Blessed Chapter Eight

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I think I have the worst luck in the world really. Sam had never come to visit me in the early morning like this and

for someone who knew me and my boyfriend to have seen us that had to be odd! That person even had the time to take a picture of the car like what the fuck was that! I did not want Sam coming to see me on campus meaning I had to find something to tell him without him throwing a tantrum as he had shown that he was quite capable of! Now I had to deal with my boyfriend. I don’t know why cheating on him was so easy yet deep down I know I loved him so much. What was wrong with me?

“Dude are you stalking me?”

I asked him very surprised that not only had he seen me but also he had a picture of it. Who does that?

“Do you think I am capable of stalking anyone?”

He responded very annoyed at me for that. It was odd because Neo is one of those guys that are slow to temper. He is often very calm and does not believe in fighting with me.

“No I did not mean like that!”

I defended myself.

“So whose car was it and what were you doing in the backseat?”

So he had not seen me! Someone else had because if he had seen me he would have approached that’s for sure.

“It’s my mum’s new boyfriend. She was in the backseat and said she wanted me to feel what comfort feels like. Imagine how embarrassed I was when she insisted I get in!”

I told him with so much confidence even I believed the lie I was telling.

“New boyfriend? You mom needs to slow down!”

He said. He knew about my mum and her reputation. He had come to the house a few times and always there was a man. I did say my mum was still enjoying what was left of her youth. She was no saint.

“She is my mother at the end of the day. She came to see me and did not even tell me. Imagine if my test had not been postponed she would not have seen me. I hate surprises.”

I told him

“Who is the new guy?”

He asked me. Ok I had not thought that far but normally when you see a big car with dark windows that answer is the following,

“Some tender comrade. I was not paying attention because I am certain he started to check me out too eeuw!”

I said. Guys love hearing how you rejected the advances of another guy. It makes them think that their dick is made of chocolate and you only crave it.

“Your mum scares me wa tseba! How can she be doing this in front of you guys?”

He said very concerned but clearly satisfied by what I had done.

“Let’s not talk about anymore! We have given it more than its fair share of attention!”

I told him. He did not protest!

“Guess what, last night after I dropped you guys off I had about five calls. This Uber business makes money! You will be surprised at some of the people you meet I swear!”

He said gladly changing the subject.

“That means that you hardly slept love? Do you want me to come over since there is no class today?’

I asked him.

“Of course I would like you to come!”

He said.

“I just have to go to Braam to drop off Tumi and then I will come!”

Tumi was his best friend from a young age. It was a she and I hated her no matter how much he said they were just friends. Where I come from guys can’t be friends with girls without them doing something on the side!

“Did you really have to tell me that?”

I asked him

“Yes! I told you that I would never lie to you because it’s wrong.”

He said. He held it together even though he could hear I was getting angry. I almost said don’t bother coming but my guilt made me not. I had just sucked off another man’s dick so who was I to say no.

“Ok fine!”

I said.

“I love you first and foremost!”

He said and with that he hung up. Boitumelo Nxumalo had been his friend for ages. She was stunning and Swati. She made me feel less every time I was around her. She was always polite to me but for some reason I always suspected her of liking him even though she had a boyfriend. I wished she could get run over by a bus!

“Where did he get the picture from?”

She asked me. In all that I had forgotten to ask him. I made note that I will do it when I see him. It was two hours later that he came to pick me up. Sam had not called again meaning he had gotten the message very clearly. I was not happy with Neo taking so long but I was happy to see him. I had bathed and changed again at this stage so was feeling fresh and sexy. When we got to his place I was moody.

“Where is your charger my phone is flat?”

I asked him when I entered. He asked for my phone then he went to plug it in. We had dated for so long I was not scared of him touching my phone. Besides, Sam never called twice in a day and today he already had so it was cool.

“You never charge though, why? You have free electricity at res!”

He teased.

“Yes we do no wonder why our entire electrical appliances breakdown! You know how free things are bad for you!”

I said laughing with him. I did not want to ask about Tumi but he still had his perfume on her something he never did.

“Why do you have Tumi’s perfume on you?”

I asked him.

“O because she sprayed in the car. She was rushing for an interview you know by Standar…”

“I don’t want to know all that Neo! I just wanted to know why the perfume was on you!”

I snapped at him. I always felt a need to remind him that I did not like her. Guess the bitchiness inside me and every girl is allowed to be that when it comes to her man.

“Ah tough, you can’t get angry over perfume in the air!”

He said and went to switch on his computer.

“I am going to KZN with Khanyi don’t forget so I won’t see you this weekend! Why don’t you come with us?”

I told him trying to break the ice after he did not talk to me for the next five minutes.

“Why are you going there again?”

He asked me. Had I not told him? I could not remember now for some reason so I told him the whole story again.

“No I know why but why are you going?”

He asked me again. It was obviously a trick question.

“To give her my support. She is my closest friend and there is nothing she will not do for me. You know this!”

I told him annoyed by his questions. Friends support one another otherwise it’s not a friendship at all. It’s fake. He had taken Tumi to Braam and I had not complained now he wants to complain about me escorting my closest friend to bury her grandmother? Nah dude, chill!

He moved around and he sat down. He seemed very troubled by this when he said,

“I don’t know why you don’t see this but Khanyi is not your friend! I have never told you who not to associate with and I don’t want to start now. Look at your life since you guys got closer? Even your grades are not the same and you know it!”

Now he was checking on my grades at school? Who did he think he was? He was not paying my fees.

“Just stop it Neo. You are becoming those controlling boyfriends and it’s not sexy. You need to trust my decision making process. I have never let you down before so why would I start now?”

