Birds Chapter 32

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“why are you so damn beautiful?”

After what transpired earlier that evening between Kamohelo and Senhle, and Senhle and Marumo; I just wanted to be alone. To be in my world where there was at least a piece of sanity left. I sat on my bed. I couldn’t believe what I just witnessed. No one could have ever guised that the sweet and polite Kamohelo was on drugs. The stuff she said to her sister? Marumo has really changed her. So much so that I was still in shock! Who was that girl? That was not Kamohelo! A lot has left me numb, but that makes it on my top five list.

Omowumi knocked on my door holding what looked like a box. “You received a package today after you left with Senhle.” she handed it to me. In italics on a red note read the words:
*Please wear this tomorrow evening. I know you would look great in it -Dingaan Dlanga* I beamed.

When I opened it; I realised the package was already open. “Wumi…you opened it?”
“Yes oh…if it was a bomb?”
“Why would Dingaan send me a bomb?” she shrugged.
“It’s a dress…it’s a beautiful dress. One I assume took the designer the whole year…open it.”

Oh I shouldn’t brag about how Dingaan had such a charming taste!
“Wow.” I stood up and held it against my body, and looking into the mirror.
“You will look dope in it Barbie.”
“I know, I know…how much do you think it cost? This is beautiful.”

She then sincerely voiced- “I apologise for what I said earlier…it was uncalled for. I shouldn’t…I have bad days as well my friend.”
“It’s okay.” I simply murmured. I was too engrossed to the red and silky dress. I eagerly stripped to put it on.

“I will be in the Kitchen. Are you hungry?” she said.
“Yes please.”
“I will come back to see you in it. And oh, in an hour its Lerato reloaded. You missed me on TV last Sunday.” she smirked.
“Oh yes! I’m glad I am free tonight. Thanks for reminding me. I will be in the living room to watch Wumi. I won’t miss it this time.”
“You better not, oh. I made an exception last week because it was Dingaan you were going out with.” she said leaving the room.

I loved the reality show Omowumi was on. Not only because she was on it; it was all about fashion. What model wouldn’t love such a show? On top of that, my friend was the star of the show. Everyone loves her.

When she disappeared from the room, I tried on the dress. It fit like magic. At that moment; it hit me,-how great the dress will look in the diamond earrings Dingaan surprised me with!

I positioned the diamond earrings against my ears. I was right; the dress and the earrings belonged together.

“You look beautiful in those.”
I turned around; and it was MK standing at my door; leaning against it like he had been standing there for a while.
I carefully placed the earrings on my dressing table. He then said-“Did he get you those earrings? They look expensive.”
I didn’t answer him as I sensed judgement.

“Can I come in?”
“Tell me about this guy…this man.”
He leisurely sat on my bed. “I’m interested as to what draws you to him, and how he literally made you forget all about me.”
“Makgatho I don’t-”
“Tell me. What is it? Is it money again? Is that all you want from him? Is it love? Do you love him?”
I kept quiet and tried undoing the zip of the dress on my back.
“Let me.” he offered.
Still, he moved closer to me and put his two fingers at the tip of the zip. I observed his ardent expression through the mirror as he slipped the zip down on my back. I knew then that things were about to get awkward.

I turned around to face him. He was about two inches from my face. I needed to change back to the clothes I was wearing. When he noticed I was uncomfortable, he said- “I have seen and worshiped everything there. I know every part of your body. So don’t be shy. Take it off…”
“Take it off; if you don’t… if you don’t Audrey; then you still love me. I know you do. Prove it to me. Prove me wrong.”
“By taking this dress off?”
He was confusing me. He was daringly challenging me.

“I know you. You are never shy around men, unless you feel something deep…take that dress off. The same way you did with my best friend, the same way you did with Khakha, and the same way you do it with your new boyfriend…take it off. Prove me wrong.” he touched my chick and then grasped my waist towards him. He kept on repeating- “Take it off.” whispering on my neck.

I slowly closed my eyes. I felt a certain edge to kiss him. His fragrance had always lured me, – like a drug. I bit my lower lip.

His right hand was now uplifting my chin. I opened my eyes again. He gazed at me; searching through my face; for lies, for the truth.
“Tell me I won’t regret it if I kiss you.” He said. I gazed at his smooth, full lips. “You will regret it.” I replied. “I want to …Audrey…my Ethiopian beauty.” he sighed. I looked down at my feet, and I brazenly let go of the dress.

“Are you happy now?” I said still staring down at my feet. He lifted my chin again and gazed straight into my eyes. He then moved his arms over me as if hugging me. And slowly, and very slowly – he pulled down my panties to the tip of my buttocks.
“Makgatho.” I called his name again. “I’ll only stop when you tell me to…I don’t care what happens next…hurt me, pain me.”
He then tenderly moved my underwear against my long legs. I lifted my feet when the underwear touched the ground. I looked at it on the floor with a seditious excitement.

He looked up at me below my knees. He then made three steps away from me.

His eyes were now fixated on the bandage on my leg. “Is it painful?” he asked.
“A little.”
He shook his head. I folded my arms as if to hide my boobs.

“I thought your beauty was my blessing when we were …now, as I look at you standing there; I know for sure it is a curse. Why are you so damn beautiful?” he asked with an earnest expression like I needed to answer his question.

I looked at him; attempting to feign whatever that I was feeling. It was interesting to watch him observe every form of my frame. From my pinkie toe, to my eyes. I could feel my whole body vibrate. I was incredibly nervous for some reason. I attempted moving closer to him, “No, stand there.”- He commanded, and I obeyed.

After mulling and deliberating; he came pacing towards me. He held me by my afro and ultimately kissed me. My body was now feeling light and warm. It was like his juicy saliva was sending a hot signal throughout my entire body.

I stroked my hands through his carefully organised dread locks while undoing his jean belt and tantalising my tongue in his mouth. He lifted me up and seductively squeezed my buttocks. When he did that, – that warm fuzzy feeling between my legs amplified.

Off, he gently threw me on my bed. The things he did to me next will forever resonate in my brain. I couldn’t feel anything else; just him, just my Makgatho. The guy I fell in love with and then broke his fragile heart.
Here he was not caring about anything else but what is lying under his compelling, masculine body. He had always been excellent in bed; and we have always had amazing orgasms. Like our bodies were inevitably meant for each other, but were we?

Twist- twist, Omowumi opened the door saying -“My friend here is your-” when she wanted to add “food”; she quickly closed the door cackling. I do not think MK gave a damn. I don’t think he was even on the mettle of anything else but me. A fire could have blown off right next to the bed and he wouldn’t have given a shit.

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  1. Thnx for the read.
    Personally I think beautiful &material -loving girls are not as loyal as one wud want them to be. Their DNA is not associated with being faithful. Only the heavy-walleted dudes can handle them.
    On the other hand, heavy-walleted guys usually see who is wife material & just hit on diamond chasers for fun. Yo story here confirms & magnifies that theory.

  2. I don’t know why but the word “panties” always makes me think of those unattractive, during that time of the month type of underwear 😂 with the jockey label round the waist. So not meant for this sultry chapter. #noShade loving the book just my 2c

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