Birds Chapter 33

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“this whole mess is bigger than me and Brian”

It was finally on the shelves. My first ever solo cover. I was more than excited. Tshepiso came straight to my house to show it to me.
“Pontso, Pontso! Come downstairs.” She shouted. “You got it?” I asked
I couldn’t wait to read what was written and if they didn’t alter my interview.

“Hello Mabel,” she said to my maid- who was now cleaning the kitchen.
“Hello sisi.” Mabel responded. Tshepi was standing eagerly holding the Thee magazine issue in her hand.

“Did you read it?” I said.
“Of course. I’m impressed…seems like you handled everything well.” she handed it over, and we moved to the couch.

“Lebo left already?” she asked.
“Yah he left in the morning. He had to go back to work …he left with papa.” I replied paging through the magazine to find my interview. And there it was, three full pages about me not counting the two full page pictures of me.

“Aow, I really wanted to see him. Your mom is still here right?”
“Yep, and she doesn’t seem to be leaving anytime soon. I’m too excited to read everything now. I will attend it later.”
“You have all the time in the world though.”
“No, I’m going to Zazzles right now. And after that, I’m going to a meeting with the agency.”
“With those legs? Who will drive you Pontso?”
“I think I can manage. It will be a great exercise. I can’t sit in this house all day Tshepi.”
My mother walked in from the back door, -“Thank God you are here Tshepiso. Tell her she can’t be going anywhere with such injuries.” She said. “I am fine. They are not painful anymore; i can drive.”

Luckily the swelling on my eye was yesterday. All I had to do was cover the area with a small strip bandage and I looked a bit pleasant to be in public.

“You shouldn’t be going out. What will people say?” said my mother
“What people? Life goes on.” I responded.
Tshepi shook her head saying- “Pontso. We are not talking about something that happened last month. It was just two days ago. People are still talking.”
“So you are saying I shouldn’t work? Live my life? No ways…I’m going to work.” they both looked at me like I’m a psychopath. I didn’t care; I just couldn’t dwell on the same thing the rest of my life.

“Brian is the one who should be looked at and checked out. I’m the victim…they should be happy I’m trying to move on.” I said adamantly getting up from the couch. “That reminds me.” said Tshepi now revealing a newspaper from her handbag. She threw it on the couch to see the words: “Dj Brant fired from Zfm.”
“What? He got fired? For what? It can’t be because of what happened, is it?”
“He demanded another show. He doesn’t want to work with Macky anymore. And since Macky has shares at Zfm; they got rid of him….but that’s not what’s written there. They say ‘misconduct and attitude’; you know how they are.” I was suddenly worried for him.
My mother immediately asked curious- “Who is Macky?”
“It’s his co-host.” answered Tshepi.
“And why doesn’t he want to work with him anymore? Are they fighting?” Tshepi eyed me; I walked to the fridge. “Maybe.” she responded; trying to be vague as possible.

I took out sparkling water from the fridge. I was ready to go out. No one was going to stop me.
“Mable, could you please get my hand bag upstairs?” she nodded and immediately paced to my bedroom.

“So you are really going to work?” Tshepiso said looking at me with suspicion. “Life goes on like I said…are you coming with, or you are staying here with my boring mother?”
“What time are you coming back Pontso?” asked Ma.
“When I’m done with everything.”
“Yeah, I’ll stay here with Mamoholofor an hour.” responded Tshepi.
“Fine. Suit yourself.”

Mabel came down with my handbag, and I was out.


I finally arrived at the restaurant. The last time I was there; I was having lunch with my boyfriend like a functional couple.

I found Thabz waiting for me. He stood up when he saw me. I walked slowly towards him. If Tshepiso finds out about this, i will never hear the end of it.

“You came…I didn’t think you’d come.” He said seeming keen. I agreed to meet up with him because he texted me countless times after what transpired when he and Brian came to my house the previous night.

“You have five minutes. I have a hectic schedule today.” I said to him. He pulled out a chair for me. We then both sat down. He looked straight at me, focussing on my face.

“Should I get you anything, coffee?” he said.
“No thanks, I don’t have much time.”
“You look good; I hope you are really good because he’s a mess. A huge mess.”
“What do you want Thabz?”
“Call him, answer his calls…please Pontso. I’m worried about him. His whole life just turned upside down.”
“I can’t …I’m sorry. That can’t happen right now. I don’t know what to say to him. I don’t even want to see him.”
I added- “You two started this whole mess by leaking those pictures. What was that for exactly? Because I slept on a white boy? So immature.” I shook my head. He carefully observed me through his glasses. “I’m sorry about that. I apologise…it was your privacy; we were wrong.”
“So you do admit that you two leaked them together?”
“We did… I’m sorry Pontso. I really am.”
I couldn’t believe he was admitting it, -“Those pictures could have ruined my career, are you aware of that? People can’t even look at me the same way. I’m the nudes’ girl. Now thanks to him, I’m the nudes’ and the abused girlfriend.”
“I’m aware, but right now I just need you to text or call my friend. He’s in serious pain. All he ever talks about is seeing you and making things right. And after what happened last night at your house? He can’t focus nor even eat. I’ve never seen him like that…. You know he got fired?”
“I heard.”
“He’s a wreck. I know you still care. Call him.”
“Thabz I can’t just call him. You don’t understand. This whole mess is bigger than me and Brian.”
“So you are really going through with the charges?”
“Did you hear what I just said? It’s not about me, how I feel, or what I want. My father, the media, feminists, the women’s league, the real men’s league, my fans…everyone who thinks they have a right to this situation- is literally involved.”
“So I can’t just call him, see him, or drop the charges.”
“Do you want to drop them?”
“I don’t know. I really don’t know Thabz. Everything is going so fast; I can’t even think. That house too is getting to me.” I gently stood up. “I hope your friend will pull through all this; because right now apparently we are at war. Tell him to get a good lawyer; because my father is going to wipe the court floor with his ass …I will see you around.”
“Pontso.” he said standing up as well. “Thabiso please. Do not pressurise me.”
I was walking away when he said- “He loves you. You know that.” I instantly turned around,-“He didn’t love me when he kicked me on my stomach while I pleaded him to stop, now did he? I have to go.” and I was out of the restaurant.

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  1. I don’t. What type of man would leak private pictures from his woman. I hope he gets what’s coming to him

  2. The last line is what I told my ex when he told me he loved me while I was in hospital with swollen and bruised face. I love this blog. It. Just keeps me courage to never give up. I wanted. To drop the charges but not anymore Thank you.

  3. Why are you guys feeling sorru for him?

    For every action there is an equal or opposite reaction… Didnt Brant know this logic?

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