Womans Day #I AM KHWEZI


My story does not start where yours begins, my story starts where it ends because mine is a curse that started the day I was born as a woman in South Africa because I am Khwezi. I am no myth, I am no conspiracy and I am no political fantasy of someone trying to get more power than they deserve. My crime, I was born a woman in the one place that does not respect me for who I am. Sigh!

I am not a hashtag, I breathe, I laugh, I sing, l dance and like you I feel pain, I bleed and I hurt. Why do you not see it? Is it because I am Khwezi that to you am as good as dirt, lower than that white stuff which comes out when you step on a cockroach. It is often said that the most dangerous thing for a woman to do in South Africa is to walk out of the door in the morning but they are wrong because even in your own home your uncle, brother or father can feel that he wants to have you so long as he can have his 5 minutes of pleasure.

My protest is not silent, I am weeping, and I am screaming so loudly my throat hurts but no one is listening for why should they, you have reduced me to just another number. Why would they if they are the ones that stand to benefit from me being on my back by force or by their money? Why should they care for I am Khwezi? Being a child is no protection in a country where there are men that think a virgin can cure illness. Everyday a child goes missing and on social media we retweet to help find her but way too many times that child is found violated, brutalized and already dead.

I am not one in three #1in3, I am one in all but you don’t see it because I should be a nameless statistic, yet another number in their books that why it does not matter because to them I should be nameless but I am Khwezi. I don’t blame you though because we are so many so why would you bother remembering us all. How strong are you when you beat up a woman? You know the thud a fist makes when it touches her flesh, that sound, does it make you hard? When she begs forgiveness for something she didn’t even do, do you feel like a god? When you push my head into the ground, rip off my panties, take your thing and penetrate me dry do my screams not make you feel anything. How merciless and ruthless are you that it brings you satisfaction? Can you imagine the pain and the humiliation I feel when you are done and I stand up and have to pull my torn panties back up to try and hide the little dignity you have left me with. Do you even know what shame is when I limp away, the pain making it hard for me to walk but you smile because you got what you wanted, you taught me a lesson and you are the man!

On Woman’s Day they ask us to come out and celebrate but what is it that I am cheering for because if I am rich I get justice if I am poor and powerless I am Khwezi. No one cares. Our mothers dress so nicely in their green and black, tell me I am MBOKODO but they celebrate the very men and cheer-lead for them forgetting my suffering and my name. Not one of them dares name their child Khwezi because as long as it is not theirs that is violated we can look the other way. I watched in shock when they cried me a Reeva yet when my name Khwezi was announced they were the first to crucify me. Imagine your own mother not even giving me the benefit of the doubt because a black girl child means absolutely nothing when men with power come into the picture.

They tell me it’s a small price to pay to allow men to touch me and sleep with me so I can get a job that I qualified for. We studied together, in the same class, all those late nights but I have to go the extra mile to get employed be it on my knees or on my back. They tell me that a real woman’s hustle includes how low she can pull down her panties and how low you can bend over simply because I am Khwezi.

I am a South African, I am the mother of your children, the sister you grew up fighting with, the daughter you should give away come their wedding day, the woman you will want to marry someday, the one you should honour and protect but look at me now, I am reduced to a life of fear because I am Khwezi! Is this it? Is this what life should be if you have breasts? Is the some of my worth how I can pleasure you? You and you alone know the price of my enslavement; you and you alone know that I am not good enough to be equal to you.

The doctors just told me I am pregnant. I should be the happiest person alive at this moment. I am crying I can’t help it. The tears won’t stop for I am already asking myself ‘What have I done?” The father of my child immediately said it’s not his and told me I cheated. He walked away and now I am all alone. I intend to keep my child but already I am praying. I am praying a silent prayer… Let my child not be a girl! This country is too vicious and I will never forgive myself if something happens to her but what can I do? I am just Khwezi so who am I to complain.

My name is Khwezi, your name is Khwezi, and we are Khwezi!

