him, and none of u is going to be a role model for ur kids at the end of the day. all of that ignorance treatment would make him come to his senses because an ignored dog finally gives up barking and goes back to its kennel defeated.

  6. For ages men have been getting away with it so if it works for u,y not? He wouldn’t think twice to do it so thumbs up to any woman who can defend herself ,if that marriage is changing u into a monster get out coz him being sad,lonely and miserable doesn’t mean he’s scared of u beware 1 say is 1 he will panel beat and rearrange yo pretty face,when a ram goes back it doesn’t mean it’s scared it means it’s regrouping.

  7. ok. ok….or go to your mums house for the weekend… dont answer his calls n take “sometime off”, just to give him a taste of his medicine. mare he will proly freak out and beat you up when come back… but men learn when you give them a lil doze of their own medicine.

  8. If the roles were reversed, we would be up in arms for women’s right and all of that.

    No Nonsense, stop already! You are an abuser a, a happy home right now is not a priority, you need help FAST. Yes he cheated, but resorting to violence is cruel and evil. If you feel your husband is not up to your standard LEAVE, get yourself sorted sthandwa. And pray for forgiveness and healing, lyou’re out of control… hhayi hhayi uwrongo sisi and your guilt doesn’t ,mean anything to anyone especially him.

    You say he has always been childish, why marry him? Now you are beating him up. I am just…yho bathong. Words are failing me!

  9. Oh come on guys… What’s so wrong about what she did? Lol I mean guys cheat everyday and what we usually do is worse than what she did… We stay… Hoping he will change. Ofcz they never change! If beating him changed his behavior… Great! At least now he knows he can’t keep fooling his wife like that! He deserved it!

  10. No Nonsense…You got me smiling ear to ear….SHAPA sfebe sa monna. I wish I could come help you. Why is he not leaving you if he is tired? I mean going away for four days? I can imagine the things you were thinking eg car accident, kidnap whilst all the time the person is enjoying?…never. My partner was once in the same situation. Friends wanted to surprise with a road trip, but guess what…i was part of preparing that surprise and there was a hint I got that he was well and I shouldn’t worry. but he did not know I know where he was.

  11. Maybe Neo `s sister is the one who answered the phone…

    Yho.. This is so sad hey. Can i just adress the issue of the children witnessing all these. imagine the damage you are doing to the children as they witness their parents in violent physical acts? Imagine the long term consequences of this even for them and their relationships and how they will pass it along to their children. I agree with Micasa that marrying the man when you knew he was childish was just wrong. I suggest you take time off and work on yourself, and decide if this is the man you want to be with. This marriage is not healthy for anyone. Walk away for a breather…

  12. Thanks Mikeesto, nice one buddy.

    No nonsense, thanks for writing to us sisi, Lord knows I needed a good laugh. Now I aint gonna be ouchea judging you for disciplining your dog, Goet Soe. How many women be complaining about how men are dogs and cheats and all that overrated nonsense. Women cheat women drink and can practically do anything that men can do too. Women have been abused for so long be it physical or emotional, so you taking control of your own household is a brave move. Moer him my sister, moer him till kingdom come.

    When you do eventually allow him to go out, one look at a girl should remind him of your mike tyson skills and he willl put his tail where it should be, in his damn pants. I get people that are against this because they dont want violence, but truth is, women are beaten everyday and they stay the cause for the sake of love. Lungisa into yakho ngokwakho and if he was a man enough then he wouldve changed his sinful ways. Mkhabe aphambane sisi wam, trappa motho.


    1. I’m sorry, when women are beating, we are asked what we did to provoke him. And like the idiots we are, we stay for love. Lol so I agree with you here, moer him! Til he get his shit together! Out there acting he ain’t got no kids and a wife. If he was my son, I would probably beat him too for acting like a small boy in front of his kids. And yes, I am a mother.

