Birds Chapter 38

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It wasn’t long before the news that I slept with D.J Macky behind Brian’s back broke into social media before the lifestyle show even aired the following day. I was crushed that half the people on social media were now sympathising with Brian saying he was “provoked” Into beating me up. I was flabbergasted at the ignorance and stupidity of people justifying abuse. And it wasn’t long before it was a headline in newspapers. My life was really the media’s playground.

I spent the whole Thursday in my house with my mother on my tail. When I switched on the TV; the sneak pic of me on the show was advertised the entire day. People couldn’t wait to watch how the interview went.

The fact that Bontle did not even apologise for what she did was more upsetting as I thought we were beginning to be friends. Instead, she used me. She was just another person on the list who betrayed me for their own benefit.

My phone couldn’t stop ringing. Innocent photos of D.J Macky and I were now interpreted as a love bloom. A one night stand was turned into a love affair.

My father heard the news. Since his fabricated lie that Brian was the one who cheated on me was now switched; he wanted to let me know about how the chances of Brian staying longer behind bars were now slim.

“Do you realise what this does to the case?” he said over the phone .

“I don’t care about that. This is my life. I don’t care.” And I dropped the call before he could annoy me any further.

D.J Macky called as well. “What happened, how did this get out?” he said.

“Bontle happened.” I replied.

“Oh. Well, this could be a good thing. We can now stop hiding.”

“Excuse me?”

“My girlfriend broke up with me.”

I was slightly irked, – “You think I care about that?”

“You should. Have you went onto twitter? She’s ranting about you, and she’s trending.”


“Just warning you. She even smashed my car windows and my ipad. She’s crazy. Lock all your doors.” And then he laughed.

He found it amusing, so like him. When we ended the call; my curiosity into finding out what this girlfriend of his said about me- wooed me into going online.

She wrote: *@PontsoMolomo so you are the girl that my boyfriend has been thinking about when he and I were together?* about 220 retweets

Another one:

*@PontsoMolomo do you have any idea what you have done to our families? We were in preparations of getting married. You are such a home wrecker. I hope you die and choke.* about 570 retweets

On that tweet; I noticed one of my fans’ comments to her:

*You are funny. You thought you guys were in a perfect white fairy-tale? You blame Pontso for breaking your relationship while Macky is the one who was in a relationship with you and should have kept it in his pants?* about 150 retweets

There were several others who tweeted similar stuff to her but that didn’t stop the girl from trolling me on social media:

*@PontsoMolomo I hope the two of you will find happiness as you are both such evil human beings and deserve each other.* about 350 retweets

I felt bad for her. No, not that I slept with her boyfriend; but for the fact that she was in love with someone like him. He did not love that poor girl.



You know that saying “blood is thicker than water?” And that no matter what, family comes first? That is what I realised that Wednesday night when I got a call from MK that Kamohelo attempted suicide.

First thing I wanted to do when I get to the hospital was to slap her. Slap her hard! However, when I witnessed the sight of her on that hospital bed with drips all over her; I cried.

MK wrapped me in his arms. Senhle was already in the room screaming at her- “Kamohelo why? Why did you do this?!” she cried out shaking her on the bed. But Kamohelo was unresponsively unconscious.

“Who is she?” asked the female doctor that came in the room. “Her sister.” I replied.

“Can I speak with you?” the doctor said to Senhle walking out the room. Senhle and I followed her. I held her hand. MK stayed inside the room sitting next to Kamo’s bed.

The doctor told us that Kamohelo had doses of meth and cocaine in her system. And that she slit her wrist with a razor in attempt of killing herself. I thought I was having those deceptive horrible dreams you wake up from covered in sweat in the middle of winter; but it was really happening, Kamohelo tried to end her life.

The doctor then dolefully said to Senhle- “We have also realised she doesn’t have medical aid, uhm we have to-”

“How much do you want?” she interrupted her. “The bill will cost roughly R30 000. But if your family cannot afford it, you can-”

“I can arrange it. I’m the only closest family she has. Do you want cash? Because I can-”

“Your bank card will do ma’am.” Senhle nodded in comprehension.

“When is she going to be-” I choked before I could finish my sentence. She brushed my shoulder and said- “Your friend will be taken care of. Just be there by her side.”

Senhle put both her hands on her face to cover her tears.

I was so relieved when the doctor said she was going to be fine; because with all those big hospital machines surrounding her; she didn’t seem like she could survive it. She looked weak.

Senhle and i went back to the room when she was done talking to the doctor.

I sat beside MK. We were both just staring at Kamohelo lying on the bed in front of us. Silence between MK, Senhle and i. complete silence of shock and disbelief.

Senhle then murmured- “My only sister. And she wanted to kill herself. What would I do without her? How could I have lived with myself if she succeeded in killing herself?”

I quickly said- “How did you find her MK?”

MK shook his head and responded- “She came to my apartment looking all drunk. She mentioned something about Marumo using all her money. She said he broke up with her.”

He then looked up the ceiling and added- “She then said she needed to shower. I showed her the bathroom and went to the kitchen to make her something to eat. I waited for her to finish showering. After about ten minutes; I then called her out. She didn’t respond. After some time, I knew something was up. I banged on the bathroom door but she didn’t answer. It was locked. I kicked it down and found her in my bathtub covered in blood,” My God.

I touched Kamohelo’s hand. It felt warm. According to the doctor; if MK had found her an hour later, she would be dead. Dead and cold. Leaving her sister with nothing but pain.

The next twenty minutes came Omowumi, Portia and the twins. All confused and in utter shock. Portia was the first to cry, followed by Omowumi when they saw her lying on that bed.

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  1. Hang in there Pontso. This will blow over.

    Heartbroken about Kamohelo. Reminds me of that heart breaking letter where the writer and her friends were raped and the one friend committed suicide after that. Why is the world so cruel though. How can another human being do such an inhumane thing. Thank you K. strength to all victims of rape. I cannot even comprehend the hurt you go through on a daily basis. Castration for all rapists is a must with no anesthetic.

    1. Yho Sbucie, that one that was due to go to Cape Town neh…. That was indeed heartbreaking, I wonder what became of the others. Poor things yaz, men are cruel.

  2. Wow, nice read to get a glimpse of rape & suicide survivors’ life & robbed at that. Talk of double no, tripple tragedy! Thnx Kels.
    @Sbucie, I wud support yo “castration” suggestion but also consider the flip-side where certain ppl are wrongfully accused. I remember reading a story of a dad/stepdad whose daughter/stepdota accused him of rape due to pressure from mom & was sentenced. Only after Evil mom passed on & the kids had no one to look after them, did she come out clean & dad was released. True its rare but a drastic blanket rule wudnt do justice. Each case per merits.
    Cases of serial rapists & repeated offenders, yes they deserve to be castrated.

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