Young Employed and Single

YES Chapter 44

“Its complete and utter stupidity that you don’t try and research the man you are about to date. What’s wrong with you really? He is not “single” because God made him especially for you to come find him in a neatly tied up bow! You get hurt because you allow it and set yourself up for it!” Mike Maphoto


Curse you 80 percent local. That song was insinuating that nah ke ya jelwa! I did not have feelings for Mbuso, I had just met the dude and the fact that he had a child was a major obstacle. I did not save myself for this long to one day have a baby who is not even mine. Imagine, how many baby mamas are out there? Now I have to have baby problems without even having gone into labour? Really? I don’t think so! That unprofessional doctor can have him for all I care.

“What wrong?”

He asked me

“There is nothing wrong. What makes you think that something is wrong?”

I asked him.

“I know a person when they are scowling,”

He said lowering the music.

“Don’t like that song that’s all. It’s a reality for too many women so I find it very insensitive!”

I told him and he laughed.

“You are kidding right?”

He asked me.

“Nope. Imagine, if your man is on social media and you constantly have to watch your back? Every girl becomes a threat and I am sure if I was to go to your social media you are talking to many girls many of whom who have men!”

I told him as a matter of fact. He must not piss me off. I go zero to hundred real quick!

“So are you always self conscious then around men? Is it the reason why you single?”

He asked me.

“Who said I am single?”

I asked him immediately.

“Assumptions are the mother of all fuck ups!”

I concluded.

“You are single! If you had a man your car will never be dirty, you would always have someone to keep you company every weekend and your friends or sister would not be by your place every second! People in relationships are respected by the friends meaning when you are single they all cry to you!”

He said smugly,

“So since I don’t see women visiting your place does that mean you not single?”

I threw the question back at him and it caught him by surprise. He laughed,

“That was clever, that was very clever and no, I am single but I am super careful who I bring next to Ntheteng! It’s not the right environment and most women freak out at the sight of kids who are not their own yet they expect you to like their kids if they have and you don’t!”

He explained. I could hear from his tone at the end there that it was not something he was happy about. Maybe someone had broken his heart when she discovered Ntheteng.

“Let’s drop this conversation, it’s becoming uncomfortable!”

I said as we drove into our estate. That trip had been rather quick probably because of the fighting. I was annoyed. I hate people who act like they know me when they actually don’t.

“Yes you are right. You are home. I am going to come with the doctor when she gets here!”

He said. I wanted to tell him not to but he had been so helpful and being rude to him when I was not 100% like this might not be wise.

“Ok cool. Thanks again!”

I said when I got to the door. I think he wanted to come in but I didn’t let him.

“Go check on Ntheteng, I will be fine!”

I told him as I walked in and closed the door behind me. Had all this just happened though? I had actually slept at a hospital. First things first, I was not even thirsty I drank water.

“Sorry I missed your calls, I slept in hospital.”

I explained to her.

“In hospital? What’s wrong?”

She asked me.

“It’s a long story which turns out to be completely my fault so it’s not necessary. How are you Cindy? Talk to me! I am so worried!”

I asked her.

“I am not ok at all hey but I don’t want to continue crying. I just wanted to tell you that I am in Nelspruit now. I will call you when I get back!”

She said and she did not even give me a chance to say something because she hung up immediately after. I even thought that something was wrong with the network and tried calling her back but her phone was off. That was such a short conversation. I needed to shower though.

“Hey, we are here!”

He said from the door. She was actually there. Does this girl not sleep? I thought when doctors go on call they are supposed to be tired and not have time to visit other peoples men, I mean friends.


I said trying to sound nice and pleasant. Fake it till they believe it right.

“Come in, I must be the luckiest patient alive hey to get my doctor to come visit me!”

I said trying to sound light hearted and funny.

“Indeed you are and you must not be on your feet either!”

She said as they entered. She was no longer in that white coat of hers and was wearing leggings and a top. Life is unfair mara. She looked so fantastic even though she was dressed so simple. How does she get to be a doctor and be this pretty though? Aowa! If you are hot you must not be smart too, give others a chance! The green monster in me stirred so much I could not help it.

“But were you serious about the no drinking part?”

I asked her and we all laughed,

“Unfortunately I was. You will be surprised a lot of people cannot survive a day without a glass. I used to be one of them but I realized at some point it was more trouble than it’s worth!”

She said. Was she low key throwing shade at me because I could see by the look on Mbuso’s face that he agreed with her.

“So you saying you don’t drink at all?”

I asked her.

