Blessed – Chapter Ten

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Of all of the sins in this world, not having money should have been one of them. It should have been one of the 10

Commandments and read something like “Thou shalt not not have money and anyone who does not have it must be put to death”. The reason why money is called the root of all evil is because so few actually have it. Don’t be fooled, having a job does not make you rich but actually makes you indebted to someone else. The banks are not your friend, yes they will call you and offer you loans but they are not doing it because they care for you but because they know you can’t survive without them they offer you money you can’t afford. People look at girls like me who have blessers as though we are greedy and taking shortcuts yet how many of you are slaves to your banks and your jobs? How many of you are truly enjoying life as like should be enjoyed. We are all slaves to somebody and if I can for once in my life enjoy true freedom for something I haven’t slaved for I will do so. When I graduate, because I am studying, I will be standing at the street corner with a board written,


That’s my destiny! So yes, call me misguided but after I am done with Dubai, no matter what happens I will tell you even if I have tears in my eyes that,

“Fuck it, it was worth it!”

“Are you still there?”

Grace asked me! I didn’t realize that I had gone quiet on her.

“Yes I am. When do you think I should call him to apologize?”

I asked her.

“I will send you a WhatsApp, please keep your phone on because you know him and time!”

She said. It was not that he did not have time to talk but people who cheat often have specific times they want to call. This way it allows for a routine and they know when to avoid their partners from finding out what they do in their private time!

“Ok I will do so!”

Eish, now I was hoping he would call now before Neo comes back. Didn’t she say he was in a meeting though. She seemed to be in a very chatty mood so I figured this might be the best time to ask her questions. Often she just told me what to do and disappeared!

“How long have you been working for him?”

I asked her. I had never taken a personal interest so I was not surprised that she was surprised by me asking,

“Why do you ask?”

She asked but I could tell she was not offended.

“Am curious! I talk to you often enough but I know very little about you!”

I responded.

“It’s my third year now. My uncle was a friend of his so when I left varsity he gave me a job immediately!”

She told me. I bet you he had offered her a tour like he did all of us.

“Oh that’s nice! At least you got a job immediately. How come you never dated him?”

I said faking a laugh as I did not want her to go on the defensive. She laughed too. See it’s important to know what tone to use when speaking to people.

“I guess I was not pretty enough. He never asked me out and don’t think I would have said yes. He also respects his friend so would not have dared!”

She told me. So they targeted girl with no powerful connections. Makes sense though because it meant less scandals.

“So am I the only side in his life!”

Again she laughed.

“I was expecting that question hey! It took you so long,”

She made feel a bit silly now but I held my nerve as I waited for response.

“Yes you the only one. He only maintains one at a time, never more!”

She explained. I am not sure if I believed her for she could have been protecting her boss but I caught on to something.

“One at a time?”

I asked her. I thought now would be the time she pulled back but nope, she continued,

“Yes one at a time. Normally his side things last about a year, the ones I have seen anyway. He does not go beyond that. That’s why that day when we met I said it’s too good an opportunity to pass by. His last two girls are working for big firms now and that’s thanks to him. He does not leave you on the street where he found you but somewhere! That’s why I said play your cards right!”

She explained. Government is the only one that’s blamed for corruption because the media is private owned and white owned. By that notion people tend to think that this jobs for cash business is only limited to government but it’s far from the truth because private sector is probably even more corrupt than government. I am very certain of this, this country is designed to exploit women and that makes me angry. They want to treat us like commodities!

“Yes I recall and I guess I should say thank you. I just don’t know how to control him though. When he wants something he wants it now like a little baby!”

I told her and she laughed.

“That’s the trick right there. Rich powerful men all have a fetish. His fetish is clearly university girls. Here is a guy who could have anyone he wants, even married people by his money alone! He does not go for those but chooses high schoolers, no offense but you know what I mean? Why does he do that?”

She asked me which was actually a good question. Why would a Patrice Motsepe like character end up with kids like us? Very disturbing indeed.

“I have to go now. I think I have given you a lot of insight into the world you live in now!”

She told me. It had gotten me thinking by now as I thanked her for telling me all this. She had hung up the phone now when I found myself pacing back and forth. There were so many rules to this thing and I had a sell by date! This means I had to save as much of the money he gave me as possible.

My phone rang and I jumped thinking it was him but it wasn’t him. It was Khanyi.

