Missteps of a Young Wife


She Rocks held my hand tight I guess we were both nervous to see what was going to happen next. On the inside I was praying so hard but words just wouldn’t come out this prayer was too personal no one else was allowed to hear it, the prayer was between me and God. She Rocks kept standing to try and go and see what was happening but I wouldn’t let her, I would not say a word, I was just pull her and she would end up in the same position she was sitting in.

After what felt like eternity the baby started crying, I could hear the sigh of relief from everyone in the room. The nurse brought the baby to my chest and I held her in my arms, it was a baby girl and she was black, my heart was beaming with excitement and happiness. Both She Rocks and I had tears of joy, the nurse said they need to clean the baby I told She Rocks to follow her and make sure that my baby is not swopped with another, she smiled and said she would handle it. This was the happiest day of my life and nothing was going to get me down.

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  1. But doesnt she get a break though? The story line is getting tiring…one person cant keep going through different stuff day after day though

  2. Hey,Thozy.I amm so glad that you decided not to kill Mthobisi.Greatful really.As for poor Lee.It is disheartening.No wonder one can end up being a Mafia.Please do not think of killing him.

  3. hi mike … is there a published copy of this book yet? i have missed so much dont even know where to begin catching up. keep up the good work

  4. Can I please get a bit of clarity: It has been forever and a minute since I’ve read this blog. Do I have to get a pin still for past episodes (I last read it in July last year)? I wanna catch up

  5. Hi Mike. I dont mean to act all “knowing” but what you wrote about Lee’s delivery sumhow needed sum researching. I gave birth ka ceaser and my after birth experience is totally different from Lee’s. Walking so soon after that is just not real. And many more. Maybe i was different but i think that wasnt researched properly.

    1. I had 2 babies C-Section around 8am both of them, I was able to walk around 6 in the evening with my 2nd one and at 5 tje next morning with my 1st. If your physio is tough in private hospitals they let you start walking as soon as epidural is off.

  6. Hi Mike, I really enjoy your books and especially this Missteps. However, I thgink you have left some of the information behind. Let me ask as follows all in the early chapters;
    1. I am more interested in the reasons why Mthobisi did not want to let his plant die when he left for the mine?
    2. What happened to Mthobisi’s daughter as he was supposed to perform some rituals for her when she was sick?
    I will really appreciate clarity on the above issues…

    Thank you Sir for your good work.

  7. Yoooo guys too much drama ngeke, a person can’t have so much happening to her with no break hay no.
    But m glad that the child is not white *what a relief*

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