Birds – Chapter 8

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Monday 10:50 a.m.


Omowumi was preparing to shower. I was standing at her door when MK stood next to me, – “Audrey…” he said. He seemed really healthy and glowing. I was jealous that he was doing fine without me in his life.

“Yes.” I replied

“You’re alright?”

“Yah I’m fine…it’s nice seeing you again Makgatho.”

Yah neh. The way you just love saying my full name like that with your sexy accent. ‘Makado’, I actually missed that.” He blushed. He quickly added- “Would you walk me out? I’m leaving.”

“Oh okay.” I replied. He took my left hand. We strolled out.

“So you and Kamohelo are friends now?” I said

“Not really. She has asked me to be her mentor.”


He let go of my hand and stopped to face me, – “It’s really nice seeing you Audrey. I actually hesitated a few times to come over…but I thought; what the hack you know. Life goes on.”

I squirmed and said- “I can’t believe it’s been… err six months?”

“Yeah, I know.”

He was now studying my face. I sighed before stammering- “Makgatho, I’m sorry about how, you know, I’m-”

“Audrey, don’t. It’s okay. I’ve moved on. Yes, you hurt me; but I can’t hold grudges. I’m cool like that.” he looked sincere.

We continued walking in silence. We stopped again at the gate were his mini copper was parked. He looked at me and said- “I’ll see you soon. I’m leaving for L.A on Wednesday.”


“Yeah. I’ll be covering some interviews for my show there…but I will be back on Friday.”


“Take care Audrey.” he gave me a forehead kiss and a long hug. He then left.

I stood there on the pavement watching him drive away. I knew Makgatho was a great guy; I shouldn’t have slept with his friend.

I loved MK to the core. Late night calls, mind blowing sex, taking pictures together everywhere, planning our future together and all those sweet things people do when they are in love. Then came the pressure of entertaining ‘stans’, receiving emails from strangers claiming to be involved with MK. The death threats I received from girls. They kept calling me names for dating their cute VJ MK. And then the rumours of me sleeping with numerous celebrities. It was too much. I got tired of it. I started sleeping with his friend whom we co-hosted on Teens Mzansi. The cute MK was nowhere to be found; off to his usual trips. His friend then told him via text we were dating- which was untrue. That was the end of it.

I walked back to the house. Just then, Dingaan called again. “Hello.” I answered the call. “You never pick up your phone Audrey.” he said sounding irritated. “I was busy, sorry.”

“With what?”

“Uhm, School project.” I lied to him again. The lies just keep piling up. “Oh I hope I’m not disturbing you Audrey.”

“No, no I’m free now.”

I was now in the living room. Only Khakha, Senhle and Kamohelo were left playing cards.

Khakha was staring at me while I was on the phone. “Okay. So when can I see you again?” said Dingaan. Kamohelo shouted -“Audrey, Audrey weh! MK left?” I nodded

“Uhm your pick…” I said to Dingaan

“Are you free tomorrow night?”

“I think so.” I responded

“You must dress to kill, sexy…”

I giggled, -“Oh is it? I sure will… Where are we going Dingaan?”

“It’s a surprise.”

“I like surprises.”

“Great then. I have to go. Business call….bye-bye.”


Just when I was blushing for being called sexy by a multi-millionaire; I noticed Senhle, Kamohelo and Khakha were all now looking at me.

“Dingaan neh? … thatha Audrey!” said Senhle. My smile couldn’t hide my excitement.

“No man wouldn’t notice the beautiful Audrey…” said Kamohelo giggling. Senhle then said- “So I guess that means you are back on your-”

“LIFE SUPPORT HUNT!” Kamohelo jumped in

“What’s that?” asked Khakha confused.

Kamohelo quickly answered-“Audrey only dates rich older men for financial support.”

“That is not true Kamohelo…I dated guys my age. And is Makgatho old?”

“Audrey, he is the only guy your age you dated since I’ve known you. So-” “So twitter is right. You are a gold-digger?” asked Khakha

“No I’m not a gold-digger Khakha”

“You are what?”

“Nothing. I just…I just prefer older men.”

“I see.” He said seeming unconvinced. “And why are you so interested whether she’s a gold miner or not?” asked Senhle cackling. Kamohelo looked at us confused.

I gathered Senhle thus far was the only one who knew what happened between Khakha and me the night before. I walked off immediately.

“Wumi! Where are you my friend?! Wumi!” I shouted

“In the shower!” she shouted back. I went to my room.

