Birds Chapter 36

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I heard stuff shifting outside my room. I got off my bed naked, and found Senhle moving boxes out of her room. I guessed she was serious about wanting nothing to do with Kamo. However; kicking her out was a bit extreme. I walked closer to her.

“Senhle don’t you think you are a little bit overreacting?” I said. “No.” she replied not even looking at me. “She was high. People say stupid things in that state. Who knows what she took.”

“I don’t care Barbie. I want her out. He raped me and she sides with him? What kind of-”

I interrupted- “are you planning to go to the police to report him?”

“I’m still thinking…I don’t know.”

I sighed, – “Don’t put your sister out. Where would she go? Stay with that guy? Come on; think for a minute.”

“You know Audrey I just found out yesterday she withdrew R12000 from my bank account, when she only needed  R9800 to finish off her varsity fees?…and on top of that, she didn’t pay. She lied telling me they needed the money quick or she won’t sit for exams. So she got stoned with that money…whatever she was high on must have cost her that much. My money Barbie… to get drugs?” I was surprised, what is going on with Kamohelo?

Senhle continued- “I am surrounded by drug dealers every day. But not even once have I done drugs, none whatsoever. She chose that life. She will need to get herself out. I’m done.”

I just stood there not knowing what to say to defend Kamohelo.

She was now taking off the posters off Kamo’s side of the wall. I then said to her- “Give her a week at least for her to come back to her senses.”

“I’m not waiting for anything…she’s out.” She said vehemently. No one was going to change her mind. I slowly walked out of her room.






“Senhle Mokwena?” said the nurse.

I looked at Senhle next to me. She took a breath in and out. We then both stood up from our sits. She had asked me to accompany her to the clinic to do a check-up. I followed her to the doctor’s office.

“Hello Senhle. How are you today?” said her doctor smiling at her

“I’m fine.”  She mumbled.

He gestured us to sit on the two chairs that were set next to his table. “We have run the tests.”  We were both listening. He curiously looked at me. Senhle quickly said –“It’s okay, she’s a friend.”

“Okay… well, unfortunately you have Chlamydia. An STD which can actually be treated. However, you will need to be free from engaging in intercourse for the next few weeks. Please take the antibiotics as prescribed; I’m sure you will be okay.”

She faced down on her lap. I brushed her back. He continued- “And as you know, you will need to come back to test again. It is a good thing you came soon, as the bacteria could lead to very unfortunate circumstances like infertility.” She nodded.

He then leaned back against his chair and looked straight at her. “Senhle, you come here every month to do check-ups, and this is the first time I see you this nervous. Other than the news I gave you, are you really doing fine?” she impulsively nodded again. He then said- “Miss Mokwena you know you can tell me anything.”

She opened her mouth -“I…i was-”

“Raped?” he said bluntly. How did he know?

“Were you raped?” he asked again

“I was.”

“When did this happen? Did you report it?”

“No, I don’t think I want to.”

I looked at her not sure if I should say anything. “What is the reason behind that?” he asked

“It’s personal. I am a strong person. I can deal with it.”

He leaned forward, – “No one can pressurise you to report this; so I won’t push you. But as your doctor, I advise you to go the police to avoid this perpetrator from infecting other innocent people. I can even-”

She interrupted him- “It’s complicated. But I will deal with it.”

She started sobbing. He sighed. I grabbed the box of tissues that was on the table and handed her a tissue.

“I am sorry; I’m just in so much pain and stress.” she said. I noticed she was shaking. I sat there feeling useless. “Do you need to talk to someone professional who deals with this kind of issues? I can refer you to a friend, a therapist. She is away on vacation in Japan right now, but she will be back tomorrow. I’m sure she will be happy to help you.”

He then wrote down the therapist’s contact details and office address. Senhle stood up. I did as well.

The doctor looked at me again, I said- “Thank you so much Doctor.”

He then looked at Senhle with a grave concern. “I hope you will do the right thing Miss Mokwena. And please, do see her. Tell her I referred you to her.” she slipped the paper in her handbag, and we went out his office.

She collected the antibiotics as we walked out of the clinic.

“Chlamydia?! That bustard!” she burst with anger when we got inside my Porsche. I was disgusted. What kind of other diseases is he giving her sister?

“I’m so sorry Senhle. What can I do?” I said.

“Nothing, there is nothing anyone can do.”

“You can report him and finish his stupid career.”

She sighed and sobbed again. She then faced down on her lap and said – “you know how it all happened?” I shook my head.

She exhaled and said- “I was at Thomas’s house party. And you know what Thomas does?” I shook my head again. She replied –“He introduces me to men with money so I could sleep with them. So… this time, he invited soccer players. “Celebrities” he called them. I was looking forward to meeting them.”

She continued- “When they walked in; I immediately recognised Marumo. And i knew I did not want to do anything with him because he is Kamo’s boyfriend.” I was listening. “To my shock; Thomas whispered that Marumo had specifically asked for me.”  What? She continued- “I told him I can’t sleep with him as he was dating my sister. Thomas then said Marumo was willing to pay R20 000 for me to sleep with him.” I eyeballed her. She said-“R20 000 Barbie! I was so shocked! I mean, why me?”

“Thomas kept trying to convince me to do it. I got so annoyed that i stormed out of his house.”

She then looked at me, – “I do a lot of things Audrey. But sleeping with my sister’s boyfriend? That is not me.”

She faced down on her lap again. “So, I ran to my car which was parked outside Thomas’ gate. When I opened the car door; I felt a hand on my waist. I turned around, and it was Marumo. Next to him was one of his friends.

“I was so angry that I pushed him away. This is when they both grabbed me and pushed me inside my car.”

She cried out as if reliving that moment again. I opened my arms and pulled her to my chest. She was now choking- “Marumo climbed on top of me and kept whispering in my ear that i was a slut and deserved it.”

I opened my mouth- “I am so sorry Senhle. That is awful.”

“His friend kept pressing my head against the car seat. I couldn’t even breathe.”

My eyes were watery, what has the world come to?

She then pulled her head away from me and said – “I have sex with men for a living Audrey. Who will ever believe that I was raped?”

“Senhle, I think-”

“Don’t worry. I am going to be fine. Just take me to the house, please.”

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  1. What a painful chapter . …… is it me or is there is something missing right from when Audrey couldn’t wait to get into her porshe .. then to todays’ chapter on the beginning chapter ? #abit confused .

  2. this is my first post ever though i do enjoy all your blogs …
    yes there is something missing from when audrey couldnt wait to get into the car and waking up naked. this is a heartbreaking chapter … rape is taboo in most societies… a lot of women are raped by their husbands , a lot of girls raped by their cousins, a lot of relatives have traumatized women and i truly understand where they were coming from.
    i have been abused from when i was a child till now and i remember wishing that i could grow up so that it would stop but alas at 30 my own boyfriend raped me. i tested negative but i still had to take ARV’s for a month for prevention. it was a lonely walk and horrible… to all the men out there a no is a no and to all the women out there teach your children to believe that a woman is not a sex object ….

  3. There is nothing missing. Time has lapsed guys. They had a good night with Dingaan and she eventually went home. Then while she was sleeping she was woken up by the movement of boxes.

    In story telling, if there is no event you skip it. You write only about events that move the story forward or change the characters arch.

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