Missteps of a Young Wife

*** Premium *** Missteps – Chapter 266

You know how people normally say they have bad luck, those are people who have had a few accidents happen in their lives, a few bad things that make them believe that they are covered in bad luck. I wished to be those people because I didn’t have just have bad luck, it felt like the devil was my neighbor and was watching my every move and was closing in on every turn I made. I didn’t need a sangoma to come and remove my bad luck and some invisible dark cloud that might have been following me everywhere , no, no, no, I was beyond that stage, I had reached a stage where I needed an exorcists, this was not normal, the devil must have moved out from being my neighbor to staying in my body, it’s the only way I could explain the bad luck that was following me and at that moment I believed that an exorcists was what I needed to come and remove this devil off me. “I can’t believe you denied us, you are like Judas in the Bible denying Jesus to let him be crucified” Cleo was yelling at my sister.

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