Birds – Chapter 23

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Saturday- 03:10 a.m.

What I do remember is Brian carrying me in his strong arms because I was DRUNK. Yes, Pontso Molomo drunk. I couldn’t believe it either. Somehow it was more fun than I thought it would.

“Mmm, mmm no, no Brant I want to go back. Take me back to Audrey.” I tried saying to him when we got to my house. “Where are your keys, in the clutch?” he said ignoring my request. He then released me from his arms.

“Pontso.” He said. I was hearing him but my mind was still at the club. I just looked at him whilst reeling on his arm.
“Okay, don’t fall. Let go…let me get your house keys, Pontso.”

I stood there waiting; and balancing my tall figure against the wall. It was dark. Probably around 3 a.m. in the morning.

Brian then came back with my clutch and took out my house keys.
“No let me!” I tried to seize the keys from him. “It’s my house!” I said screaming. The OH-group in my system was surely messing with me.

My front door was open. I tried to pace in; but stumbled and fell next to the couch. “Pontso you are drunk. Stop it….just lie here on the couch. I will go get you a blanket. I can’t carry you upstairs.”

I crawled on the floor and I reached the top of the couch.

“Hoo!” I shouted

A few minutes later; Brant came back from my bedroom with a blanket. He was also carrying something else on his right hand. I eyed him with my faint eyes as he went down the stairs looking somehow heated.

“Pontso what is this?” he lifted up the gift basket.
I said- “Can you…can you get me some water? I think I’m going to puke.”
I was suddenly feeling nauseated. I needed a glass of water. Something to balance the alcohol.
He ignored me,-“This is from Macky, Pontso. Why is he sending you gifts?…. jewellery, gift cards. Why is he sending you gifts Pontso?” he repeated looking at me like I kill babies for a living.

I was getting annoyed for some reason. I shouted at him -“Brian, could you please get me some water!”
He moved closer to me. He then held me by my hair like I didn’t notice he was upset already.
He said-“Right now I don’t care gore o tagilwe, I don’t care if you are drunk… And I know you heard what I just asked you. So I am going to give you one last chance. Why is Macky sending you gifts?!”
I looked up at him twisting my short hair. “You are hurting me. Let go of my hair, satane!” I shouted back at him.

He then looked right into my eyes like he didn’t know what to do and then… came the hot slap!

That slap echoed throughout the entire house. But for the nerve of me; I didn’t feel pain when he hit me.
“Pontso! Macky? Are you kidding me?”
He paced towards the front door. He then hit the door hard with his right leg.

He then came back more fuming. He asked- “How long have you been sleeping with him? How long Pontso!”
I ignored his question. Since he was not willing to get me some water; I thought i will just get it myself. I attempted standing up; but he tripped my right leg, and I fell on the ceramic tiles with my lips.

He then started kicking me on my stomach while I tried to reach for the couch again.

“So Thabiso was telling me the truth the whole time? …He saw you. He saw the two of you in Macky’s car!”
“Pontso, Ke tla o bolaya! I will kill you!”
He continued kicking me, -“You were just a spoilt brat when I met you. Now you are the famous spoilt brat because of me!”
With that punch line;-he then held my short hair again. He folded his fist and then went straight to my left chick.

And there it was …pain! Pain from the Nike sneakers that were now going back and forth towards my stomach.

I started feeling it all .I wanted to scream for help; but my pride couldn’t let me. If he wanted to kill me; I would have to kill him first.

However, when I started feeling blood in my mouth; I tried to plead for him to stop, – “Brant please stop, please! I am sorry. Brant please! I am sorry!” Nevertheless; he continued kicking and slurring at me. “Brant, you are hurting me. Brant!” I cried out.
He kept kicking me, and shouting at me. I couldn’t even hear what he was saying. I wanted to call out for help, but my voice wasn’t loud enough.

When i attempted crawling on the floor away from him; he dragged me across the floor by my legs back to him. My belly was literally cleaning the floor.
“I love you Pontso, and this is how you repay me?” he looked down at me with so much antagonism. I then suddenly noticed tears in his eyes.

“Pontso!” he called out my name like he could just choke. He then let go of me. I could sense he was still standing next to me but I couldn’t look at him. My eyes just shut.

When I heard his footsteps; I opened my eyes. He grasped the gift basket from the couch and he walked out through the door.

Then there was blurriness, and then nothing at all.

