Birds Chapter 34

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I woke up in MK’s arms. We were still stark naked after the activity we continuously divulged in all through the previous night. His arms felt warm and home. He was still asleep. I looked up at him and planted a kiss on his full lips. His small eyes slowly opened.

“Morning.” I whispered. He gazed at me curled up in his arms and smiled.

“Morning beautiful.” he kissed me.

“I can’t believe you slept here…are you not going to work?” I asked

“No…no, I’m actually free till p.m.”


I wrapped my arms around his neck and I continued stroking my tongue in his mouth. He pressed me closer to him while caressing my thighs under the blanket.

“Last night was so nice.” I said.

“It was mind blowing. I missed you Audrey….And I aren’t you going to work?”

“Are you mocking me?”

“No, I’m actually asking…I was not going to ask. But, what’s with you? You don’t want to host anymore….i don’t see you getting modelling gigs. What’s going on?”

He switched the mood just like that. “I have a plan.” I said flinching my eyelids. “What is your plan?” he said looking at me like I’m an idiot. I was suddenly getting irritated, – “Why are you so interested in my career?”


“Yes. Why are you so interested in what I do next?”

“Because you are good. People adored you on that teen show…and you are a great model as well. Next you just model wherever Pontso is modelling…and that was it.”

“Really!? You are always so focused on what happens next; my career, your career, that’s why i-”

“That’s why you broke up with me? That’s why you slept with my friend? Because I’m ambitious? Are you serious?”

“Makgatho I don’t want to fight with you…we had such a great time last night, just like-”

“Old times?” he interrupted again. “Yes…didn’t you have a great time?” I tried lifting up the mood by brushing his shoulders. “I should be going.” he said removing my arms off him.

“What? Why? I thought you said you are not busy now-”

“Yes, we had a great time Audrey. But I know it meant more to me that it did to you. So spare me.”


“What? Are you really surprised? What will happen when that rich boyfriend of yours comes over?”

“Oh. So you have sex with me and now you are bothered by that?”

“Stop…Stop it. You don’t have the right to pull that card. So don’t give me that.”

“Makgatho please.” I said grasping his arm as he moved away from me to get out of bed.

“No, let go of me… i love you. I’ve always loved you Audrey.”

“Then why are you doing this?”

“What is it that you want entlek?” he turned to look back at me waiting for my response

“I…i-” I stammered.

“I what? Spit it out. What do you want from me?”

I was blank, what did I want from him?

“Thought as much.” He said.

My phone vibrated. It was on his side of the bed. He grabbed it and looked at the screen with absolute annoyance. “Your Mr B.E.E is calling.” He said shaking his head and throwing the phone at me. It landed in front of me on the bed. He then picked his clothes from the floor and started dressing up.


Ke eng? What? … Audrey figure out what it is that you want. I don’t want to entertain your shit all over again.”

“You are being unfair.”

He shook his head again riled up- “Your phone is ringing. So answer your damn meal ticket, I’m out.” He shut the door.

My phone stopped vibrating. I grabbed it from the bed and called Dingaan back. “Audrey.” he said.

“Hello baby. I just missed your call. I was in the shower.”

“Okay, just wanted to confirm our date…my driver will be there to pick you up at seven. Will you be okay with that?”

“Yes, it’s Okay.”

“Oh, and I hope the dress was a perfect size.”

“It is, and i love it. I so much love it Dingaan.” I was suddenly beaming even after what transpired between MK and i. “I can’t wait to see you in it.”

“I can’t wait as well. You won’t let me go after you get a glimpse of Me.” he giggled. “Right…we will see about that. See you later gorgeous.”

“See you handsome.” I hung up.


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  1. I’m first for the first time!
    Eix I’m afraid I’m in an Audrey situation myself! Loved by one guy, provided for by the other!
    Great read Kelso

    1. That was me a month ago left the guy who provides for the one I love… No matter what people say it’s hard being happy when broke.

  2. Hi Keletso, please rather not post if you are going to post something this short, one scene basically. Please respect us as your readers, consistency!

  3. Audrey really does need a clear look at the future. She could be something great, she just has to see it herself and believe in it. Whatever this Dingaan guy is into can surely show her some inside on how things are done and it could be a great start for her instead of just fighting to be promoted from makhwapheni to 2nd wife. Eish I wish she can just wake up….

  4. Can you guys stop complaining about the same thing. She did explain why some chapters are short. It was a great read,appreciate that.

  5. Stop complaining already, just read it after 3 weeks. Repeat until the end of the book. Period!

    Thanks Kele.

  6. @Patience and they might stop this one too. people must learn to appreciate and if they not happy with this blog, they must just find another one.

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