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“He fell down from up there; he wasn’t wearing a harness” I heard someone shout That to another person.   “Somebody please call an ambulance” I said crying from both the thought of losing my husband and the pain that was happening in my tummy. The ambulance was for the both of us. She Rocks moved closer to Mthobisi also felt his neck and shook her head and I knew exactly what the head shaking meant, he was gone but unlike me she didn’t start screaming and wailing in panic, she put two hands on his check and started pumping it, I wanted to ask what the hell she was doing but she was too focused on what she was doing and everyone around stood still, I swear for about seven minutes we were all holding our breaths in anticipation of what was going to happen next, She Rocks was putting pressure in his chest and at the same time praying. “Please father God don’t let him die, please Dear Lord” she kept saying. I was shaking to a point where I felt like I was going to pass out, I was so scared of the situation that I was in that I couldn’t even pray, it felt like I was in this horrible nightmare I kept pinching myself so I could wake up from it but nothing. After seven minutes of pressing Mthobisi’s chest we started hearing some sounds from him, it sounded like he was breathing through his throat, the sound sounded like a person who is snoring.

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