“I do but rarely now. It’s not fun anymore and most of the people I went to varsity with did not come to Jhb. They work in the provinces so I don’t have a proper crew anymore!”

She said. I wanted to ask Mbuso how Ntheteng was but now I was not sure because what if he had not told her about her. It will be like I was cock blocking him, which I intended to do but not like this. I had to sabotage her.

“Have you cooked? We should have brought food hey, or maybe we must go buy food, I am sure they deliver!”

She said. You know when you don’t like someone who is nice to you it feels like they are pretending. To me she was putting on a show for Mbuso to try and look nice.

“Yes that’s a good idea. I am actually starving.”

Mbuso said. This was so weird I hardly know both these people yet they were acting like we were friends forever. My phone was ringing. It felt not far away but Mbuso stood up to hand it to me. It was Zama, the lawyer girl that Nthabiseng had given me to help me get my job back.

“Hey Zama!”

I said as I picked up. Talk about timing. These two were starting to annoy me and that phone call was a relief.

“Hey I am here! I think I got lost but your estate is Tinza right?”

She asked me.
She said.

“Here where?”

“By your place dummy! I told you we were going out but yesterday your phone was off! Nthabiseng is right behind me mind you and we brought wine and meat!”

She said. Wine and meat mean braai I think.

“Ok come in, I will call the gate!”

I said. I called them to let them through.

“I guess today is my lucky day, two of my friends are coming through.”

I warned the others and within five minutes they were knocking.

“Hey guys!”

They said when they walked in and discovered I was not alone. I did the introductions and made sure that Mbuso was introduced last.

“Mbuso can you braai? I feel like braai’d meat so we brought meat! Esihle, do you mind if we borrow your man to help us braai?”

Nthabiseng said without hesitation.

“We just friends.”

She responded immediately,

“And ask him he is right there.”

She said and we laughed.

“No if you ask him, any man, they say no so we have to go through their partners to get the response we want. Naturally I assumed he was your man because my friend here needs divine intervention!”

She said which embarrassed me but everyone else thought it was funny. Nthabiseng was like Miriam just classier and more educated. She spoke her mind there and then sometimes putting her foot into it.

“Nope, he is not. Met him yesterday at the hospital when he brought Lungi in.”

She explained.

“Hospital? Lungi what’s going on?”

Zama asked concerned. I told them what happened and told them I am fine.

“I could have told you that there is nothing comforting about wine but oh no, you think because it’s in the bible it’s your friend!”

That brought laughter again. Everyone was in a good mood.

“Can I hug you?”

Nthabiseng asked Esihle as she walked towards her already.

“Err ok, but why?”

Esihle asked with a confused look on her face!

“Because you saved our sister here from herself! I been trying to get her to stop drinking for years but it’s like asking her to stop straightening her hair!”

She said and everyone laughed at my expense again. I actually did not mind because I needed the company and the laughter. Cindy was on my mind and it was bugging me.

“He is hot!”

Zama said looking at Mbuso without blinking!

“I concur!”

Nthabiseng said of which Mbuso spoke up,

“I am right here guys, I can hear you, you know!”

He said I think starting to feel bit uncomfortable. Men like talking about women but don’t want it when we do it to them.

“Yes and he has these arms, you should check them out! I bet they can carry a braai stand!”

Esihle cut in!

“Yes like the one I have under the sink there it’s just needs manly arms like his to carry it, set them up and we cool! Who is going to ask him?”

I said and we all burst out laughing except for Mbuso of course!

“Ok fine, I get it; I will go outside and start the braai ladies before I die of embarrassment!”

He said and the laughter continued. Esihle was not half bad and in fact she got along with Zama like a house on fire. The only problem was, she wanted a man that was supposed to be mine and we can’t have that.

I had put my phone on the table so when the message came in it vibrated as the sound went out loudly.

I checked the message. It was Rudzani.

“Please tell me you did not sleep with Azwindini!”

It read.

My heart stopped.

