Blessed Chapter Twenty Three

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Unless the man is your father and even then this is questionable, men will always put their needs first before

yours. Think of all the men back in the day who went to the mines and came back knowing they had HIV, because they wanted to get laid they came and gave this disease to their wives because their selfishness meant that they only catered for themselves. Maybe that idea is extreme, yes nowadays women cheat too but who were the original cheats? What brought us to this level that we now share mutually assured destruction simply by entering in a relationship, men! I could not believe he had done this! Why then had he called for me if he had someone else to fuck?

“Get ready for bed!”

That’s what he had said to me. This man had just slept with another woman and the next thing he was saying to me was get ready for bed? Really.

“I don’t want to sleep!”

I whispered to myself but not loud enough for him to hear. I stood up and paced back and forth.

“Sam, did you just have sex with another woman?”

I asked him. I did not know how to react. If it was Neo I would be so angry and ready to commit murder but with Sam, he was in charge and the boss so what was the best way to react.

“You can’t ask me that Palesa, I don’t ask you when last you slept with your man either. You do your thing and I do mine!”

He said. He was showering with the door open so he could hear me clearly as I was standing by the door. I felt my head spinning with confusion.

“But how could you do that Sam, I came all the way here because you specifically asked me to do so?”

I asked him the tears stinging me now.

“I didn’t think you would come back on time and besides she means nothing to me!”

He said in a ‘matter of fact” manner. My feelings didn’t matter. He was the boss and had paid for me to be here. He had gotten me shopping, well I didn’t buy but you get the point so he could do whatever he wanted as far as he was concerned.

“So it’s right for you to do this to me Sam? I am a person, a person in your immediate space and look at me now…”

I said and the tears just came out. Look, when you have a blesser no matter how self important you may feel you know you are cheap! Your sense of worth is down to how much money you can get out of him in return for sex as that’s all his value gain. It’s like you put a price on your punani as Khanyi had called it. That’s all fair and good but for the person to come and tell you or show you just how cheap you are that cuts deep. It had never happened to me before!

“I am sorry little one. It won’t happen again. I thought young people don’t mind such things. Sex for you means nothing nowadays even in the conference they told us. It’s for the fun of it not for the love of it! Am I wrong?”

He asked as he got into the shower.

“That’s the reason why old people mustn’t have conferences about young people on their own because they lie to each other!”

I retorted! It stung him but he laughed!

“Well old people make policies and have the money so we do what we think is best for you!”

He said.

“Like sleeping with other women then expecting the young ones who can’t think for themselves to be fine with it? No wonder why this world is so fucked up!”

I don’t think I had ever sworn in front of him. Even he was surprised if the good look he gave me was anything to go buy.

“So what happens next?”

He asked me. I still had the money he had given me, I am sure I could go get a hotel even this late but Khanyi had said I needed to take care of Neo first. Imagine now I could end up losing both Neo and Sam by how I reacted on this one night. I went and sat on the chair in the corner. I literally crawled into a ball to be honest. He could see I was hurting.

“I didn’t mean it like that! I am sorry Palesa. I will understand if you want to go home.”

He said changing his tone and a bit softer. Was he getting rid of me permanently or he genuinely meant that.

“I am fine. You have always been a gentleman and I never expected to see this side of you.”

I told him with a coarse voice due to all the crying. It touched a nerve because I could see he got uncomfortable. They like being put on a pedestal and they like to look powerful and respectable always no matter how disgusting they are.

“Can I make it up to you?”

He asked. What choice did he have and what choice did I have? I did not respond because I did not have an answer. When you have a blesser you should learn to put your emotions aside and do what needs getting done.

“It’s ok I will survive!”

I said. I stood up and in front of him I took off my clothes, took my towel and went to take a bath. In the shower I cried some more but not loud enough for him to hear. It still hurt like a mother though. After I was done showering, I came out stark naked and dressed up in front of him. He was looking and that’s what’s I wanted. I dressed up fully and put on the cock blocker of all nightwear, my onesy!

“Are you going to sleep in that?”

He asked me! After the little show I had given him even a gay guy would have asked the same question and why not? I looked like I lived in a gym, even I know that.

“What do you expect me to sleep in?”

