Young Employed and Single

Y.E.S 26

“In every relationship you must learn something from the partner you are with. If he does not mentally challenge you that relationship will not last and if you don’t mentally challenge him, it’s only a matter of time before he cheats. Make sure you know how to converse with your partner on things outside of social things and have an idea of what excites them outside of that otherwise you will genuinely run out of things to say to each other!” Mike Maphoto


African culture is something that we are fast watering down. With more education and access to resources, South African women are fast waking up to the realization that we actually have so much power be it physical or in the office. Most of the things in society are structured in a way that legally favors us. For example I was the one that had hit him first but the reality is had he been the one who hit me first then jail would be his home! That’s what our democracy has designed, a system which can punish men for their privilege over us over all these centuries. He stood no chance! Yes I took him by surprise but him getting up to fight back would be seen as unmanly and abusive no matter who started the fight! Thank you ANC for the woman rights!

My sister came flying at me!

“Lungi what are you doing, have you lost your mind? Get off him! You are hurting him!”

She screamed at me shocked I am certain by how that gotten bad so fast. Yes, I chose violence and yes it was her husband but blood is thicker than water so she will get over it! I guess this woman had not seen how Beyoncé reacted when her sister beat up her husband! She had responded like a lady, not said anything, went home and wrote an album that made her more millions instead of giving the paparazzi a show that would have been entertainment for a couple of weeks and made her no money at all! Now that’s how a clever woman thinks. You make the best out of every situation but you never ever forget the bottom line! That’s my girl Bey for you!

“No, he needs to learn! Men cheat I get it, but to bring a whore to your house, where you put your head down, nah fam, this guy needs to be taught a lesson!”

I told her pushing her away! He was on the floor still holding his balls no matter what other parts of his body I had kicked him. I guess that part really hurts after all! What if I had taken his ability to have kids in that one stroke? Oh well, the world would be better off because now his kids won’t hurt other woman again!

“No please Lungile, I still love my husband even though he is a loser! Please don’t do this!”

My sister pleaded. My heart broke. Is this what marriage did to women? My sister was never a feminist like me at times but she was strong in her own way. I mean look at the way she had left him to come move in with me. It showed a willing to at least imitate walking away but look at her now, she was just a shell begging for love.

“If I ever hear that you did anything like this again, I swear with everything that I have that I will look for those nyaope boys to find you and cut off that dick you are holding that makes you think you are man enough for my sister! Do you hear me?”

I asked him furiously! Well to be fair he did not answer that so I stepped back and watched my pathetic sister run past me to aid her husband up. I had taught him a lesson he will never forget so now he can go tell his Mogwanti with the Good Hair that my wife’s sister does not fuck around.

“I am taking him home!”

My sister said as she helped him walk. Maybe I had hit him that hard hey but oh well it was done now we wait for the next consequence! One or two of the neighbors had come out to see what the commotion was about but I had not even noticed them.

“Sister Jet Lee, good on you!”

Someone shouted as I was looking at my sister walk away! I turned around annoyed and a man from two houses down was standing there arms folded.

“My name is not Jet Lee!”

I snapped at him and he smiled and shrugged his shoulders,

“Ah sorry ke, I meant Bruce Lee!”

And he laughed and entered his house. I had never seen him before but he had annoyed me so much I laughed inside at the name. I went into my place and closed the door. I know my sister was not done with me yet. She had to come take her bags etc. and she was going to shout at me for hurting her bae. I knew his ego was bruised but I doubt very much that he would actually revenge.

I was alone at last to take that bath I had wanted when I got home. Imagine, had to go through all that just to be able to get into a tub! Mara Modimo why must a woman suffer like this just to take a bath? As I gathered all my things for my bath my phone rang. I was tempted not to answer it but when I saw it was Cindy I had to. The way she had left here was not ok so I picked up.

“I am home my darling. Sorry about earlier. I guess I was just having an emotional breakdown that’s all!”

She started to explain as soon as I picked up.

“No Cindy I think you need to talk to someone! It’s important; I don’t want you putting too much stress on my Goddaughter!”

I told her. She tried to brush it off as a moment of weakness!

“Did you tell you hubby what happened?”

I asked her.

“No, he doesn’t need to know about this latest round because it will only stress him out and he won’t be the same when I need him. He is already treating me like an egg and now he won’t know what to do!”

She explained. I disagreed with her because she needed to tell him about this latest panic attack. When she had been at my house she had said that he knew she was having doubts and anxiety so I doubt very much he would not be prepared for her.

