Young Employed and Single

Y.E.S 40

“Allowing your friends to be part of your relationship is a strong sign of a weak relationship that is bound to fail.” Mike Maphoto


I had a long week! You know when you are still growing up a weekend is not the same as a holiday. A weekend is just a convenient break but you can’t really add much to it but you have no choice but to look forward to it. When you work it’s probably still the same but there something about a long weekend that makes professional people go mad. We over spend and often we over party. It’s almost like that extra day makes up for all those long hours you have been working and all the nasty shit you take from your bosses every day. Taking leave does not really cut it either because often you are alone when you take it and all your friends are still working. Today the long weekend I had was like leave, there was nothing to celebrate in all honesty so was just going to get comfy and worry about Monday. I wanted to go see Cindy and I had tried calling her a few times already and her phone was off. She said she was in hospital still and I did not know which one so I was stuck there. Then there was Azwindini! Why had I agreed to take him in mara? Was it because of the guilt I felt for how things had played out for Rudzani? Maybe it was my fault hey and I should just book him into a hotel.

I switched the TV and I went straight to Channel O. That song by Shekhinah was playing,

“Let’s take it back to the beach, where we were young and carefree…”

It just put me at ease. I wanted to just relax and put my feet up. I don’t know, lately I had become a very easy person to be comfortable around strangers. I should be tense and edgy considering I was not fully comfortable with this arrangement but somehow I was not scared.

“Ok I feel like cooking so I am going to make us something mean!”

He said with a huge smile on his face.

“So you saying you can cook Mr.?”

I asked him.

“You are asking if I can cook. Lady, before I ended up on rigs I wanted to be a chef! I just could not afford the fancy chef schools and I got a scholarship in engineering!”

He explained,

“And besides, my father was already against the idea of a cooking man in the house that dream was cut down quickly!”

He explained. You know as women we all think we can cook, we do! Usually it’s the way our mothers taught us and yes they have so much experience at it but let’s be fair, it’s not what you would call fine cuisine. I swear there is something about watching a man chopping onions like they do on Masterchef! Accurate, perfect shape and even when he said,

“Wow I am very impressed by your fridge because most women who stay along have the worst stocked fridges, they live on gym and the lie of dieting!”

He said as he went into the mushrooms. My sister is the one who had bought things for me. Every time she came she would shop for me like I did not know what to buy for myself. I won’t lie I did not even know I had carrots.

“You cook on the Rig?”

I asked him. He laughed at me and said sometimes he did but because of no resources it was nothing fancy.

“You know I never thought we could have things like rigs in SA, it’s not something they talk about often!”

I told him and he laughed.

“I know there are a lot of things in this country that people don’t know hence can’t appreciate!”

He told me.

“Please pour me half a glass of your wine; it’s a dry red right?”

He asked me. Yes indeed it was. Was he scared I was going to finish the bottle or something because I had another bottle which possibly he had not seen.

“Ok cool!”

I told him as I did that. He was drinking too, Castle Lite to be exact. I felt like calling Rudzani but realized I could not because she had no phone. I wanted to ask her where she found this man. I could sense by how he moved around the kitchen he was suave, witty and possibly a player. Now I get the whole thing with flowers, eish I had been quick to judge, a Venda man with flowers, in an apron was sexy as fuck if I could say so myself. No reason why he could not be romantic too.

“So how do you know Rudzani?”

I asked him.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean how do did you two meet and end up dating!”

I asked him.

“It’s kind of a funny story actually but in short, we met at her cousin’s baby shower!”

He explained and I immediately exclaimed,

“Baby shower! Isn’t that for women only?”

I asked him surprised.

“It is indeed and that’s where we met! I was dropping off my cousin and she needed a ride to town to go pick up the baby shower cake so I took her!”

He explained. I could not get what had made it a funny story but it was solid enough for me.

“Then how come you don’t call her dude, that girl lives for you!”

I asked him. I know he had explained earlier but I just felt he was not doing enough for her.

“I know but we don’t always get along. She is emotional and is forever crying on the phone. If you do something nice for her she will probably burst into tears. When you all alone out there the last thing you want to hear is people crying!”

He explained. I got his point but I still thought he was full of shit. That’s not the way to treat someone who loves you.

“What are you making?”

I asked him.

“It’s a mutton based recipe I have been thinking of so we are both going to experience this at the same time. If its bad please don’t laugh!”