“My father wants us to leave Thursday and not Friday. He says that it won’t be correct if he arrives late for his own mother’s funeral. He has to go help his brothers!”

She explained. That made sense to me and I had no tests on either of those days. I won’t lie I had not planned for going there that long but what can I do, I had no car and had to support my friend.

“It’s fine. I am still in. I have so much to tell you when I get back from here. There is just drama today. I wish this day was over already!”

I told her.

“It’s because you like drama and you allow drama to happen to you! I want to be in control of everything I do always!”

She said. She was right about me allowing things to happen without me being the ones to make it happen.

“I think I need to find myself my own blesser! We can’t rely on Sam he seems a bit temperamental that one!”

She said and we laughed.

“Yeah but where do I get one? You said I can’t ask Sam to hook me up to someone he knows which was rather selfish of you though!”

She protested. Don’t you just hate it when you meet a new guy and then your friends start asking you to introduce him to his friend? That’s crazy and I do that to people either. If they want men they must go look on their own friendship or not.

“We will make a plan for you don’t worry! Right now let’s focus on the funeral!”

I reminded her. You would expect your friends to condemn you when you have a blesser but the funny thing is some actually envy you and want you to hook them up to the same lifestyle. Jealousy motivates a lot of women’s decisions when it comes to their relationships with their female friends and Khanyi was no exception.

“Yes I know. I am just frustrated that’s all. I don’t want to go for that long come to think of it!”

I had an incoming call and it was Sam. I told Khanyi that I would call her back it was him and she did not protest. She knew that he took priority just like Neo did when he called.

“Neo would be back soon I can’t talk for long!”

I told him as soon as I picked up before he even said anything.

“That’s fine!”

Was his response but he did not sound aggressive at all.

“I will be quick!”

He added.

“Why did you invite Neo to your work place? I had to tell him that you are my mother’s new boyfriend!”

I told him. I was meant to be shouting at him but because of what Grace had said I could not even raise my voice!

“Well he picked up the phone but would you rather I had told him I am the old dude sleeping with his girlfriend!”

Ouch! Wow now that was a low blow. He had just reminded me how cheap I was and made no apologies for it!

“I guess not!”

I responded swallowing the last droplets of pride I had left.

“I am sorry about what happened earlier! You took me by surprise that’s all and it’s not like you to be that aggressive!”

I told him. I lied on the aggressive part because truth be told he was always aggressive this dude. It’s not even on that Christian Grey tip that’s aggressive in a sexy way, nope, he is just black aggressive and angry all the time.

“Its fine, I had forgotten about it!”

He said. I could hear that he said that with satisfaction in his voice and he had me where he wanted me!

“You know I have been thinking?”

O crap, was he about to cancel Dubai?

“I think I should join you in Dubai and it will be a romantic getaway! What do you think?”

He asked me.


“How about Khanyi? You said I could invite her and I did! You bought her a ticket!”

I told him. He laughed and said,

“Yeah I know but that should not be a problem right!”

He said and before I could respond Neo walked in which made me drop the phone immediately!


*******The End*********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Dear Mike

I hope this letter finds you all well. I am in trouble and I don’t know how to get out of it. I am a married woman aged 33 and recently slept with my sister’s husband. We were all very drunk after they threw a party at their house. My husband and sister passed out early and when I was helping my brother in law to clean up it happened. There had never been any sexual tension between us so its not like we were lusting for each other. It really just happened. One moment we were cleaning and the next we were outside doing it. I am so ashamed and I know its not an excuse at all. I messed Bhut’ Mike and now I don’t know what to do because my brother in law feels so bad he wants to tell my sister. I am so scared. I have never cheated on my husband and he is very serious about this cheating business. I will lose him if he finds out and I will lose my family too.

Please advise me


40 thoughts on “Blessed – Chapter Ten

  1. Thanks Mikeesto, you see this “Thou shalt not not have money and anyone who does not have it must be put to death” got me in stiches Lol! Awesome one buddy 🙂

    Nobuhle, you need to lay down the law for this sissy sbalie of yours, he ate the cookie now he wanna snitch, the nerve of this fool. I won’t go into the whole why you cheating on your husband ish, my response will be cliché but you need Jesus girl. Alcohol with weak people is never advisable, if you can’t control your hornism when you are wined up then perhaps you shouldn’t be indulging in the Merlot’s and Pinotage’s of this world.