Dedicated to:

Nokukhanya Zama (15)
Letty Wapad (24)
Anene Booysen (17)

(Please Google them)

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  1. This hits home. At the age of 5 i too was raped by a neighbour. 20 years later noone believes me so i just decided to let it go. I am now a mother to a 4 year old daughter and everytime she goes out to play i worry… you know what they say, history has a way of repeating itself.

    No one hears our cry, noone feels our pain.

    1. To all who has been sexually abused, Im so sorry guys that you have went through such a paintful thing, it just so paintful, i have never been raped but trust me i can feel ur pain…… Im so sorry

    2. This just reminded me of my pain. I am Khwezi who gave birth to a child from being raped. I’m touched. I! I’m emotional. I am Khwezi 😭😭😭😭😢:( :'( 🙁 :'(

    3. Crying too hard as u read all this my cousins daughter was brutality raped by her neighbour her bones broken she only 10 when dat happen.and the bastard left her with HIV. give her R50 n the police said there was no case.im crying am sharing her story today she is mental ill n very sick.she is khwezi

  2. We are living in times where being a woman is more of a sin than celebration. This day is to be celebrated, but what’s there to celebrate really? Can you celebrate when you’re in pain? Bruised and cursed by the very same people who are supposed to protect you? .. No one cares!

    I am Khwezi..

  3. Wow this is so touchy. Woman’s cries are really silenced and covered with meaningless celebrations that do not even solve the terrors of many. It is about time we change this system that makes us forget the struggles of our fellow sisters, mothers or children and stand up for them!! Woman’s day should be about empowering woman and showing them that there are more worthy than a note of rand or a single job…their dignity and significance is of high importance.

  4. I am in tears a I read this… As a teenager , my one prayer was to never be raped….and now being a mother to a daughter, i am mortified when I read such things :'( … Hay kunzima shame….
    whats there to celebrate really ??? Our cries are not heard and we are constantly living in fear…..

  5. Tears started to fill my eyed as I read this. It is a truth that we should all acknowledge. Women of South Africa, we are far from Uhuru.

  6. This is touching I shed a few tears while reading this. I never thought I’d be raped in my life but life doesn’t always go as we wish. I have a son and I don’t let goout to play even boys aren’t safe out there.

  7. This is so profound.. I too am #1in3 and even as I type it, its still not sinking in because I didnt even realised I had actually been raped until several months later when someone told a similar story on twitter.. my boyfriend at the time (2014) got extremely drunk and although the sex was consensual at first, he got really aggressive and several times I said no.. plenty of times I said stop.. I begged him.. I cried.. but I will never forget the words he uttered “I will stop when I want to”.. he woke up in tears the next day asking if he had raped me.. I laughed, not realising I had a monster in my bed and casually said “no silly”.. these days it haunts me.. he took me without my permission.. I said no.. I said stop.. I pushed.. I wriggled to try get out of his clutches.. he was too strong.

    But.. God didn’t give men a stronger bone structure and a bigger muscle mass so they can do such.. surely not?.. my brothers, why wont you protect and love us???

    Then I come across the rich and powerful type.. his ego knows no bounds.. for over a year I put up with emotional, verbal and psychological abuse.. I sit here wondering what did I ever do to deserve that? I pray for him and ask God to bless him yet him and his fellow rich buddies go around emotionally destroying women and moving on like nothing happened. Spitting on the beauty of creation and comparing notes, looking to see who’s most powerful. I find myself asking God to remove me from this cruel place, its not conducive for a woman’s gentle and loving soul.

    Then they wanna judge us when we turn around and behave as they do just to protect ourselves from their cruelty. Mind off. Heart off. Emotions off. Block it all out so you can’t hurt me. My brothers, why wont you love and protect us?

