Birds – Chapter 28

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“do you now see what that idiot did to you?”

We arrived at my house. It was prickly awkward for me. Just almost 18 hours ago, Brian lift his hand on me in my own house. I wasn’t ready for anything; I just sat in the car all bleak and unwilling- while the three of them climbed off it.

“Pontso…we are here. Come my baby.” said mama. “I’m coming.”
It was as if someone died. The atmosphere was sombre.

The first thing I took a glance at when I entered my living room- was the couch. Recalling how I was ruthlessly dragged on my legs when trying to get away from him. The thought distraught me. Pontso Molomo helpless and weak!

Tshepiso gave me that pity look. “Do you want anything?” she said
“No, I’m fine Tshepi. I think I will go to my bedroom now.”
My dad said- “Remember what the police said. Don’t even bath or take a shower.”
He then said to mama after eying his wrist watch- “Mmao Lebo I should be leaving. I have to be somewhere.”
I mumbled while going up the stairs –“Yeah, go to your mistress.”
I knew he heard me; but i didn’t even look back to see his reaction.

I needed to be alone in my room. Gather everything that happened.

When I was passing by the full-length mirror between my bedroom and bathroom; I stopped. If anyone was to see me in public like that; they wouldn’t even recognise me. I wasn’t Pontso. I looked pathetic and ugly.

I touched the swelling on my eye. I felt like cutting it off with a sharp knife.

I took off the heavy jersey and the white top I was wearing. The bruises on my stomach almost gave me mini heart attack. I wished I was not that recklessly and senselessly drunk in order to remember his exact expression when he was pounding me repeatedly while I pleaded him to stop. That even for a minute; -did he feel sorry for me? Was his heart pumping? Did he have a soul?

I then turned around to see what could be hiding on my back; and there were bruises as well. Just not intense like on my stomach.
I noticed Tshepi standing by the corner of the bathroom staring at me. “Tshepi.” I hissed.
“Do you now see what that idiot did to you Pontso?” she said.
“How long have you been standing there?”
“Not long…I came to give you your cell phone. But please, do not go online.”
“Why not?”
“Well, they took Brian in. Twitter is abuzz …of course”
“My God.” I said shaking my head in anguish. “Rest baby girl…. and you will find your little nyana present on your bed.”
“Anything worse than this?”
I was curious. I put the white top back on, and she seized the jersey from my hand.
“Just go Pontso, hau.”
I limped to my bedroom and turned the light on.

I noticed a file on the bed. “What is this?”
I grasped and opened it. It was a copy of my cover on Thee magazine.
“Wow.” I said.
“I know. Same thing I said when I saw it. Wow!”

I observed my face and my almost perfect body in the lingerie. I looked fierce. The opposite of how I felt at that moment. “When did they send it?” I asked. “Yesterday. I was going to surprise you this morning. But then I was called about…it felt wrong to show it to you.”
I looked gorgeous. Best picture of me on a magazine thus far.

“That’s not all, turn over.” she said. I did so, and it was a picture of me in the garden set in a lingering cream white dress; smiling this time. I looked so in control and happy. I envied the look on my face.
“What is it? Don’t you like it?” she questioned. “No, I love them. Just…I wanted to be thrilled when I see the cover. Now look at me; wrong timing.”
“I know. I just wanted to remind you that you still got this…this situation shouldn’t change you. Just see how beautiful you are Pontso. Come on.”
I groaned putting the file away.

“When is the issue coming out?”
“Next week. First thing Monday it will be on the shelves!” she said ecstatic.
“Okay, I should sleep. The doctor said I should rest.”
“Although I know you are not going straight to sleep, and you just want to get rid of me; I will just give you your space,”
“Your mom is downstairs in the spare room. I will be going ne?” she said handing me my phone.
She walked slowly out of the room. She then looked back at me; “Go Tshepi! I’ll be fine.”
She smiled and closed the door.

My phone was off. I tried turning it on but to no avail, the battery must be dead. I plugged it in and it switched on.

Missed calls! Tons of missed calls! It was like my nudes just came out again. How about a sex tape?

Audrey had called; at least she did this time. My agency again, my brother Lebogang, my scout Francois, DJ Macky, Bontle called as well, and several phone numbers I couldn’t recognise.

My phone suddenly rang; it was Audrey. Incredible timing. “Hello Dree.” I spoke. “Oh my God, you are okay. Are you okay? I tried calling you earlier.” She said sounding fussed. “I am fine Dree.” her voice was somehow refreshing to hear. She then curiously asked- “Is it true? What they say in the papers? Did he hit you?”
“It’s true.”
“Oh wow…I’m so sorry; I will come see you. I’m just dealing with some stuff now.”
“What stuff?”
“Nothing media worthy.”
“Okay then.”
“Bye Phontsho.” She hung up. Nothing media worthy?

I wanted to check how badly the news were circulating; so i went online.

News-24, Sowetan, Daily sun…all of them had the headline. When I read one of the articles; I was taken aback by: “The accused was allegedly drunk and hit Miss Molomo repeatedly on the stomach when she confronted him about his cheating ways.”
I knew then that papa must have made a sweet and fat deal with those police men. A well-known handsome Dj cheating and abusing his girlfriend. Well done Khumo Molomo; you really thought this one out.

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  1. Since I started reading this book,I felt and the feeling is increasing daily,that this Pontsho sound like Bonang….can’t shake it off

  2. Thank you keletso. Chapter was long indeed :). good read. i do not know who Bonang is so i am totally lost in the comments.

  3. Yaaaay!!! Pontsho is nothing like Bonang!!!! B* is not this rude and nje she’s naht the type tuh sleep with her bf’s colleague wah the hell guys???? Haaay maan….

    1. But your girl B is the type to sleep with her so called friend’s man and father of her child while she is also in a “relationship” with Debanj? But no, she’s nothing like Pontso at all.. Ok, we see you. The way you’re so emo about this Bonang, could swear y’all get paid.

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