Missteps of a Young Wife


Mthobisi stood up and held me in his arms and whispered “I am so sorry honey, she didn’t make it, the doctors did

everything they could but…” I started wailing, I could not believe it, she was gone just like that, my child was never going to have an opportunity to meet this great amazing woman and I blamed myself for it. Mthobisi asked if they could give us a minute, we went to the guest bedroom and he told me how sorry he was about Priscilla and said she was in a safer place now and I shouldn’t blame myself for what happened. He handed me my phone back and said he had bought himself a new one and had a sim swop done. I left the phone in the guest bedroom and we went back to the police who were still sitting down going through my statement, I told them I was okay and ready to answer their questions and they started from the beginning asking the same questions that they had asked me a few minutes ago, I tried to hide my irritation and answered their questions as best as I possible could, still sticking to the lie of hiding Spencer’s dad and his cronies, it was for the best, I had seen what that man is capable of and he was bigger than the police or maybe the police were moonlighting for him so I didn’t want to end up in a body bag like Priscilla and wherever she was I hope and pray that she understood my dilemma. After the police were done questioning me they left and I could breathe a sigh of relief.
I dished up the food Mthobisi and I had cooked but neither one of us could eat. Mthobisi said he was going to clean the blood of the floor luckily it was in the tiles so we didn’t have to cut out the carpet. I couldn’t clean the blood on my own I just could not bring myself to doing it. The police didn’t even take a picture of the blood or where she was shot, what you see on TV is not exactly how it’s done in real life, the police didn’t even bother taking fingerprints, they just wrote the statement of what I had told them and left, not that I was complaining the last thing I wanted was to be put in a corner with a million questions especially since my whole story was a lie. Mthobisi had chemical that smelled like a cleaning factory but he said they removed all traces of blood and I was happy with that.
After he was done cleaning out the blood he thanked me for a great meal even though he only had a few spoons of the food and me he needed to go to his study and make calls to Priscilla’s family to inform them about her death, I felt so sorry for him because I knew that was not going to be an easy thing to do and I figured it was not such a good time to tell him that I had made desert. He asked “Lesedi exactly what happened here after I left?” I told him everything about Spencer’s father coming to our house, with his cronies all I could hear Mthobisi was “shit, shit, shit” he told me that they were supposed to meet but at the last minute Spencer’s dad changed the venue of the meeting and said he would let him know, so he obviously had changed the venue to our house, his concern was why did he. I told him that I don’t think he recognized me because I was wearing a wig, a hat and big sunglasses he asked where I was going dressed like that I explained that I needed to see She Rocks and have been feeling guilty that I had not seen her all this time, he said he went to go check on her while he was waiting for Priscilla to come out of theatre and that the nurses told him that they hadn’t been any changes. I thanked him for checking up on her but I don’t think he could hear me, his mind was on Spencer’s dad and his reason for coming to our house. “Do you think he suspects something?” I asked now getting more worried. He shook his head and said it’s hard to know because that man is hard to read, I told him I knew exactly what he meant because he was exactly the same, and he smiled and said he was going upstairs to the study to start making those calls. I went to the other room to get my phone and I went through it. Cleo had sent me a couple of messages which Mthobisi had not even bothered to read, she was telling me about how her mom keeps praying for her every single day before she goes to bed for protection and every morning when she wakes up to that God for keeping her safe and protecting her, and her mom’s prayers were not five minute prayers they could last up to thirty minutes I laughed Cleo is one person who knew how to put a smile on my face without even trying. I decided to call her, she was happy to hear from me and said it was prayer time her mom was ready to pray for her protection before she goes to sleep, I told her she should appreciate her mother’s prayers they could be the only thing that is keeping her safe. She asked how I was doing, she was bored out of her mind, sometimes I missed being bored, I told her about Priscilla and that she got shot and now she was dead, I didn’t want to get into details, she said she would come to my place first thing the following morning, I needed her and she was going to be there for me, I knew this was just an excuse to get out of her mother’s house but nonetheless her presence would be highly appreciated. I remembered that I still needed to inform my mother that Priscilla was no more. After speaking to Cleo I had to make that dreadful call to my mother this time I was using my phone and she quickly answered and you can call it motherly instincts or whatever but before I could even say it she knew it, she said “Priscilla is gone isn’t she?” I just choked and didn’t know what to say she told me it was okay and she was going to come the following day to help us with all the arrangements I thanked her and went upstairs to go tell Mthobisi he was still speaking to on the phone I waited for him to finish and when he was done he told me that Priscilla’s family said they would be coming the following day and they are demanding answers, eish death is not an easy thing to accept, people always want answers that they cannot get, but answers won’t bring back the person they lost, sometimes answers lead to more questions. I told him my mom and Cleo were also coming the following day. We decided to sleep because we had a long day ahead of us with all these people coming to the house the following day.
