Birds – Chapter Twenty Seven

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“this is going to be blown out of proportion”

“You are so beautiful Audrey. I could just look at you laying here and do nothing. Just watch you be.” I blushed. Dingaan was in my mind. I looked up at the ceiling and blushed again.

The sleep did help alright. I felt like the Audrey I knew I was again. I grasped my phone and decided to text Dingaan.

*Hey baby. I heard you were here. I’m fine now, except the car isn’t. Just scars to remind me of the horrific night. It was a very bizarre accident. I’m thanking the heavens that I’m alright. I hope to see you soon from your trip as well.*

My lies kept piling up. This one we can blame it on Kamohelo. The car accident was her freaking idea. My phone buzzed, and it was a reply from him.

*I’m so happy you are okay Audrey. I was so worried about you. I will see you on Monday night, and oh…it’s a date.*

I still had Dingaan right on my curves. He was mine.

I noticed the jewellery box by the side of my bed. The diamond earrings he had bought for me. I opened the box, and I still couldn’t believe they were real. I have had expensive jewellery presented to me, but they were my favourite. They were really my taste.


“Eh-eh-eh!” was all I could hear when Wumi came running into the kitchen while I was preparing supper. We were the only ones in the house. Portia and the twins were still M.I.A, Senhle hadn’t come back since we diverged in the morning and Kamohelo was still out too.

“Audrey!” Shouted Wumi.
“Brant! Brant!” she shouted. “Where?” I said. When she ultimately reached where I was standing; she shoved her phone onto my face and it was news-24 article. It read: “Dj Brant arrested for assaulting his girlfriend.”
My hair tips went up.

“Weigh-neh! Oh My God!…what the?” I reacted startled. “They say he hit Pontso at her house after Bontle’s party when she confronted him about sleeping with other girls. They say he was so drunk!” Omowumi said with a wicked and an amused expression.
“Wow really?” I then immediately said- “But…but, that doesn’t make sense because he was sober when he dropped me off here last night.”
“Well they say he was,”
“Is Pontso okay? Did they mention? I can’t believe she would keep this from me.”
I hobbled to my bedroom to get my phone. Brian hit Pontso? Wow!

Omowumi followed me, – “Isn’t this a bit weird though. That the two of you got beat up the same night?” she said snickering.
“Wumi, this is not funny.”
“Barbie you got to admit, it is a bit funny oh! And anything that happens to Miss Porno is funny.” she cackled like a kid being tickled. I shook my head at her silliness and grasped my phone from the bed.

I dialled Pontso. It kept ringing. I tried again, and it rang until it went to voice mail.

“This is blowing my mind. So Brant is like in jail or what?” I said curious
“They just said he was taken into custody.”
“I really can’t believe this. They both seemed happy even after those nudes.” I clapped my hands together in disbelief. This is going to be blown out of proportion, I thought.

We suddenly heard noise coming from outside. I opened the curtain in my room. There was a white car next to the house; – playing loud music. Out of the car came the twins and Portia. It was the first time seeing the car; one of the twins must be seeing a new guy, I thought. Because everyone knows Portia will never leave Khakha even when he slept with her house mate.

Boy were they drunk. Still in the clothes I last saw them in when they attacked me. I closed the curtain.
“Portia and her two ninjas.” I said to Wumi. “Oh, is it?” She said flouncing out my bedroom.

“Wumi! Wumi leave them!”
What was she going to do? Beat up the three of them? I followed her; my limping was deliberately slow.

Omowumi wasn’t going outside to ‘welcome back’ the girls. She went straight to the laundry room. I could over-hear things moving. “Wumi, what are you doing in there?” she didn’t respond. Few seconds later; she came out dragging a horse pipe. What is happening?

“Wumi. What are you doing?” I asked when she passed by me. She kept quiet.

I opened the curtain of the living room to see what was happening. I was not too late to view Wumi splashing water on the girls and the two guys they were with. Water? Really Wumi? I laughed.

Before they realised what was happening, she was already running back to the house. She locked the door when she came in.
“Haaa! My friend!” I exclaimed.
“My friend, they needed to bath. They looked dirty.” she said gasping for air. She looked satisfied. Now she would stop making threats about “showing” them for attacking me.

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  1. Wumi stands by her friend for getting beaten up for sleeping with a house mates BF but she thinks its funny that Pontso got beat up by Brant. Double standards much. She and Audrey deserve each other and the glass house they both live in! Baneminciza bobali

  2. Ok now we had to wait almost the whole day for an insert and then we get isigcebhezana hayini maan sanudlala kakbi!

  3. @ Zee write your own BOOK dear so you would read anytime you want. Mike had a very busy weekend DBN JULY au

  4. Honestly how you guys complain about short chapters every time a chapter is being posted is something I cant help you with, it takes away the joy from reading the story. Don’t be so hard on yourselves, savor the moments…

      1. Keletso we get that it’s 2 different authors. Honestly though the last chapter ya Audrey was on Wednesday. Now 4 days later only 850 words😳 We are starving manje.