    I too am #1in3

    I am Khwezi

    1. I have a similar story 3 days before womens day on the 6th of August, I was drunk and he took advantage of me. I asked him to stop before penatration took place but my word just dissapared into thin air . I tried laying charges but he apologised, what if it doesn’t end with me? I’m also ashamed of what my family will say. #IamKhwezi

  8. Day on and day out I ask myself what are my mistakes, are they the choices I make or the people I meet? At age 13 I was given to my uncle in law because I could “save my aunts marriage” taken to an abortion clinic two months later because it was the only way to”hide the shame”. This cycle continued till I was 17 and now I find myself constantly sleeping around unprotected only to find myself back at that abortion clinic I called home as a child.

    I called it home because even though they helped me take a life but it was the only place I really felt loved. Loved because the doctor showed concern and tried to be as gentle as he could! Maybe my idea of love and home are distorted but they the only thing I know that is close to nothing.

  9. i googled the three women this was dedicated to and i have never been more horrified in my life. no living anything deserves this. these women were and are brutalized in the most inhumane way possible and it makes me sick to my stomach. the Sad thing is there are 3 whole cases, as if once was not big enough a blow to the community of women. we are oppressed and violated every day, with statistics like 1 in 3 women. what makes a man treat and disrespect woman like this, when he came from one? i say it’s the way in which the world treats us. seen as nothing more than disposable baby makers who can be handled any and which ever way to please a man. but we are people too, with feelings and emotions and dreams and opinions. the most terrifying thing in the world is giving birth to a girl in a world where she is at a permanent disadvantage simply because she is female. we are never safe, in our own homes even.

    i’m reading these comments and how is rape so common among women? can no please just mean no? even the man you live with is a predator then. stop trying to tell me the thing between my legs is not my own and that it can cause even the “gentle” man to become a monster.

    we need a generation of men like the writer, men who can put themselves in the shoes of a female and try to feel as we feel. this article was a sliver of hope, a glance into what can be when sons are raised to respect women. there is no hope for the animals who did what they did to anene, nokukhanya and letty. but i want to hope other men feel their pain. it could just as easily have been their sisters, or mothers, or daughters. i doubt they’d care then though but i need to hope other men will care too. those women were our sisters and friends, we need to acknowledge violence against women

    if not, we are dead already.

    -an AGITATED 18 year old woman.
    nay, an agitated 18 year old khwezi.

  10. Reading Khwezi’s story just made me numb,,my is torn into pieces. This is a challenge to all boy child mothers, let us groom our boys differently. Let them understand what humanity is, self love, self respect, human dignity, appreciation and unconditional LOVE. How to treat and a girl child > female > woman for them to be better boyfriends and husbands.

  11. Oooooh Lord what has this world come too – no Justice for women … Is true money talks for the powerful ppl …

  12. When I was 19 at home about to go to bed on 21 March 2010, 2 guys in balaclavas came into the house. I didn’t realise this as I was getting ready for bed. I heard noises and as I was about to go check my cousins in the lounge, a man with a gun came in and told me to sit on the bed and not make a sound. I then heard my cousin scream… in that moment I knew, I knew what was going down and I knew I was next. I prayed to God to make it go away, I prayed that it was all just a dream. But the guy came back into the room tied me up, put the gun to my head and told me to turn around. He took of my pj’s and took my virginity from behind with the gun to the back of my head and he kept on asking me if it was nice
    When he was done, he said I should realise how nice and good he was cause he didn’t make me scream.
    I am #1in3, I have been #1in3
    I just wish I wasn’t

  13. This is so emotional, I can almost touch the sadness our women go thru. Myb the celebration of this day shud be re-looked at as women now face a different challenge – ABUSE in all forms, not only by the system, but also by men.
    Myb in future, the courts need to open on this day to accommodate such cases only from women. The Govmnt shud establish paternity test centres to avoid some men running away from their responsibilities. I believe a few of some cases cud be avoided if fathers played their roles in raising their daughters.
    May those directly affected find piece in their hearts & may the justice system work for them to find some kind of solace or closure. May the men take more responsibilities by looking after their children.
    Thank U brother Mike for the opportunity to put my 2cents worth of comment.

  14. Touching indeed, there are so many Khwezis out there however like she said, no one believes them. Let’s Pray for the protection of all women and girls out there. Qina Mbokodo Qina.