I asked him. He looked dumbstruck but what I had just said and I was certain he was going to throw me out.

“Anything but not that! You look like you are wearing overalls! I know you angry at me but you not getting into this bed, my bed, dressed like you going to the Siyanqoba rally!”

He said. I felt so helpless. I was thinking of torturing him but truth be told, I had no choice.

“Are you really going to make me do this? Does this feel right to you after what just happened?”

I asked him.

“Are you in love with me or are we just fooling around? I seem to remember you telling me how much you love your boyfriend and I have never asked you to get rid of him. Most men will! So I got lucky from a woman from another country who I will never see again and you want to dump me?”

He asked me almost daring me. There was something about the way he said that made me think he was on the verge of kicking me out. He had turned on the warm air on the aircon, the one I had failed to operate.

“I never said that either. If I was not human I would not be hurt. I have learned to respect you, it’s obvious, everyone does and it’s because you have earned it. When someone you respect so much does this what do you think happens next?”

I buttered him. I took off the onesy, leaving me wearing my thongs and nothing else. The pig actually drew his breath.

“If you don’t want me to sleep in the onesy I won’t sleep in it. You the man so you decide.”

I said to him.

“Yes please. You look so sexy! You should not hide that from me! I am such a fool for what I did today? I am sorry! You look good!”

He said with glee. I think he was horny! How could an old man like him be horny twice in one day? Didn’t they say these old dudes can only get it up once? He could see I was not in the mood.

“Love we can fix this. I know I hurt you but me sending a car all the way to pick you up means I want you hear. That’s all that matters. I messed up. We can fix this and I want to fix this starting tonight!”

He said. ‘Starting tonight’ probably means that he wanted sex to show how much he cared. South African men are truly all the same.

“Tomorrow we will fly back together to Jhb! You will go shopping like you said and we still have Dubai… Is that the sign of someone who doesn’t like you?”

He asked me? Was that a trick question?

“Tonight if we have sex we won’t be making love, we will be having sex and you will hurt me. I am unhappy but you know to please you there is nothing I will not do!”

I told her. I had confused him. After the conference he had just come out of, what I said meant that I was effectively saying to him that he might as well raped me. I went into bed, where he was lying in his boxer shorts. I put my hands around him and I lay into him. It was a cuddling motion. My boobs were on his side in their naked glory.

“Its ok love we don’t have to have sex!”

He said. I smiled a bit but then the next worry came, would he dump me when we got to Jhb?

“Can we just talk so we can get back to normal?”

I asked him.

“No its fine, I am tired!”

He said and he turned and switched off the light on his side. Shit! I had to think quickly! I was not going to lose my blesser because getting a new one is the hardest thing ever!

I had to something. I dug deep; he was not my man after all just someone who was paying me to have a beautiful life in exchange for sex every now and again right. Why was I being high and mighty? I knew my place.

I gave him 30 minutes to pass out and then I knew what needed to be said, I listened to my inner Khanyi because it’s something she would say.

I slid down the covers. It’s a good thing her was naked already and I proceeded to blowjob him, be it with tears in my eyes!

He woke up in seconds!

I had truly become a true blessee!

********The End*********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

I love your work. I respect the patience you took to build up this blog. It takes a lot of heart. Thank you.

I just got my first job and the first thing I would like to do is get rid of my boyfriend. I am 26 and we have been together since I graduated 3 years ago. He has helped me with my bills, upkeep and gave me a girlfriend allowance even. He is not arrogant but because he was paying for all these he cheated constantly and even beat me up once after I went through his phone and confronted him. In the time we have dated he cheated with about four girls that I know off and one is a girl who is in matric this years. I did not leave him then because of that fear of being alone and in all honesty when you don’t have money you need all the help you can get. I have a degree not even a diploma but could not get a job even in retail until now. I have been working two months and it’s permanent. Now he seems to be paying more attention to me but I already have that hurt inside of me over what happened in the past.

How do I get rid of him? Do I take out all the files so he understands why I am doing it or do I just tell him with are through and walk away?

