Birds – Chapter 22

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Saturday- 02:11 a.m.

I was now giggling with the girls and drinking shots from the table when I felt a hand on my shoulder; – it was Pontso. She didn’t look sober nor classy.
“I’m a hoe, am I not?” she whispered in my ear. She then laughed staggering. She dropped the wine glass she was holding, -“Oops!” she said
I was startled. I just stared at her.

“I am a whore. Did you hear the news Barbie girl? South Africa says I am whore!” She then laughed again. And as if she could fall; she regained her posture.

I looked back at her amused. Pontso never gets this drunk. She drinks, but she does not allow herself to get drunk. She said- “Listen shhh, listen. I tricked them. I tricked them both. All of them.” She chuckled. She continued-“Shhh don’t tell them. You are my best friend Audrey. You are my best friend.”
She then fell over me. She hugged me and whispered- “I love you Audrey. I’m sorry… you my good friend. I don’t trust anyone, no one, anyone…”
“Where is Brant?” I finally asked.

I looked at the decks. Brant was no longer there but two other Djs were now playing the music. “Mmm?” she said completely dim. Her eyes were red. She looked vulnerable.
“Where is Brant? … Did he see you?”
“Yes, of course he saw me. He is with Macky ….Macky, Macky, Macky.”
“Work. It’s always work.” she responded annoyed. She added- “Look at me Dree. Hot, hot, hot. And he ignores me and pays attention to these screaming sfebes.”
She then whispered -“I am so horny. I need my man and he’s not here.” i laughed and immediately wrapped her left arm around the back of my neck.

“I am leaving girls. You guys are fun. I will follow you back on twitter okay? bye.” I kissed the two girls on the lips. “Bye!” they replied unriveted. I wondered how the night will end for them.

Pontso and I zigzagged towards the door. Just then, Brant and Macky came back in.
“Please take us home, she’s drunk.” I said to Brant. “Brian, Brian, Brian…” said Pontso smiling.
“When did she get this sloshed? Pontso, are you nuts?” he said surprised. I guess I wasn’t the only one stunned with Pontso’s state. She said to Brant- “Yes, I am drunk. I am drunk Mr Dj…; guilty.” She said cackling. Brant shook his head, -“Let me just drop them off Macks. I’ll be back.”
Macky nodded. He then eyed Pontso and walked back into the club.

Brant carried Pontso in his arms; -whose shoes and clutch I was now holding; whilst walking towards Brant’s car.

Everything seemed to be getting to Pontso. The media and the cyber bullies. She wasn’t the Pontso i know. For the first time since I’ve met her; I felt pity for her.

Brian dropped me off at The Circle; Pontso was already asleep at the back seats. I held the bottle of wine i took from Brant’s car tightly in my arms.
“You will be okay Audrey? And don’t drink that now; seriously.” said Brant walking on the complex pavement back to his car. I waved as he drove away.

“Wumi, Wumi!” I yelled when I entered the house. I shut the door behind me. I found Portia and the twins sitting in the living room playing music.

“Where is Wumi?” I asked walking passed them, and they just did not respond. Shirley then chuckled.

I sluggishly threw my heels on the long sofa and yelled again- “Wumi, Wumi!”

When I reached the kitchen; I suddenly felt a sharp located pain on my head. I turned around, and it was Charmaine’s strong hand holding and twisting my afro. She made sure that I felt that she was hurting me.
“What are you doing? Let go of my hair!” I kicked her legs. She turned me around to face her – still twisting my hair. She then she slapped me.
Shirley then quickly seized the bottle of wine from me. By the time I tried balancing myself from the slap; I was pushed against the granite counter by the head. I was now on the floor.

Portia jumped on top of me and strangled me. Shirley then stood over my head, and poured the wine slowly on top me; she was laughing,

“You slut! You think you can just bang every man in this country? Who do you think you are? My Khakha? Are you serious? You hoe! …I will kill you! , I will kill you!” Shouted Portia on top of me. She kept banging my head against the floor. I couldn’t do anything. I just lay there helpless. Her strong hands really felt like they just wanted my life to end right there.

She then punched me repeatedly on my face. Charmaine exclaimed- “Get that whore. You are playing Porsh! Do you want me to do it for you?” She sounded more enraged than Portia.
“Get that bitch Portia! You are playing!” repeated Charmaine, and Portia’s hands became stronger. She wanted my face deformed by the end of the beating.

I could now hear footsteps and screams approaching us. And suddenly the heavy weight that was on top of me was no longer twinging me.

Everything was blurry. I felt blood coming out of my mouth. I was in a great deal of pain.

“You don attack her while she’s drunk? Are you that weak? I will show you… No, Senhle! Senhle, no! This is not right!” I could hear Wumi’s voice; whilst Senhle was trying to break off the fight.

Kamohelo then helped me up. I then was carried my bedroom. That is the last thing I remember that night.

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