  15. You, you are a virgin, you can’t be a virgin, you too wild, too pretty. I will fuck you to prove to you that you not a virgin.
    Why you crying, why you fighting me. I’ll rape you. You think im scared of jail, .look at this tattoo I’ve got ‘ ndayifumana etrogweni ‘ I’m not scared of jail, never mind that, whose going to believe you.
    I remember fighting and pleading with you, but you couldn’t believe that I was a virgn.

    I was only 14 years old and when I said I’m not ready you chose not to believe me, took my innocence with pain.

    ‘ It is often said that the most dangerous thing for a women in South Africa is to walk out of the door in the morning but they are wrong because in your own home uncle, brother or father can feel that he wants to have you for long as he can have 5 minutes of pleasure ‘

    Raped by my boyfriend, someone I loved and admired for what!
    5 minute of pleasure which turned out to be lifetime of pain in my life…

  16. As I read this, I cry because I’m haunted by it everyday & family tells me I should move on cause it happend 7years ago but I can’t. I see this monster almost everyday & I have to say, the system failed me (they said I’m too young to face him in court at the time, mind you….it was a police woman & the prosecutor advicing me) , society failed me (pastors came at my house “his relatives”…asking for forgiveness on his behalf but he pleaded not guilty at his bail hearing & then he told his friends & society that I’m lying & i was the laughing stock of our community but then you must be asking yourself why send people to my place to apologise? ) I’m angry even today cause I know I had a casr cause he did rape me but the doccket grew legs & disappeared cause he has money & friends in higher places.Where are we supposed to run to, whom are we supposed to run to?
    I too am #1in3
    I am Khwezi.

  17. I am 41 a professional single independent. I pay for my own house my own car. I take myself on holidays local and abroad. I pay my son’s varsity fees. I’m an envy of many people..but what thy don’t know is that at 5 years old I was raped at the school toilets..I cry myself to sleep every night because this secret is killing me
    At 5 you saw me as a sex object and hurt me

    I am khwezi

  18. Eısh you know ım so hurt cause today ıts my best frıend’ s bırthday but some ıdıot called hıs boyfrıed decıde to take her life on sunday.

  19. I just shed a tear reading this, my little girl was shot several times last year in a hijacking and for everyone else she is just another girl living in an unsafe neighbourhood… it pain me daily looking at her, watching her recover from an ordeal she went thru at the age of 2… I will not celebrate women’s day because she is just another girl that will grow up to be a woman and realise how evil some men are

  20. i was 16 Writing My exam neary failed it happened on 02 Nov 2002 i escorted my brother to buy batteries fo his new stereo was so excited for my brother Not realizing what Horror awaits me on our way back we meet a guy all of a sudden he was pointing a gun at me its been 14 years but i still cant talk about it i hv two daughters may god look after them so dat they wont go through this horrific experience

  21. It also happened to me….I was 7 years old. He called me to come to the house to take mangoes……I was so innocent.I ran to him like a child I was…he then told me to lie down. He said it won’t hurt.he carried me and put me on the floor…..I started crying. I could sense something was wrong.he took his pants off……thats when I started to scream…I could hear voices from outside…he got scared. He told me not to tell anyone.He threatened to kill me if I do…I was young….the fact that he nearly raped me haunt me to this day…who will I tell?who will believe me…?

  22. It happened to me when I was 7. My mother sent me to stay with my older married cousin and for the whole year her husband would come into my room, put me on the floor lift up my nighties and rape me ( I wasn’t allowed to wear panties when I went to bed). While his cousin would rape me after school. I didn’t know anything about sex but I knew it was wrong. I am now 38 and a mother of 3 girls. I pray endlessly that they never have to go through what I went through. This remains my secret. I cry myself to sleep because I hurt. My cousin’s husband died earlier this year. I thought I’d find peace now that my abuser is dead but all I feel is emptiness and pain.
    # I am Khwezi

