Birds – Chapter 9

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Monday- 11:19 a.m.


By 11 o’clock; Brant and I were both cleaned up. I wore blue Gucci jeans which impressively divulged my bums. A black mesh panel revealing top, black pair of bow tied wedges and a mini pink tweed jacket. Brian always complemented my fashion sense. I would make a simple outfit look outrageous and at the same time classy. I always wore minimal make up. I had short hair- which was meticulously trimmed and neat. He liked being seen with me, and introducing me to his friends. People knew who I was in his world.

Making me go out was a struggle Brian had to endure. He waited for me unwearyingly, and we were finally ready to eat out for lunch as every other Monday. The sun was out, however, it was a bit windy.

“You did not come here in your car?” I asked him

“No.” he replied

We were now standing outside my house. “Why? You came in a taxi?”

“A friend dropped me off Pontso.”


“Thabiso dropped me off.”

I gawped at him as he was trying to be vague with his response.

“The one person I’m actually pissed at; and you two are giving each other rides?”

“It’s not like that baby. He stays right next to me. And I knew we can’t use two cars when we go out now, would we?”

“That’s your excuse? I can stay right here and refuse to go out with you”.

“I can’t believe you.” I continued, – “This person has done something totally wrong to me, and you are okay with it.”

“Who said I’m okay with it?”

“Keys?” he demanded with his right hand wide open. I unlocked the car.

“No, I’ll be driving. I don’t trust you with my life right now.” I said ambling to the driver’s side .He looked at me as if offended, shook his head but got in the front passenger seat. We drove in silence.

My mind kept prompting me about the pictures while I was driving. I kept looking at the rear-view mirror if anyone was following us. I knew well that people were angry for some ludicrous reason. People were curious. People wanted me to say something. My nude pictures were creating a huge kerfuffle in South Africa…of course. I did not feel safe.

I switched my phone on when we arrived at the restaurant. As expected, I had tons of missed calls. And finally Audrey had called. I had two missed calls from her and a text message. I also received two from my cousin\promoter, and two other missed calls from my agency. I quickly became worried.

“What is it? You look stressed.” said Brian. We were now eating. He ordered a cheese burger with fries as every afternoon we had lunch together. I ordered a salad and a glass of water. I was in no mood for a solid lunch. I kept looking around; the angst! However, people in the restaurant were not paying attention to us. I was a bit relieved.

“It’s my agency, they called…do you think they have already heard about the pictures?”

He laughed, -“Why are you speaking in a confidential tone? I told you to relax. Why not call them?”

“I will later…Urgh and Audrey wants to have lunch, and am already having lunch…she’s so inconsistent.” I said as I replied her message. I placed my cell phone on the table and continued eating.

“You know she did not check up on me last night?” I said

“Maybe she did not see them.”

“Unlikely. Audrey is always on twitter and Instagraming…the pictures were spreading like wild fire.”

She was probably the first to witness Julius Malema’s ‘twar’ with Dj Sbu. She was the first to inform me that she and her ex-boyfriend were rumoured to be broken up on social networks.

Audrey was one of the few people who had the privilege to screen munch Trevor Gumbi’s drunken suicide tweets before he deleted them. How could she have missed the recent biggest trend?

I said- “As always people were talking about me and not her; I think she is jealous.”

Brian kept quiet for a while and finished his plate. He then said- “You know you are surprising at times. So you do like the attention you are receiving because of the pictures?” he wiped his mouth

“I did not say that.”

“But that’s what you implied Pontso. You love attention and you know it. And did you see the followers you are having now on twitter? I was shocked. If you could have that in twenty four hours… Just because you posed naked; people are suddenly interested.”

“What are you insinuating? That before the pictures people were not interested in me?” I chuckled, – “I’m the most talked about model here and I just started few years ago. People all over know about me.”

“Of course you are… you always were baby. I was just saying.”

He then said-“I cannot believe you are mad at that. Seriously Pontso, you got issues.”

I just looked at my phone screen and went online.

People were still mentioning and talking about the nude photos and creating memes. Some were praising me for the art I displayed to my surprise. My body, the poses and the colours I used.

“Why are you smiling?” Brian asked

“Look what Bontle wrote…” and it read:

*Even if you can judge @PontsoMolomo with the nudes. I think she looks great, confident and classy. This is something that has not yet been done in SA.*

Another celebrity Dj Macky tweeted:

*I can’t believe I’m saying this @PontsoMolomo, but I was taken by the pics. It’s obviously not appealing to pose naked but you managed to do it in a ‘dignified’ manner. The images look really impressive. Wow, a great work of art.*

“He obviously has hots for you.” Said Brian



“He told you?” I said surprised

“What? No, does he?”

“I don’t know. You said it, I thought… never mind.”

He was suddenly quiet again. He then mumbled- “If you cheat on me with that idiot because you suddenly feel more famous; I will never forgive you. I promise you that Pontso.” he said that while bluntly gawking at me. Is he threatening me? I chose to ignore him.

This wasn’t his first threat towards me. “If you cheat on me with those stupid campus boys, I will never forgive you.” he said when I informed him about going back to school. “If you even dare flirt with anyone while I’m working you will regret it.” his favourite line when I’m at an event he is working at.

I finished eating my salad and ordered dessert. Suddenly someone was waving at me through the restaurant glass. I thought it was a fan, but it was Audrey. She signalled to be coming inside the restaurant… and there she was; Africa’s “Black Barbie”.

“Hey boo, Hey Brant, Heeey love birds!” she said running towards us. She is always so hyper. And I couldn’t believe what she was wearing. It was a colourful mess.

