Missteps of a Young Wife

*** Premium *** Missteps – Chapter 264

The ungrateful SOB, after everything that I had done, everything I had been through for him, this is what I get as a thank you, a plate full of you know what. I know a lot of people when their partner cheats the first thing they say is after everything I have done for him this is how he or she does to me, I now understood what those people meant.

How could? Cheating okay, I might have understood and in time learnt to forgive but adding women with children in the picture was just going to destroy my life. I could just imagine myself after Mthobisi dies which by the way I was feeling could be sooner than he thinks, sometimes men forget how easy it would be to get rid of them, think about it, you want to piss off the same person who cooks your food for you, you don’t know what she might put in that food, so next time you want to cheat on your woman keep that in mind because with each spoon that you take you put in your mouth you could be bringing yourself a step closer to your death without even knowing out, while your

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