Birds – Chapter Twenty Four

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“I was right”

“Mama, can you see her?” I stood up on my little toes to take a look; but I couldn’t see anything. “Ma!” i shouted.
“Your father is waiting. We do not have time Pontso.” She said.
“I want to see her! Please.”
My mother grabbed my tiny thin body into her arms. I kicked my legs in the air and cried out, so everyone who gathered in a circle to get autographs from the Congolese super model could look at us. I screamed. “Pontso!” shouted my mother.

“I want to talk to her! You promised!” my mother looked down into my eyes helpless. She was too apprehensive about being late for papa, when all I wanted was to talk to my idol.
“Okay two minutes.” She said letting go of me. And I ran and pushed my way through to the front.

There she was; as elegant as ever. I smiled and confidently walked towards where she was sitting. One of her body guards was marching towards me and she stopped him. She called me over with a smile on her almost perfect face.

“Hello beautiful girl. How are you?” she said.
“I’m…I’m fine.” I giggled; playfully crossing my legs.
“How old are you?” I opened my right hand .
“Five? So cute. You want an autograph?”
“No.” I said. She was surprised with my response. I treaded closer to her.

“I want to be like you. As beautiful, and have a huge house with everyone working for me.” I said. She laughed. I added- “So how can I be like you?” “What’s your name little girl?” she said curious.
“I’m Pontso Molomo.”
“Pontso…beautiful name. You know what you can do to be like me? Nothing. Just be Pontso and go after anything you want. What do you want to be when you grow up?”
“I want to be like you.” I simply said.
She blushed, – “So you want to be a model?” I nodded. She then held my small hands. “Then go become a model Pontso, and good luck.”
“Thank you.”
My mom was already impatiently next to me to whisk me away. My idol then said to my mother who obviously appeared peeved- “You have such a gorgeous and bright daughter ma’am.” My mom indifferently nodded and grasped my hand. The model waved at me and I blew her a kiss.

* * *

I was woken up by a huge headache. I could suddenly feel the overwhelming heaviness of my body. I slowly opened my eyes. It was all blurry for a slit second, and suddenly I could hear voices beside me.

“Pontso.” a familiar voice spoke. I opened my eyes wider. My heart made a huge thwack, and I jumped slightly noticing I was in a room I couldn’t identify.

I looked around and noticed my parents and my cousin Tshepi on my right, and a man in a white coat on my left.

“What are you…where am i?” I said. Tshepi rubbed my hand. “You are at a hospital ngwanake.” said my mother sitting on a chair next to the bed I was lying on.

My dad stared at me not saying anything. “What am…. Oh my God.” I tried to sit up.

“Hello, Pontso Molomo. I’m D.r Pitjeng.” said the man in the white coat. “You are probably having a huge headache right now. Although you have bruises on your lower abdomen; you will be healed with time. You just need a little bit of more sleep, and later today you can be released. If that’s okay with you.” my mind was racing. I did not hear half of the things the doctor mentioned. I looked at the three on my right. “It’s okay… you are still in shock. Take a breath in and out. You are safe now.” said Tshepi.

Papa was still quiet; now starring down at his feet. He then let out something that sounded like a “nxa.”

“With proper rest; you will be fine Miss Molomo. If you need me; you just call out. I’ll be right here. Your family had asked for some time with you.” he brushed my shoulder and trotted out the room.

“What happened?” I said looking at all of them staring at me. My father abruptly said seeming furious – “You don’t know what happened? You were that drunk?”

“Please not here Khumo…she’s still in shock. Please.” Said my mother. She seemed distressed and exhausted. My father in a black suit, and she in a Pedi traditional attire, and a nicely wrapped turban on her head. She looked immaculate.

“What happened?” I asked again. “We don’t really know Pontso. The paramedics found you at your house, lying on the floor appeared to have been physically abused. They received an anonymous call to the house.” said Tshepi. My heart gave a huge jump again. I closed my eyes when she said those words. I swiftly remembered what happened; Brian did this to me.

“Who did this baby?” my mother asked. I felt like letting out a loud howl, scream and cry it all out!

I pressed my lips together, and tried not to let the tears out. It felt like I had a huge lump on my throat. The headache kicked in even harder.

“Pontso.” said Tshepi.
“We are making her upset. We will resolve this later.” said my mother.

