Young Employed and Single

Y.E.S – Chapter Thirty

“Never underestimate what it means to have an honest and loyal friend! So many women especially turn on each other over time the moment something happens. They forget how hard, how long, how many sacrifices and indeed how many battles they fought together the moment a guy looks at both of them! To throw so many years of friendship away just because you called ‘dibs’ on a guy and he chose her shows a level of immaturity that will make you lose even the ones that should matter to you most!” Mike Maphoto


When you are suspended there are a lot of things you are not allowed to do and one of them is stand in representation for the company in any manner. It’s meant to protect the company from sabotage. Secondly if anything goes wrong with a deal for example and you did it under this condition you could be found criminally liable for it. Good intentions like the ones I had therefore did not do me justice in this case. The reason why I hesitated is that if I told him that I was off the contract what would happen if he pulls out of it? I am not going to say I had worked so hard to get the contract but I would like to believe that my contribution was important enough to care. Again it would be like I had sabotaged the deal so I was in a catch 22 situation. It was too late in the day to call Mr. Gold and besides I did not even have his number. I would have to call Susanna to tell her and that just grit my tits ah! Turning to someone you consider an enemy for help is the lowest thing you can ever be made to do and I had to so! For all I know it had been Susanna’s idea to send Rudzani to Mr. Gold. Rudzani was book smart yes, that’s how she ended up in this company but to go to Mr. Gold directly was not in her personality. She would have gone to Susanna first who would have said to her that this was too big for her she must go to Mr. Gold! See, Mr. Gold was the last line that’s why I did not even have his number on my phone!

“Just give me ten minutes Simba I have just gotten into the house.”

I told him just to give me a chance to make the call. I was still not sure what to call him, Mr. Tizora or Simba so I kept on switching in between the too! This is part of the reason why I had gotten into trouble in the first place, failure to disclose that I knew him outside of work parameters!

“Sure thing go ahead!”

He said and I obliged. I dialed Susanna as soon as the phone hung up. Eish, swallowing your pride is hard and it’s true that you actually get a lump in your throat which goes down with a gulp.

“What do you want?”

Was the first thing she said when she picked up? Firstly I did not even think she will pick up so I am glad she did. Secondly it’s not like I expected her to be happy to hear from me so that did not hurt.

“I want to talk to you!”

I told her. How else could I answer that question?

“I don’t want to discuss your case but you must know you disappointed everyone!”

She said taking that superiority boss she likes taking. Unfortunately something I have noticed is that when you fight with a colleague of a different race, black tendency is immediately to see her attacks on you as racial even if they were not. To this end I always thought of her as racist. I know I had but first and foremost I had disappointed myself first and foremost for not having seen that there was something wrong with Rudzani so their feelings can wait ok! I had considered her a friend but it’s because I was stupid.

“I know but I did not do what I am accused of but its fine I am calling you because of that and I am sure to you I was guilty the moment you heard that!”

I told her.

“Please let’s not discuss it, please! My opinion does not matter at all but if this thing gets reported to the disciplinary committee I am very certain I will be called to testify against you!”

She said and I let her off the hook. I did not comment further on it because even if I hated her, the truth doesn’t change!

“I am not. Mr. Tizora called me just now and he says he wants to discuss the project!”

I told her.

“Why is he calling you? He should not be calling you?”

She said angrily.

“Did you tell him already that the lead liaison had been replaced?”

I asked her a bit surprised actually because that would have super-fast!

“No I did not tell him. He should have been told!”

She said to me!

“Well I am not going to tell him because he might not want to sign with us after all and I will be accused of sabotage! It’s up to Mr. Gold or you to do that!”

I then went on to tell her what all my other fears were if I played either side. She listened attentively and didn’t ask questions.

“This is a Catch22. Whichever way I advise you there could be consequences. Let me call Mr. Gold and find out for you!”

She said and immediately hung up. I was not even sure she will call back and I had told this man that I will call him back just now. Ten minutes later I was already sweating when she finally responded.

“Goodness you took your time! I was scared he would call in that time but thank heavens he didn’t!”

I said when she picked up. She ignored all that and said,

“Mr. Gold said try to redirect him to someone else! He says it will be a good idea to do it to Rudzani this way you two can mend things quickly!”