  13. No nonsense I’m not condoning the beating up but you’ve made up for some of us you’ve been through abusive relationships. I know it’s not the way to go but seek counselling and see if you can re-built your trust and make friends with married couples. Wishing you all the best my sister kwaaks”” I love you sister boss””

  14. No nonsense I do not condone abuse (or cheating) be it a man beating up a woman or the other way round. What you are doing is wrong on so many levels. If you are not happy in te marriage just get out dont resort to violence and khona what kind of mother are you to expose your children to such? They will grow up to think that their father is weak to be beaten up by a woman and resent you for your behaviour. Also when that man is tired of your fists and belt HE WILL MOER YOU TO DEATH!! Then what? He will be labelled as being abusive when it will truly be self defence? Im sure the only reason he hasnt gone to the police to report you is because he knows that he will be ridiculed by the police for beaing a weak ass man who lets a woman beat him up. Dont be a moron just because you are stronger than him. If he is being a dog (which he is) just leave him already!! He will probably even come home with HIV from his cheating ways so staying and just thinking you will beat him up if you find out will not be worth it. And besides he desnt need to go out to be able to cheat he is probably still cheating men dont need the whole night to cheat he can cheat during the day and not go to work or during lunch break so really you are not solving anything by beating him up you are just being an asshole. Just leave the cheating bustard before he brings home a baby or worse HIV!!
    I cant ovr emphasise you leaving him enough here!!! You are not happy with his behaviour so leave him! Dont put up with his shit he is satisfied by his ways so let him be already

  15. Thanks Mike,

    ay this Boitumelo chick doesn’t take nonsense hey, and Khanyi is starting to annoy me xem,as for Neo, you go boy!

    No nonsense, violence has never been a solution cc. Carry on holding your hubby on a tight leash and a punching bag, one day you will wake up and find him gone. It won’t be for 4days but it will be forever!!! Blame no one but yourself dear . Nothing will balance coz wena usebenzisa amandla not umlomo ukulungisa izinto. good luck

  16. Ain’t this world a female dog? People laughing and cheering on No Nonsense, had this letter been from a guy there would be all sorts of reactions. I sincerely hope your husband lays criminal charges against you and gets a divorce, o matlakala a motho jou nonsense!

  17. No nonsense I totally understand you. Once a man cheats on you and especially if he does it more than once that affects you as a woman. It changes the way you see him,you loose respect for him,it changes you as a person and it eventually turns you into a very ugly and nasty person. I am saying all this because I for one am going through a similar situation where i have changed from the loving and sweet partner to a monster that swears and hits when pissed off. I cry all the time after i realize what I am becoming or after i realize how this man just takes it as if he is afraid of me. I am not proud at all about this in fact I hate this person I have become all because he couldnt keep it in and still refuses to leave when I tell him to.

    1. Then YOU pick yourself up, gather your strength and self-respect, and walk out darly.. Do it before one day things go too far.. You just broke my heart yoh

  18. Dear No-Nonsense

    It took me a while get past this part “He has always been childish and stupid” and continue with the rest of your story.
    The key work in the line above is “always” so now tell us, how did you allow yourself to walk down the isle to be met by a CHILDISH & STUPID man at the altar and agree to be his wife, doesn’t that make you stupid as well? There is a saying that says ‘Birds of the same feathers flock together’ and there is a quote “We never really know what stupidity is until we have experimented on ourselves” – Paul Gauguin
    I don’t even know how to advise you to work out a marriage with a man you absolutely have NO RESPECT for. How do you move forward from this, you have laid a hand on him twice and sounding proud of it. How will you ever let him lead your family and submit to him when you know that he is weak, powerless, childish and stupid. How will your kids look up to you as their parents when Mom is a man beater and Dad is a cheater?

    Get yourself out of this situation fast and seek help and healing from the anger, betrayal and hurt you have suffered from this marriage. You started hitting him with a belt, then the fists, the next time he cheats (which is a guaranteed he will do because cheating is a choice) then you will kill him. You will end up in jail for killing a cheating, childish and stupid man and confirm how stupid you were for marrying him and still are for forgiving his cheating the first time he did it.

