Birds – Chapter Thirty Nine

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“she knows everything that goes on in here”

I looked up the ceiling in my study room as if encumbering the stuff I forced up in my brain. Then I cursed- “damn it, I had it!”
I looked down at the textbook page again to memorise that one line I have went over and over again. I couldn’t concentrate. I needed concentration or I was surely not going to do well on my exam the following Monday. “Urgh!” I screamed throwing the book on the floor.

My mom came in the room. “That friend of yours is here.” She said.
“Who?” I asked.
“Ke etla, coming.”
I picked the textbook from the floor and placed it back on the table. I went downstairs to find Audrey already at my fridge.

“I’m so hungry! Don’t you have anything I can eat in here?” she said as I went down the stairs.
“You came all the way here to have breakfast?” I said
She abruptly closed the fridge with lettuce and a tomato in her hand.

“Bread?” she said.
“In the cabinet on your right.” I responded. She opened the cabinet swiftly and made herself a sandwich.

I stood next to her. “What’s up?” I asked. She grabbed the sandwich and put it on her lips. As if revolted by the smell; she went to the bin and threw it. “My friend is in hospital.” She said.
“The Nigerian?” I questioned moving closer to her. “No, Kamohelo. She tried to kill herself.”
“Damn. Is she going to be okay?”
“She hasn’t woken up. Her sister is inconsolable.”
“I’m sorry.”
I folded my arms. She then went to sit on the couch.

“So I slept there. Hospitals are so depressing. I needed some fresh air. I think I need restaurant food. Can we go out and eat?”
I quickly replied- “Sure. Let me grab my keys.”
“No need. I came in with my car.” She said proudly. I was so used to us driving in my Mercedes. “Okay then… Ma; I’m out!” I shouted closing the front door.

She unlocked the doors of her car. I sat on the passenger seat before Audrey instantly put on Keri Hilson’s ‘Pretty girl rock’ on the sound system. She started bopping her small head up and down. She reversed out of my place and speedily drove off.

“Now I’m curious. How do you do it? You have been seeing this guy for less than a month and he buys you this car?” I said looking through the interior. The Porsche was definitely top of the range; pink everywhere. Definitely a car for a Barbie. My bank account wouldn’t afford it.
“I have my ways. I threw in a subtle.” She said with a smug. She then looked at me smiling, – “I told him mine crashed. So being generous and wanting to spoil his money on me; he bought it for me. It was a surprise though; I didn’t expect him to buy me a car this soon.”
“Right…” I mumbled.
I then hopped, and turned the volume up; moving my head with the beat as well.

“So what has been going on with you? Are you coping?” she said. I had a deep exhale. “That bad?” she said.
“Horrible. I can’t focus, and I’m writing on Monday. Right after I write its Lerato’s fashion show. Then I have to fly to London for the Pase cover.”
“Omowumi is excited about the fashion show. I’m actually going to open it.”
“Wow, really? Does Lerato know about that?”
She crossed her eyebrows at me and said- “Does she have to?”
“Uhm, I don’t know. She could be interested in other models.”
“I don’t think she would mind.” She frowned and added- “You don’t think I’ll be great, is that it?”
“What? No. No, that’s not what I meant. You know that.”
“That’s what you meant Phontsho.”
I knew she was going to make a fight over what I said, so i kept quiet.

“By the way. Have you spoken to Brian? I heard he’s out on bail?” She said.
“He has been since Monday.”
“Oh. So how is the case going?”
“My dad is all over it. I have no idea.”
“Damn. Have you spoken to him?”
“Why would I talk to him?”
“No. I was just wondering…” she parked the car and immediately said- “we are here.” She untied her seat belt.

“What is this place?” I said. The restaurant was new to me. I climbed off the car and we went inside.

“Dingaan loves coming here.” She said smiling looking around inside. We then picked a table and sat down.

“Do you like it?” she said
“Ehm …..It’s great. It’s classy.” I said looking around.

No longer than one minute; a lady came over to our table. “Hello, what would you like to have?” she said to us
“I would like toasted bread and coffee please.” I said. When she turned over to face Audrey; she was openly stunned that she couldn’t even hide it. She then quickly fake smiled at Audrey saying- “And what would you like to have?”
Audrey faced down shaking her head before saying to the lady- “Can I ask you something before I take my order?”
“Sure, go ahead.” the lady responded
“Why are you always hostile towards me?”
“I’m not.” Said the lady fluttering her long eyelashes. Audrey then said- “I know you remember me. The other night I was with my boyfriend here and you-”
The lady interrupted her- “Baby girl, I have nothing against you. I don’t even know you. The thing is-” she said hesitating. She then stepped closer to Audrey and said- “The other night, I was just surprised to see you with Mr Dlanga here.”
“Why? Because he’s married? I know that.”
“You do? And you know his wife owns this place?”
Audrey eyeballed her. The lady instantly said- “Honey let me get your order” while cumbersomely glancing at the back. She then turned to face Audrey again.

Audrey then said in a confidential tone- “What? She owns this restaurant?”
She then added- “Does she know Dingaan and I were here?”
The lady was getting impatient. She said- “She knows everything that goes in here.”
“Where is she now? Is she here?” whispered Audrey
“No she’s not. She’s overseas and will be back soon I heard….I guess toasted bread and coffee for you too.” She said before leaving our table. Audrey then looked at me embarrassed.

“You and people’s husbands.” I said chuckling. Audrey suddenly seemed furious. I was surprised by her reaction. She’s suddenly demoralised being in the Wife’s restaurant?

“How could Dingaan bring me here?” she said abruptly standing up. “Are we not going to eat?” I asked.
“No, let’s leave….That bustard.” She mumbled flouncing to the door already. I followed her. The mistress and the wife chronicles. I laughed.

14 thoughts on “Birds – Chapter Thirty Nine

  1. Pontsho actually thinks she is better than Audrey,she sleeping with two men and allowed her father to lie to say he was cheating knowing very well that she is the one who is cheating ,Brian was wrong beating Audrey,Audrey is busy standing up to her house mates when they bitch on Pontsho,why isn’t she getting this back from her,have friends like this,I would fight,shout and really defend them but I never get that in return instead some would gossip abt my weakness behind my back …..i feel tired

  2. Interesting development this, wonder why Barbie is suddenly feeling offended acting like a main chick after getting a damn car. These sides don’t seem to know their place ai!

    Nice one Kels 🙂

  3. Pontso speaks her mind and does not sugar coat. Why must she sympathize with Audrey when her own father is doing the same thing Dingaan is doing?

    Thank you K for our Pontso dose!

  4. I reaaaly dont like Pontso why is she so jealous nd she practically degrades people .I love how bubbly Audrey is but she should just stop comparing herself to this fake human being called Pontso hle

  5. Lawl I’d exactly act like Pontso!!!! So just cause I’m your friend I’m ought to support/console you in your disgusting activities?????? She’s not perfect but Audrey knew all along that she’s s mistress it only sinks in now cause of the restaurant she must just chill and know her place since she’s a liker of thangs!!!!

  6. Loving Pontso. when friends do shit, we should call it out. She’s not perfect and she knows she’s messed up with macky and all but a spade is a spade. aaand she’s a multi-dimensional character, she has serious scars thats why she acts the way she does. period

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