    U-Sbalie needs to know exactly what’s at stake here, I don’t care how great or pathetic that drunk inlove round was, it aint worth ya’ll losing your spouses, especially if ya’ll are regretful of this. He needs to nut up and be a freaking man, if not sisi then organise inkabi for this lunatic, u sisi wakho uzoba strong with some life policy payments and what not. (I’m not promoting violence, but in these tough economic times, with the divorce rate and how hard it is for women to get good man willing to marry them, your odds of forever after are next to nothing if this nonsense is discovered)


  2. eh, brother in law must chill. ya’ll gotta take this to the grave. no one saw you and there is no need to break your spouses’ hearts with this.. yhu.. le lona bathong, such dangerous things

  3. ao aoa o ijo u went outside and danced, not even thinking that he’s not your hubby. kip quiet and tell that idiot to shut up coz he enjoyed .

  4. Hayi suka… My advise is threaten leyo weakling ukuthi if he tells uzophika and turn tables against him. He does not realise and understand that you will both lose your entire families should he tell. Yes it was a moment of weakness on both your parts mara the stakes are high is this regard. Good luck

  5. Thank you bhut Mike 🙂 hahahaha uthi being broke should be a commandment, LOL

    Hahahahahaha UTHI uSbalie maka thini? Made my day… True though he must just grow some balls lowo an shut the F up… He wanna confess for the why?? Break up two marriages simply because he wants to clear his conscious??? Akanyi peharps!!!

    Its done… you guys must just forget about it qha ngoku.


  6. Nobuhle – your story doesn’t make sense. I doubt it played out the way you say it did. How can you be too drunk to discern the wrongness of engaging in sex with your sisters husband, but you were sober enough to try and clean up the house? Sounds like rubbish to me. And I suppose you waking only him up was a massive coincidence?

    What you did was wrong, if you could master the nerve to take your big girl panties off and take your sister’s husbands’ penis inside you, then you can put them back on long enough to deal with the consequences you deserve to suffer. I am shocked at the advice you have received thus far, i fear how encouraging it is and how many people will go through this and think that they can do the same thing and get away with it. If it were them in this situation they would be singing a different tune.
    We’re basically living in a culture where when we are not affected, we encourage such filthy acts. Yet we go and pray that we are blessed with loving, faithful partners – where are these people supposed to come from when you encourage such things?

    1. it doesnt make sense because you read it wrong.. read again slowly to understand, not to respond.. she did not wake him up, they were the only ones awake and cleaning at that time. And no one encouraged them to do the “filthy acts”, those filthy acts were long done before Mike received that email.. the matter at hand here is are two marriages worth the damage that confessing would cause.. and we say they aren’t. I for one would never want to find out that my husband slept with my sister because it would kill me (thank God i dont have sisters), and that’s what i based my advice on. Don’t just fly out judging people not understanding where they are coming from.. hau

        1. Ayinqabanga Jack iku Minus Zero ( -0 ) .

          How are we encouraging them na sana??? By telling her to do damage control on an already damaged situation??? Kanti were we supposed to crucify uNobuhle for an act she clearly regrets?? Because chosen girl lo is doing juuust that.

          Give some advice sisi and stop judging the poor girl and pointing out the obvious of her acts…she feels bad enough about it, she dont need you to add on it…


          1. like confess then what? thats not gonna help anyone.. its gonna cause damage and thats for certain.. its not a full blown affair where Nobuhle is now inlove with the sister’s husband and wants him for herself.. confess so that what must to can happen? NO! take that secret to the grave.. oChosen must choose to chill

  7. Nobuhle I don’t support what you did but damage control has to be done now. Clearly you know what’s at stake to lose should this come out. Be a woman and grab your sbari by the ears, he wants to be childish so treat him like a kid. What I mean is you have to get your cards and play them right with your sbari to protect both your hubby and sister’s feelings! Make him realise that confessing wont get anybody a nobel peace prize. Save yourself and your family. Whatever happens from now could make things awkward and ruin the relationship between you and sbari but it’ll be worth it for the sake of your relationship with your sister and hubby. Good luck.

  8. USbari must just chill, uzoconfessor for the why? U should both take the secret to the grave, ningahlebezeli abanye abantu futhi, coz 1nce u do that, your secret will be out. Tell your Sbali to give himself time, uzobasharp. His conscience is eating at him because isefresh lento. as the time goes on lizakwehla lonke elihaba analo.

