Birds – Chapter Twenty Nine

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She must be traumatised…

“Miss S, the devil has cooked. We are all invited to the feast of death…come!” I said knocking on Senhle’s door. She had been quiet and locked up in her room, which was unlike her.

Portia had cooked and called everyone to the dining room. It was strange; I was somehow interested.

Senhle finally came out of her room seeming disoriented. “Where is Kamohelo?” she asked me. “I don’t know. I haven’t seen her since afternoon yesterday. She must have slept over at her boyfriend’s place. What’s his name again? Had you tried calling her?” She did not reply me.

When we stepped into the living room; we were lured into the kitchen by the smell of Portia’s chicken stew.

The table was set. The white clean empty plates lay before each of us on the table and the pots lay in the middle of it. All I could ask myself was -since when do we ever sit down on a clean table and eat?

Senhle quickly said- “Okay, this is freaking me out…first question Portia- why did you cook? And secondly, why do they smell so delicious?”

Portia was seated on a chair next to me, the twins on Portia’s left side, Senhle across Portia and Omowumi next to Senhle on my left.
“Shut up Senhle. Now before we dish in this wonderful food I prepared for all my circle members…” said Portia, -“I just want to say on this lovely Sunday that the Lord has spoken to me. Audrey….” She turned to face me. The scene was strange and creepy. “Askies, I’m sorry for attacking you. We are sorry for what we did. Right guys?” she said to the twins, -the two people that helped in beating me up. They nodded. Charmaine’s demeanour said otherwise; and Omowumi was looking at her like she could just strangle her right on that table.

Portia and the twins’ ambush on me was actually not the first fight we had in the house. It was the only intense one because i ended up being driven to the clinic. Before that; it was Omowumi punching Portia to a couch. Way before that was Charmaine and Senhle fighting over booze. And way-way before that, it was the twins and some house guest at Kamohelo’s party just because she showed up with Shirley’s ex-boyfriend.

“I don’t buy it. Barbie, don’t buy this nonsense.” said Omowumi. “It’s okay Wumi. I know its bullshit.” I said.
“Ahaa!” exclaimed Portia irritated; “What else do you want me to do? Lick you?”
“You are just afraid she would go to the police… rubbish!” said Wumi standing up. She flounced out the room.

I stood up from my chair as well. I looked at the empty plate in front of me for a full five seconds. And then looked at the chicken stew pot for another full five seconds. Without a second thought; i grabbed the heavy pot on both handles and wallah! I splashed the stew on Portia’s face.
Senhle covered her mouth. The twins carried Portia to the bathroom right away; she kept crying out, and shouting about her eyes burning. I just strut to my room without looking back. Senhle let out a loud laughter.


Sunday was slow, but my legs were a bit faster. I was getting better. The only thing I needed to cover was the bandage on the leg. Other than that, I was okay. So what I was about to ask Omowumi wasn’t ridiculous-so I thought.

I found her busy on her laptop. What looked like dress sketches on the screen. “Is that what you are going for now?” I said closing the door. “Yes.” she responded seeming unmoved by my presence in her bedroom.
I sat down next to her and said- “By the way…I was wondering if you could drive me to-”
“I know what you are about to ask. You want to go to Miss porno.” she said still busy on her laptop.
“And what’s wrong with that?”
She turned her head to face me, – “Audrey look at you. I can’t believe you. You got beaten up just like her. Why can’t she come over here and see you?”
“But she doesn’t know that I-”
“This is stupid. You rank that girl’s life higher than yours.”
“Are you not going to take me?” I said ignoring her candid remark. “You know what, yes. Ask Senhle to take you. I’m busy as it is. I have stuff do design than going to that girl’s house.”
“Habba, fine. I will ask Senhle.”
Even though I knew we would have a debate first; I didn’t think she will refuse.

I limped over to the living room to find Senhle and she wasn’t there. “Senhle!” no answer.
“Senhle where are you?!” still no answer. I went to her bedroom. When I opened the door; I found her lying on the floor,
She seemed at peace. But on a cold floor?
I walked over to her and shook her. “Am I dead?” she finally spoke. “What are you doing? You scared me for a second.”
“Want do you want Barbie?”
“Are you okay?”
She looked up at me with faint eyes and asked- “Has Kamohelo returned yet?” I shook my head.

The whole day she seemed weird. Everyone has been acting strange for that matter. From Portia’s disturbing Lunch, to Wumi hostility, and now Senhle looking like a grieving widow.

“I was wondering if you could drive me to Pontso’s….you look like you need the air even; come.” she didn’t respond, just looked at me.
“Fine, I’ll take you.”
Although she didn’t jump to the idea; at least she didn’t say no like my good friend Wumi.

