Missteps of a Young Wife

Bonus *** MOAYW 275

Mthobisi walked in before Victor could ask any questions and asked what the celebrations were all about and what he

missed, my mom did not miss the opportunity to show off her new ring, to which Mthobisi smiled but this was his mischievous smile and that is when I knew he had something to do with this, he told my mom that the ring was gorgeous and that Victor had great taste my mom smiled and kissed Victor, Mthobisi and I both closed each other’s eyes like my sister’s kids would do when they see people kissing on tv and we all laughed. That morning we had a great breakfast, my mom and I were discussing venues and décor and people to invite to her vows renewal thing. She told me we needed to plan it exactly like a wedding because that is exactly what it is a wedding. The stress and pressure of a wedding, it’s nice to go through it once and feel special on that day but it’s definitely not something I would want to do it again, I would smack Mthobisi in the head if he ever even suggested this renewal madness. My mom on the other hand was over the moon, the woman I was speaking to yesterday who wanted to be free had completely vanished, we woman are strange creatures I tell you. After breakfast Mthobisi and Victor said they are going out and as they were leaving I followed behind them and asked to speak to Mthobisi “Are we safe alone from Spencer’s father?” I asked a bit worried. “We are on our way to go and speak to him. You are safe there are Victor’s guys that are patrolling the house.” I nodded and went back inside to my mother and she was still going on about this thing of hers. I told her I was tired and didn’t sleep the previous night so I was going to back to bed, I didn’t want to ask her why she had changed her mind, obviously that big rock had done the trick and this renewal talk was getting me tired I really needed to take a nap.
I went back to the bedroom and I threw myself on the bed and as I was falling asleep my sister called “How’s Victor?” that was the first thing she asked she said she wanted to call him but didn’t know what to say to him, I told he was fine and our mother was now singing a different tune, I filled her in on the latest developments to which she was excited and she said she also wanted to help organize, I told her she could take over from me because I basically had no idea what I was doing, she gladly accepted I was relieved. She asked when was I planning on going to see She Rocks I told her not anytime soon, things were really intense on my side and I needed to keep a very low profile and not be seen in my regular places. “You sound like a wife of a mafia” and that is exactly what I was if truth be told. I tried sleeping again and was interrupted by another call it was Cleo “Guess what? I just got a call from She Rocks brother, she is out of the comma” I jumped out of bed and asked when did that happen and how it happened she said she didn’t have all the answers but her mom was going to the hospital to see She Rocks and Cleo’s mom would call Cleo and let her speak to her. “Will you conference call me when your mom calls please?” I asked Cleo and she said that is why she called. After the call from Cleo I could not go back to sleep I was just too excited, I went and took a shower and got dresses and I waited for the call, tried by all means to avoid my mother I didn’t want her telling me about the renewals again. So I sat in my room and waited for the call and when it finally came I was more than ready I didn’t even give the phone a chance to ring I answered immediately and to my disappointment Cleo told me that her mom told her that She Rocks was out of the comma but she kept going in and out of consciousness so she would not be able to speak to us and I asked her what the doctors were saying and she said they were positive that she is going to recover fully in time, I wanted to know in what time and after how long but I couldn’t ask Cleo that I knew she was as clueless as I was. She said her mom was going back to the hospital the following day and she would keep me updated.
I decided to go back to my mom, she asked why I looked so down and I told her about She Rocks and she said she was going to go with Cleo’s mom to see She Rocks the following day so they can pray for her, it was now time for the parents to take over, this was bigger than Cleo and I and I was really grateful for my mom to be stepping in like that I didn’t want to go to hospital and put She Rocks life in danger with all those psychotic people that are following me around. Too many lives had already been lost and now She Rocks was fighting for hers, the thought of losing her scared me to the core, I honestly didn’t know what I would do if she died. My day was spoilt after not being able to speak to She Rocks and I had not slept so I needed to get my midday nap while my mom prepared lunch. I went to bed and had the most beautiful dream, I dreamnt that I was in this beautiful island with a beautiful beach and I was just sitting in this beach playing with sand with my daughter was there she was soo beautiful, she looked just like Mthobisi I was so happy in the dream because she didn’t look anything like Spencer, I kept thanking God, when I woke up I had a big smile on my face and when I felt my tummy the baby was still inside, and I still didn’t know who the father was, the smile quickly turned into a frown. I called Mthobisi who quickly answered asking me if everything was okay, I told him all was well and he said they got held up and would take longer to come back that he thought I told him not to worry my mom and I were safe. I could smell the food from the bedroom and it made me so hungry Cleo was right my mom’s cooking kicked ass. My sister called as I was about to go and indulge on some of my mother’s food. She wanted to talk to me about her boss, she said he was a bitch, not because he slept around but because he was an idiot, he didn’t want to give her a promotion and had given it to another stupid girl who didn’t deserve it, she went on and on and on about this boss, I was even yawning from the exhaustion of listening to that conversation I think even my ears started to hurt. After that long conversation which was basically one sided she asked what I think she should do. I reminded her that I was pregnant and that I used emotions for everything so I was the last person she should be asking for professional advice from she should speak to her lawyer if she wanted to sue the company or to a Priest if she wanted to forgive her boss, the choice was really up to her to make, I didn’t want to be responsible for the decision she was going to take, she told me I was stupid and hung up. ohh well, that saved me to another thirty minutes of hearing about how unfair her company is, she always had someone to balme for her misfortunes. I was glad that conversation was over. I went to the bathroom to go wash my face before going to join my mother for lunch was I was washing my face I heard screams coming from the other side of the house, I wasn’t sure if I heard right so I turned off the tap and I was right my mother was being attacked….

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  1. 😳😳 being dead is better off! living like this is definetly not life at all.

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  2. Hi Bhuti, pls assist. .cnt remember the last time i read ths book..pls help wit last chapter i read..thnx

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