He said already laughing. Something was happening here, why is it with men that I was supposed to stay away from I found them funny and different, an example being Sfiso and now this random guy. When I looked at Simba and indeed my neighbour, I found them serious and too focused to have fun with?

“So tell me about working with Rudzani?”

He asked me.

“Is she as intense as she is when I am with her?’

He asked me.

“I don’t get what you mean by intense?”

I asked him.

“No, it’s like she runs a relationship likes it’s a profession. She has some kind of manual on what to do when why and how. If I didn’t know better I would say she reads Cosmo or one of those magazines that jeep telling women what to do in relationships because there is not a bone of spontaneity in her!”

He explained and I actually found myself laughing. He had described her so well.

“Yes that’s Rudzani for you but she is pretty chilled and safe! You know for sure that she has never cheated as she is a focused someone!”

I told him.

“All girls say that about their friends when you know they are busy gallivanting together!”

He said his tone taking a bit of a serious tone. Funny enough he was right. We do not tell on each other until we fight of course or until we fall in love with one of his friends and tell him in what is meant to be a secret then shit happens. The loyalty is broken so fast.

“Just like all guys do and should but what can I say, not Rudzani and that’s the truth!”

We talked a bit more about work but I could not bring myself into telling him the truth as to why she ended up there. Meanwhile the food was cooking and was starting to smell nice. The aromas had filled the room.

“Do you want to taste?”

He asked me when he was checking on his seasoning. I had seen this man pour wine into the food so hell yeah I wanted to taste. Siba beware!

“Don’t worry it’s not too hot, it has been simmering for while now!”

He said as he dished a piece of meat on to a small side plate. He did not do the whole TV thing were you get to taste from the spoon you are cooking with. I tasted it and I must say it was pretty good. Like I said earlier, my tastes are quite basic as I grew up cooking the same way my mother taught. I was not that much of a fan of the kitchen.

“I am hungry now, time to eat!”

I declared and he laughed.

“Five more minutes!”

He said and those five minutes felt like an eternity. The whole meal was prepared well, I am not a fan of mashed potatoes at all but today I ate them like I could not leave without them. When we were done he cleared the table, more like coffee table as we ate in front of the TV and start doing the dishes.

“Don’t worry about that come on, I will do them in the morning!”

I said and he refused,

“You never leave dishes in the sink! My mother’s teachings and still remember the belt on me when I didn’t comply!”

He explained. I stood up from my sit and went to help him. This dude had just embarrassed me because I preferred washing dishes in the morning. When I ate supper I preferred to relax and let the food sink in as opposed to hard labour! At this stage now my bottle of wine was almost finished, goodness it moves so fast. I was very tipsy and I needed my bed.

“Where does this go?”

He asked me as we were putting this away. I had my back to him and as I turned to look at what it was he was holding I did not see he was standing directly behind me. I had no time to react when he planted a kiss on my lips. I did not push him away as I kissed him back hungrily. It took ten seconds for me to remember who he was and why we should not be doing this!

“No we shouldn’t!”

I protested half heartedly pushing him away softly with my hands. The first time any girl has sex with a guy, you should always play hard to get. You can’t just say yes.

“Do what?”

He asked me as I could feel his hands unbuckle my pants. My hands did not go down to stop his.

“This thing…”

I said,

“Why not?”

He asked me.


“Rudzani is my friend!”

I said which was well, complicated!

“The same friend you tried to hook up to a white guy knowing she had a man somewhere? That makes you a bad friend!”

He said taking down my pants. He knew? He knew all this time what I had done! He had not said a word!

“I am sorry, I didn’t know!”

At this stage I was standing by the kitchen counter. He went on one knee, lifted my leg over his shoulder and planted his mouth on my LADY without hesitation.

“I should stop this… Dear Lord I must stop this!”

I whispered out loud as I closed my eyes to enjoy it!

******The End******

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

You such a good storyteller Mr. Maphoto and well done for what you have achieved.

I have a problem which is pretty much of my own creation. I have a girl who is my best friend. There is nothing she has not done for me in life and even the job I am in she hooked it up for me. We have been through hell and back together. She had always had a crush on my brother and two years ago they started dating. My brother is the one who paid for my fees at school and is still paying off some of the loans he took out for me. That’s how much he loved me I guess. Our parents died a few years ago. Now they are engaged but the problem is my brother is now cheating on her with my brother in laws cousin (much older sister is married to him). My best friend is pregnant and all she talks about is what a wonderful guy my brother is. My brother reminds me that I am his family every time I confront him. I am stuck.

