Birds Chapter 35

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The entire afternoon I had been testing my left leg if it will not disappoint me when I decide to strap on the six inch heels. Well it did. I had to downgrade and put the 3 inch ones like I’m a retiring mother of five.

I had to prepare for my date with Dingaan alone. Omowumi hadn’t arrived from work. When I called her, she said she was working late and was working on a new project, oh the stress! Nonetheless, I managed, Barbie always does.

Shirley had invited some friends over. The music was incredibly loud. I just wanted to get out of there quick. Where’s my ride?

I looked at my Barbie self through the mirror in the beautiful red dress that my rich boyfriend bought for me. Which my ‘ex-boyfriend’ aid me unzip,-something I may never fail to recall when put on the dress.

The entire day I waited for Makgatho’s apology after storming out of my bedroom. But nothing, nothing whatsoever.

Barbs! There is someone for you!” exclaimed Shirley from the living room. I gathered it was Dingaan’s driver. 19.00 p.m. on the dot; I was impressed.

I strut towards the front door. Everyone who was in the living room was staring at me. “Is that the Audrey chick you told me about?” I overheard one of Shirley’s friends say,

“Wow she’s so pretty.”

I smiled at all them saying hi to me one by one.

I reached for the door. Dingaan’s driver was waiting; standing firm in his suit. He held out his hand when I stepped outside.

“Mr Dlanga has sent me. He is waiting for you Miss Mekuria.” his pronunciation of my last name was wrong but too professional to find it amusing.

Dingaan surely knows how to change cars. A rose colored Porsche GT3 was waiting at the gate. He is really going ‘playful’ this time.

The masculine driver opened the car door for me. I sat down contemplating what might be beheaded for me. “Did he tell you where we are having our dinner?” I probed.

“No Miss.” he replied concentrated on the road. I was anxious and excited to see Dingaan. I wondered what he planned for us.

The drive was exactly ten minutes. The driver quietly got out of the car without saying anything to me. I assumed we were at the location. I was just waiting for him to open the door. I sat there bored out of my mind; and occasionally checking my make-up.

Few minutes later the door was finally opened. “Sorry for keeping you waiting Audrey.” said Dingaan smiling at me. I held my clutch against my curves and slowly got off the car.


“Wow.” he said gazing at me.

“Hello Mr Dlanga” I said.

“You look…wow look at you.”

I was blushing. He held my hand and said -“Are you really physically able to be in those heels?”

“You call these heels?” I said lifting the dress. He giggled, -“They look like heels to me….im so glad you are okay.”

“I’m more than okay…and you don’t look bad yourself Dingaan…nice suit.”

“Thank you Audrey. You are not afraid of heights, are you?” he said as we walked hand in hand.

“Oh …a bit, yes.”

“Well, we are going to get rid of that fear.” where is he taking me?

 The hotel building he “temporarily” stayed in stood in front of us. He held my hand tightly as we walked through the building. And off to the lounge, then the other side of the building.

“Sky dining?!” I said trying to contain my excitement when I saw an about 100 metres high table laid out about three metres away from where we were. “Yes. Sky dining,” he said leisurely putting his hand on my waist

“Oh my …I’ve always wanted to do this.” he beamed looking at me.

Something screamed magical that night. It was just us with lit candles, lovely decorated table, and several empty seats. When I asked him if there were people who will be joining us; he revealed he booked all the other twenty two seats for five hours. I was left doing a mind calculation of how much exactly that could have cost him…Damn.

 The food laid nicely on the table. Soft music was played by a timid lady standing at the edge of the table. I was charmed my miniature heels off!

I wanted to be on that table the entire night; hundred metres high above all my troubles, pettiness and drama. Just indulging in well cooked food in the sky.

He couldn’t keep his eyes off me. “You can’t stop smiling.” he said.

“I’m happy, this is beautiful.” I said.

We were seated across each other, and staring into each other’s eyes. Our legs were entwined under the table. “Those earrings, that smile…you are literally sparkling. It’s a great view from where I’m sitting. You are so beautiful.”

“Thank you baby.”

“I have another surprise for you.” he said now lifting the glass with sparkling wine to his lips. “I doubt it will top this.” I said looking around. The lights from the hotel were now staring at us like candles lit. The hotel swimming pool looking blue and synthetic. “It will top this, trust Me.” he said confidently.

“Do you do this sky thing often?” I said.

“Actually no. I’m a virgin, just like you.” I cackled. The thought of sharing something so profound with him for the first time gave me butterflies.

“By the way, what do you think of your new car?” he said now sitting against his chair comfortably observing me. “What? I don’t have-” I muttered. He was cornering a smile. “What?” I asked again.

“The Porsche Audrey, do you like it?” he said now pushing car keys towards my side of the table.

“Dingaan…” I murmured eying the keys.

“Audrey. How and why would I drive a pink car anywhere? …That’s your baby, baby.” I literally jumped! That certainly topped the dinner in the sky. My new Rose Porsche. I couldn’t wait to get off that freaking high table and own it

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  1. I must track this Barbie down and get some tips!

  2. Ok great, the blesser got you a car. Now he must invest in an apartment for you bbz. Use your head girly. We own this sh*t!!

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