  23. He was supposed to protect me but he was a monster @12 how can you think I want sex I didn’t know nothing I was still young you did all those nasty things touching me and telling me there is nothing wrong with what’s happening… The system failed me cause you where realised and I was told there is no enough evidence what more did they want me Dead

    #I am kwezi

  24. I was 8 when my cousin whom was supposed to be my brother continuously raped me everyday for a full year…. to help myself cope, I blocked the pain away… by focusing on school I thought I had forgot the pain, but that was being totally naive of me. At 17 it happened again with a man who was supposed to be the figure of a father always there, always nice to us, giving us undivided attention not realizing that the attention given was for what was in between my legs for the 5 minutes of pleasure.

    I spent years quiet and trying to bury it within myself again but this time I cudnt succeed, became very promiscuous slept around, just to find pleasure in the one thing that brought me the most pain, until I had the biggest breakdown.
    I am still learning to forgive its not easy but its inevitable for myself for forgiveness is not for them but for me.

    its a pain I would never wish on any woman. I found out thereafter that I’d never be able to have children, for the damage caused by the rape was too drastic and too much, my womb will never be able to hold. beside the pain the rape brought me, I have to deal with the pain of never having my own offspring.


    the danger is not always outside your home or your house most times its the one who pays too much attention, who tends to care the most who ends hurting and violating you


  25. Was it not enough?

    Was it not enough that you committed a crime before you even committed a crime?
    She said no, yet you forced yourself onto her.

    Was it not enough?

    She loved you despite what people said.

    Was it not enough?

    You snatched her away from her loved ones for hours while you and your friends had your way with her.

    Her cries, her screams.. Were they not enough for you?

    Why didn’t you stop?

    Isn’t this the girl you fought with me for? You said you loved her.. Is this love?

    Was it not enough?

    You allowed your friend to stick a broken beer bottle up her sacred place, allowing it to cut her up inside, taking away her opportunities to give life.

    Was it not enough?

    Your family bought the case. It magically disappeared. You are at school, her life took a turn for the worst. You walk away a free man, yet a rapist with no remorse.

    Was it not enough?

    She is now a statistic.

    She is Khwezi.


  26. in a weird way i find comfort in reading this story knowing i am not the only one… from age 5 i have been constantly abused molested by men and women so much that i have lost count. i have spoken about a few incidents to others in counselling but still that doesnt help because only i know what i feel. many years later i am stuck with the feeling that my body does not belong to me .. my body does not matter … men are entitled to my body as and when they want to… how do i even get into a normal relationship ? how do i trust? how do i move on? how do i brace myself to have a child? years later i cant let go years later i still ask what is it on me that attracts abuse like a magnet …like Job said i curse the day that i was born… if there is God out there certainly He is not for me otherwise all this wouldnt have happened to just one girl

  27. I am also Khwezi. I was 16 and it was the person who meant the most to me. I paid with my blood. I am HIV positive. I am not a victim he is I am a survivor.

  28. I was 19years old, my boyfriends friend spiked my drink and had his way with me. I woke up the next day naked in his bed and I didn’t know how I got there. I asked him what happened, he told me he was tired and that I should go back to sleep. No one believed me, not even my own family and now I was pregnant. Even with a confession from him, my family still said…I was dating the both of them then when I fell pregnant I decided to make up a story to cover up my cheating. He later changed his story and said I was drunk but it was consensual. I later gave birth to a son and I pray to God that I teach him better!

    #I am Khwezi

  29. I was 7 at the time when my mother and her friend sent me to ask a neighbour who happened to be a man to accompany me to buy some alcohol for them. unfortunately he wasn’t there but his younger brother was more than happy to accompany me and little did I know that he was already planning ukungcola azondenza kona! On our way he kept stopping and sitting down and ask me to come closer to him then fiddled on his pants to take out his thing and rub it against me. I was still young and first did not understand what was going on but I knew that it was wrong cause it made me uncomfortable. Finally he told me to lie down and that is when he tried to shove it in and immediately I cried and he covered my mouth until I vomited and that is when he stopped. I ran home as fast as I could and when my mother saw me and realised what had happened she told me never to tell my father! I am KHWEZI

  30. I have a son, I pray everyday that he never becomes a monster who preys on innocent girls. Parents, please teach your sons to love and respect women. They are the future. I am also a #RapeSurvivor – got raped twice by HIV POSITIVE men, fortunately I am HIV NEGATIVE only by the grace of GOD. Its always the people you know who betray & hurt you the most.

