Blessed 24

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In life we all make decisions that either make us stronger or make us weaker! It’s like that. We take risks, that’s

what we do and not taking risks means that we never actually succeed at anything that we do. There are people I acknowledge who sit back, blame everything on the world when good or even bad things happen to them. It’s like they expect some miracle to happen to them and they will somehow reap the rewards of that. Oh well, I chose not to be one of them. A line had been crossed and I had allowed myself to be a victim of that line. I had to stop being so god dam emotional all the time.

“Palesa…what are …?”

He gasped for air; I think I might have grazed him a bit with my tooth. He reached to his side and switched on his side lamp. I am sure from that angle he could just see the top of my head. Let’s I hope I didn’t have dandruff.

“You talk too much, shut up let me take of my man!”

I said taking control. All along I had been docile and gullible in bed and allowed him to do whatever he wanted to me in bed. Today because I knew he was contemplating leaving me I had to up my game. Every dirty story I had ever heard, every kinky thing one of my friends had ever shared I was going to explore! Imagine losing your golden goose before it laid its golden egg? Never! I had to make it work.

“I like that tone where is that coming from?”

For some reason any and every dick gets erect to a blowjob. There are men who can’t get it up without one and it’s very weird indeed. Don’t ask me how I know I just do, girls talk…a lot! I turned around and there was his tie. It was red and all executive looking. If you date a man who never wears a suit then woman your choices are limited. I stood up,

“Where are you going?”

He asked me when I got of the bed,

“Relax, I can’t run that far…”

I told him. I went to take his tie.

“Do you have another tie with you?”

I asked him.

“Yes I do. In the bag, why?”

He asked me what was clearly a redundant question because when a woman asks for a tie after a blowjob clearly you are about to be tied down.

“Sit back? Why do sound scared Boss man?”

I asked him teasing him.

“Ok then as long as it won’t bruise!”

He said. Men are stupid; they will do anything for sex. When they are in that moment they would sell their souls.

“I am tying you down now, don’t scream, we don’t want the neighbours hearing!”

I told him. He laughed saying men don’t scream which was a lie because we know they do.

“Ok then now keep quiet and let me do my thing!”

I told him. He allowed me to tie him up. I switched off the side lamp and used the TV instead for the light. Ii put down the volume on the TV as I played music on my phone instead. I regretted not dressing up because I could have done a striptease for him but oh well that’s what happens with spontaneous. I tried dancing for him but it was not me. I was not a bad dance but seductive dancing was not yet in my repertoire.

“You are going to have to blow me again because well you can see…”

He said. Maybe this tying him down was starting to sound like a bad idea to him. I could see that he was used to being in control and losing it was not something he enjoyed. I had to keep him interested!

“Well you have to muff me!”

I told him. He looked confused.

“How do I do it tied down?”

He asked me.

“Simple, I take out the pillows from underneath you and me…”

I posed,

“You what?”

He asked.

“I sit on your face!”

I told him. You should have seen the look on his face. It was like telling him he had been fired. I thought he was about to say I don’t do that but instead he said,

“Ok let’s try it, why not? This is Rome after all!”

He liked that statement, when in Rome do the Romans do so I got what he meant.

He had never muffed me before and the thought of a man old enough to be my father doing this was not only disgusting but the sense of power it gave me. I had a rich man, someone’s dad, someone’s husband doing my bidding. It might not seem like it but that’s power. He was not so good at it but he was not bad idea.

“You have done well, now I am going to give you the fuck of your life!”

I told him.

“Untie me I want to touch you please!”

He asked but I was not going to do that.


I gave him a quick blowjob and when he was hard I sat on his joystick! Who says women don’t want to be on top? I hear it makes men last longer so I took my time on him. He kept begging for me to untie him and at times even threatened but I did not stop.

“It’s my turn!”

I reminded him. At some point he climaxed. I did not have an orgasm but he was properly exhausted regardless. If he dumped me after this he would be crazy.

“How was that?”

I asked him as I untied him. My boobs in his face!

“That was amazing!”

He said.

“Good, goodnight baby!”

I said to him. He didn’t even say goodnight back because he was passed out already. He was gone! I turned around and crawled into the ball I had crawled into from earlier in the day.

“Good morning?”

He said to me. He had a smile on his face as he said that.

“Good morning Sam, you look well rested!”

I told him and we laughed.

“I am leaving for Ethiopia unfortunately. There is an emergency there. I did not want to wake you up.”

He said. Hold up? This man had said I must come to Durban. Was this his way of dumping me? I was confused and visibly so.

“You don’t seem to believe!”

He said looking me in the eye.

“It just seems rushed that’s all!”

He took out his phone call to show me all the different numbers that had already called him that morning and it was a lot.

“That does not prove anything to me but its fine. How do I get back?”

I asked him.

“You can fly back!”

He said.

“I don’t have my I’d remember. I came from a funeral!”

I reminded him. Crap, I had forgotten that totally and it only made sense now.


He said standing up,

“That means a bus for you young lady!”

He said shaking his head. He was right too. Eish a bus to Durban is not a pleasant experience as far as I am concerned.

