Missteps of a Young Wife


I swear Cleo’s wailing and crying was blocking my brain from thinking, all I could hear was her cries, I did the only rational thing that I could do in the situation, I hung up the phone and started thinking what to do next. First of all, there were cronies outside who were after my ass and for all I knew they could be inside going through each and every ward looking for me. Secondly I was standing in my friend’s hospital room and she was nowhere to be seen and for all I knew she could have been taken by the same cronies who were trying to get to me and the worst case scenario which I prayed to God wasn’t the case even though none of the scenarios looked good but the one I wouldn’t be able to handle was my friend being dead. I was brought out of my thoughts by my phone vibrating in my hand and I jumped and almost threw the phone on the floor that’s how freak out I as. It was Cleo calling back, I was not ready to listen to her crying like a Nigerian woman who just found out that the all night prayer has been cancelled.

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