“Ok love just make sure you know what you are doing!”

I told her before we said out goodbyes! I was genuinely worried about her now! I made a note that I must go visit her at some point this week but I was so busy now with this new upcoming deal with Simba’s company. I decided to switch off my phone otherwise I will never get to bath at this rate. It was for my own sake I told myself! My sister had not cooked but I was so hungry and did not want take out. It’s bad for me anyway so I made myself food. It was a nice pleasant evening of which I managed to gather my thoughts and think of reevaluating my goals. Look, as a woman or even a man for that matter you should have a goals you want to achieve at my age. I went back to my computer where I opened a document I had first authored when I was 24 years old. Yes, it was old but it’s what I had tried to tick off soon after university.

1. Get a job: I was lucky enough to have been a black woman in my degree program at the right time but I am not selling myself short because I had qualified academically and qualified well.

2. Pay off any student loans: This I had done. I am not one of those NSFAS repayment dodgers we keep hearing about. Government sent you to school now you don’t want other kids to be sent too!

3. Get a house: Well that goal had not yet been fully achieved yet. Imagine houses are so expensive now. A R1 000 000 means you pay r10 000 rand a month for 20 years. It’s a very scary commitment.

4. Get a car: I had done that but now I felt a bit stupid on this. No matter how beautiful your car is no matter how many pats on the back you get for it, your car does not increase in value, and it decreases. I was driving an expensive car that was literally losing r2000 every single day it existed whether it was parked or not. I had not thought this through.

5. Have a husband by 27 or be in a steady relationship building up a family. Well, that one had failed face flat and was not happening any time soon.

Those were my top five and if one looks closely I had only achieved two with satisfaction the other three well, it was a work in progress. Maybe I should just remove five from out of the picture but with cold front we had just experienced who was going to cuddle me at night! I can’t go around sleeping around just to satisfy my sexual urges no matter how liberal women say we are today!

I stood up to go to my room and I remembered my phone was off. I switched it on and a message came in.

“You hit him quite badly in his privates now we are at the hospital because it’s swollen! Hope this makes you happy!”

The message from my sister said. I felt bad now! Maybe that had not been one of my brighter ideas. I immediately tried calling her but the phone just rang. I had no idea what hospital he was in and even if I did I was not welcome! I put my phone on the charger and passed out! Tomorrow was still work right and with no conference had to be early.

In the morning I must say I woke up a happy person. My brother in law can rot for all I care, what he had done to my sister he will never do again. I was going to the office early today because no more of these late mornings. My mind was focuses now and clear. Didn’t think of Sfiso once so I was good.

Two hours later I was busy with my work with just Rudzani in the office. The little white girl had finally found a place somewhere in the building and I must say I was relieved. It was just before tea time when I got the call,

“Lungile you are wanted in Mr. Gold’s office!”

Chantelle said on the work phone. Mr. Gold was the Jewish CEO of our branch even though he was not the ultimate head of the company. I hardly ever saw him so I knew it was because I had gotten this deal for them. You can imagine my excitement! I wanted to ululate because when you do a good job you want to celebrate! Chantelle was his PA. She was very sweet and everyone liked her.

“Hi Chantelle, is he in?”

I asked her when I got the smiling from ear to ear. I could not contain it.

“Yes he is in.”

She said smiling back. I knocked and a stern voice said,

“Come in!”

Chill dude! We are in celebratory mode!

“Please sit down Miss Mbatha!”

He said when I walked in. He was quite an intimidating man.

“You know why you are here right?”

He asked me.

Yes I did know but I was going to play dumb on this one.

“No sir!”

I think the question could have been rhetorical.

“It has come to my knowledge that you brokered a deal with your team yesterday?”

He said.

“Yes sir went perfectly. We have been chasing them for a while though meaning we had to move fast once we cornered them!”

I said with a huge smile and the glee on my face was palpable.

“That’s all well and good but you are here by suspended, and I deeply regret this!”


Did I hear him correctly?

“I am sorry sir I don’t understand, did you say suspended?”

“Yes Miss Mbatha. One of your group members came forth and said Mr. Tizora and you had a personal relationship outside the company. We don’t do nepotism here no matter how badly we want the deal. It is unethical and you know our ethical code in this company!”

My head was spinning! It must be that fucken jealous Susanna!

“For crying out loud I met the guy once, for five minutes at a wedding with a thousand other people. I don’t even have his number!”

I said astonished by this man.