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  1. This was a horrible episode. You need to warn people if you are to write such bullshit! Nxaa! You don’t know if other people have been abused in a similar fashion!

    1. @Nana, I just want to understand, so you are basically angry and saying that this is a horrible episode because of the intriguing content and a little bit of drama and violence that it contained today ? … With all due respect, this kind of content is exactly what keeps us glued to this blog, this kind of content is what makes people relate to the blog because they’ve been through similar situations. I don’t mean to be insensitive or anything but blogs are exactly like this, they are meant to be controversial, interesting, intriguing and full of drama. But most importantly, it is important for the readers to be able to relate to the content. If you have nothing nice to say then rather not say anything at all. Even Cinderella had a evil stepmother, that is what keeps people intruiged ! Such is LIFE.

      This has been a wonderful read. Monday seems very far though. Can we get a surprise chapter of birds maybe … before Monday.

    2. 1. Baby, first of all, this is a story; and stories accounts for reality. If this is not your type of a story then you are more than welcome stop reading. 2. These are events that happens to these characters like some women go through in reality. If this is too harsh for you, STOP READING, it is that simple 3. I respect and value readers’ opinions either negative or positive that is why am sharing this story in the first place, but if you are going to call this chapter horrible just because you are sensitive about the content then this is not your cup of coffee. 4. I never wanna intimidate readers, maybe other writers can tolerate such, but it is comments like this that I cannot process nor understand.

      1. but it was so short. Iyoh I feel like you took away my favourite toy after promising I can play with it the whole day. Great chapter though.

    3. uNXAA uyaphi? There is absolutely no reason to be rude ngeContent yomunye umtwana. Most women can relate to this episode, so asikho nesdingo sokuthi its “bullshit”. I can imagine IF you’re employed and your boss says such about your work ngoba yena engayithandisisi, at least even there you’d still get a salary for your “bullshit” work. kudela owazi unyoko #clapsOnce #WhoRaisedYou #troll

    4. @Nana highlighting Violence makes the world aware.. it happens everywhere. Spotlighting it teaches people not to suffer in silence…. What you basically saying is you want writers everywhere to hide abuse….

  2. Exactly what I thought Miss M.The fact that you don’t agree to the content does not make it a”bull shit”…thanks for the good read Keletso.I can’t wait for monday.

  3. Thanks for da nice read kels,wena nana keep ur shitty comments 2 urself..Blogs are meant 4 us 2 relate 2 hence dey capture real life stories

  4. Argh. This idiot Brant is hurting Pontso😢. Hope she gets him arrested. A man should never ever lay hands on a woman. @Kelesto that was a deep one. Your writing levels are superb. Monday is too far kodwa

    1. A women is in allowed to break a man’s heart not that I condemn violence, but you women must also draw the line getting laid by my colleague really?

  5. Aaaah I love Birds!! Such drama and suspense. Please dnt let us hang till Monday it’s so unfair 😢 when reading a blog or story or anything for that matter one needs to read with an open mind. Calling it bullshit because you have been in that situation is not right. Lots of people are experiencing this day in and day out. I’m glad it is finally coming to light! To the author well done tis is one of my favourite books so far!

  6. Here’s an interesting fact for you guys, Keletso is my friend and she’s a Geologist who’s more interested in writing than rocks. She’s good, of course.

    This is the most smart structure and narration I’ve encountered. I’m not shy to admit that I wish I came up with it first.

    PS: Mike you’re a good human for putting other kids on your blog

  7. I don’t agree with the bullshit part however I agree with Nana, we need to be warned at the beggining. I’ve seen a person being beaten to death so i don’t like reading such.

    1. 1. Fictional stories also account for reality, what these characters go through is what women go through everyday 2. If you have been reading this story from the beginning I do not think such content should surprise you. If it shocks you then you should have stopped reading by chapter three… it is that simple. You turn on the TV and you see something you don’t like you stop watching or change the channel. 3. This story contains sex scenes, fights and arguments from the beginning and now we are on chapter 23, you shouldn’t be talking about giving warnings now. It really wont take anything from you if you just stop reading if the content is too harsh for you because clearly the story is not your cup of coffee 4. I value and respect readers’ opinions whether positive or negative that is why I am sharing this story in the first place; however it is comments like this that really baffle me, like why are you still reading the story? Audrey got ambushed on yesterday’s chapter but today you are here reading the next chapter.. 5. if you think this story is too harsh for you, stop right here because the characters wont be giving away cupcakes and sweets in the next chapters.