Had she just said that? Now they wanted me to give the opportunity away to Rudzani the very same person who had turned me in for trying to get it in the first place! These people sure know how to insult and humble you!

“Are you sure he said that?”

I asked her very suspicious of it because I could not see his logic in this. She had said I pimped her out so her working on the contract would only reinforce this belief!

“I am certain! Why would I lie? Do what you have to do and come back to work!”

She said and hung up. Did this mean she wanted me back? Was she not my worst enemy there so why would she want that? Too many fake people in this world. There are simply too many people who are out there who sell you fake smiles! It’s as simple as that! She was one of them! You can never raise a snake as a pet because one day it will bite you by mistake and that will be the end of you!

I now had to call him because it’s what I had said. I was not up for talking to him but I had to. I was going to roll the dice on this one, it was my deal and I was simply better at every one else on my team on its specifications.

“Sorry I took longer than I thought to get back to you!”

He said when I picked up!

“It’s ok you gave me a chance to gather my thoughts!”

I said sitting down. I didn’t know how to handle this though!

“It’s a bit late to discuss this don’t you think?”

I asked him in my last vein attempt to shift his focus to maybe tomorrow but he laughed!

“Business has no office hours hey!”

He said.

“I just want to discuss what the paperwork will look like!”

He said and that’s how it began. It was only two hours later that the conversation ended which was bad because it meant I had not done what I was supposed to have done! I had said more about the deal than I was supposed to. Nothing bad but more than I was supposed to have said.

“I am glad we had this chat! I could sense that there were tensions in the ranks when you were in the meeting and I hate working with a company that has bad blood amongst employees!”

He said at the end. It’s a good thing I had not mentioned that there was bad blood then because that would have had him walk away and I would have been blamed.

“It’s ok you in the right place! There is no tension at all, we just very competitive! You know these things come with bonuses!”

I said to him and he laughed. I had lied about the tensions of course! I had to because much as I was angry I was not going to allow anger to motivate me. When he hung up I already had two missed calls from Susanna. I called her.

“What took you so long? Mr. Gold was calling so many times!”

She said angrily. I explained what had happened and that they should expect to see him in the office tomorrow because he was coming back specifically for that!

“Thank you for that!”

She said. I could hear satisfaction in her voice even though she would never say job well done. Guess the credit was going to go to her somewhere somehow! She hung up. I was now left alone to my thoughts and after the day I had had it was not what I wanted. My sister was late! She had said she was coming so where was she. I decided to call her!

“Where are you dude? For someone who said you coming to comfort me you really suck!”

I told her as soon as she picked up!

“Eish, sorry, I decided to pick up food because I know you! You don’t cook!”

She said and I laughed. Well it’s true; I had pots I had never used before! When you are a young career woman, no matter how much of a chef you were at home when you still lived there, cooking is not on your first choice of things to do. We take as many shortcuts when it comes to food as possible. Maybe Saturday morning breakfast but that’s after gym of which there are simpler ways to eat!

“I have a fully stocked fridge we could have cooked together like we used to when we were young! That was fun!”

I told her.

“You mean when I slaved myself because mum thought I was the better cook, I still hate you for that because whilst I was bragging that mum thought I was the better cook I never realized that it meant I did all the work whilst you sat and watched!”

She said. It was true that she had done most of the cooking and it made me laugh.

“Ok just get here already!”

I told her and hung up. I had a chance to recap my day now before she came so I decided to run a bath. I was not going to take hours in it like I usually do because I was tired already.

I had just taken off my dress, before my bra when there was a knock!

Come on now!

Was she here already!

I tied my towel around me and went to the door! It was not her, it was Miriam!

I had just seen her a few hours ago but she was different!

“He hit me Lungi!”

She cried!

“He hit me!”

Her tears running over her swollen eye and lip!

“He said I cooked too late because I was already trying to ask my mother how to bewitch him!”

She said as I gathered her in my arms.

I look to the heavens and angrily asked God why he made women to be men’s punching bags!

I was hurt!