“There is more Miss Mbatha! I am a fair man; I want you to meet your accuser face to face! It’s how I work!”

He said. He called his secretary!

“Send her in!”

In walked in my Judas!

It was not Susanna!

********The End*********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Dear Mike
Thanks for all the stories they continue to be great.
Im a 28 year old male and I’ve been faithfully dating my girlfriend for almost three years now. She has cheated on me 3 times in the time we’ve dated.
1st time it was a couple months into dating and back then i gave her the benefit of ther doubt that the relationship was still new so she wasnt exactly sure bout how we would end up.
2nd time she confessed that she was having a romantic relationship with a work colleague and that it hadnt been physical. Turns out it never ended and it carried on even though she says she tried ending things. Its over now!
3rd time was just last week she met a guy at a restaurant and next day she slept with him and she says she doesnt remember anything bout the cheating since she was so drunk.
Needless to say shes sorry, shes being remorseful, shes begging me to not leave, basically the usual you would expect from a person caught cheating. The good times have been good i feel they outweigh all the bad and basically i love this girl hence it hurts so much. Please people what do i do!
Broken Fool

30 thoughts on “Y.E.S 26

  1. @BrokenFool 😒 3 times? Either you break up with this person that doesn’t respect you or accept cheating as part of your relationship. Cause even if she apologised and said she’ll stop how will you ever trust her word?? Put yourself first, you deserve better. Get a partner who’s for you and you alone.

  2. @broken fool.
    I think you should leave haiy…. She’s taking advantage of the fact that u always forgive her. She will never learn until u take drastic measures.

  3. Thank you Mike, I bet the new white girl is the accuser. Broken fool, leaving her wont be easy but neither will staying because you’ll forever be paranoid based on her previous shanigaans and that will seriously affect your relationship. Maybe this woman is looking for something she’s not getting from the relationship or she’s just being an idiot who doesn’t know what she’s playing with, so I suggest you sit her down and find out what is really the problem. Good luck.

  4. Thanks Mikeesto, Rudzani is it? poor Lungi…

    Broken man, bathi fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me…. I haven’t heard of a hatrick version of that famous quote though so indeed you must be a fool. Regardless, you are a fool in love and for that we all have been my guy. Don’t beat yourself up about it, the fact that you had so much strength and liver to forgive her the first time shows more about the person that you are, your resilience is amazing. But abelungu bathi ” Never trust a person that has let you down more than 2times. Once was a warning, twice was a lesson and anything more than that is simply taking advantage”

    Shiya i-wule elo nmnganam.


  5. Broken Fool
    This girl keeps on cheating cause she knows that whatever she does, you won’t leave her. Trust me, I was like that with my ex-boyfriend cause I loved him so much that I always forgave him then one day I took the decision to let him go as I realized that he was now taking advantage of my love for him.
    It’s gonna hurt so bad – but you’ll be fine.

  6. Enkosi bhut’ Mike
    Broken fool, until you’ve had had enough or had had your fill of your girlfriend’s cheating tendencies you are still going to suffer silently. After that you will know what to do. All I can say is that your heart is strong coz mine would not have taken that ish. If she gets that wasted and do what she did in restuarants how sure are you that protection was used or if it was the very first time it happened? Confessing means zilch if the person is not willing to repent and it does not look like your lady wants to coz she knows she is going to cry and beg you not to leave and all will be well, she is taking advantage of your love and kindness if you ask me and I do not think she deserves it, but who am I to judge. All the best bhuti and strongs!!

  7. Your girlfriend is a horrible person. She doesn’t learn. She won’t stop. You sound like a great guy to me and a great man deserves a great woman and she’s definitely out there waiting for her Prince charming. Not the lady who happens to be in your life at present. Mike Lungi scares me, I really don’t wanna be her

  8. Thank you bhut Mike :-0 Heeee I suspect Rudzani on this one….mhhhhh

    Broken Fool : You may have a serial chater girlfriend in your life. Becareful…… Lol @ JackZorro uthi there is no Hatrick on that quote!!


  9. Sure Mike. Lungi forgets that Susana saw her with a black man in a hotel a night before the deal was signed and since all black people looks alike, ….

    Most women cheat and most of those who dont are thinking about it. The difference: thou shall not get caught as there is no atonement for that! My point, whether she got caught or developed a conscience which led her to confess it does not matter but it is a problem. Let me say it this way, how long are you willing to stay with her as you are going to dump her but you are still lacking the balls to do that.
    “Oh, she is an angel and no one can replace her” and similar crap, dont fall for it as there are many ponds in the fish (fish in the pond) like Lungi of YES who will give anything to have you and are much better. Just dump her for being careless to be caught or for confession.

