Blessed Chapter 26

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In life we all have our battles. Each and every one of us is fighting something just to survive or to succeed. We take other people’s problems for granted because when we look in from the outside, their problems seem exaggerated.

I will take myself for example, it was school and my love life that constantly kept me on my toes. They both felt as though I could control their outcome yet I was struggling at them. Anyone looking in from the outside would think I was playing around yet they had no idea what it took to be me. I looked at Yolanda, she was married to a man she actually loved yet the world treated her like shit for it. Khanyi was a pastor’s kid, they had money like most of these new age pastors do but to her it was a burden. That’s how life manifests itself.

“I can’t attend your grandmother’s funeral if you can’t attend it either. There is no sense in that for me!”

Yolanda explained to Khanyi. I think this random act of kindness had confused Khanyi. Why would her enemy side with her? Your name is supposed to stay in their own lane which makes them a better villain. When they start switching sides it makes it hard to continue to hate them at the same strength if that makes any sense.

“This won’t change anything between us!”

Khanyi said to her defiantly yet confused.

“I don’t suppose it would but I know you loved your grandmother because your father always talks about it. He wanted to bring you to see her before she died so that she could talk to both of us but life got into the way. I am sorry for that!”

Yolanda explained. Khanyi’s hatred for her step mother was well known. Even the twins had known that Khanyi did not want this woman.

“Why didn’t you tell me that?”

She asked her with a stutter.

“How could I have? You never give me a chance to talk to you. I am really sorry I married your father. I love that man with everything that I have but my apology comes because I know he loves you more than I love him and I have come in between that!”

She explained.

“No he does not, he hit me!”

She responded defiantly.

“Yes he did but with all that you have been saying or doing, most fathers would have beaten you a long time ago. With him, he has been apologizing and making excuses to you for such a long time just to get your approval. Today I suppose with the loss of his mother you pushed the wrong buttons and the wrong time which led us to this ugly place!”

Yolanda explained. She was not raising her voice as she explained. She was calm and it was almost as though she was giving her advice.

“How many bags do you have? I am thinking that I will leave mine. Your father will have to pack them in the car for me if he knows what’s good for him?”

She asked a now very confused Khanyi. As Khanyi was putting them together her father walked in.

“Yolanda, what are you doing?”

He asked her.

“I am leaving with them!”

She said without even hesitating.

“I am confused! Why would you be leaving? My family defended you and chased her out!”

He asked her.

“This is your daughter, if they can chase her out like that and you accept what will happen to me some day when I cross them. Instead of trying to fix things, you cut out the cancer?”

She said.

“I can’t live under that kind of fear. When we get to Jhb I am also going to my home. You need to fix your family first before you can bring me into this picture. All the people who were in that meeting of yours, just men, have not been with me during cooking and other things. I have been called so many names by so many women and have taken it with a smile but I cannot. You punish Khanyi without knowing the whole story when you should be punishing all the wives that are here!”

This story was starting to develop legs of its own. I knew there was more to this than met the eye. She could not just have decided to leave on account of Khanyi.

“But why didn’t you tell me?”

He asked her.

“Tell you what? That the other wives are calling me names and mocking me in my face? What would you have done? Kick them out too! I am not welcome here and I can never allow for a situation where now even Khanyi to be kicked out on my account. You know some woman told me she thinks I bewitched Khanyi’s mother! Imagine I went to school to learn how to ride a broom! Where do you get such schools really?”

She said. She had tears in her eyes. Khanyi who often is on the offensive with her was even looking down in shame. She hated her but what she was saying was true.

“We knew before we came that they will be hostile my love, we even discussed it and you insisted on coming.”

He started to say but she spoke back,

“What other choice did I have? Your mother passed away and I your wife fail to attend her funeral? Really you think that even makes sense to you?”

He asked. Indeed it did not make sense even I knew that but at this moment it was like I was watching a movie so I could not comment.

“If you leave how will it look?”