I then limped straight to her Mazda and waited for her. She came out dressed like she couldn’t give a flying cat about the world.

“Senhle are you really okay?”
“I’m fine Barbie, get in.”
She opened the door for me. She sighed when I sat on the passenger seat.

“You haven’t gone out the entire day; which is unlike you.” I said looking at the morning sleepers she was wearing. I was not so sure that I wanted her to drive me looking like a distressed patient.
She didn’t respond to what I said. I assumed she didn’t want to talk about it. I knew it was not men troubles. Senhle doesn’t date; she sleeps on.

The silence in the car while she was driving was rather sad than awkward. When I eyed her face- she looked like she could break down any second. Did someone die? Did something happen to her son? What is going on?

She was now driving incredibly faster. “Senhle I’m really sensing that-” before I could finish my sentence she jumped in- “I’m going to kill that guy, nxa! In my own car! I’m going to kill them!” she banged the dashboard.
“Senhle who are you talking about?”
She shook her head and looked the other way trying to hide what seemed like tears in her eyes.

“Senhle stop the car. Stop It.”
She let go of the steering wheel, but her legs were still on the pedals-pressed. Her hands were now on her face. I hastily hopped to grab the steering wheel, and moved her legs off the pedals. What? Is she trying to kill us both?

I managed to stop the car. Luckily the road was clear.

“Senhle, what is going on?” I said trying to remove her hands off her face,
“He raped me…right here.” She mumbled.
“What? Who raped you?”
“Right here on this seat, I can’t-”
I attempted removing her hands from her face again but she was adamant; she really didn’t want me to see her face in that condition
“Don’t touch me.”
“Who raped you?”
She kept quiet and continued sobbing. I didn’t know what to do. If I tried soothing her; she would just strangle me.

“Senhle, please tell me.”
“Marumo…he and… He kept licking my ears.” she said sounding like she was choking
“Marumo?” that name sounded familiar, Kamohelo’s boyfriend?
“What about Marumo?”
Me and my dumb questions. However, at that moment, I couldn’t figure out- how is Kamohelo’s soccer star boyfriend involved?
Then it dawned on me, – “Weigh-neh! Oh my God! Are you saying? Oh my God.” when I said that, she just howled!
I moved her head towards my lower body, and she broke down right on my lap. I could feel tears coming out of my eyes. Raped by your sister’s boyfriend? She must be traumatised!

I couldn’t drive because of my leg. Senhle shouldn’t be driving in this kind of condition, i was literally caught up in an impasse. What to do? Who to call?
I grasped my handbag while Senhle lay on the seats and her head on my lap.

I stepped out of the car. I then dialled my ex-boyfriend MK who stayed a block away. He came right away in his mini copper. He parked it next to Senhle’s car.

“Are you okay?” he said pacing towards me. “I’m fine…we are fine. Senhle is in the car.”
He moved closer to me as if to hug me, but he regretted the idea and moved back.

When I told him about what Senhle confided in me; I could see him make a fist. “Where is he?” he asked.
“Marumo, who else?!” he shouted at me. I understood that he was angry.
“We will deal with that, but right now -please take us back to the circle.”

We left Senhle’s car on the streets and drove away in MK’s car. He assured he’d return to the spot and get Senhle’s car. I sat in the back seat comforting Senhle. She couldn’t stop crying. I felt so bad for her. The strong Senhle was now in pain. I guess we are all human after all. We feel everything.

MK kept looking at me from the front mirror as if to make sure I was really fine- which was strange. Senhle was the one who was crying foul, not me.

When we entered through the gate- a car with a bunch of guys in it and Kamohelo in the front -fast passed us. She was sitting on the window pane screaming to whatever the hell they were playing in the car.

Kamohelo has always had a wild side. Nevertheless; what I saw was new to my eyes. Her red thong was in the open. “Is that Kamo?” asked MK in disbelief. He was so shocked and disappointed. I mean, he was her mentor after all.
“Yep.” I replied. MK parked his car at the gate, and off he went towards the car Kamohelo was in.

“Get out of the car!” he shouted at her.
“Dude Ntlohele, let go of me!” Kamohelo screamed pushing MK away.
From the driver’s seat; – out came Marumo. MK grabbed Kamo’s timid body and carried her on his shoulder to the house. She tried kicking her legs, but Makgatho was too strong for her.

When he grabbed her; I thought Marumo would try and stop him, but he was now looking at Senhle when she and i got out of the car.

Senhle noticed him standing by his car. She surprised me by keeping quiet. Marumo stood there with his friends and holding a can of beer; unbothered by the world.

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