  5. Evening nna I personally fail to understand our sense of entitlement, cant we enjoy this free service without complaining about its length? A little gratitude really does go a long way!

    1. It’s not a sense of entitlement. Let’s gets our facts correct. This works as a two street. We need their skills cause we enjoy their writing and they also need us to be here in order for them to have an audience to continue their writing. Also the traffic that is generated by our visits to this site certainly is no for free. The costs of Data, that is not free and our visits here generates number for the website. These numbers are then used to selling advertising space to the benefit of their.

      Soo free no its not and yes that does warranty us a “sense of entitlement” if that’s how you would like to put it.

  6. We’d understand if the chapters started off short then we’d be cool. Now we have to accept that the chapters have gone shorter? Hhay man. And it’s not a free service coz we use our data to access this blog only to find short chapters.

  7. Thank you Keletso for a nice read…Kubongwa okuncane kubongwe o kickukhulu; especially since you have explained kuth why some of the chapters are shorter.Hopefully we will encounter longer chapters again…I will wait patiently for my Pontso…
    @lexie😃😃😃 I like how you put uRubbillicious endawen yakhe cc .We know that we cannot write; and we do appreciate their skill but siyFamilly la theres no need to crush ones comment cuz it not like it was rude.

  8. 1. Forgive me if im about to lose my patience but ive said this before and I cant comment on every chapter saying the same thing over and over. The story is written and done, there is nothing I can do to lengthen the chapters ive already said this.
    2. Mike might not have highlighted it but starting from chapter 24 it is PART 2 of the whole story (that is why we took a lil break and changed the schedule). so what am saying is:- this is how part 2 is,; some chapters are gonna be longer and some shorter, which is different from part 1 (although in part 1 there were people who kept complaining about short chapters even when the story was posted daily).
    3. when I decided to share this story on Mike’s blog I thought it would be a fun experience, not this; this is not fun whatsoever that instead of focusing on the content of the story we have to get complaints about how short the chapter is. I have come to understand that you don’t even wanna know why the chapter is short
    4. i keep thinking that maybe what you guys want is for me to put a mathematical equation at the end for the chapters to be “longer”, you cannot make a chapter longer, what needs to be covered in that chapter Is supposed to make the chapter longer.

    🙂 Happy reading to those who actually came to enjoy the story, ciao..

    1. We love love this Story Keletso, I personally feel thatthe essence ofa good read is not in its length. Making it longer might just kill the realness and u might find the story bordering on overdoing. Some of us know that it is short for a reason & will never dream of questioning your expertise in this regard. 2nd the way this view is punned across by its advocates is just plain disrespectful and entitled, i would be more than just impatience in youe shoes, but just plain annoyed with some of the pips here. Keep up the awesome work……we really enjoy & relate to is as it is!

    2. no no no, personally i dont like complaining(since you calling it that) but the way you responding to your readers is uncalled for, yes we are not writers maybe we can not understand the reason behind this but we are readers you need to be fair and sort this out, since you’ve decided to skip a day of posting the chapters need to reflect that. even a potential publisher wouldn’t consider the book seeing your responses because yes we understand this is a blog but do also consider some of us use computers, a chapter can not be on one fixed screen no! thn you say its impossible to fix that? rather post 2 inserts if you saying its because of 2 narrators but don’t play with your readers please

      1. I totally agree with you T useyadela usisi ama response akhe thera uncalled for nje ngathi ukhuluma ne ngane!! Sisi K tone down the attidute.

    3. We are not in anyway asking you to change the story as it has been already written. Seeing that it has been already written is their not a possibility that 2 inserts are posted when one will be short?

    4. It seems the engagement with the masses is not as anticipated, positive. So I would think that measures should be taken, not permanent even, to try be like the official writers on this blog, Remain Silently Present. We interact with Mike and that’s only when absolutely necessary. Be that as it may, through the stories he blesses us with, it feels like he is reading the stories to us standing at a podium. That’s the relationship this blog is built on, people have been criticising since day one, Do they get a reply for it? But does the problems get solved? So maybe this commenting along with readers isn’t working out…… Worth pondering me thinks. And I know we all different and what not.

      One thing for sure, this story is very much interesting and that is why people are complaining, the fact that they have fallen for this story in such a short space of time and the support they give it. People of this blog are loyalists who are very much over protective of their doses, if they feel like you robbed them, they will complain. The trick dear Keletso is not in your explanation of what the outline of the story is, it is coming back with the bang that has been noted of this series of Birds, in Part 1 as you put it.

      Perhaps we will get used to the quickies, perhaps people will then shift the complaint to the 3day posting, it comes with the territory, warranted complains that is. It’s not always been complains, and even if you explain to the best of your ability, people will still complain, its human nature. So to limit your annoyance and that of the bloggers by your response, maybe you shouldn’t be on the comment section, I don’t know.