“I know! Why can’t your driver take me back?”

I asked him.

“That could be a plan but he had been hired for Durban but the distance is a lot!”

He said.

“Yeah it’s a lot but do you really want me to take the bus Sam come on!”

I complained getting up. Imagine now if I had not laid this dude last night what would be happening right now? I will probably be in a taxi on my way home already for liking things. He got a call and I could hear him talking angrily to some man about how irresponsible they were and how he had to go all that way to fix it. I had never seen him in work mode and seeing how he made his money was impressive.

“Please bath, I am flying out at ten. Order breakfast whilst you are bathing. If you want you can stay here, the hotel is booked until Sunday.”

He said to me. He was offering me to stay in Durban for this long in such a hotel? On another day I would have said yes but so much had happened I just wanted to leave.

“No its fine, I am leaving. Staying here won’t make my books study themselves.”

I told him with a smile. He had another call. I did not order breakfast because I was not hungry. I took a shower and because I had not really unpacked everything was sorted luggage wise in a short time. When I came out he had ordered his breakfast but he just nibbled at it. He really didn’t eat much.

“So I talked to the driver to drive you to Jhb!”

I told her. My heart leapt up. At least.

“I could not find Valerie because she would have given you company for the trip!”

I wanted to snap at him and say she was not my friend but I just smiled and said thank you.

“We go to the airport together!”

He said when the driver came for our bags. It was not the porter I noticed and I think it was because he did not want to be seen with him at reception.

“Go to the car I want to check out!”

He said. We are treated like nuclear secrets I thought as I walked to the car.

“Did you enjoy your evening?”

The driver asked me. I told him yes and immediately told him I had not been able to give him his CV. He looked disappointed so I made up a lie of how when he is busy he forgets things.

When we drove to the airport I recognized that coming from Mtubatuba this was the direction we had come from.

“I will call you when I get to Jhb. I am connecting in about 3 hours to Addis so I won’t even go home. My wife is bringing me fresh clothes from home and will meet me at the airport!”

He was explaining to me as we drove. Did he really have to say my wife in front of the driver with his hand on my thigh at that?

“Ok cool.”

I responded. I couldn’t even say bring me something nice from there because I would sound even tackier!

“This is the road to Mtubatuba right?”

I asked the driver,

“Yes it is!”

“Good, don’t take me to Jhb! Take me back there please, its much closer!”

I told him.

“Ok cool, but he had given me money for fuel and so on, must I give it back to you!”

He asked me.

“Yes. I will tell him when he calls!”

I told him. He handed over about r4000 and I gave him back r1000. The car had a full tank. I called Khanyi and told her I was on my way back. I told her what was happening and she said it was cool. An hour and a half later we arrived. The driver was speeding to be honest.

“He must drop you by the gate, my dad is not here! Don’t know where he went!”

Khanyi said when I asked her to be a lookout. Unfortunately I arrived the same time with her father. He did not greet me as I was still in the process of getting out of the car. Khanyi came to get me with one of the twins!

“I can’t believe you came back!”

She said with a huge smile on her face as she hugged me. I told her the I D story and she laughed saying now I was stuck in a road trip. We had not even reached the room we were sleeping in when the father came towards us.

“Girls I need to talk to you!”

He father said to us.

“Can it wait, she has just come back!”

Khanyi immediately said.


He said and he entered the room ahead of us without even knocking. It’s a good thing everyone was dressed. When Khanyi and I entered we went and sat on the bed with the other twin who was lying down.

“This thing you are doing is wrong. You can’t be dropped off at funeral by a boyfriend. I know you will deny it but I am not stupid. You are better than this and what you are doing shows you don’t respect yourselves or other women because that’s how much you are demeaning yourselves!”

He said confidently but sternly.

“Dad you can tell me all that but you can’t tell her she is my friend. She has rights and she has the right to do whatever she wants with her body!”

Hold up, wait wait wait, did she just tell her father about rights? My mother would probably bury me that day.

“Rights don’t equal being stupid in the name of them. I know a girl who has a sugar daddy when I see one and you my girl, are in trouble!”

He said without hesitating to point at me. This man was crossing lines.

“I don’t have one!”

I immediately lied.

“Keep lying to yourself!”

He said and he started to walk to the door.

Then Khanyi spoke, why did Khanyi have to speak, why didn’t she just keep her mouth shut?

“You are being a hypocrite, your current wife was a sugar baby and you were her sugardad…”

She didn’t finish that statement, her father moved across that room with such speed, one moment he was by the door and the next they was a loud clap that sent Khanyi flying across the room.

He had just hit her!

“I have had it!”

He screamed and the man was actually taking off his belt.

This man!

**********The End************

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  1. Some free lessons there to spice things in the bedroom. Dankie bhuti Mike. One doesn’t have to do everything mentioned here at one go. Just pick one to start with.
    Warning to those with conservative partners, “Do not try this at all.”

  2. Thanks Mike

    I’m doing a student nurse at TUT n I enjoy her company but doggy is the only thing she will do which is fun mxm,because I’m don’t wanna be her main apparently lol.No bj no woman on top haai she is lazy nje

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