Thank You


19 thoughts on “Blessed Chapter Twenty Three

  1. Thanks Mikeesto, Kunzima mos being this nton nton for these guys….. Chicks beware.

    Lee, first instincts was singing along to Chris Brown’s Loyal song… But then I figured I need to actually look at both sides of the sword here.

    So you have been abused and cheated on by this boyfriend of yours, typical nonsense that guys give their partners and it actually sucks. Through all that you stayed with him, your reasons we will get to. You are of the assumption that he did all these nasty things because, well as you have made it sound, coz you depended on him. If that is indeed true, that man don’t deserve you at all shem.

    Now you say that you stayed with him, not just because you loved him but in your words ” I did not leave him then because of that fear of being alone and in all honesty when you don’t have money you need all the help you can get.”

    So you basically saying you were using this dude coz you were jobless and broke, that sounds as nasty as him cheating and blekseming you when you played detective with his phone.

    I’m not going to judge neh, but one thing for sure is that both of you have screws loose. I think it’s actually commendable that you played your strategy so well, now that you have a job and a Degree, not a Diploma even, you need to then get rid of the trash in your life. It seems unfair on him for all he did, but then again he cheated and probably will move on to another chick and cheat on her too.

    As I listen to ‘Mthande’ Musa ft Robbie Malinga, I’m wondering luphi uthando between the two of you, sad really!


  2. Just walk away Lee, you dont have to explain yourself to anyone. Just tell him the love is no longer there and you appreciate all he has done for you but you need to go find your happiness. Him having done all those things for you no matter the motivation is not reason enough to feel guilty about not loving him anymore, fact of the matter is he put you through hell and you are human so losing feelings was bound to happen.

  3. Ayisecace BA bunyamezele kuba ekwenzela iznto ezi ubuzdinga..if dumping him is gonna make you sleep well at night then mshiye mntakaSomnci!!!
    Hahaha Jackzorro

  4. Lee

    Its true when they say “BAFAZI BAFA BAZI”
    Your story sounds like one of my friend she is married in Customary and has been employed as clerk , then her Husband decided that she must leave her job and raise Kids. The very same Husband started to complain about her being a housewife , and started cheating on her with students.
    then she decided to enrol fulltime and apply for Nasfas to fund for her studies and you know what she is saying , AFTER GRADUATING AND FINDING A JOB SHE WILL LEAVE HER DEAREST HUSBAND ..

  5. Lol today’s letter made my morning shem “I have a degree not even a diploma”
    And @Jackzorro made it even more funny, uthini nhaaa Jack uthi baneloose screws

    Okay, Lee you should have left longgggg ago but you stay for whatever reasons. Now do you boo boo, run for your life!!!! But be single for a while, you have some growing up to do judging by your reason but I don’t know you sooo….

  6. You already made a decision just do what pleases you my darling. But no one thing that guy will survive whether you leave him or not.

  7. You also used him for his money,leaving him will make you be like him…exactly like him (when he has money he treats you bad,when you have your degree you leave him),let me tell you he will be going around telling ppl that you left him after he has done lot of things for you,and you will must also go around telling ppl that you used him for his money….don’t blame him alone,you also chose to stay and use him….and dear he will be hurt as well….I think you should tell him what you think of him,be brutal and wise enough so that he gets the point….he is human(cheating yes)but you also a human who used him for money …..don’t be self righteous…make a kind of decision you would want him to make if the tables were changed

    1. Lol.. what a wow. She must be miserable because of what other people will think of her? #AbantuBazothiniSyndrome is deep within you

  8. Saying “I wont judge you but” immediately after adding the word but changes your whole claim of not judging back to being plain judgemental sooo …. Great read Mike

  9. Bravo brada Mike! Bravo. A round of applause. U did yo research here on the mind games played by the blessers & the blessies. Both are calculating, selfish 🙊& manipulative by nature.
    The letter compliments yo story. Both are selfish, calculating & manipulative. Pls don’t “undermine” a Diploma promoting yo Degree sistaz. Some degree are not even worth the paper they are written on, hence ppl in those fields might advise U to get a PhD in the particular field to be recognised. But a degree is a degree, congrats & if it will make U happy leaving, then no need to sugar-coat yo reasons.
    Love doesn’t need to be justified. It’s not a business transaction. It’s an inner feeling.

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