      The story is brilliant by the way, and that’s why we keep coming for more 🙂

      And fellow bloggers, can we take a chill tablet kancinci and just accept whatever, yes data isn’t sponsored but people, we drove Khanyi away with these protest tendencies, can’t we silently picket nje for once!


  9. and i started reading this book on facebook, the inserts were not this short, yes it was part one but that doesnt mean part 2 should be a degrading of part 1

  10. LOl eish but the way Keletso responds to her readers thou akathandisi mntu mntasekhaya and it’s as if akakhathali noba siyayifunda or asiyifundi…well news flash ke peto is that without us as readers all you would be doing is waste you time by publishing insert ezingazufundwa mntu. As an artist\writer you need to learn to take possible and negative criticism,those two things will build you in your career of writing and another thing,baxabise abalandeli bakho.

  11. LOL.. You guys are going to chase Keletso away as well. Can we take please read what is presented to us and have the patience to wait for the ending.

  12. Keke, I’m really disappointed in your response. I’m filmmaker and no matter how many times people complain about my shows…. I always try to answer them in a non-defensive manner and I always leave them satisfied. Your attitude towards your “customers” is very important. I call them customers because you are providing a service to them. If your service is not up to scratch, they have a right to complain and be attended to accordingly. You need them more than they need you… even if its just a hobby to you and not a source of income. Your attitude to these complaints is everything. No matter how much you get annoyed by your target audience (and they will…get used to it)…. try being the bigger person

    1. I always try to engage with my readers, I prefer it this way. I am aware that some comments I make when I try clearing things up (more politely) in order to ease the reading process for you guys- come later and most do not see them, so we get the same comments every time .

      if the comments were about how shitty the story is then id try fix the problem, but this is about length-something I have no power over and I know even after reading this comment someone will still say “it is still short”
      this might be a defense but I am not a perfect writer; if u tell me about grammar- I try fix it ,if you tell me about an error I made-I ‘ll fixi it ,if u tell me about using the wrong word- il fix it, but length I cant fix.
      I tried telling the readers: be patient, be patient, savor the moments but they want the story “longer” and they want it now.

      THIS IS NOT WAR,IT IS JUST A STORY THAT IS MEANT TO ENTERTAIN. and I understand how one can be very attached to the story and end up getting mad when things don’t go their way.

      The last thing I wanna do is take away the fun during this process and im the one who knows what is going to happen in the story and every move I make (changing schedules and frequency) is for a reason.

  13. Vele the chapters are getting too short, ngathi m reading some gossip column, this actual the first time m complaining ngoba i saw the way miss K responds to critics, wooh u cheeck n it getting out of hand.

  14. Yho Keletso, tone down the attitude cc, even if you have to explain something 20 times to your readers, It doesnt mean its acceptable or everyone has read your explanation especially if you explained on the comments section. Its OK to feel frustrated at times, but if you are dealing with the general public, you need to have thick skin and loose the attitude. Kahlehle, I think it would have been better for you to give us the chapter above, along with the following chapter ngoba nawe uyabona nje ukuthi its got like 10 min of activity, after days of waiting for this chapter, sizofunda for 2 min.

  15. I think Koletso is getting everything wrong, the only reason we complain about the chapters being short is because the story is so awesome we are so hooked we do not see the chapters coming to the end. we want to read more. and that is not a bad thing at all..Maybe just enjoy the fact that your readers love your work so much they are dying for the next chapters and they feel the chapters are so short even when they are not necessarily so short. Won’t help putting them back into their places. yes we are complaining but its good complains and only because we are in love with the stories. i just see the comments getting pretty heated up i do not want this to end up another Kanyi incident. just saying though…

    1. no the readers are complaining not because of being so hooked but because she has really shortened the inserts, and i dont understand why she cant fix that coz she can combine 2 inserts and make it a chapter, its like reading a 1 page of a book a day and skip the next day…doesnt make sense and by the time you finish you forget what was it all about

  16. “it is still short” Haha just kidding!
    Keep them coming.
    Myb what yo readers are trying to say is, build around the story. Myb the description of the day, the characters dressings on that day, their moods & anything personal that can enrich the story & make it longer. Obviously repetition will dilute the story but summarising it wud make it too short.
    Try trading in between to make your readership grow & not lose yoself as a writer (& yo own style). We like it but yo response can make U lose some readers. Question is: RU willing to risk that?

  17. honestly i like the book but this thing of the author always interacting on the chats, is becoming a yawn. We’ve been loyal supporters to Mike and readers could complain for as much as they like, but he would respond when necessary. people are meant to complain if you haven’t notice Keletso, they complain about the weather, money allas. you should have realised that by now sesi

  18. I suggest that Kelso stops writing klaar. The readers are not just criticising now, they are trying ta control the blog. It’s annoying. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, riiiiiight? Haha

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