Blessed – Chapter Nine

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Why is it when we have a good man it’s when we always find ways of messing it up? At times you actually realize that

you met the guy too soon that’s why you end up in situations like mine. I had told myself that I was not going to break up with Neo because of my indiscretions but try as much as possible to shield it from him. This I had learned from my male friends. A guy can have a girl who he doesn’t even love much but won’t dump her whilst he sleeps around because the thought of someone else having her won’t work. With girls we are told that we must run out of love first to dump a guy yet with guys they can get as many as they get. Yes Neo is a good guy but so are all those girls who have been cheated on! They were good girls too and look what they ended up living through. I know I am just making excused for my behavior but funny women are always meant to apologize for this more than men.

“I asked you a question!”

He said a bit more aggressively this time. He did not like being ignored.

“Must I save him as, “Mothers Boyfriend” or by his first name?”

I asked him cheekily. He knew I was being sarcastic but still responded,

“It’s just dodgy that’s all!”

He responded.

“I don’t know what it is I have done wrong though Neo. A man I met for the first time today in person came to be introduced to be by my mother. I have his numbers saved on my phone as it’s the right thing to do. You know I can never find my mother when I want her so what am I to do? Please tell me?”

I asked him. The best way to deliver a lie is by looking a person in the eye. Never look sideways. I went and sat in front of him and asked him,

“Baby are you listening to me? You not responding!”

After he had kept quiet!

“I am not about the cheating. I love you too much to fuck this up, mina nawe are for life ok!”

I reassured him. He smiled and he apologized for the tone he had used towards me but I told him it was fine. I would probably freak out more than him if some 50 something old man hit on me.

“Must I go for this tour then?”

He asked me. If we had not had this conversation I would have said no because I would have said it was a bit awkward. No however I had to say yes after the reassurances I had given him about who the man was.

“Of course you should go! This is for your career Neo should you even be asking me that question. This could be big for you so you must go!”

I motivated him.

“Big for us you mean?”

He said,

“What do you mean?”

“You said this could be big for you when you are meant to say big for us. Everything I do is for us love you know that!”

He said. He was so sweet which made me feel even guiltier now. I really wanted to go to Dubai though. After having sucked that man’s dick I could not pull out now. This one trip then I will dump him. That’s how I saw it.

“So tell me about his company? What do they do?”

I asked him.

“Whose company? You mean your moms boyfriend?”

He asked me.

“Yes dwee who else are we talking about?”

I asked him playfully punching him.

“It’s huge! They are mostly into construction but not like your tender boy level. They do international contracts in the billions. That guy am very certain is worth at least a hundred million! You can google him!”

He said to me sounding so knowledgeable. Men love to be in a possession where it seems like they are teaching you and know more than you. My boyfriend was exactly the same. He started telling me all that he knew about the company. I could sense his excitement as he spoke. He was eyeing this as an opportunity when I was already thinking of what words to use when I shout at Sam. What he had dons was wrong! How does a scuftin befriend the main bae? Come on that was out of order.

“Ah come on!”

He shouted looking at his phone!

“What’s wrong?”

I asked him!

“There is nothing wrong. I have a customer but it’s not far. They want a lift from campus to Cresta!”

He said. I did not mind. It would give him a chance to cool off and forget about Sam and me a chance to rest and think of a plan on what to do with Sam. I was still tired from yesterday so this also meant it would give me a chance to have some shuteye!

“Ok cool you can go. If you can please bring me muffins!”

I said to him. He said he will try and then he ran off. I don’t know if other girls do this but every time my boyfriend leaves me at his place I go through his things. I don’t know what it is I am looking for because I never find it but I go through everything. He knew this because he once caught me but oh well, what’s a girl to do. After not finding anything for the 100th time I lay down on his bed so I could rest. My body really had not fully recovered from all those drinks.

I think I had slept ten minutes when my phone rang. It was my mother. Thank heavens she was calling now with Neo gone because he would have asked why she was calling when I had just been with her.

“Hi mum!”

I said when I picked up.

“Are you sleeping?’

She asked me hearing my voice.

“Yes! Had to study all night because we were having a test today but it was cancelled because of the strikes!”

I explained to her. It’s what every parent wants to hear that their child is studying so hard they pass out! It’s funny in that they see all the kids at clubs at parties plus their kids repeating at varsity yet they don’t realize that it’s an obvious lie!

“I have been looking for you!”

She said changing the subject and definitely sounding frustrated.

“Looking for me where mum? I have my phone with me so you never called me!”

I told her. She did not respond to that question.

“I put money in your account. I want you to apply for your sister!”

She told me.