Papa was already at the door; not wanting to be next to his daughter who got beat down when drunk.

“Do you feel comfortable talking to Tshepiso? Should I leave the room?”
“Yes.” I responded. “Okay.” and she grabbed her handbag and went through out the door to join papa.

Tshepi grasped the chair my mother had sat on and treaded it closer to the bed. She looked at me with such pity, I hated it.

“Was it Brian?” she said in a confidential tone, I nodded. “Oh my… why?”
I started sobbing when she asked me that.
“I really don’t want to talk about it…look at me. I’m a mess. How…I can’t even-” I finally let out the tears. I felt the huge swelling on my left eye when I put my hands on my face to restrain the tears from coming out. The swelling felt like he really wanted to kill me.

“I’m so sorry Pontso. What do you need me to do? Are you going to report this?”
I removed my hands off my face and just breathed in hard.

“He will pay for this Pontso. He has to pay for this.”
“So he just left you like this? Wow, that cunning bustard. The anonymous call must have come from him.”
She offered me a tissue. I cleared the tears off my cheeks.

I then said to her- “He’s the one who leaked the pictures. He and Thabiso did it together. I was right.”
“He confessed?”
I instantly said- “I slept with Macky.” she eye balled me.
“Okay… I’m trying to gather all this. What? Pontso? Macky he’s-”
“I know. It was stupid. I was angry at Brian for ignoring me at my party in February, and Macky was there for me. Next thing-”
“Wow Pontso.”
“I know. Pretty promiscuous of me.”
She kept quiet. I guess that was an- “I agree”

“Last night while hitting me, he said Thabz was telling him the truth all along that I slept with Macks.”
“Oh… so they leaked the pictures when Thabz told him about you sleeping with him? Wow cunning of him!”
She added -“Wait…if he knew about you sleeping with Macky all along; why act now? Why didn’t he admit leaking the pictures because he found out about you and the white guy? Confront you for that matter?”
I shook my head. “I think he didn’t want to believe it. And at the back of my mind, I knew he knew. Brant could have never let those pictures out unless something made him angry.”
I cleared my nose with the tissue. I continued- “He wanted proof I guess. So when he found the gift basket from Macky-”
“Macky sent you a gift basket?” she said eyeballing me again. “Okay, can you at least pretend like you are not shocked at the things I’m telling you? You are making me feel worse Tshepi.”
She giggled.

“Macks is a fool. I still don’t know why I slept with him.”
“He is something I must say.” she said. My parents walked back into the room.

“We heard laughter…I guess you are okay?” said my mom. “I’m fine for now. Thank you for coming to see me Ma. You really did not have to.”
“I’m also here Pontso.” said papa. I looked at him. The man disliked me like I am not his only daughter. I wasn’t happy or moved that he was there. My mother probably made him come along.

Mama moved closer and asked me- “Do you remember who did this to you?”
Before I could answer; my father jumped in- “It’s the radio boy she’s dating.” I lay there shocked.
“What? It’s obvious. I already called my lawyer. He will deal with this case, and that boy will be lucky if he gets less than 10 years in prison.” He stated. “Khumo.” said my mother.
“What? We will turn into a joke if he does not pay for this. Your child is already an embarrassment to the family. How many times has she tried to shame my name! This must show that we are still a family that commands respect.”
I eyed Tshepi and could see she was taken aback.

“I’m not going to-” just when I wanted to add “Press charges”, he jumped in again – “You are not going to do what Pontso?!” he treaded closer. He had always attempted in making me fear him. His eyes were screaming with frantic anger,-“You are not going to report this? I’m not asking you girl; you are going to. I don’t even care what happened before he decided to hit you. You are going to the police as soon as you get discharged. I can even call them here if need be.”
One will look at this as a father trying to protect his daughter. But I know Khumo Molomo. I know my father. He will not be doing this for me, but himself.

“Doctor, doctor!” I yelled. The doctor came back rushing to the room. “You know this man?” I said to him. He looked at me seeming befuddled and then looked at papa. “Yes, of course. This is the minister of Finance; Molomo?”
“Yes him. Get him out…get him out; make him leave. He’s upsetting Me.” my dad immediately made two steps towards the bed as if wanting to hit me. My mom grasped his hand. He then moved back, and he let out another “nxa”.

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