Birds – Chapter 43

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After the information Dingaan’s wife gave me. I was shuttered, embarrassed and so confused.

I stood inelegantly next to my Porsche outside the restaurant.  How did Dingaan’s wife know about my pregnancy? How did she know about the fashion show? She had clearly been watching me!

Shit! Dingaan cannot have children? I clearly cannot lie to him about this! I was caught up like a lion in a cage. I was like a wet chicken in the middle of winter.

Whose baby is it then? I suddenly couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t gasp for air, what am I going to do? I use condoms all the time with everyone else I sleep with. Oh my word, whose baby is it? Think Barbie, think. Okay… I used protection with Khakha -which I am certain, god forbid if it was his. I also used a condom with the jaguar guy, -that I was sure.

Okay Khakha, Jaguar… oh, I also slept with my ex MK. I used… I paused. We didn’t…It’s his baby. Oh my word, it is Makgatho’s freaking baby!

Without a second thought, I got inside the car straightaway and drove to MK’s apartment.

What am I going to say to him? The guy probably hates my guts. What do I say?

Okay how about -hey MK… uhm, remember the time you came to my room, we made love all night, and the next day you stormed out?

Well you won’t believe this. We managed to make a baby. Yay, right?

I knew it was going to be a shock to him. I didn’t even know where I was going to start.

I have hurt the guy over and over again. Why would he be happy to be the father of my child? He doesn’t need any more of my problems.

I sighed. He claims he loves me, and he was right, I still love him. Hopefully the love he still has for me will make him forgive me for everything I’ve done to him. We could just finally be together and raise our child like a normal couple.


I finally arrived at Makgatho’s place. I parked my car outside.

The lights were on. It was exactly 20.02 p.m.

I knocked on the front door. There was no reply. I knocked again and again.

I heard him shout -“Baby. Can you please get the door!” baby?

I then heard footsteps moving towards the door. I wanted to turn around and never look back. However, I decided to stand there looking pathetic.

The door was finally opened. And in front of me- stood Kamohelo covered in a blue towel. I opened my mouth- “Kamo?”

“Audrey, hey. What are you doing here?” she said.

What am I doing here? What are you doing here only wearing a towel?

“Didn’t you just get back from the hospital?” I said

“Yes I did. I then came here to see Makgatho.” She responded.

“In a towel?” I asked.

She fluttered her eyelids and faced down at her feet. What is going on?

I moved closer to her and ultimately pushing her aside; opening the door, and entering inside.

I was somehow getting furious. What is Kamohelo doing in MK’s apartment half naked? 

“Makgatho!”  I yelled.

“Audrey, you need to calm down.” Said Kamo.

“Calm down? Are you kidding me?!” I shouted.

MK finally came inside the room, – “Audrey? What are you doing here?” he said staring at me like he has just seen a ghost.

I asked- “Are you two sleeping together?”

He looked at me stunned. He then boldly replied, -“How is it any of your business?”

“What? Makgatho! She’s my friend!”

He bluntly shouted back -“well karma is a bitch, isn’t it? … Audrey, have you forgotten you slept with my fucking best friend?!”

My mind was racing for the gold medal.

I looked at Kamohelo, – “you druggie slut! How can you do this to me? My ex? Are you serious?!” I screamed throwing my handbag across the room. I immediately flounced towards her, and slapped her on her left chick. I thought she would fight back, but instead- she did nothing.

I screamed at her -“you have always acted innocent and preached about crossing boundaries! You even judged me for sleeping with Khakha! And now you go behind my back and sleep with my ex? You snake!”

She responded – “Audrey, it just happened. I love him, and he cares about me. You never appreciated him anyway. So don’t come here calling me names. You are even pregnant for God’s sake!”

I helplessly looked at MK, who said- “you are pregnant?”

Kamohelo answered before I could- “yes, she’s pregnant. Omowumi told me when they picked me up. So I don’t know why she cares so much about who you date since she’s now carrying her wealthy boyfriend’s baby.”

I wanted to strangle her, and watch life squeeze out of her body.  At that very moment; I wished she had succeeded in killing herself.

“Why are you here Audrey?”  MK asked again looking at me with anger written all over his face. I felt helpless. I was speechless. I couldn’t think straight.

I then looked at Kamohelo again; she crossed her arms. I wanted to scream on top of my lungs!

I slowly walked across the room and grasped my handbag from the floor. I took in a few deep breaths; I then answered his question, – “It doesn’t matter anymore why I came here. I hear happiness it’s all that matters, and you deserve to be happy Makgatho. So if she makes you happy, I can’t let anything get in the way of that happiness.”