“Why can’t she apply for herself?”

I asked her. Smart as my sister was, my mother always tried to baby her. She could apply for herself so I was not going to do it.

“When mum? I have tests and work to do? You know she wants to do her own thing so why should I apply for it for her?”

I asked her defiantly.

“Because I asked you to do so! I don’t want any arguments. You sister is busy with her exams and she needs all our support!”

My mother demanded. She could be frustrating this one. My mother was good at making bad decisions because she thought she was above reproach.

“Ok then. She won’t like it one bit! What degree program am I even applying for?”

I asked.

“Why you asking me? Ask her!”

My mother said. She did not even know what she wanted. This is why my mother and I often clashed. She could think of something at that moment and demand it done.

“Mum you sound like you in a bad mood! What’s wrong?”

I asked her. She said she was not but I know my mum, she was! You see the problem with having affairs with other married men is that when you have problems there is no one you can talk to for advice. I have seen this side of my mum before and this was when one of her “boyfriends” had asked her for a break. I found this in her phone conversations.

“Please just do as I say. We will talk later!”

She said and hung up. I decided to call Sam. He had a rule that I could not call him directly so I had to call Grace his personal assistant. I could not help but wonder how many secrets of his she was keeping. She must know a lot of the things this man does in the dark and I bet you anything she was super nice to his wife too! Most men can’t cheat without the help of others helping feed into the lie. They all have props and people that help them build the lifestyle. Sam was no different. Grace kept everything moving. She made bookings and arrangements for him which made sure he never clashed with his family responsibilities. It was very rare that he would call me directly. This way we will never be caught.

“Hi Grace! Is he in?”

I asked her.

“Hey Palesa! He is in but in a meeting. He is in a bit of a bad mood though so I suggest you speak to him when he has calmed down! Trust me I know what I am talking about!”

She explained sweetly to me. See what I meant, women help men to cheat on fellow women. We need to get off our high horses and blame men only when we often play a huge role in facilitating it. How many friends do you have that cheat on their women and you keep quiet?

“Eish I could have had something to do with it!”

I told her and she laughed.

“Oh no, I know you had everything to do with it. When he said he was going to see you he was in a good mood but when he came back he was sour! Get ready to apologize! Even if he was the one who was wrong you need to know that men like him don’t say sorry and you say sorry otherwise you will lose him!”

She warned me. Now I had to say sorry for having been the one who was disrespected? Yah neh I should have seen this one coming.

“Ok then I will do so! It’s unfair though because was very wrong!”

I told her.

“I know he could have been but don’t forget, rich powerful men are never wrong! They don’t make mistakes and are never late! If you can have that motto in your head the o tla ba shup! If you don’t then you shouldn’t be doing this at all!”

She told me. At times I wonder if this woman was my friend or pimp. Some of the things she said was like a friend indeed but at the base of it, she was whoring me out to her boss!

This is the life I had chosen so I kept my focus… Dubai!

******The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

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  1. Contact E-Merge recruitment, they are good at placing in the IT space.
    Also get on linkedin, What do you want to do within IT? you don’t mention that in your letter. There’s so much to do Business Analysis, Development (C-Sharp, .NET, SharePoint,etc), Testing, UX , etc.

  2. State Information Technology in Pretoria and a company called Sintrex in Midrand. Their numbers are 012 4823000 and 011 3180744 for Sintrex. Ask to speak to Emile Biagio

  3. Thanks Mikeesto, better late hey 🙂

    Hope something gives soon dear desperate, dont sell your soul sisi, giving in to demons should not even be an option. I know its hard, hell its worse than hard but kuzolunga sister.


  4. thanks mike. desperate please try gautengonline to register on website or call Nomsa Novela on 0113556053 fax 0113556019/0878071437 cell 0769766766
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    Please call that number for more information or go on their website

  5. Hi my situation is similar to that of desperate. I worked as an hiv lay counsellor for 9 years while studying then during my final year i was forced to quit as unisa required full time practical work. As i speaking I am a qualified social worker, graduated in 2014 and i have been volunteering at the local organisation ever since and seaching for work with no luck. Believe me i tried and now i am desparate to settle for any job. Please help a sister out

  6. Hi. My situation is similar to that one of desparate. I worked as an hiv cousellor for 9 years while studying as a social worker. During my final year i was forced to quit as unisa required full time practical work. As i am speaking to you now, i am a qualified social worker graduated in 2014. I have been volunteering at a local organisation here at Limpopo ever since 2014 and searching for employment with no luck. I even tried applying for internship but still no luck. I am now desparately searching for any work. Its hard hey. Please help a sister out.

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