What do I do because I love both these people?

Thank You


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  1. Heheheheheh…this is a tough one. If yourintentions are to break up the happy couple, you must send an anonymous tip to your friend, she must plan a surprise visit to your brother’s house when the mistress is around.

    if your intentions are to keep the happy couple happy, you need to confront the cousin(mistress) and threaten to expose the relationship to the elders.

    If all else fails, you die slowly inside…as the saying goes *speak now or forever hold your peace*

  2. Thanks Mikeesto, as I recover from that morning tease 🙂

    Sunninghill, But why didnt you hook up with this best friend though? It seems pretty much that you love that person a lot and ya’ll been through all the vows together. Loyalty to your bro or loyalty to your, well, friend. I think you should stay out of it, coz even if she finds out about it, its going to break her. So just prepare your shoulder and watch this destruction from a safe distance, help her pick up the pieces during the aftermath.


      1. I went back to look at Mike’s characters
        1. Thandeka with all her drama slept with 2 people Python and Benny. Gorilla forced her to blow job him and the copy she was tricked. In your first year of varsity most people sleep with more so I don’t see the whore there.

        2. Nelisa in Confessions that child was twisted in so many ways. She slept with Jack, Thabo and Rodney I can’t remember anyone else. She didn’t sleep with the doctor if I recall. Does that make her a whore? 3 people qualify you to be a whore?

        3. Dr. Nothabo in Realities she slept with her husband once in the whole book and once with that creep guy from work. Does that make her a whore?

        4. Mxolisi slept with his wife and cheated with the colleague? Is he a whore?

        5. Faith in Rumblings slept with baby daddy and Thulare only. How is she a whore?

        These are the leads I remember offhand as I do not read Missteps. How are these people whores? Why do we judge female characters so harshly though? How many people have you slept with in your life and does that qualify you to be a whore of they are 3 (the highest count we have so far)

        1. I don’t think the number of people you slept with counts. Its about doing things right, sleeping with someone else while in a relationship is wrong and sleeping with a guy you consider to be your friend’s bf is not right as you’re cheating your friend. I don’t think these women are whores but what Lungi did today is some whore tendencies.

  3. Goodness this reminded me of how sexually dry I am…these ladies are getting all the action…nice read got my blood boiling, Mike

  4. Goodness Mike… This chapter was amazing… Took us single ladies to forbidden places though LOL

    If I were you I would turn q blind eye l. You don’t have to be involved. I don’t know why you’re making your brothers affair your problem, it’ll only complicate your life

  5. Uhm where do I send my location for Rhudzani to come cook & do other things? Tjeeeeere its too early for such. Lol iyoh bandla this chapter had me begging for me

  6. I always thought Lungi was strong until today. No matter how single, drunk and lonely you are, you will never have sex with someone you don’t want even if its your friend’s hot bf. Am starting to see her as one of those single people that are attracted to people in relationships but not single people like them.

    1. Curious to know…. Why didn’t you make the same observations when she slept with Sfiso? Does being sexual make you weak?

    1. I now have to redraft Fridays chapter lol after all this. For me “whore” is a derogatory term used by women to women on the same thing men do without repercussions. To women there is nothing like being sexually liberally and uts also taken in context by Lungi when she compares herself to Miriam

      1. we really need a definition for whore.. lol.. I really dont see how Lungi is a whore..
        she may have a fetish for other women’s men, but whore? I dont know about that one. I see a lonely single woman who just wants what she cant have.. or wants the things that dont want her

        1. Thats so true THATgirl….She is single and I doubt if she was in a relationship she would make such ….I dont know …questionable choices …or lack thereof in her case…

      2. please buti Mike don’t change the story because of people who cant even define what a whore is…women must stop judging each either so harshly…a man can sleep with with many women and he is Isoka but lo and behold a woman sleep with just more than 3 guys then we call her a uncalled for…women are each others worst enemies

  7. Am not saying it was okay for her to sleep with Sifiso but its him that cheated on his partner with her. But now her friend is involved so Azwindini and her both cheated. She on her friend and him on the gf.

    1. Thats double starndard though…because for me…whether she knew the wie or not she should have respected her marriage…she is a woman after all and if tables were turned she too would not like such being done unto her…but alas..she is not the one married so more importantly the guy e.i Sifiso should have said which he didnt instead he though with his dick and not his head….