The following day Mthobisi woke me up at six I didn’t want to wake up but I didn’t have a choice these people could arrive at any time, I guess when a loved one dies sleep is the last thing that is on your mind, I could not imagine what Priscilla’s family was going through. We woke up and I quickly cleaned the house then I showered and got dressed and luckily Priscilla had bought a box of biscuits so I was going to server her people with those biscuits, it was so ironic she bought food for her own funeral, not funeral exactly but you get what I mean. My mom was first to arrive, she hugged both Mthobisi and I and she had a bucket of scones that she had baked the previous night she said she couldn’t sleep so she bakes, my mom was just too amazing. Cleo arrived a few minutes later wearing a dress and a doek, she looked like a makoti, my mom reminded me that I also needed to wear a long dress and a doek, so Cleo and I went to my room so I could change into something more acceptable, I was wearing jeans and takkies by the way, I had forgotten about our tradition, I blame it on the stress. We prepared hot water in an urn because we didn’t know how many people were coming and we took out a lot of cups and saucers. At about 10 in the morning Mthobisi received a call from security that there was three Quantams saying they coming to our place, Mthobisi told them not to let them in, we were not expecting so many people, he said he was going to the gate to see what the three quantams were about. We were all convinced that there must have been some kind of a mistake. After a few minutes Mthobisi came back to the house and when I looked through the window the three Quantam taxis were outside and there were people in church uniforms coming out of those Quantams. Mthobisi came inside running and said “they brought church people, they saying they are here to collect her soul” I was so confused but before I could even ask any questions they were already entering the house singing church songs and there was someone who was beating the drum, I was convinced that the neighbors were wondering what the hell was going on in our house. They started singing and we just stood there and after a few minutes the Pastor raised his hand and the song came to an end and he introduced himself and said Priscilla was a member of their church and the family had asked them to come and collect her soul since our house was the place where she was shot, all we could do was nod, he asked where she had been shot and Mthobisi showed them the spot and they asked us to leave the room as this matter could only be done by the members of their church, we couldn’t argue with that, we were the only ones in the room without the uniform so we stood out, we walked out and went to the kitchen and prepared them tea and scones. In the kitchen we could hear them singing and my mom said we should wait for them to finish they will come and call us when they are done. We waited and waited and waited and then after hours and hours someone finally came to say they were done. We served them tea and scones and there were soo many people it felt like this serving of tea was never ending, I had never made tea for so many people. They ate their scones and drank their tea and when they were done, one lady who said she was Priscilla’s sister said she needed me to help her pack her clothes, we went to her bedroom and Cleo and my mother came to help and we packed all her clothes in one my suitcases and we gave it to her she asked if she didn’t have any other clothes in other room I told her no. She then called two other ladies, one was an old lady whom I was told was Priscilla’s mother and another a younger whom I was told was her aunt.
The aunt had a big mouth she was the one who was doing the most talking “You people have a big, fancy house, in an expensive area, you must be rich. Do you know that Priscilla was supporting us? Who’s going to feed our family now that she is gone?” I looked at her confused, was this woman implying that we continue paying them even though Priscilla was no more? I told her that Priscilla had policies and that I made sure she joined them and I was paying for them every month and now that she was gone they were going to pay out and they were going to receive money from her policies. The big mouthed aunt went off at me and said “so we get R50 000 which will end in less than three months while you continue to live your fancy life, after killing our child, we are not going to accept that, you people are going to take of us now that she is gone, you killed her now you are going to pay for it.” She said demanding. I have seen madness before but this…..

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