Birds – Chapter 42

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“I am so glad we could finally meet Audrey.”


I sat on my bed starring at my phone. I didn’t know what to do. Omowumi was right, I was pregnant. How could I have let this happen?

I finally started typing the message- *Hi baby. I need to talk to you. Can we please meet up somewhere?*

I waited for Dingaan’s response, and shaking my legs repeatedly. He usually responded my messages as soon as they went through. Why is he taking so much time?

Then it buzzed – *Meet me at the restaurant in an hour. See you then.* his reply seemed edgy. Is he upset with me? Does he already know I’m pregnant?

A knock came through my door. “Come in.” It was Senhle.

“I thought you will still be sleeping after working that ramp last night girl!” she said closing the door and coming inside, – “Omowumi and I are going to pick Kamohelo up from the hospital. Don’t you want to come with?”

“Oh, I would love to. But I have to be somewhere.” I responded.

She looked at me sitting oddly on my bed, “Are you okay?” she said sitting down next to me. I exhaled, – “Nothing I can’t deal with.”

“Is it Mr B.E.E? What did he do to you? You know Omowumi and I can go to his place and kick his nuts for you.”

I managed a laugher,-“No, it’s nothing really.”

She stood up, – “Okay then. See you later. I can’t wait to see my sister. She’s finally okay Barbie.”

She grinned opening and closing my door.

I was glad Kamohelo was fine. I was scared for her.


I finally reached “the restaurant” and parked my car.

I went inside and scanned around. Dingaan was nowhere inside.

I picked a table and sat down looking around anxiously. A short waiter came over to take my order. I only needed water.

I placed my handbag on the table, took out my phone, and texted him again.

*I am here already. Where are you? Please make it quick.* I pressed sent.

My phone instantly buzzed: *right behind you baby.* it read.  I turned to look behind me. And it was just a middle aged, tall and slim bodied woman staring at me. She then waved at me and slowly stood up from her sit.

She walked right straight to my table and sat across me.

“May I help you?” I said. She smiled at me. I couldn’t quite figure if the smile was sincere or just bogus.

I noticed how rich and nutritional her natural hair looked. Her make up so flawless and gorgeous; and one could not avoid her delightful scent. Who is this woman? What is she doing on my table?

 “You don’t know who I am?” she finally uttered. I looked at her confused. I then nervously looked around the place.

The huge eyelashes waitress looked at me from the counter and winked. I immediately looked back at the lady after realising who she was.

“Yes, I’m Dingaan’s wife. I am so glad we could finally meet Audrey.” She said. I wanted to get up and just run.

“You look terrified. You shouldn’t be.” She added observing me. I was silent as the grave; just staring at her.

After a moment of silence she said- “so, what business do you have with him today? Are you going out on another sky dining? Is he buying you a house? Another car? … Oh wait, you are pregnant.” I covered my mouth. She chuckled, – “Can’t you speak child?”

I then opened my mouth- “Ma’am, with all due respect, I-”

She laughed so hard that the entire restaurant turned to our table.

“Respect? Stop it. Just stop it baby girl. I know you are pregnant, and I know for a fact that the baby you are carrying- is not my husband’s.”

“Excuse me?”

I was getting annoyed of this woman’s arrogance and sarcasm.

She treaded her head forward. She then boastfully and as if threatening, she said to me -“You are only sleeping with him because I allow it. But if you think you are going to fuck whomever you want, get pregnant, and then claim the child is his; then you and I are going to have a problem.”

I quickly stood my ground, – “this is Dingaan’s baby. And I needed to see him so we could decide together on what to do; out of respect for his marriage with you.”

She looked straight into my eyes and said- “you know I wasn’t surprised when I found out about you? Because your beauty, fake clothes, little modelling career and attitude is only temporary to him. But that’s beside the point I decided to intervene on your relationship today…”

She sighed and continued – “Dingaan cannot bear children. I make him believe it’s me with the problem; because that is how the world would look at it anyway -as if women invented procreation.” She shook her head. I didnt know what to say.