She had on a long sleeved lurid cropped top with red zigzag lines, and brown leather leggings with leopard spots. She had on purple square shaped gigantic earrings and squat red heeled boots with spikes; her hair a mini red dyed afro. And that’s how people know Audrey. She is a “colourful doll” as they would put it.

I conjectured her choice of look was to appear somewhat gaiety and not weird.

She and I have been friends for eleven years. We were both presenters for Teens Mzansi.

“Hello, Simish man naw?”

Uhm, what? Then she giggled and said- “Yiqirta, I’m sorry. I’m Audrey, and you?”

I looked at her puzzled sitting on a chair next to her waiting to audition for the Teens Mzansi. I was taken aback by her accent, atypical demeanour and her gaudiness. What are you doing here and where on earth are you from? I thought.

But since she had such a cheerful appearance and tone; I finally said – “I’m Pontso.” she giggled again. She lost the accent now. Sad thing the colours remained.

And Unlike me, Audrey was a presenter on the show till she was twenty years old. She’s the same age as me, also a model but a freelancer. She quit presenting like me and now only models; having started a year ago.

She gave Brian a chastely kiss on the chick and gave me a hug. “Boo you won’t believe what happened to meee!” She said grasping a chair.

She is so talkative and loud. Sometimes I felt embarrassed around her.

Brian suddenly seemed uncomfortable, -“Uhm I guess I’ll see you ladies soon…I have to go baby.” he said standing up

“Where are you going?” asked Audrey

“Ehm, to work. You girls need to do your stuff. I have to prepare for the show.”

He then gave me a goodbye kiss on the lips.

The radio station he worked at ‘ZFM’ for almost six years was not far from the restaurant. “Ok bye. You will call me?” I said

“Yeah.” and he was out.

Audrey was now looking at me in anticipation to tell me her big news. Although I knew it’s nothing big; but, –“Okay what is it?” I said

“I met a man!”

That’s the big news? But you just broke up with your boyfriend like few months ago.

“Where?” I tried to look riveted

“At some event. He is amazing boo. I can actually see myself getting married to him Phontsho.” she always called my name like white people do. Why don’t Africans pronounce African names the same way?

“You just met this guy; and already you can hear wedding bells? You and MK? You guys are really done?”

“Of course we are. He just wasn’t it…”

Oh Audrey. And the late night call I received with your drunken tone?

How she whipped and howled in her home language ‘Amharic’ as she always does when stoned. She cried out about how she messed up, burped and shouted over the phone- “Shermuta! Debeb shermuta Phontsho! Aim Ya MK!” I had no idea what she was saying; but I figured she did something to MK. Then she sobbed and howled again. And now she sits in front of me saying “he just wasn’t it”.

I shook my head and said-“We both know what that means. He did not have a ridiculously heavy bank account and he was not twice your age.”

“What is wrong with you? Can you at least be happy for me? You can be such a buzz killer sometimes.” she said wryly.

She actually expected me to come in my Mother’s Pedi attire and my Shweshwe bangles, a drum, sing and dance to: “Tswang, tswang, tswang” and ululate for her for getting the new man.

“I try and be happy for you Dree. But knowing you; this guy won’t last. We both know you can’t keep a man. You throw men away like used condoms. Like I’m tired, I’m tired of being excited for you really.”

She gaped at me. “It’s pathetic yes…stop looking at me like what I said is not true. Either you stay single and search within yourself Audrey; than jumping from men to men.”

She shouted-“I’m jumping from men to men? Really?!”

She continued- “That is you honey…Does Dj Mr Muscles even know about you and Dj Macky? His colleague? Huh? You are so quick to judge me but you can’t see that you are the bitch here.”

I was taken aback by her sudden attack, – “Oh please. That was a onetime thing. Brant wouldn’t even find out…This is so trivial to talk about really. I’m with Brian, and Macky is with his girlfriend and now fiancé by the way? Everybody is happy.”

She was abruptly concentrated on her phone screen. Her long colourful nails obscuring her phone. “Yeah right.” she said rolling her eyes.

She then said-“I saw the pictures. Amazing how people are defending you. I think they are great too by the way. Just that some people won’t understand you know…nice one.”

I still don’t know if she was also defending me, complementing me or judging me.

“Who leaked them though? You?” she asked

“Of course not. Why would I do such a thing? I couldn’t even sleep last night. I was so humiliated and stressed out; you don’t understand. I’m still mad at Thabiso, and when I see him I do not know what I am going to do to him.”

“Thabz leaked them? Why? Brian showed them to him?”

“I really do not know why he did that; it’s so careless. Brant claims he found them in his PC and posted them. But I don’t believe him. I think they both did it.”

“You think so? But why would Brant do such a thing? It’s unlike him…I go with his story.” she always liked Brian. Sometimes I wondered for me or for herself.

“I now have hundred thousand followers on twitter, its crazy.” I said

“I know right. We should throw a party. I will throw It.” she said already happy with her idea. “A party? For what?”

“Reaching 100k! People throw them.”

“I know, but that’s juvenile.”

How ridiculous is that? Bontle, a huge celebrity that she is, – invited everyone to celebrate reaching 500k. And we popped out in our expensive outfits, popped champagne and celebrated over her getting more cyber fans. Get plastered and went home.

“Okay, whatever Miss classy.” She said going back to her phone.

“Let’s take a picture. Come…come, it’s for my Instagram.” She said. She is such a social network person; always posting pictures. She had a folder specifically for her and MK. Every five hours there was a new picture. They go to Sun City or Hong Kong- ten images are Instagramed. Award ceremonies there, there are with smiles and matching outfits. And when it was all over, and the birds have flown, – she deleted all of them.


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