*********The End************

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Hello Mike and all the readers

I have been in a relationship for a year and a couple of months with my bf. He is 23 and I’m 24 when we started dating he worked very well and earned a very decent salary problem was he was very reckless with his money I convinced him to open a 32days to save at least 10% of his salary of which he did and he used to drink A LOT and it changed when we dated because I told him I’m not going to date a reckless drunk and if he saw us together in the future he needs to limit..He cheated on me with a friend one time and I found out 3 months later I was angry and hurt and all the other emotions you can think of. We got over that and we are fine now and I have let him know that for cheating is a hard limit…or and he once slapped me as well and he promised never to do it ever again,…The issue now is he quit his job because he says he wants to go back to school as a supportive girlfriend I supported him and yes he has applied and waiting for response so now when he was working I was used to certain things being done for me because he spoiled me…Now I’m the only one with an income and I now pay for most of our activities and outings and help him sometimes when he strapped for cash but manje inkinga is I have responsibilities as well, I am the only bread winner at home and assist in paying bills. Is it wrong for me to expect him to get a job while he is waiting for response where he has applied for because his excuse is always “I don’t just want to get a job and get comfortable doing something I don’t like” but I feel now he is comfortable too much with having me pay for the bills and its becoming a bit strenuous on me as well. Am I being selfish in expecting him to get up and go hustle??? seeing as he was spoiling me kdala do I owe him and have to be a bit patient and now I have a feeling that he is started with his cheating again and you know what they say about that GUT feeling .I would really hate it if we were to separate but cheating is a hard limit because I have never cheated ever since I stated dating him and even if I think of initiating it ngyahluleka.

Kind regards

14 thoughts on “YES Chapter 44

  1. QnA Did you say your man quit his job to wait for an application response? I think I didn’t get that correctly but either way you are both childish. Who quits their job to sit and am calling you childish because you supported a clearly not well thought out plan.

  2. Bathong QnA how could he quit his job to await a response? Why didn’t he opt for long distance learning instead? Aikhon 23-24 maybe u need an older guy who has a clear head. U still need A LOT of guidance yourself! What he did was plain stupid and I’m shocked u supported it!! Yho

  3. Q&A Honey, stop babying that big baby… people work and go to school at the same time. if he wants full time schooling then he can go back to his mothers house and live there. how does he quit his job though? who does he expect to take care of him? are you his mama or gf? nnyaa ke a gana tuu.. you are financing his future, he will live you after completing his education and go find a young-in. you might as well take yourself to scchool le wena.. and quit your j.o.b. sekopa sa monna!!!

  4. QnA There is no logic in this area you sure he resigned or got fired? Does anyone read what BRA Mike says though? You don’t stay with an abusive man because forgiving him is like condoning it

  5. Haha. Eish ja hey. You are both clearly very young. As said above, quitting work to wait for a response is really not the brightest idea.
    If you think he is cheating, he probably is. If this is truly a hard limit for you then follow through and move on. Most men are quite simple, they understand actions. So if you leave, he will fully grasp that cheating is a no no. You stay, chances are it will simply continue. Pick a battle.

  6. Thanks bhut’Mike and team
    Yhooo Lungi usengxakini shem…
    Something does not add up here; he quit his job to wait for a study application response? Couldn’t he have done that while working??? And who quits their job to go study full time in this day and age of rife unemployement is SA?? Really??? Couldn’t he study part time or distance learning as someone has mentioned above?? It looks like you just take this man’s word shem, are you sure he even applied for these studies??? Are you feeling ungrateful because when he could he spoiled you and now you are not able to return the favour?? Was it a favour or was it because he wanted to and could afford to??? South African women love to baby sit their boyfriends shem.
    Good luck dear

  7. QnA…I am quite disturbed at how nonchalant you are about him slapping you?? What are you conding this man’s hurtful behaviour towards you??

    You need to read Mike’s quotes hey, start from the beginning…maybe ou will also wake and smell the coffee…
    @Zuma: I am also thinking that…what person in his right mind would quite a well paying job to wait for a response?? Hay uValo lukhona apha asoze uve…..


  8. Q&A what happens if his application is rejected? Even if he does get accepted that’s what distance learning is for and most universities do that nowadays… Honestly you should just dump this guy, once he gets his degree he will not only cheat on (and beat you up) you he will dump your ass. You are only still with him because you are stupid. Smell the roses dear its just not worth it. Enjoy your money and not baby a man

  9. Ta brada Mike.
    Vat ‘n Sit problems. Stay alone Nana & let him go stay with his mama. U can spoil him from a distance.
    If yo problem is that U can’t stay without getting woers then he can visit wknds ke.

  10. Lol I feel like you wanna leave him and you felt it necessary to add that he cheated and slapped to plead your case. Anyway PLEASE give this girl advice coz I also need it

  11. Eish Lungi why! Good luck with that situation.

    Q&A – plain and simple, you’re being played! Your man chooses to live off you and doing nothing. A free ride! Any man who’s serious about building a life does not make uncalculated decisions. There’s more to the story of why he resigned! His actions make no sense.

    Love alone does not pay your bills. Be smart about your decisions. You already know what you have to do… just do it.

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