Birds – Chapter Twenty Six

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“I think you are in denial”

“Are you ready to go Miss Molomo?” said the doctor. “I guess so.” I replied. I wasn’t really. I felt like staying in the hospital bed the entire year. I wasn’t ready to deal with everything after what had transpired between Brant and i.

“Please, do take the medication as prescribed. The constant headache will go away soon than you realise.”
He then brushed my shoulder and paced out of the room

The surrounding was so quiet for a hospital. I realised I was in VIP section. For a couple of scars and I got a VIP? I sighed.

My clothes were nicely laid by the bed by my mom. She and Tshepi were waiting for me by the door; staring at me with exasperating pity. Staring at every move I made. If a piece of my hair had fallen off; I’m pretty sure they would have caught it.

I put on the sweat pants and the heavy jersey I haven’t worn in ages. Where did mama find this out dated thing?

As I limped towards them; i realised I was literally dragging my legs across the floor. “Do you need help baby?” said mama stepping inside
“No I’m fine. Please ma.”
“Hurl the pride Pontso. Let us help you… you can’t even walk.” said Tshepi. I kept quiet, continuing carrying my legs with me. Tshepi shook her head, came towards me; and gently placed my arm around the back of her neck.

When we were about to reach the main exit of the building; I asked where papa was, and they looked at me nervously. “What is it?” I asked them. “Now baby, I need you not to cause a scene when we get to the car. Papa is there with the police.”
“What? He called them already? I am not ready to speak to anyone about this…I haven’t even-”
Tshepi interrupted me- “Your father is right. You need to report this. This; what happened to you Pontso? Is wrong. Brant abused you.”
I then noticed my dad with two police men talking by his Range Rover. I felt like digging down a hole and disappearing somewhere in China.

I needed to think first. Lord knows how furious I was with Brian; but reporting him will cause such kerfuffle in the media, – especially when we were still dealing with the fuss over the nudes. If I report; people won’t stop speculating about our relationship and some idiots will call me names claiming I am trying to ‘ruin’ his career. The gobbledygook accusations will be endless!
I have seen this happen so many times to other celebrities. Brian is a huge celebrity and I was still on people’s tongues. My life will just be out there for all to see; the media’s playground.
This is not something that will just be forgotten. I will be known as the girl who once got beat up, and he will be known as an abusive boyfriend.

I sighed as we approached the car. Papa, the tall and short police man; watched us walking towards them.

The taller Police man said- “Hello Pontso Molomo. Are you comfortable talking with us here? We have been alerted that a man by the name of Brian Sebata assaulted you. Is this true ma’am?”
I eyed Tshepi, my mom, and then my dad. All of them waiting for me to open my mouth and say yes. I had a deep exhale. I then looked at the police man and nodded.

“When did this happen ma’am?” he asked.
“It happened… uhm, last night.” I responded.
“What time ma’am?” he said scribbling in some little book. “Uhm… I’m not sure precisely. But it was around midnight.”
“Where ma’am?” I exhaled again. His professional and impassive tone wasn’t helping in making me comfortable.
“At my house.”
“What is your relationship with this man Miss Molomo?”
“He is my boyfriend.”
“I was informed you were intoxicated. Nonetheless; do you remember what happened before he decided to lay his hands on you?”
I eyed Tshepi again. My mother looked away. My dad was quiet than usual.
“We had an argument… that is all I can provide right now. Uhm, this is really personal to me.”
I had no intention of telling the police that he ‘found’ out I slept with his colleague, and then he kicked me like a rugby ball.
The other police man immediately said- “We understand ma’am. However, we are building a case here. We need to gather as much information as we can.”
Tshepi intervened- “They had an argument. And then he decided that because he’s a strong man; he can just beat her up however he pleased. He hit her in her own home; where she needed to feel the safest! So what more do you want? Is that not enough to build a case? Are you insinuating there has to be some valid reason for her to report this?”
“Okay…thank you for your cooperation Miss Molomo. We will deal with this as soon as possible.”
He then added- “Another thing. We notice the scars on your face, and probably on your body as well. They will be used as evidence. So do not attempt to hide or temper with them. Our medical team will be at your place later today. Your father has already given us the address.” of course he did.

I impassively nodded and dragged my feet around papa’s car to the back seats.

Tshepi opened the door for me. My mom opened the front door, while my dad continued talking to the police.

Few minutes later they drifted apart. And Khumo opened his car side door seeming pleased with whatever he discussed outside.

Through the window; I watched the two police men drive away. I felt terrified for myself, and somehow for Brian… this is going to be a long week, I thought.

While papa was driving; I noticed there were bags at the back of the car. “Whose bags are those? Are you two going somewhere?” I questioned. “No, those are my bags.” Replied mama. She added, – “I’m going to stay with you for a couple of days.”
“Excuse me?”
“Yes Pontso. I am your mother and you need me at times like this. I asked you to come home after those things were all over the papers. You need family now.” those things?
“No, I don’t need you to stay with me. You can always rent a hotel or something.”
“Pontso.” said Tshepi.
“Your mom is right. You need support. Aren’t you a bit shaken after what happened?”
“Bathong. Why are you talking like Brant is some monster who will come eat me at night? I am really surprised you are supporting this Tshepi. You know Brant personally; he will not hurt me.”
“But he did.” she said appalled, – “I think you are in denial about what happened to you Pontso.”
“You are unbelievable. Anyway, you can come stay Ma. Just don’t try treating me like a child. It’s my house.”
“Which I bought for you.” Interjected papa. “Whatever.” I said gazing outside the window. This is really going to be a long week.

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  1. Hmm I dont know if the chapter is really short or I find the story so interesting I want to read more. Either way I guess we have to take we get.

  2. I had the same thought Loano. I’m completely addicted.

    The more I read of Pontso’s encounters with her family, the more I understand her character. She went through something, something deep and painful. I really believe that. No one could be this cold naturally. I feel so sorry for her. I just wanna hug her every time. And with a father like that, Nkosi yam. This feels so real.
    I can’t wait for Ms Kels to let us in a bit more into her psyche.

  3. #TooShort but Thanks Keletso, this posting 3days in a week is going to be hard hey, so now we will have to wait for next wednesday for Pontso…… cant Barbie take a trip somewhere and not post LOL!

  4. Nah Namibiangurl we beg tuh differ, Barbie real??? Barbie lies tuh y0ur face l0veR!!!! Pontsho calls a spade a spade

  5. Leave Barbie alone please….imagine watching action movie and the guns are blazing all the time with no conversation….
    And please don’t start ppl,I lost my apostle Bae bcs of such suggestions…😔

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