He asked her,

“It will be exactly what they wanted. I wish I could bring your first wife back but I can’t. I did not kill her. I wish so many things right now and you cannot give them to me. Khanyi you don’t have to go anywhere, you can stay behind with your relatives. This was never about you but about me the witch.”

She said and she walked out. Now this had taken a twist I had not expected. How did we get from Khanyi and me leaving to Yolanda being the one? I should never have gone to call her. Her husband ran after her and I could hear him pleading with her.

“What are you going to do?”

I asked Khanyi.

“I am staying of course! She was my gran; I don’t have time for tantrums!”

Even now she was unrepentant after all. I could not stay though. This family was too much and was not friendly to outsiders. I must not act like I do not have a home. I went to find Yolanda who was outside and putting her bags in the car. There was a bit of a crowd and what she was saying was right, you could see they were happy she was leaving.

“Palesa are you coming?”

She asked me. I did not even hesitate to say yes. Loyalty aside, Khanyi was overwhelming.

“You can’t take the car what will I use?”

Her husband asked.

“It’s my car too, I pay half the instalment!”

She said and that one I did not expect. I thought it was a church car but I guess wives contribute too and are just not acknowledged. Ever seen how in marriage it’s always the husband that drives the big car and the wife drives the tiny manual that looks like it was bought second hand from an old white lady that was Yolanda. What people don’t know is that the husband gets to look good at the expense of the wife.

“Let’s go!”

She said as soon as I put my bags in and sat down. Just like that, zero fucks given she drove out. I think they had thought she was bluffing. I did not see Khanyi outside but like her relatives she too had won. They had managed to humiliate this woman and they were satisfied. As for the drive, she cried so much I was scared she could not see the road. She did not say anything though and I was scared of starting her for fear she would snap and drive into a ditch or something. Regardless of that we drove well.

“I will drop you off at campus first ok. Don’t worry about me or Khanyi at that, we will be fine!”

That’s about the only thing she said to me the whole trip. I was glad to see Auckland Park when we got there. She dropped me off and drove off immediately.

“Home at last!”

I whispered. I had a slight smile on my face because after what I had experienced I needed my own bed. That’s when I saw Neo’s car. I had been dropped off in front of the building whereas Neo had parked on the side parking.

What was he doing here? Was he picking up a client? He came out of the car and was carrying I think a pot plant. I was not sure but it seemed like it. My man looked so good. Had he spoken to Khanyi and heard I was on my way back. He is so sweet.

“Hey baby!”

I said when I saw him and I ran to him and gave him a hug. He did not return the hug nor wrap his arms around me as he always does.

“So you are back. How was Durban?”

He asked me.

“I never went to Durban!”

I said immediately.

“Really, you forget that at an HIV conference obviously universities attend as well. A few people saw you, even at Gateway. I could not believe it so I went to Instagram and one of the girls you were with tagged you in her picture!”

He said. He was wrong. What was he talking about? I was not with any girl that’s a fact! I went alone but I obviously could not tell him that.

“What the hell are you talking about?”

I asked him because I could not remember being with anyone and taking pictures. He took out his phone and went to his instagram. The person profile was the last page he had been on seemingly and I recognized her immediately, Valerie! It was that talkative girl who Sam had made me hang out with. She had taken a selfie of us when we got to Gateway now I remember.

“Read the caption!”

Neo said handing me the phone. It was long but I read.

“Guys I need a blesser. I met this girl this evening at her blesser’s hotel room and because I am from Durban he asked me to take her to Gateway for shopping. She had so much cash but when we got there she changed her mind and said she didn’t feel like shopping! Imagine if it was me and all the things that I need in my life I would have gone crazy. I need to get myself one #blessersarethefuture #ineedablesser #onlyfoolsjudge @palesauj2”

She had fucken tagged me! She had tagged me, who does that? Who tags someone else and she even told my life story! What the hell? I don’t remember giving her my instagram handle so how did she find it. I was in panic mode. I wanted to explain but honestly all the words got stuck in my throat.

I was busted.

“So what are you doing here?”