  19. No Nonsese, Sisi you need help. The tone in your letter is of someone who has no remorse of abusing this man, in fact, you sound proud and happy that you beat him up. Abuse is abuse. To those who are saying ulwela nabo who were abused, honey, this man is not the man that abused you. No one deserves to be treated like that be it a man or a woman. If you still want to be in this marriage then you need help, you need to speak to someone that will help you deal with the anger you have. Leaving for 4 days and cheating is not right, I agree with you there (minus the beating up part) in fact, both of you guys need therapy/prayer.

  20. lol Neo? wow.

    No Nonsense is such a boss… lmao Jackzorro has me crying real tears from laughter lol
    but real talk, mama, that man is behaving like a child so you had to discipline him like one. I agree with the comment that you should hang out with other married couples instead of single, loose cannon friends. You checked him before he wrecked himself. big ups

  21. Thanks bra Mike, nice read.
    No Nonsense, u know I think all these men that end up killing all the family and kill themselves it start like this. I don’t say he is right for cheating and go on road trip without telling you that is nonsense itself but this abuse wont take anywhere instead it is giving you miserable life.
    As for now you make him stay at home like that you don’t know what he is thinking and what he planning so sisi try to get help because your family to me is as good as dead

  22. Ai no nonsense ke Chuck Norris stru izokbonisa ama filim shem…but all in all that is abuse sis if you are no longer happy with your husband just leave him. what would happened if 1 day decide to fight u back huh?or should your in laws find out that you played Mayweather on your husband they wont be happy…Obviously he just became your puppet and thats not healthy in any relationship once your kids find out that ushapa dad they will never ever respect him…at least try to find another way of punishing him should he played cheaters on you…but please free him he deserves to be free like any other human being and take those road trips together if thats what he like…

  23. No Nonsense, yaz people make it seem like walking out of a relationship/marriage is as easy as pissing on the sidewalk at 12am, it’s not. If you have weighed the magnitude of any situation involving a spouse then walking away will be last option, if one at all. The reason why “modern” marriages seem to be hitting the rocks before honeymoon fades is because these people of today have forgotten the fundamental principles of what a union is. People here are of the view that because you are a man-beater, you don’t have brains enough to not expose your kids to violence. Some even call you stupid coz if it was them they would’ve walked away. These people don’t know how much you saved for your wedding/s, how much lobola was paid for you, the ups and downs your families had to go through to merge the two, introduction to ancestors and all the emotional investment in all of this. People think leaving a person you love is easy as taking a shit when constipated.

    Well you fight for a relationship, you fight for your marriage and just like when elders told you ’emendweni kuyanyamezelwa’ you have to persevere and hope and pray things be different. When all else fails you call those very family members that unified the families and they discuss these things, through dialogue these things can be sorted. People are judging you marrying this guy even though he was childish and stupid, mind you, not every tom dick and childish goes on one knee and asks for a hand in marriage. Now sisiwam before you start feeling bad about what has transpired in your household, ask yourself a few questions.

    1. Do you still love this man? Coz if yes then this is fixable.
    2. Do you want to leave him? Coz if not then this is fixable.
    3. DO you want to subject your kids to a divorce? Coz if not then this is fixable.
    4. Do you think hitting him is working in your favour? Coz if yes then this is fixable.

    We are all entitled to our opinions here and wena sisi you can take whatever works for you from the feedback that we think is best and give you. At the end of the day, people will have different views for a simple thing as the colour of the sky. So take what you can from the shit we dish you on this comment section and do what’s best for you and your family. Fact is, that man is yours and if you don’t fix him then who will? Single and married skanks are scavenging all around hoping you leave him, should you? I may not be God but I can sure as hell guess it took a lot out of you to beat the very man you vowed to love and honour. So try and talk things out, speak to him and tell him what’s at stake, if he continues and you still think you aint the divorce type… Khaba lenja everynight till Jesus comes back.