      Matter at hand… BOTH parties are wrong…but why are people now labelling Lungi as a whore and not the guy??? Why jump at critisizing HER and not Azwindini?? Is she having sex alone with this man?? Is she raping him????

      Yeah nhe.,..we are too quick to judge each other….. Like Chris Rock said ” Women Hate Women” and that is true indeed…sad but true

  8. Lungi is not a whore. She is just exploring with male species. They are a very delicious, troublesome species. She is a highly sexual person who is not in a relationship with anybody. What is wrong with stolen kisses (and more) here and there? As long as it is two consenting adults and she protects herself.

  9. Lol ladies…it means we all whoring at some point as women,bcs if you are not in a committed relationship we pass through a lot in finding a man,we kiss lot of frogs…..some lost counts…don’t think Lungi is a whore,she is a single lady looking for the right one,if she gets the right she will stop being giving,she is using every opportunity she gets,these days even one night stand are skaars for women I mean😂😂

  10. Thank you Tate Mike. Lungi is getting more action than I am.. Jealous is what??? 🙁
    Tate Mike please DON’T change the storyline , keep it that way

    1. PrincessMN, are you a Wambo?? No harm intended, just saw the “Tate” part in your comment and I got excited 😊😄

  11. LOL at the discussions. Lungile ain’t loyal to anyone but her own desires that’s for sure, but to each (wo)man his own….
    Every time something is said about women, an automatic comparison to how man are viewed is made…. Kanti is it a competition ?

  12. Hoe is life. I keep saying, but how did Lungi cheat or betray her friend? If it’s the guy who went down on her, and the effects of being muffed you can hardly resist. Maybe you just haven’t experienced it yet boo, otherwise you’d know what you are talking about.

  13. The funniest thing is that, if she was a man people would be singing a different tune , they wouldn’t be this harsh , what a bout the friends boyfriend no one is saying anything about him.

  14. its funny how the person who is single is the one getting labelled as hoe. The guy is a victim , lol.

  15. So sleeping with a man who tells you he is married is being sexually liberal?? Being muffed by your “friend/colleagues” boyfriend is also being sexually liberal??? Mhlola wodwa lona! No wonder we having, Tornado’s and earthquakes, all these things scientist said will never happen in SA! uBufebe nje lobu obenziwa uLungi, Sfiso and Azwidini! Nothing to sugar coat here!#Bonke

  16. Interesting views from fellow readers, dear Mike don’t change the storyline, people will always have different views on things!

  17. Mhhhh abazwalane abangakoni, lols mhhh I can only imagine what goes down in that kitchen yhoo 😆😆😆, talk about ubumnandi be forbiden fruit…cnt wait for tommorows dose

  18. Living single can make you to be sexually vulnerable despite having a toy. We are way too quick to judge. You spend many nights alone in bed and having no one to talk to or to hold you when you are down. So allow the sister to let her guard down and enjoy the fruits of being single. Next chapter I am getting my toy ready !:-)

  19. Hey Mike, interesting asexual cliff hanger!
    “Hoe” shud actually be a title for men-whore bcz they go “digging” everywhere.
    “Whole” shud be for women-whores as they get dug by any “hoe” at any given opportunity, Lungi tendencies.
    Nothing wrong with yo characters brada Mike as they portray reality. Ppl chow & get chowed everyday by diff ppl they meet randomly often. Then men become “side-dishers” to sugarmamies or they get a “side-dish” as they become suggardaddied. It’s a global phenomenon which can be tricky to eradicate bcz our consciences are “burnt” as we see nothing wrong in that.
    Talk of moral degeneration. But who am I to preach to when it happens in churches even by pastor (albeit not all). Im no saint tho.
    But are ALL yo MAIN characters like that tho, I don’t think so. They each have their problems in life & find their own ways to deal with them. They are entitled to make their own mistakes in their paths. Otherwise what lessons are we gonna learn from a nonexistent “PERFECT” character???

  20. Dear Sunghill, the timing shud be the answer to yo question. Myb give yo brother an altimatum that he must clean up his act as there’s a baby on the way now. If he wants to carry on his shenanigans, at least he shud do it somewhere else not in or near the house.
    Another timing is U or him moving out to give each other space for introspection. Sometimes it’s a growing up phase & pinning on that it will stop as soon as the baby comes. But for some playaz they just up their game instead of hanging their boots.
    I didn’t catch if UR a man or a woman as women wud have told the girlfriend already & betray their brother; while most young brothers wud shus. Big up to U for caring!

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