*******The End********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Dear Mike
Thank you for your blog. May God bless you for the good work that you do.
I have a 2 year old son me and his father were together for 5 years, we recently broke up he is Zimbabwean by the way. I have been unemployed for a year now and things are a bit difficult financial for me and my son but my family is helping me. Woo i loved that man with all my being but i guess that was not enough.I am in Limpopo and he is in Gauteng so it’s been difficult to get him to support his son that’s one battle I have accepted that I have lost. We have been fighting and he questioned the partenity of my son. So now he has threatened to take me to court because I have refused to allow him to take my son for a couple of weeks to spend time with him. The only reason I refused is because I don’t know where he stays and I cannot risk giving him my son then never seeing him again. So I just wanted to know if I was wrong for refusing him. I don’t want to expose my son to someone I don’t trust because I know now that he stays with another woman. I would like your readers to give me some advise cos I dont have anyone to talk to.

18 thoughts on “Y.E.S – Chapter Thirty

  1. Dear Anonymous

    What I have noticed from watching alot of Khumbula ekaya is that many a times the Zimbabwean father after breaking up with you, will come back under the pretense of wanting to spend time with his child only for you to gain his trust and allow him to take the child to his place for a weekend. Next thing you know your child is in a village in Zimbabwe and you got no means or knowledge about his where abouts to go try and find him. Your child will grow up hating you because his father would have fed him stories about how you abandoned him as a child. So if he wants to spend time with the son which he doubts is his then he must do so under your terms and watch.

  2. Dear Anonymous

    As a mother it is important to know where your child is going you were not wrong because you are only protecting a seed that was growing inside you for nine months and your son is still a toodler. I would suggest that you set ground rules, if he wants to see your son you should also be there. As for the threat let him take you to court. Lastly you a strong woman accepting that you have lost is what makes you strong. I pray you get a job and be able to provide for your son on ur own. Good Bless you

  3. Anonymous do not give your child away to a foreign national man that’s denying him anyway. Rather go to court and see where that fight ends up. The court is most likely to take your side as the mother who’s been doing the raising alone.

  4. Thank you Bhut Mike 🙂 eish this marriage thing aint soo rosey after all.

    QnA: Dont you dare send your child away to a man that you yourself dont know where he lives!! I am still dating my boyfriend and we live together but when he suggested that I send my daughter to his parents for a visit. I straight up told him that I will not do that if I AM NOT THERE…NEEEVER!!!

    With all these child stealing and human trafficking stories , I dont let my child out of my sight. As a mother to your child, you must do everything in your power to protect your son… If something does not feel right to you – then my darling it usually is not right. Follow your instincts always…and for the court thing… Hay I may not have studied law but he talking a whole lot of rubish if he thinks he can win that battle. Let him try it….

    I pray you get a job soon hey. All the best nana.

  5. Hello Anonymous. From a lawyer’s perspective you are the primary care giver and you have primary residence of your son if you are not married. He does have right to access and contact of his child. There are guidelines published by the family advocate office with regards to contact and access to child born out of wedlock by unmarried fathers of children. As for maintenance of your child you can approach any magistrates court for an order. Every parent is obliged by law care and financial support their child. It is a criminal offence to not maintain your child. Yes, it is wrong to withhold visiting rights because you are no getting maintenance. The father of your son can approach any children’s court and apply for primary residence or for access and contact to his child. Its either you reach an agreement or meet each other in court.

  6. Thanks Mikeesto, awesome one buddy.

    I agree with the rest of the peeps here, dont be giving your little boy to that no maintenance paying sperm donor, screw his visitational rights, he aint feeding the child mos. You did right by not sending your boy, now delete the guy’s number and forget he ever existed.


  7. Anonymous tell him i said he must take you to court, he doesn’t maintain the child but he has a nerve of wanting to take you to court let us see him try, he also denied being the father. Tell him straight that you will meet at court.