      1. dzaaaamn!!! Wish Khanyi could’ve been this assertive to all those shitty haters. This dish was served proper.

        1. My thoughts exactly Jackzorro but I guess it goes with growth and Khanyi still needs to grow she got too overwhelmed but ngeke sim blame besa qala ukbhala.

      2. Mike needs to add like buttons for the comments. Well said K. The way you responded shows so much growth, passion and understanding of your craft/gift. Big up

  8. Tjo ppl love being dramatic, we all knw these are not the teenage love novels. Yet they complain abt explosive scenes, maybe they shud stick to True Love magazine PERIOD

  9. hahahahahaha Keletso o reng ngwana mme? they wont be giving out cup cakes and sweets . lol! Nana dula fatshe my skat…

  10. Ah Klt, why so short? mondag is so far…anyhu Pontsho leene okalo to sleep with macky but Brant leene one slap was enough hle

  11. Nana u shud sit down nd write ur own story,clearly you are Miss.I.KnwIt.Al. You even knw what bullshit can you say that about someones work,write your own since Mike gives everyone who has Potential and see if u dnt do bullshit too.if u have nothibg good to say abt someone sis,dula fatshe nd put on horizontal life pause.i wonder how old u r.a lady can nt swear like you do…@Kels monday is too far tlhe

  12. Nana needs to chill the fuck out because this blog is not dedicated to her suitable standards. stop reading and stop annoying us, this was a great read, the whole story is well written and it is meant for people to relate. Keletso you’re an excellent writer. Monday just feels so far away

  13. hey Keletso you shud hv given the Growing writer some tips on how to get back at us, thats good girl. I wish you could take over Growing Up coz I loved it. take a seat .

  14. Lol y’all are brutal in these comments hey. But either way, if you can’t handle it then stop reading. Where have you read a novel that warns you before you read the next chapter? In so many of the other books we have read about violence, so why should this surprise you? This blog deals with controversy generally, I thought we have already established. So stop reading if its too much for you, and go buy a Disney book. It’s that simple.
    Thank you Keletso….greetings from Namibia ☺

  15. Brant is a coward and an idiot, no woman deserves to experience such a beating whether she is cheating or not. The reason I’m saying that he is a coward, is that why would he beat up a person who cant fend for herself. We as society must stop defending such acts and say that because ‘she cheated”then she deserves it, no person has power over the other, He further went to leave her on the floor after he brutally attacked her, “WHERE IS LOVE THERE?” a person who really loves you would never want to see you hurt. love does not involve pain, those two words can never be used in one sentence because its opposites.

    Thank you so much Keletso in narrating your story on 2 most interesting worlds that are more similar than not, it is a very interesting read I’m really getting hooked.

  16. Ya neh! your comments are as entertaining as the story…

    why does Pontsho and Brant remind me of Queen Bonang and Euphonik…??

  17. I guess dats y Brant asked that guy to leak the nudes cause of what he told him abt her n macky, but regardless it doesn’t give him the right to lay a hand on a woman n on such brutal way, eish I feel sori fr barbie n pontso shame, she must lay charges against him

  18. So two friends “birds” got a beating in one night, or morning rather, this couldn’t get more interesting. I think the “bullshit” lady is undergoing abuse or has been abused but have not dealt with it, her comments are full of anger. My advise to you lady is: Take action in whatever you are going through, only you know the situation but do something, either to leave, get help or whatever you deem fit. Know that no situation is permanent if only you work on changing it, start today, all shall be well. All the best.


  19. Funny how we say, “love & pain shudn’t be used in one sentence” when in actual fact we are using them both same time. The irony. And the worse irony of it is, it comes back to hit us as reality. Sad hey! Reality can be stranger than fiction.
    Kele UR one of a kind writer. It’s refreshing to have a different style of writing which is up there with what we have become accustomed to. Well done! Keep it going.

  20. Modimo, that was a 🔥🔥🔥🔥 chapter!!! I’m hooked. Yho e kae Monday 😢😢😢
    Great work Kelz 👏👏

  21. Khanyi, please take notes from Keletso… write another book with a fierce and strong stand for your material hun. Ppl MUST JUST STOP READING ISH IF ITS NOT THEIR CUP OF COFFEE!!!! some of us drink Cups of Coffee and Tea!!!

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