Missteps of a Young Wife

*** Premium *** Missteps – Chapter 269

“Mom, you scaring me. What’s going on? Is it Victor? Is he okay? Is everything okay?” I asked my mom feeling anxious. As my mom was about to answer my sister walked in “Mom? Are the kids okay?” Mom told us to both calm down everything was fine she was just worried about us because Cleo’s mom had called her and told her that Cleo got shot and she was with us but Cleo won’t give her details of what had happened so she wanted us to tell her what the hell was going on. Shit, we were not prepared for this, we did not come up with a story to tell her, both Naledi and I were staring at each other, for once I wished we could speak with our eyes. “Well, I’m waiting, how did Cleo get shot? What the hell were you doing? Where were you?” My mom was now raising her voice I swear if we were kids she was going to remove her shoe and start beating the crap out of us. “We got hijacked and we tried to run and that’s how Cleo got shot.” Naledi said surprising the shit out of me. My mom went all soft and started asking if we were okay and checking us to see if we were okay, we told her we were fine. “Why didn’t you call me and tell me all this?” mom asked, I told her we didn’t want to worry her. “I don’t understand why these bad things keep happening to my children, oh Lord please spare my children from all this pain.”

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