    Friends are bad, married or not, I know a lot of married people that are whoring more than Brooke and Karabo combined so whatever people you associate with, your husband needs to grow the fuck up and realise his friends should be you and the kids coz those are the people that he can always count on, no matter what, with no conditions. I salute you sisi, I wish more women had a backbone, coz the more they run on to the next fool that was divorced by people like them in the first place, the more this cycle continues to shit on the female specie.


  24. Yhoo!! i feel sorry for this guy shame. Just stay with your husband dear and be glad if he was my brother, i was gonna teach a lesson you will never forgot. Lol!

  25. Kodwa kubekezwelwa ini in a shitty marriage? That’s why some of our parents are not well emotionally and also physically because they were told to preserve and that is no way to live.
    No person who loves themselves and is strong will subject to an abusive marriage because of “abantu bazothini”. Please people take back control of your lives and start realizing your self-worth.

  26. Dankie braMike.
    I will not encourage any type of violence in a relationship whether from a man or from a woman. Find a pastor or an elder U respect sistaz to get help & guidance on how manage yo household.
    What if this violence continues (sistaz admits to being an abusive wife) & his man gets wrong advise from others. Then he retaliates & they cripple each other in the eye, on the hand, leg etc. or worse one gets killing? NO! NO! No!
    I choose to be responsible with my advice. If the marriage seems beyond redemption, rather separate & then divorce.

  27. If U still have parents, U can go back home for sometime to cool off. Don’t rush to divorce, start by separation first. Do whatever it takes to save yo “tish” marriage to yo “stupid & childish” man BUT don’t BEAT him. In the end, why stay if none of U is happy. Did U marry for sadness to prevail over yo happiness? NOOOO!

  28. dat man is going to leave u anyway, dats guranteed, Hu wants to be abused by a woman, my aunt was like dt and her man left, it may nt be 2 day or 2mrw bt he will leave…Hu wants a Mike Tysen for a wife. ..?

  29. Corrupt people out here….I am against violence shem….I would advice that you sit down with him and talk like adults,tell him how you feel than beating him up,for heaven ‘sake he is your husband not your child. It’s only a matter of time before he beat you up…

  30. No nonsene….Jack said it all and yes kuya nyamezelwa emendweni and if you are trying to fix your husband then he will need to also nyamezela your fists and belts….akere he wants to be childish , so treat him like the child he is until he grows some balls….. Yes I dont condone violence BUUUT you cant just sit back and do nothing while this man is whoring around yet he made vows to love and honor you…Where is the honor now when he is f**king every skank with a skirt ??? Haikhona ….

    Now ….seeing that he is bored and miserable on weekends…you should plan outings with the family…Do picnics or go to the park or something…Google things you can do where you can involve children because sitting at home will definitely depress him….

    I am an out going person and my boyfriend isnt ..I get soooooo bored sitting at home on weeekends and doing nothing…so go out with him…dont lock him up nawe in the house haibo….. Teach him a different kind of fun to drinking and clubing with friends you will definitely see some results 🙂

    All the best Mama…..

  31. I get she needs to fix things with her husband. But what happens when he’s had enough and reports her bullying ways to the police and hey actually follow through? Fact is she is giving him enough reason to despise her. There love is long lost here. All the two need to do right now. Is either get counselling or divorce. Yes there is a lot invested in marriage that woild make it hard to leave. But won’t it be better to separate and be happy than staying with a person who brings out the worst in u? Is that what will bring u guys back together. My sister u have more to loose. Especially urself in this whole thing. Pick urself up. Ask urself if u want to stay with someone who will now never challenge u coz of ur macho ways or who will worship the ground u walk on simply because u stayed true to urself. Silence is the best remedy. There are more ways to discipline ppl. But. Violence is simply not one them. The next time u do and he retaliates. U will b the first to run to the police to report abuse. But u don’t c anything wrong when u do it?

    Am actually disappointed in the advises given out here and especially from ppl who usually give goods one. Stop it my sister. It is not worth it all. Fix it non violently or ship out. U have more to live for. Value urself and b a better person if not for u then for your children. U r now contributing to the list that we as women are fighting to reduce. Do not be a perpetrator. It doesn’t suit u. Think about it and think veru hard.

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