She added- “However, our doctor had told me multiple times over the years that he has a very low sperm count to make any baby, anywhere.”

I looked at her speechless. “I could even show you his medical records to prove this fact. But that would disloyal and illegal, wouldn’t it? So please, to save his ego and power in our marriage; I let him believe I’m the problem. Yes, the pathetic and the idiotic me – let him throw his stupid tantrums by sleeping with any girl he wants to sleep with. He even has the audacity to bring the bitch in my own restaurant!” my eyes popped.

I was stunned at the information she just gave me. I found myself stuttering- “ma’am, i, i-”

She raised her hand interrupting me,-“Don’t, please don’t. Just leave, and go figure out who put that baby in your oven. And stay away from my husband.”

I just sat there blank. “I said Leave!” She shouted.

I quickly grasped my handbag from the table opting to go. She then roughly grabbed my arm- “you shouldn’t be throwing your life away for a couple of secretive sex with men twice your age! I was at your friend’s show last night; you are a talented model. Why waste it?”

She then shook her head with pity and stated- “you want quick money, is that it?”

“Money won’t buy you happiness baby girl; ask me, I’ll tell you. I am married to one of the richest men in this country. And I own the most expensive restaurants all over the world. Do I look happy to you?”

She eyed the counter and added – “Money isn’t everything Audrey; talent is.” She then released my arm.

I immediately gathered the little dignity I still had and walked out of her restaurant.


25 thoughts on “Birds – Chapter 42

  1. Ohhhh thank you thank you Kels…How I wish women could read this mara…Quick money aint happiness…
    have read sooo many stories of women living in mansions and driving the most expensive cars but dololo happiness…So what do women want really? Money or Happiness???
    I choose the latter because money …..well its just that…money


  2. for some odd reason, I do not believe Dingaan’s wife… Perhaps she’s really is the one with the problem, and knows that should Audrey conceive Dingaan’s child they would be tied together forever…

  3. Wait…so no protection was used? Did she not mention condoms?

    MK is the daddy 😬😬😬

    Or she is telling lies, Dingaan can make babies. As far as Dingaan knows he can make babies, I say tell Dingaan it’s his baby.

  4. I dont trust this wife.. i think she’s tryna get rid of Audrey by lying and she’s been doing it for years. How and why else would she immediately assume she is pregnant??? she knows Dingaan would up and leave as soon as someone bears him a child. I mean why else would he take his side chicks to the wife’s restaurant??? i have so many questions bathong.. lol! this story line is fascinating.

    1. eish mma le nna!! but why isnt Barbie using rubbers though with these guys… what if its Khakhas…. Death by that thought. anywjo hoping its Dingaan otherwise she better pray the car was paid for cash and has the blue book to her Porche!!!!

  5. She can use the pregnancy to her advantage though, because them if he nd hs wife cant have kids…dingaan will be thrilled at the thought of having a child nd audrey can just tell dingaan hs wife is lying about him being infertile nd she is going to extremes to keep her husband *just sayin*

  6. even people with a low sperm count can have a baby … a lot of factors come into play….
    many women will hate me for saying this but i think mrs Dingaan you are wrong hey … i would rather be crying in a convertible BMW than walking barefoot with a baby on my back in the scorching heat also crying. the rich have problems the poor have problems otherwise everyone would say i want to be poor so that i dont have problems. money doesnt solve problems but it does compansate … i will give an example a woman who is physically abused by husband and poor can only wet a towel and put on the sore areas and take panado if she can afford it … a rich one on the other hand will go for a full body massage … sit in some mud in some spa somewhere sipping on champagne and have chocolate afterwards and good food and smell beautiful with a glowing skin … i will take money any day thank you ***sits down and sips tea

  7. Thank you Mike for the dose 🙂
    Mrs must just sit down. What if the problem is really with her? If Dree decides to keep the baby, she must do a DNA test as soon as the child’s born. Were condoms used the other night with the ex???

  8. Game changer there. Heads & Tails flying!
    Sixes & Sevens I tell U. Don’t know who or what to believe. Thnx Kels

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