  31. Every day has its own dog and every dog has its own day,the Lord is never blind to our tears;He shall see us through. It is high time that the opposite gender stops relaxing and start to feel our existence, we are humans and this country belongs to all who live in it.a woman that defends such evil is as filthy as the man that performed it,

  32. I consented sex with a condom but he slipped it out during the act. I begged him to stop but he wouldn’t budge, luckily he didn’t cum inside of me. This is three months ago and ’til this day I’m afraid to go and test. I’ve been doing my research and some courts rule this out as rape. I’ve never been this confused in my life.

  33. yoooooo Guys May the Lord Heal your broken heart, Im sjust so hurt ryt now, i cant stop crying……. I will be with you all in my prayers….it just feels like i have also been through this, Im so sorry you went through this

  34. Living in fear has never been healthy. We live in fear as women, We live in fear for our daughters , The struggle still continues and there still a lot that needs to be done.

  35. I was about 8 when I developed some boobs and I remember how some guy who stayed near us would always fondle me saying how I would make a good wife it happened for a good 2 years.. I never reported it because I was made to feel that having my boobs develop at a young age meant this would happen…… I didn’t know I was Khwezi

    In my first year a cousin invited me to a place he stayed and we drank together, after that he felt it was okay for him to make a move on me, I was partially drunk but I remember well I said no I tried to negotiate that we related but that wasn’t enough for him to stop penetrating me. it was never reported and I don’t think he even took note of what he did I mean who do you tell when u agreed to visit him you agreed to drink with him and you didn’t scream or shout. Again I didn’t know I was Khwezi

    a similar situation happened a few years later after a night of drinking with another cousin and since it was to late for me to go home and I was “flirting” with him all night he felt it was only right to get what I was offering. Again I said no and we relaed but at some point blaxcking out the experience felt like an easier route. He also doesn’t think he ever did anything wrong to me
    At some point I even thought maybe I am just easy and maybe I am just inviting again I didn’t know I was Khwezi

    I didn’t know I was Khwezi until I read some of your post and realising how many of us live with such horrible past but society cant be told because we are Khwezi. I now accept I am #1in3 I am khwezi

  36. i was online now going through the stories of the young women stated above and i am so hurt i cannot even stop crying!!!! how can one do such awful thing to another human being? Being a woman though #sigh

  37. it’s just so sad reading this. when I was 5 I was almost raped by a neighbour. but luckily his sites walked in on us. he gave me sweets and promised me to have tell anyone as it was just our “little game” his words. I was young and I didn’t know better. as if that wasn’t enough. 6 years later a relocated and I had to stay with Nanny whom my mother got for us because she wouldn’t manage to get a transfer. the Nanny toyed with me, fondled my private parts, muffed me and fingered me. at some point I started to enjoy it she introduced me to things I ddint know that’ is until she asked me to do the same things to her. she would invite the neighbours child whose a boy 2 years younger and watch us do it. child pornography at its best. up to this day I never told anyone. they would not believe me even if I did. I just have to find healing for myself. I am 23. I would say I am kwezi but I don’t know what it means. ain’t nothing happy about women’s day though..

  38. At 21,staying with my cousin (our fathers are brothers) and his wife. There were rumours of him sleeping with his nieces but I won’t lie,he never made advances on me. However, I had a toothache one time and he sent me to his friend to get money for a dentist. Weeks later, the friend dragged me to his place telling me I pay his money or I give it to him and stop acting like a child. He tried to penetrate me and I fought all night long. I was confused and ashamed and didnt share this with anyone.

