Birds – Chapter Thirty

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“are you high?”

MK and I sat Kamohelo down in the bathroom. She looked like a kid high on candy.

“Do you know what Marumo did to your sister? Did he tell you?” said MK
“He told me everything.” she replied idly. Her eyes seeming heavy, – “He told, he told me that …Senhle seduced him. And we all know my sister is a whore.”
I covered my mouth shocked at her words.
“Ke eng? Am I lying? Where is she anyway?”
“You think Senhle would sleep with your boyfriend? Are you nuts?!” I yelled at her. “Where is she?” she asked again.
“I don’t think you should-”
“Sistos! Where are you!” she shouted. She then shut the bathroom door at MK and me. We followed her.

“Kamohelo.” Said Senhle standing at her bedroom door,-“You are drunk so early in the day Kamo?” she said surprised. “Who cares!” Kamohelo exclaimed
“You have been with Marumo since yesterday?” Kamohelo marched over to where Senhle was standing.

She said Senhle- “Well I heard you offered him your famous punani. Haven’t you got any boundaries? I’m your sister!” Senhle kept quiet looking at her. I knew she was hurt. How can Kamohelo say such things when she should be siding with her sister over her rapist boyfriend?
Senhle angrily shut the door on Kamo’s face and locked it.

“Hey sfebe! Hey you whore! Open this door, open this door…I’m still talking to you!” Kamohelo shouted. MK and I just looked in shock. Is Kamohelo high on drugs?

Just then, Shirley and Portia came out of their room. Kamohelo continued shouting at Senhle; – “You will never have Marumo you hear me? I know you have always been jealous of me! Open this damn door! Let’s settle this like family!” she banged on it and kicked it.

Omowumi came out of her bedroom as well and said to her- “Kamo what’s going on? Why are shouting at your sister?”
Kamo turned around and found us all looking at her. “What are you all staring at?”
“Kamohelo are you high?” asked Portia.
“High, low… who gives a shit!”
She turned around to Senhle’s door; banging it and kicking it again. “Sistos! Come out with your famous punani!”
“Kamohelo I advise you to-” just when MK was about to say something, Senhle unlocked the door; and she literally jumped on top of Kamo.

She was now on top of her on the floor, – “You piece of shit!” howled Senhle. The thunder punches she gave Kamohelo were painful to witness.
Kamo lay below her looking helpless and trying to fight back. “I’ve done everything for you! Your tuition, the bed you sleep on!” shouted Senhle. She then banged Kamo’s head against the wall repeatedly. I thought she was literally going to kill her. She continued- “Now you use my money to buy drugs with your boyfriend? My hard earned money!” she went for her cheek this time. We just watched them in astonishment. How do you stop a fight between siblings?

“All the money that made this punani famous! And now you are telling me kak!” she strangled her. Kamohelo managed to reach a stiletto that was beside her, and she hit Senhle with it. Omowumi screamed -“Senhle let go of her. She’s not in her right mind!”
It was as if they didn’t hear her pleading. Kamohelo swivelled Senhle and kicked her belly. “Kamo!” I shouted.
“I don’t care about your whoring money!” screamed Kamo. She took out the cash that was in her jean pockets and threw it on Senhle’s face. “Take it all! I don’t need it! Take it all!” she then spit on her. When the saliva landed on Senhle’s forehead; – she woke up a tiger.
Senhle instantly got up and ran to the laundry room. Few seconds later; she came back with a broom. MK tried to grab it away from her, but she was resolutely faster. Kamohelo knew she had to run.

“I’m going to kill this bitch! Together with her rapist!” screamed Senhle running after Kamo. We all ran after them. I was terrified. Kamohelo was now behind Marumo and his friends whom were waiting for her.

“Run little sister! Keep running!” boy was Senhle fast. Kamohelo hid behind the guys; but Senhle raised the broom at all of them not caring who it hits. And when the broom finally landed on Marumo, – she went ballistic. Right on his head- she went!
Everyone in the complex was now coming towards the chaos to get a glimpse of Senhle hitting Kamohelo’s boyfriend with a broom stick.

“Senhle!” everyone was shouting her name to stop. Marumo was now on the ground covering his face with his legs. He was all curled up like a snail. Although we kept shouting at her to stop; I wanted her to continue hitting him. He deserved it.

Marumo’s friends just stood there watching Senhle beating him. When Marumo managed to get away from her, – that is when the guys intervened and held her back. MK stepped in to get Senhle from the guys.

“You will not get away with this! Rapist! It will be the headline tomorrow! Watch the news diski boy!” furiously yelled Senhle. She then added – “And wena ngwana wa satane! And you, the devil’s child!” we figured she was referring to Kamo, -“Find a place to stay! I’m done with you. We are done! Come take your rags and fotsek out of my house!” she screamed as MK whisked her away from the crowd.

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  1. I just imagined hw it happened n I just loved Marumo’s beating he deserved it stupid fool, Go senhle u made us all proud, I just hope they don’t report U 1st to the police.

  2. Must say I’m so excited that Senhle beat the hell out of Lerumo he deserves it. I just hope she will go and report the matter to the police. As for Kamo I wonder how she can believe a man about umuntu azalwa naye and angalindi ukuzwa Senhle’s side of the story before concluding.

    1. I always ask myself the same question Lara,my sisters husband almost raped me when i visited them,,schools were closed and my sister went to work,he stayed behind i dont know why…and when i told my sister,,she said im the 1 whos after the husband,,i was so young doing my 1st year at varsity,,,till this day we not on talking terms with them and im told she left the guy because he was sleeping with his gfs at their home..this happened in in 2011 and we in 2016 now,,i was so hurt she was suppose to protect me as her lastborn sister

  3. these chapters are always just too short. I will just not read for 2 weeks then catch up. reading these short things daily is just heart breaking.

  4. It’s amazing how the chapter was so short yet so insightful and busy, now I understand why it has to be short, it’s too much information. Imagine reading this drama for a long read, it won’t be fun. I read it in less than a minute but the fight took something like forty five minutes, you skilled girl, thumbs up for you.


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