I asked him.

“… You never had a friend like Khanyi before? It’s not about me or even about us, it’s about you and what you want out of your future! That I cannot control!”

He said. The thing that was sweet but also very frustrating about Neo is that he never raised his voice! Eish, the man was legend when it comes to that. When he shouted at you often it felt as though you were having a conversation. Don’t get me wrong, he was stern in his own way but was always respectful to me.

“Ok I hear you! Please let’s change the subject!”

I asked him. He did not argue but instead just stared at me. I felt a sharp pain in my lower stomach at this moment! Ah come on. I wanted to scream but the second one hit almost immediately after. Of all the curses and the sins we ever did against God, period pains where the worst form of punishment that was ever bestowed against us. I buckled in half!

“What’s wrong?”

He asked me concerned!

“Fuck, my periods are here!”

Did you know that there a woman who still believe that you can’t mention the word periods in front of a man? There are churches that don’t want a woman to come to church during her periods because she is genuinely considered dirty! We are clean enough to have kids for you but to dirt to come pray to our God when we are not having those kids and have to ovulate. All this in 2016! How do we even allow for such things?

“Do you have your pills?”

He asked me concerned. He knew how bad my period pains could get and fortunately no matter what I always carried my pills.

“In my bag!”

I told him. My bag was by the table so he went and got them for me. I also carried an extra tampon on me always for times like these.

“I have to go to the bathroom!”

I told him. As soon as I entered my phone rang! I heard it.

“Your phone is ringing!”

He shouted from the other side! I could not run out and say don’t answer it as my pants were already half way down. Besides he would become suspicious if I sad don’t pick up. I answered his calls always when we were together and could not answer! That time my tummy was so painful! Eish!

I could not hear what he was saying but it sounded like he was having a conversation.

“Someone called Samson! He said he heads a huge firm and offered me to come look around their engineering department!”

He said so excited!

“Fuck this is what I needed! Why didn’t you tell me you knew such powerful people?”

He said and he came over to hug me! He was even fist pumping like he had done something right. What was Sam playing at! He knew that Neo was my boyfriend because he would have introduced himself as that!

“I don’t! He is my mother’s new boyfriend!”

I lied.

“Oh, and you already have his numbers saved as Boss!”

He retorted and threw the phone at me!


Wrong lie!

********The End***********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Hi Mike and Readers

Thank you for the platform ,so here goes

I am a 26 year old independent woman and about 6 years ago I started dating my mother’s best friend’s son and my parent were not happy about it so I lied about us breaking up and told them that I had found a new guy, 6 months later I found out I was Pregnant and decided to come clean and my mom said I was lying as she totally believed the “New guy” story, to an extent that my mom said she had seen the guy(fabricated one) in a vision( she is a prophet) that he is the father of the baby and I must just forget the one that I love

Now my problem is my daughter is almost 5 and her father is not allowed to come see her and she is not allowed to visit him, if we have to go and see him I have to lie about it and now I have grown tired of it I can’t leave home as I am the only girl child and the youngest and both my Parents are above 65 with health issues, I have tried to speak to other elders from the family but every time they bring up the issue to my parents they get thrown out, I have gotten to a point where I am always angry and shouting at the wrong people and I have lost a lot of friends because of this

Should I leave home and be with my man who happens to be the greatest lover and father or should I be patient with my parents and hope that maybe one day they will accept him and we can be fully happy as that is the only thing that is straining our relationship so far, the guy is already talking marriage and stuff

Please help


11 thoughts on “Blessed Chapter Eight

  1. Thanks Mikeesto, Friday dose….

    Torn, mkhwenyane must go to your place, uncles and all to negotiate for lobola, if your parents throw them out then you pack your stuff and hit the road. It’s not fair on you that false prophecies shall be the reason for your unhappiness, it is unfair on your baby daddy and your baby. Abazali bakho need to take their medication and chill, they are happily aging together, bathi wena yenzan ngok, you might lose your person because of this.


    1. I agree with Jackzorro. You’re 26 and independant, how many woman can say that … yet your parents want to choose who you should date. Let the father of your child and the man of your dreams ask his uncles to go to your place and pay amalobolo. Should they kick them out or anything as such. Pack your stuff and leave. You should have stood your ground from the get go and not fabricated a new story about a new boyfriend.


  2. Torn
    your situation sounds frustrating, rather continue sneaking out to your man until he goes and ask your parents for your hand in marriage. I know it’s easier said than done but, stick it out a little bit if ubhudaz is already talking lobola. You moving out to stay with him might result in him forgetting your value and the need for lobola. You can go stay with a close relative if you are really suffocating. Old people can be very stubborn even when they see reason, they just don’t wanna be wrong. Good luck and try working on your tamper, as it might chase your man away too.

  3. Why don’t they want u ta date him though? Maybe he’s ur long lost brother or something. There is definitely a huge secret here. You only have two options: live a miserable life until you wait for ur parents pass on, or move out and do what makes u happy.

  4. We can be philosophically about this but the truth is, the discission lies within you independent woman, coz where there’s no blessings there is a curse,if your parents forbidden you to date that guy, which means this situation is far extent from the practice Voodoo. then girl it’s up to you to prevent any curse placed against you,because of you continue with this relationship you’re cursing your future.😢😢😢😢😢

  5. Thanks Bro Mike.
    Torn. Why are your parents doing this to your child thou,their grand daughter. What is your BF’s mother saying about this,is she also against it? If so ,I smell sea food here. I’d go for a DNA test just to put my mind at eas. He could be your half brother for all we know.
    Good luck dear. And do marry the guy

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