I walked to Kamohelo and gently touched her arm.

I said to her, – “I hope the guilt won’t eat you up. And I hope he is really worth it. I will see you at the house Kamo.”

I marched towards the door with tears in my eyes; when suddenly MK voiced- “Audrey.”

I turned around and looked back at him.

His eyes were as if he wanted to cry.  “Is it mine?” he murmured. I looked at Kamohelo. She was radiant as ever. She seemed really in love; like life had meaning all over again.

I exhaled, and looked back at MK whilst restraining the tears in my eyes.

I finally responded, – “No, it’s not yours Makgatho.”

I then quickly opened the door and shut it behind me.

When I headed back to my rose Porsche; I felt life slowly slip out of me. I could feel my heart tilt. I was carrying the child of the love of my life and I couldn’t even tell him that.



Message from Author:

Unfortunately, this is the end of ‘Birds of a feather’. It might come out shocking considering how it ends; but THIS-IS-REALLY-THE-END of the story (#EvilSmile).

Trust me, I did contemplate continuing with the story from this point, but there wasn’t really much to cover. I hope you got the moral of the story. However, I will not leave you with question marks; this was probably going to happen:


  1. Audrey will get an abortion (selfish, but isn’t she?). She sold her beautiful and extremely expensive Porsche, moved out of The Circle house and bought a condo where she would stay alone. The Black Barbie will decide to dump her short cut to life (using her beauty to get money). She will go back to presenting and focus more on her modelling career as Dingaan’s wife advised her.
  2. Pontso’s nudes leaking were really a “blessing” (I mean the girl always wanted to be known all over the world and become a rich model since she was five years old). Her Pase magazine cover was a success, and eventually, -she decided to move to London and run away from all the drama from home. Unfortunately she did not finish her Business studies (remember the poor girl couldn’t even sit for her first exam paper because of all the drama in her life). And ‘Pontso’s Zazzy wears’ is still booming.
  3. Brian aka DJ Brant like most men who prosper regardless of their filthy personal lives (leaking his girlfriend’s nudes and beating her up) he got another job at another radio station; and his fans still love and adore him. Yep, girls still see him as the “handsome decent Dj”.
  4. Omowumi will also move out of The Circle, and she will eventually become an African fashion icon.
  5. Portia will finish her Law degree with cum laude (no matter how much we would like to hate her; the girl is pretty intelligent). Yeah she has an interesting taste in men (I mean Khakha? Really Portia? Mr “what’s my name” during sex in chapter five? Like he doesn’t know his own name? #Laughs).
  6. Kamohelo and MK will date for a few months but will break up (please don’t date your friends’ exes #SMH). She will eventually notice that MK still got love for his Ethiopian beauty. She will not go back to using drugs (hallelujah?). And no, MK will never find out that Audrey was carrying his child. Actually, no one will ever know. #NB I really wanted to be gentle on MK and Audrey’s relationship; they had a great connection. But the world is not fair and neither am I in my stories.
  7. Senhle will quit her lifestyle. The rape changed her entire life (sad thing really). Rape is a huge problem in South Africa and all over the globe #StopRapeNOW #NoMeansNO!
  8. Pontso’s relationship with her father will always be sour.
  9. Marumo will still be a soccer star (seriously, what is wrong with this world?). The Senhle character would have exposed him to the public; but like most victims of rape- she would have never spoken out about it because of the: “she’s lying”   “she’s trying to ruin his career”   “she’s just a whore”  “why didn’t this girl report immediately if it was really rape?” remarks made every day in reality when a victim decides to speak about being raped.
  10. DJ Macky is still hosting the show he co-hosted with Brian but with another DJ; and he’s still an ass.
  11. And oh, Dingaan and his wife are still rich and miserable in their marriage (not even a Black Barbie could save it).


Thank you so much for reading a story I really enjoyed writing for like three years (writing drama is not easy people); and I hope you enjoyed reading it too. I would also like to thank Mike Maphoto and his team for posting this story on such a well-known platform.

I have been reading and watching your comments from the beginning (like noticing loyal fans of the story line). Some comments were hilarious, some really unexpected because they shared personal experiences -which shows they connected and related with the story (I commend you for that). Some comments were interesting, some were clueless about what’s going to happen in the story (I enjoyed that). And all of you guys who were silent readers yet always intrigued into finding out what will happen as the story progresses, you also are equally appreciatedJ.

It was really a worthwhile journey sharing these different characters that not only were invented in my head but also lived and still live in my head (no I am not crazyJ).

So from me Keletso Mopai, it’s a goodbye for now…BIRDS OF A FEATHER REALLY FLOCK TOGETHER J


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