Birds – Chapter Twenty Five

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“I did you a favour”

I have never imagined I would ever go to the clinic for injuries resulting from a beat down; by people I lived with for that matter. Omowumi and Senhle drove me to the clinic immediately after the fight. Or should I say the ambush? I never thought Portia will lay a hand on me-ever.

As much as I despised her; I do not think she is the violent type. Charmaine must have fortified the beating! What have I ever done to Charmaine for her to dislike me so much? Is it only because I’m foreign? Or it is because I am prettier than all of them?

We arrived at the house. Omowumi holding me gently against her. “Don’t vex. I will avenge for you. Those girls will not get away with this.” Said Omowumi.
“How Wumi? There are two of us and three of them.” I said with my bruised lips. The words were even horrendously difficult to verbalize. She opened the front door of the house. Inside was Kamohelo waiting for us.

“Aow, you don’t look bad Barbie. You still look better than me with those bruises; and they say I’m gorgeous.” Said Kamohelo. She then smirked. I managed to smile.

The throbbing I was bearing went away. The pain killers they gave me at the clinic seemed to be working. The only indication that I was beaten- were the bruises on my lips, and the bandage on my right leg.

“Where is Senhle?” asked Kamo.
“She said she had to go somewhere.” Wumi replied, -“And where are those s**ts?” Wumi demanded scanning around the living room like they would be hiding behind the sofa.

“They are out. I think they thought Audrey will press charges or something.”
I exhaled, -“I just want to lie down right now. Can you help me get to my room?” I said to Wumi. I couldn’t walk properly. My legs were being stubborn. I guess sleeping with a girl’s boyfriend could result with you being crippled!

“Dingaan was here.” said Kamohelo while we were on the verge of entering my room. “Here? When?” I said. “This morning. Two hours after you guys left I think. He was so worried. What did you give that man Barbie? …Yoh, in his expensive suit and a bodyguard by his side; and he’s worried about you?”
“What did he say?” I prompted.
“He wanted to see you…. I panicked; so i told him you got into a car accident.”
Omowumi chuckled. “I told him you are okay hle. Just bruises here and there.”
Wumi and I gaped at her. Wouldn’t a car accident make him more worried?

She added- “Hau! I did you a favour. What would be the explanation for your bruises when he does see you huh? That you slept with your housemate’s boyfie and she and her friends beat you up? I did you a favour Barbie.”
I guess she was right. However, a car accident was a bit extreme. How about I fell down the stairs somewhere?
“Okay Kamo.” I said.
With her cute outfit; she seemed to be headed out.

Omowumi and i entered my room. I had left my phone behind when I was rushed to the clinic. I knew I had messages from Dingaan, and any other person for that matter. We left in such a rush to the clinic at 4a.m in the morning; with me bleeding from the mouth and a huge pain on my head. For a moment, I even forgot who I was.

I grasped the phone and went through my messages.

*I heard about the accident. I am so sorry about what happened to you Audrey. I would have come to see you at the clinic; except I had to hurry to the airport… another business trip. Get well baby; I hope to see you when I get back.*

Omowumi smiled when I showed her the message, – “He cares about you. Wow, I think he loves-”
“I know, I know.” I said blushing.
“Now get some sleep my friend. You are going to need a lot of it, oh.”
“Okay doctor Omowumi.”
She giggled. I touched her hand after getting into bed- “thank you for being a good friend to me my friend.”
“Come on. Don’t get all emotional now. Is it the meds they gave you?” she said kissing me on my hand. “Sleep tight Barbie.” She then walked out of my room.

Omowumi was probably one of the few stable friends I had. I admire and love Pontso, but she can be such a pain in the butt. I wondered if she had gotten over her ‘babalas’ yet. The way she was so drunk; I was sure she slapped herself when she woke up.

I grasped my phone and read the message from the rich Tycoon again. He still yearns for me even after I slipped out of his hotel suite without telling him?
What did I give him Kamo? Good question… how about sex in the shower? How about sex from afternoon to Morning? How about the massages I gave him? How about making sure I looked “magnificent” all the time? I WORKED for him to even be concerned about me.

I placed the phone away, and immediately dossed off to sleep.

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  1. I could summarise this chapter in one sentence! “Upon return from the clinic, before Womu tucked me in bed to sleep, I learned that Dingaan was worried because Kamo had told him I had been in a car accident”.

    Please don’t play with us. 1st you reduced the frequency of the posts, now the lenght and there’s no story in this chapter. What’s next? sanusibhanxa apha tyhini!

    1. Hahahahaha, good one, your literature teacher did a good job. A sentence for a chapter yet maintaining the meaning takes some mastering.


  2. I understand the frustration. Before the chapter could be posted I said to myself “they are going to be furious about the length of the chapter”. However, I should point out that there was nothing I could have done as the story is already written and done. Every book has shorter chapters, and unfortunately this happens to be one of them. When a chapter ends In this story it is because there is no nothing else to cover before a new scene commences, and also because the story alternates between Audrey’s side of the story and Pontso’s (daily, purposely and timely); extending any chapter will result in the scenes going back and forth and as a result—–> confusion.
    About the reduction of the posting frequency, it is because from this point forth a lot of stuff happen in the story and you know what they say about too much information. I really do understand that you are curious about what happens next, but because this is only a blog and not a book in your hand that you could finish anytime you wanted to, you will need to be patient 🙂

  3. Audrey always comparing friends is annoyingly childish. K, we need more babe. This is becoming an addiction LOL

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