    1. I don’t understand this sbali character, most men would be jumping for joy at this situation even though it’s not that ideal…. Because its happened once, chances for an omnibus are high, so usbalie lo is actually running away from a family buffet….. Gayish sbalie this one.

        1. And yazi Im getting this weird idea yokuthi u Nobuhle should actually give usbari lo another piece of the pie, maybe that will shut him up…. Coz that fool probably forgot the flavour due to drunkardness LOL!

          Waze wayenza indaba nangu u sbari bo!

  9. That sbali of urs must go n confess at church angazo ziyenzancwele la , jack u always make my day shame kwaaaks dead by life policy. Tanx bra mike NYC read

  10. Blessed are the blessed for they shall see Dubai…Sam ubafuna bow2 now and Khanyi will be happy to join in…Thanx Mike never disappoint.
    You must do all in your power sis to stop your sbali cos there is lot at stake here. what is done is done there is no turning back you needs to forgive yourselves and forget and make sure it never happen again

  11. Thanks Mike!
    Usibali mara…where is he coming from vele? Nobuhle tell him that he must remember he forced himself to you and if he tells you tell your side to…to the police… you kept your mouth shut coz you did not want to ruin the family-bonds….lolest (excuse my dirty mind). Msabise dear period…or else he keeps his mouth shut! Stupid ass man.

  12. Mnxim sbali has no balls whatsoever!!! Tell that fool if he ever dares confess you will castrate his limp ball less d*€£!! Why does he want to ruin two marriages ngoba he will if he tells. He must just die inside and be ” umfazi” take this to the grave with him!!!
    Bloody woos!! Never ever give it to him ever again noma ngabe nidakwe inyaope!! Better yet never get drunk around him again cause he is stupid!!
    Jackzorro, and the insurance money idea, spot on!!

  13. But my guy, was the drunken sex so bad that the sbari wants to snitch? Jokes*. In all honestly, it’s just the guilt and his conscious that is probably killing him. He probably sees you when he is doing the do with his wife. But as time goes by, he will hopefully realise that honesty is not always the best policy. (in this case). Nobuhle, one question though, did you enjoy it? Hihi. I am sorry.

  14. Lol the comments are killing me. Wena Nobuhle, first clarify to him on the consequences that will follow after he snitches, and if he confesses after u’ve talked to him, deny eveeeeeeeerything! And even cry sesi, tell ur family that he wanted to rape u, but u got away and now he’s making up that story because he’s probably afraid that u’ll tell everyone that he wanted to rape u.

  15. He he he…ai…Sbali wants an omnibus. He wants the sister to shut him up with an encore. Nkbuhle tell us, was sbali good in bed. Promise him a weekly session to calm his fears down. Big up for strengthening your sisters family. At least Sbali does not go far for a snack….

  16. Thanks Mike

    Wow guys ur comments a killing me yhoo, I wish we could get the kinky details. Like who made the first move? n was it doggy style or just against the wall 😁 I suspect this lady lol taking advantage of sware. BLACK HIM dear the cops thing or give him again 😁 dead!

    I need a Blesseres, ladies get my email from Mike lol 😁 I good I was told

  17. Dankie Bhut’Mike
    Hai ezi comments inene ke…maybe usbali is afraid he will babble when he is drunk and will then be in serious trouble. maybe you two should stay away from Victoria’s tears hey
    goodluck sisi

  18. Sbari must just chill, this will will destroy not only two marriages but the entire family…threaten the bastard you will cry rape if he spill his spineless gut…say u wanted to keep it a secret to protect your sister what a rapist monster her husband is. That should shut him the F*ck up!

  19. The way everyone is encouraging u ta do “damage control”… shakes head. If ur marriage is worth anything, honesty should be the best policy. U disrespected ur marriage by sleeping with ur brother in law and u will be spitting on it if u keep this a secret. I don’t know y u are in that relAtionship coz u don’t value it. Blaming the alcohol is just bullshit. We’ve all been drunk, we know it’s just an excuse. I hope u make the right decision. Good luck. Stay blessed

    1. u are probably not married nd u don’t know how hard it is 2 keep a family United…the truth is not always the best policy (in this case). what gud wud honesty do wen 2 marriages are broken and Nobuhle’s entire family hates her …it’s naive 2 think confessing will be valuing her marriage.

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