  8. Anonymous take him to court for maintainance of the child. What you are doing is very sensible as we speak I have an Aunt and uncle in Lesotho my grandfather stole them more than 40 years ago after he told my grandmother he was taking them shopping for clothes… They came back as adults and claimed my grandmother abandoned them… Men steal children lovey

  9. Trust your gut feeling dont give him your baby wait for him to take you to court so there could be a record even if he tries and take the baby to zim then the police could find him and besides you have a strong case against him because he denied paternity

  10. Anonymous,from my social work knowledge,interms of children’s act,both parents,irrespective of whether married or not,have got equal full parental rights n responsibilities,as long as,in case of the father,he acknowlegded fatherhood,supported the child at one stage and maybe bcoz of lack of income,stopped,or never suppoerted the child at all citing unemployement.But in your case i am confident the law will be on your side,if you are assigned a competent social worker,I have handled cases of this nature and I have heard many fathers threatening to bring their lawyers,or even bringing them,bt social worker’s reports are taken very seriously in this cases and their recommendations normally stand,Goodluck

  11. Your qoutes cut me deep brother Mikey,um kind of in a situation like that,i have a work mate and we are like friends,now the problem is she compares everything she does to me,stuff like the stability of my relationship to hers,the man she dates, her structure you name first i used to take is as a joke but now i see jelousy creeping in and um kind of scared bcz we used to share secrets.P.S she is not bad looking at all just that my body structure is to die for.

  12. Anonymous I am a Children’s court clerk and I deal with these cases on a daily basis. Your ex does not have rights and responsibilities because your child was born out of wedlock. Only married people, people that were staying together when the child was conceived and has contributed to Tue child’s well being have full parental rights. If you do not want him to see or visit the child no one will lock you up. As the mother you have FULL parental rights. If he wants those rights he must go to the nearest court to apply. And you also need to go the nearest Magistrate’s office for Maintenance but you need to find out where he stays as they will need his physical address to serve him with summons. Mnico please re-check the Act.

    1. Sandy your lying and misleading people in the process,married or not,stayed together when the child was born or not,paid damages or not,the father is recognized and even if he never supported the child and has a prove that he did not do so because of lack of income,that is still good enough,as long as,as long as he acknowledged the child as his.It is the child care act that gave mothers more rights,but that changed whn it was amended into children’s of the noticeable amendments was to recogize fathers of children born out of wedlock.I know this because I participated,very actively in the amendments processes,I know this as I used to be the custodian of this Acts in their respective periods of use and I know the attitude of clerks of children’s courts displaying their borrowed confidence,competing with social workers forgeting theirs is to prepare copies of court orders,you dnt even form part of the proceedings,i did,practicing in very strict and busy courts of JHB and Vereeniging,Even the person who does not know how this Acts work can just feel that your interpretation of the law has got place in the democratic state,you are out of order and you must apologize for misleading people in a public plaform such as this.

  13. Sandy,you are lying and misleading the poor lady in the process,the child care act recognized mothers as having full rights and responsilities to the child,then it was amended into the children’s act that I very much participated in its amendment,one of its noticeable amendmends was the recognitiong for fathers of children born out of wedlock,if the child was born when the parents stayed together,whether married or not,it just shows how much the father acknowledges that the child is his,same as if the father supported the child financially, staying with the mother or not,or married or not, same as the father who paid damages,whether married or not,or whether stayed with the mother or not.Married or not,stayed together or not,paid damages or not,can just be the basis of the court argument,to strengthen or weaken either of the parents’s cases,but the father is still recognized.Even if he never supported the child but have prove that he had no income and he acknowledged fatherhood,I know the attitude of clerks of children’s courts towards social workers,well i am not one of those,n i practised in the most strict and busy courts of JHB and Vereeniging,i do not listen to clerks with some borrowed confidence.I used to be the custedian of both the child care act and the children’s act and clerks were just there to make copies of court orders,not even part of the court proceedings,so o tsebang wena,misleading people in a public platform like this.

  14. Ta bhuti Mike, Lungi must demand a reinstatement hearing before she even touches anything at the workplace. Or else she must lawyer-up! Ngoba bazom’jwayela!

    Anonymous, first things first. Tell him to have R2000+ so U can meet for paternity test at a professional testing place. Once that has been established, then he can come to yo place & visit the child under U & yo parents’ supervision. Like somebody said, find a social worker to report your case to.
    I hope U really know the father of yo child ‘s relatives, his actual name (not allias) his passport number & relevant details. Most girls do that mistake of not truly knowing the person they are “truly in love” with. In case something like this or even worse happens, where do U start from to trace him??? Girls look out for yoselves, don’t be too blinded by love & forget the basics. Good luck Nana.

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