  10. I bet you this is Rudzani who sold Lungi out.

    Fool, well I must say if this letter was written by a girl, the comments would have been a bit different. My guy, I must salute you for sticking it out with your girl regardless, but fact of the matter is, girls are good at hiding their dirty laundry than guys. This girl of yours could have been sleeping around for a while without your knowledge. Paranoia will play mind games on you if you don’t leave her and set yourself free. Alternatively, if you don’t want a break up, you can shag another chick too and come clean about it to her and see if she’ll take it well (not a good choice but might work. A stone for a stone right?) you know, thieves are afraid of being stolen from, so if you do to her what she did to you, she might catch a wake up call and repent from her dirty ways.

    P. S. You need to both get tested for STI’s, such situations you don’t take lightly.


  11. Either it must be Rhudzani trying to hide her doings with the white dude first by throwing Lungi under the bus first. The battle lines are drawn Lungi, its time to fight!

    Broken fool. You already seem like you want to forgive her when you already talking about Good out weighing the bad (Why did I get married ish). Situations are different, you my dear have a serial cheater on your hands. If you don’t mind sharing your girl every now and then, then forgive her AGAIN but just be careful she doesn’t turn you into this weak person and go over your head. I always say once somebody cheats on another the respect is out the window. 3 times, clearly that word does not even exist in your relationship. Do you really want to stay? Oh I forgot, you love her, and is that enough?

  12. Broken not broken fool. This woman is just playing with your emotions. For the fact that she always confess to you must say something maybe you should ask her why she is always running to other men. is it a way of sending a message that she doesn’t like you . I think you need to decide whether you want to be miserable by staying in the relationship or moving on and deal with the pain

  13. I doubt it’s Rudzani,I am suspecting the Intern

    Your letter,I can relate but don’t be foolish as I was, to believe that she will change,in my understanding a mistake it’s something that happened unintentionally and after that a person show remorse,her doing is no longer a mistake. You cannot hurt a person you love. I get that you love her and I know how it feels to love a person who treats you unworthy. Love dear is not enough in a relationship,trust,respect,communication as well as honesty anyway list goes on but your woman clearly does not respect no love you as you do because if she did,her actions were going to show. Do not bring such a misery in your life. Letting her go might be an option but the answer to your doubts really lies with you. All the best

  14. Broken Fool, leave her. My boyfriend was in a similar situation a long time ago before we met and what happened to him is he ended up raising a child that was not his for 8 years and he only found out after a family relative had a dream that the child was not his and he eventually did a DNA test. My point is leave this girl before you find yourself in such a situation and trust me it’s difficult to recover from such especially if you have a strong bond with a child. She is playing and she is using you. You will definitely find someone who will love you the same way that you love her.

  15. Thanks Mike:)..
    can’t wait for the next chapter.

    Broken man, your girlfriend is n Hoer my bro, who has no respect for you and herself.
    you deserve better than this really.

  16. Thanks bro mike.
    Broken. hhaw bakithi sorry, there are very few men like you. Because you are not evil make up a story that you have cheated on her as well. If this was me. Hmnnn bengizomkhombisa unina.

  17. I remember reading a similar letter ta urs in DOAZG. And one woman said that her husband once cheated on her and she also pretended to cheat. I think u should go out often, ignore her calls, buy new clothes. Leave for the whole day and come back at midnight. Ask ur sister or a female ta call u late at night and answer the call in front of her. Just show her that u are attractive too and are capable of getting other women’s attention. Good luck. Stay blessed

  18. Lol some questions are just useless!!! Wena Broken FOOL. what do you think you should do? This is the type of woman that will have you raising another man’s child/ren

  19. Broken fool… well I don’t judge but you say you’ve been seeing her for three years now and she’s only just slept with three guys for now.. so when I do the statistic. . Your woman shags a different man EVERY year.. well I’m not gonna say anything but boo count the years you’re anticipating your relationship to last ohw and while you’re doing that, also include the yearly ‘meals’ she’ll be getting every single year #that’s if the amount is not affected by inflation # then ask yourself if you’re fit for such a race.. and goodluck sweetie

  20. But Mike we’ve been waiting like forever…why are you no longer posting. it’s been a week now,besides the suspense is killing me. i probably log in about three times a day to see if maybe you’ve added a chapter or so! we are beginning to get bored now,please come through for us

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