I then stripped off the clothes I was wearing and wore my shower cap. I passed through the living room to the bathroom. Kamohelo shouted -“Hau Audrey, put on a towel! Khakha is here!”

Khakha immediately said bragging-“Point me something I haven’t seen there, and I’ll throw a million rand at it.” Senhle covered her mouth. I rolled my eyes.

I entered the bathroom and joined Omowumi in the shower.

“Here my friend. Scrub my back.” she handed me the scrub. “You are going out soon?” she asked

“Yes, I think I will go to lunch with Pontso.” I responded

“You spoke to MK?” she quickly asked



“What do you mean?”

“What did he say?”

“Nothing. We just talked.”

“Poor guy. I know you loved him Audrey.” I kept quiet. She handed me her washing cloth and I scrubbed her back with soap.

“Is that ashawo still talking rubbish?” she said


“That monkey Portia.”

“I don’t know; probably. She is with her two ninjas in her room.”

“I hate that girl.”

“I know my friend. Now she won’t talk nonsense after that hot punch.”

We both burst out laughing. The water was so warm and massaging. I handed her back the scrub for my turn.

Heh my friend. This might make you feel better about that monkey.” I said

“What is it?”

“I banged Khakha last night.”

Oshey! Audrey! Where?!” she stopped scrubbing me. I looked back at her. Her face was screaming with excitement, “In Portia’s bedroom.” I responded


“My friend.”

“Where was I when this happened?” she asked deliriously

Abi, you were there on the couch snoring.”

“My friend!”

“My friend.”

“Does The Circle or that mumu know you banged her baby daddy?”

“I don’t know…anyway, I couldn’t care less. His manhood is not written Portia.”

“Audrey my friend!”

I then stood under the shower tap spreading soap on my body; whilst the water poured on top of me.

I continued with my story, – “My friend….the things we did all over that room. Let me tell you this my friend. The guy is a hippie. That monkey was not lying about their sex tales. He will sex you my friend.”

“You don’t say!” she said handing me the scrub. She then damped my wash cloth with bathing soup and ran it though my back.

“We did it again and again. I don’t know where that shermuta was; leaving a Negro like that at a party by himself. We will screw him for her.”

“That mumu will learn! And I hope you used condoms my friend…”

“My friend, I never plan on drinking without them. I had them in all colours. I know myself.”

He-he -he! I wish that ashawo could find out. I would like to see what that loud mouth would do.”

“Nothing Wumi. I am Audrey! She won’t do anything. I can even go and take Khakha right in front of her…she won’t do shit.”


She was in stitches.

Minutes later we were done showering. Portia came in talking about being late for class; like anyone cares.

“I don’t know what to put on, it’s all so confusing.” I said. I was now in my bedroom after showering, while Omowumi was using my make up at my dressing table

“Just wear anything you like.” she said

“I don’t know….does this look good Wumi? Let me take a picture and Instagram. I will judge from the comments.”

“Audrey, you always look great. Why you care? You make the clothes look good, not the other way round. Unlike the rest of us.”

“I was trying to get a fashion designer’s perspective Wumi; but you are right.”

I looked at the other clothes in my closet and nothing screamed “pick me, pick me”

“It is that ashawo.” said Wumi


“Whenever you are going to meet with Miss Pornos; you always fret about how you look.”

“That’s not true.”

“It’s true. You are Barbie. Put on whatever you like. Who cares Audrey?”

She then went to my closet.

“Put this on then. This is you. Don’t try to be that girl.” She said narked

“Who said I’m trying to be Pontso?”

“Okay then, put on whatever you like. I’m out.”

“Whatever Wumi.”

“Yes my friend.” and she went to her bedroom.

I decided to call Pontso. But it went to voicemail. I then texted her: *Hey love, want to do lunch?*

She texted back a few minutes later: *Sure, I’m at our favourite restaurant ….with Brant. See you then.*

*Alright, I’ll be there in 15 minutes, xoxo.*

The thought of being there with her hot boyfriend gave me stomach ache.


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    1. I recently found myself in the same position as Palesa, the only difference is I refused him my contacts, insisted he gives me his. So I still have his business card, but haven’t made contact..

      So, let me see how the story transpires from here. Maybe I can learn a thing or two. Lols

  1. I hope this blog goes on longer than the 16 chapters it had on the last website it was on…..I’m waiting to move on from there in the story…

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