    Later that year, I went out on new years eve and they couldnt open the gate because I was 30 minutes late from the agreed time. A family friend came and told me the neighbour was calling me. I followed, before we got to the house he handed me over to a guy who dragged me to the bushes and ordered me to untie my belt. Before he could do it, a group of church people coming from the river to baptise showed close to us and he ran away and I went to an opposite direction.

    Since then I have lived with hatred, fear, anger and distrust.

    My niece was not as fortunate. She stays with her as my sister is late. Her father helped himself to her and the justice failed us in this regard. She was found in school steuggling to walk and urine flowing freely. No one could give my mother custody.

    This curse called rape seems to get its way, our bodies do not belong to us anymore. The question is Why?

    I have two daughters and I am paranoid with them, fearing that they can fall victims of this monster: A MAN!

    #I am Khwezi and it is too painful to bear.

  39. Iam also in tears as I read this.I was raped by my two cousins in a period of three years,I was between 7-9 years.My uncle was a farmer and very loving and he used to instruct my parents to come fetch fruits and veges for free from his house and farm.My mom used to send me there and my eldest cousin raped me.The second cousin raped me the second time and gave me 50c to be quite*up to date,I hate it when a man gives me money*

    The first cousin raped me up to four times coz I used to go to a boarding school and our school holidays used to be longer and he used to come when my parents were at work,when I was left with the helper.He used to take me to the tank house and rape me.

    I am now 31,I working for Government.My boss asked to go for super with him,I kept refusing and someone later said what if it is a genuene super.I went out with him,he tried to kiss me and I refused.Next morning,he asked me to come for breakfast,I refused and he started shouting at me.I eventually went and he drove me to his house,I was new in that city no one was going to hear me even if I could have screamed.He undressed and slept with me and this continued for 3months.Last year,I heard a mental breakdown and told my psychologist about it.This year a friend and a colleague had a breakdown referred her to my psychologist,only to find out myself and colleagu friend went through a similar situation.

    I want this boss to pay for his sins.Some of us our self esteems are crawling due to rape.

  40. Haven’t been on this blog for months, and today well.

    I would think its about time we women learned to defend themselves. We can’t continue being prey to sick bastards, and live our lives in fear of the unknown, but we can take charge by taking control, we may not be as strong as men are but we should at least try.

    I have never been raped, however, I am just as affected. Lets take a stand and fight for ourselves, as its clear the community won’t fight for us, nor will the police and worst of all not even our family members.

    #iamawoman, #Iamstrong #I am Khwezi

  41. Dear Khwezi

    All I can do is offer a shoulder, I know you are broken and you feel completely stranded and trapped by your fear, we must not be silent, those with kids, tell them so they can be open with you if anything happens to them. We have each other, we must break the silence. The system may fail us but we can never fail each other, there’s no worse prison than your own mind.

    Love and strength

    I am Khwezi

  42. Numerous times i asked myself was it happening to every other gal my age. I do not recall at what point it started, but my own father, who was supposed to be my protector raped me, not once or twice but for most of my childhood. I think the last tym he tried his luck with me was when i was arround 10 years old, and that day i just said no, and he never attempted again. I still ask myself questions like was it really his fault that he was such a monster, and yet the most loving man i knew. He passed away a couple of years back, and for some reason i felt like i had forgiven him. But i fear for my 2 gals. I pray they never experience anything like i did. The pain never really goes away, not ever.
    i am #1in3
    I am Khwezi


  44. I was drunk when he forced himself on me. He kissed me I kissed him back, a minuted later I saw him slip on a condom. I begged to stop but he pushed him self on me. I asked to stop several times, I tried to push him away but he didn’t stop. Insteaded he by force inserted his thing in me and he couldn’t see that I was crying the whole time. When he was done he left me there and went on to brag to his friends about how he “scored”. He was supposed to be a friend but now he is a monster I don’t know. He only apologised because I told me I’m going to lay charges. I feel like I have failed other gals by not laying charges. This happened a week ago I still feel like I can do something about it. Even though society will judge me because I was drunk.

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