Birds Chapter 37

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I sat there on the dressing room chair going through the questions they gave me in paper. I knew the guy who was doing my make-up for the Lifestyle interview, so i felt safe in his hands.

The interview was starting in an hour. Tshepi advised me to go to the studio early and warm up to Bontle. But the entire time I was there, I haven’t talked to her. She only greeted me and was rushed by her producer to go prepare for the show. The only person I had a meaningful conversation with was Lerato; whom was going to be interviewed with me. And unfortunately she was allocated a room as well for the preparations.

“Are you nervous?” the make-up artist said applying blush on my cheeks

“Kind of. I don’t know why.” I replied turning over the paper.

“You will be great. Don’t worry; Bontle is not that scary as people think.”

“I know, she is actually a sweetheart.”

Someone screamed my name- “Pontso!”

I turned my head around. It was Audrey with a friend. “Hi…what are you doing here Dree?”

She ran and gave me a hug. She seemed too excited.

Her friend stood beside her, mum. “You know Omowumi right?” she said.

“Uhm no, not that i-” I then recognised her, – “Oh yes. You are that Nigerian girl on Lerato’s show right?” the girl rolled her eyes at me. “Did I say something?” I said to the girl. She seemed so angry at me. I was surprised by the girl’s attitude. Audrey attempted lifting the mood- “Pontso look!” she shoved car keys on my face.

“A car?”

“A Porsche! You should see it!” she screamed.

“After I’m done with the make-up. The new guy bought it for you?” she nodded grinning.

“Wow.” I said.

Then her friend Omi or whatever her name is, said to Audrey- “Let me join Lerato, she’s waiting for me.”

“Okay my friend.” Responded Audrey.

When she disappeared from the room; I asked Audrey why her friend was giving me attitude. “I don’t know.” She replied apathetically.

“What is she doing here anyway?”

“They are showcasing her designs on the show. And I’m actually going to show off two of her outfits.” She replied.

“Oh.” I said. Well does your friend know Lerato approached me to partner with her in doing a fashion show at my boutique? She should be licking me right now, not rolling her owl eyes at me. I thought.

“I came quickly as possible, are you ready?” said Tshepiso. “You look beautiful baby.” She added.

“Are you ready Pontso? It’s you right after Lerato. Come” said the director. I was terrified. Lifestyle is such a huge show, everyone will be watching.

“Your microphone is working right?” I nodded.

“Okay1, 2, 3…. 4.5…Go.” And I heard clapping hands by the audience. I modelled my way through to the chair and sat down. I waved to the limited audience.

“Mzanzi’s most talked about model, Pontso Molomo! Give her another round of applause people!” said Bontle. I was more nervous than a whore in church.

“Hello.” I voiced.

“So… everyone is talking about you and your boutique. Your Thee cover recently flew off the shelves. How do you feel?”

“Uhm, it feels great I guess? I’m just chilling you know. Not letting everything get to me.”

“I am really so proud of you Pontso. Your Thee cover of you in lingerie is absolutely beautiful.”

And on came the cover on one of the screens, – “Amazing.” She added glancing at the screen. I was beaming.

Then she said-“And the elephant in the room.”

“What elephant?” I replied tittering.

“The pictures, the incident at your house? Everyone is talking about those two on every social media as well…what do you have to say?”

That question was not on the agenda. I sighed and said- “Uhm, I really don’t know what, uhm to say on that you know. The photos were really a shock to me. I never intended them coming out, so uhm-”

She interrupted me, – “The assault? Your boyfriend D.J Brant was arrested over the weekend. How are you feeling about the whole thing? Are you guys still dating?”

I was shocked; I couldn’t believe she had the nerve to ask me that.

“Well if you have read the Thee interview I did; I have already spoken about the leaking of the photos. The assault is something that I really do not want to talk about right now.” I serenely responded. She said- “But people are curious. I am curious about what exactly happened that night at your house.”

I sighed again, and modishly crossed my legs to contain my anger at this woman asking me personal questions I was not ready for.

“You know what Bontle. I’m here to talk about my modelling career and the boutique. I guess we’ll leave that to the tabloids to tell you how I’m doing; and whether Brant and i broke up.”

And the audience said “Whoooooo.”

Bontle then made a sarcastic laugh, – “I apologise, I am a bit nosy. However, I really am curious as to why the loved and calm D.J Brant could hit his gorgeous girlfriend.”

I kept quiet. Then she bluntly said- “Is it true you slept with D.J Macky?”

“What? No.” I replied on the hop. “People say what happened is because your boyfriend D.J Brant found out about you two.” Is this an ambush? Am I really being attacked on camera?

“I don’t respond to rumours.” I simply replied.

“Fair enough.” She said awkwardly smiling at the audience. I wanted to walk off that stage, but I was composed. People say? Or you just couldn’t wait to break my secret to the rest of South Africa on national TV?

“Moving on from gossip…” she clumsily touched my hand, – “You are going to be on the cover of Pase I hear?”

I moved my hand from her and responded- “I am. I just agreed to do the cover yesterday, as I was approached last week about it. So yes, I will be going to London end of this month to do the shoot.” A loud cheer came from the audience.

“That is amazing news Pontso; you are actually going to be the first African model to be on the cover. So I am proud of you. Congratulations.”

“Thank you.” I responded smiling. However, I sensed jealousy in her tone. She has been modelling for years but she never had the opportunity to be on a magazine huge as Pase.

The atmosphere was so tense because everyone noticed I deliberately moved my hand from hers

It was then signalled that it’s time for an air break. I looked back at Tshepi who was standing at the back of the stage; she gave me thumbs up.

I then looked at Bontle beside me. I was so upset and disappointed of her. What a fake bitch, I thought. Lerato was then called back onto the stage. We were back on camera.

“I will soon be throwing a fashion show featuring the designers I work with, and some of the clothes will be in ‘Pontso Zazzy wears’. So I will be working with the lovely Pontso Molomo. We are both excited about it.” Said Lerato when asked about her new projects.

Lerato then show cased her designer’s clothes. When Audrey came out parading one of the clothing items; there was an incredibly loud cheer by one member of the audience. The black Barbie surely has fans.


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  1. Feels like a lifetime since I read #Pontso, my fave. Thanks K

    Well handled Ms Pontso, she should have expected a curve ball in the questioning. Omowumi uyangidina shame. She needs to get off Pontso’s back already. I’m starting to warm up to Audrey a little bit.

  2. I hate pontsho’s will swear she does not walk on the same ground others walk on…she is so damn fake and her mind is full of evil…..

  3. Pontso character is those people who are jealous when her friends are achieving. She wants everything for herself (selffish) person.

  4. Pontso n Dree are friends? Sm1 seems to care more dan d other… Equality makes d relationship, not sm1 serving d other… Bored by pontso

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