I stuttered because now he was all dressed up.

“You never pay attention to me, I told you I had a function to attend tonight. I had to bring a date which was you but you chose to go be blessed. Take care of yourself!”

He said and he walked away to go meet his date.

Crap I know that girl, in my residence at that; it was Nangula, the Namibian girl who always teased Khanyi. She knew I was dating him but she walked past me and hugged him like I was invisible.

Girl world.

*******The End********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Good day

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Desperate New Mommy

15 thoughts on “Blessed Chapter 26

  1. Thanks Mikeesto, awesome one buddy…. Felt really bad for Yolanda shame, hit home hard Cause my Mom went through a similar experience ekhaya. The family didn’t want her as the makoti and they made sure she knew, the pain the tears and I was just a little boy watching mommy cry and I couldn’t do anything to help her. We take these things for granted but they happen and they leave deep scars in not only the victims of such but their offspring too. Mike I salute you man.

    All the best New Mommy, hope something gives soon.


    1. Oh Jack, I am sorry your mum and yourself went through that. I always preferred a beating from my dad than a verbal lecture because words cut deep.

    2. I even suffered depression,for long I battled to accept myself as those who were supposed to be family rejected me.Am 3rd year and to this day it still hits me that family can be that cruel.however me and mom have accepted that what connected us to that family was my dad and has unfortunately passed….

  2. Ohhhh my Jack 🙁 Askies man….eish. This is the one thing I fear getting married…being ousted hey. Kunzima uba nguMakoti and you dont even know why people hate you but they do…

    Desperate Mom… I hope you are breastfeeding because not only is breast milk good for the baby it can save you moolah as well….. Try feed your baby prridge now…Cerealec and stuff. So tha when baby is 6 months he can start on vegiies ( it might be a bit “expensive” at first but it will be worth it 🙂 ) it will mean you just need to buy extra veggies to your normall grocery which is better than formula milk. You can give your baby Rooibos tea as well ( it must not be too strong though)…buy in bulk i.e Nappies and wipes ( this helped me as well ). I there is a baby City near you that is always great for baby stuff….

    Go to : WNS Global Services
    1 Riverhorse Junction,
    10 Hippopark Avenue,
    Riverhorse Valley,
    Durban, South Africa, 4051
    General Enquiries Tel: +27 21 527 6600
    Business Development Tel: +27 21 526 6789 and drop of your CV there,…they always have new campaigns and they hire…Its a call centre though…it might not pay much but im sureit will make a great differene to you , your hubby and son 🙂 All the best nhe……


  3. Thanks bhut’ Mike and team
    Oh yini na Yols shem you’ve been dealt a terrible hand – I don’t know why some in-laws hate their makotis so much. Isono somntwan’omntu kukuthandwa ngubhuti wabo; hai it is a sad. Askies Jackzorro, it must have been traumatising witnessing that at such a tender age.
    Desperate New Mommy I pray you find a good job soon. All the best sisi.

  4. I went through the same thing with my inlaws up until I got gatvol of it. They wanted him to marry Baby mamma. I moved out and divorced him cause he never really protected me when his mother and sisters accused me of being a witch and call me names. I survived all that now I own my flat and I’m happier than when I was with him. Inlaws just don’t understand how deep it is to be an outcast. So Yolanda will have to be strong at least the husband is still on her side.

  5. Dear bhut Mike, like Jack I also know Yolanda’s pain. Only my father sided with his family and my mother is still a witch. The scars don’t go away and things turn very ugly very quickly. My mother would advice Yolanda to not leave and stick it out, I can almost hear her words. But that’s life hey

    New mommy best of luck sisi

  6. Are we going to ignore the fact that Palesa just got caught? Hawu, guys njani? I am so scared for her. Lesson learned: never ever take pictures with people you meet through your blesser “if you have one and are in a relationship”.

  7. What Yolanda is going true is the most cruel thing in laws does to their new addition (makoti) only the strong ones survives it and Palesa is in deed in hot water I can’t wait to see how she gets out of this one

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