Birds – Chapter 21

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23:37 p.m.

Omowumi and i approached the couch were Zinzi and Thabz were sitting cosily.

“Here is Audrey. Tell her what you told me.” said Omowumi to Thabz. “You guys no. Please leave me out if this.” Said Thabz
“What is it Wumi?” I said curious. “He said he did leak Pontso’s pictures but he can’t tell us why.”
I looked at Thabz in his miniature glasses. He shook his head and stood up.

“What do you mean you can’t tell us? Why did you leak them Thabz?” I said to him. “Guys please. Please, just mind your business. This one is not yours. I have to go.” and he walked off. Zinzi’s demeanour told me she had no idea what was going on. She said defending him-“It really won’t kill you two to not meddle in all this. This is unlike Thabz. He didn’t do it to hurt Pontso; I’m sure.”
“Anyway, she got what she deserved. She is like a wet chicken right now hiding behind Bontle… look at her.” said Omowumi pointing at Pontso who was now with a V-entertainment Presenter.

Thandai, a presenter of another television show treaded towards us, -“Hey ladies…So would you like to wish Bontle a happy birthday on camera?”
“Not me.” Instantly said Omowumi. She shifted aside. Thandai, surprised by Wumi’s aloofness; said-“Okay. I guess the two of you will?”
“Sure.” I said. While Zinzi and i were speaking on camera; I noticed Khaya with some friends entering the club.

“One more thing Barbie; what do you think of Pontso’s nudes?” Thandai said shoving the camera on me. “Uhm, what do you think of them Thandai?”
I said fake smiling. Just then Omowumi came back right on camera,-“You are shooting this right?”
Thandai nodded. “Okay, Pontso’s pornographic pictures are very demolishing and insulting. She is clearly damaged. I say this as a woman and on behalf of every woman in Africa… that girl needs Jesus.”
I was hoping Omowumi was a bit intoxicated when she came onto the camera and told the whole of South Africa that a fellow celebrity is damaged. But she was sober as a judge.

Why can’t she be vague like the rest of celebrities? Zinzi and i just laughed when she said all that. But it was Omowumi. There are neither rules nor pretence in her Books. “Okay good night.” said Omowumi walking off; so did Thandai.

“Wow, Wumi though.” said Zinzi.
“Are you surprised?” I said grasping my drink from the glass table. “I am not actually. Excuse me hun, I should go look for Thabz, neh?”
I looked around for Khaya. And he was now standing by the bar stand. I walked towards him.

“Hey you came.” I said opening my arms. We hugged, and he grinned. His friends were gazing at me. “Gents this is Audrey …say hi to my fella’s Barbie.”
“Hello guys.” they greeted me back blushing.

“You look cute.” said Khaya. “Oh, thank you…uhm, do you want to go somewhere quiet?” I said.
“Sure. Guys I will see you in a few…cool?” they nodded and he grasped my waist.
I quickly said-“You don’t do that. Please take your arm off Khaya.” or fools will be tweeting about me dating someone new. The oblivious ones who think I’m still dating MK will not hesitate in calling me a promiscuous whore.

“Sorry, i was just showing off to those fools back there.” He said. I giggled. Just then Senhle came to me as we were about to step outside, -“Barbie, Barbie…” she said .
“Yes, Senhle?”
“The twins want to leave; and I’m not feeling this party either. Are you coming? Wumi is coming as well.”
I looked at Khaya and he seemed disappointed. “I’m actually going to stay. He will give me a ride…right?” I said to Khaya. He swiftly nodded. “Okay we will see you then. Take care Barbie.” she said going back inside to get the twins and Omowumi.

“So let’s just cut to the chase Audrey. I can sense you are feeling me. And I’ve watched you date that guy with dreads forever. I want you, I’ve always adored you….you don’t have a boyfriend now I hope?”
“No, I don’t actually. I’m very single.”
“And mingling?”
“Just fun…I’m Audrey. It’s always fun.”
He then opened the door of his car, -a different car. I got in the front passenger seat. He then ambled around, entered inside and shut the door.

“How many cars do you have?” I asked. “Uhm, three. This one is kind of old.” he said looking at himself through the front mirror. “It doesn’t look old to me. If you see mine; you will crack up.”
“Is that why you walk on foot?”
I laughed,-“Oh no…that day was a different story.”

He started playing some soft music. He then suddenly seemed nervous.
“This is not you, is it?” I said cackling.
“It is me.” he said blushing.
“No, no, no…you look like the hip-hop and banging music kind of dude.”
He laughed blushing again,-“I am. Is it that obvious?” he said
“Of course it’s obvious. You got that swag going on.”
“You are trying to make me blush.” he looked back at himself on the mirror. Oh no don’t tell me you’re one of the mirror guys.

“You are already blushing Khaya.”
He came forward to kiss me. I said-“Are you sure you want to do this? …I’m rough.”
“I like rough.” He responded.
I wrapped my arms around his neck region and stroke my tongue into his mouth; and teased it against his. But then he started touching me all over uncontrollably and moaning. Moaning? Really? From kissing? Don’t tell me you are also one of those guys that cum just from kissing!

“We are just kissing Khaya.”
“I know. I’m sorry…just that, I played this in my head over and over, and now-” he said trying to catch his breath. “Shhh.” I said. I then continued kissing him. However, he started fiddling with my boobs and trying to undo my bra.
“Stop.” I said.
“I can’t please.” he said panting, – “Please I will do anything.” he rubbed his hands on my thighs and undoing my jean belt.

“Wait, wait, Khaya…please relax.”
“I will pay you.” he said bluntly looking helpless into my eyes
“Please, name any price. I know your status, and you are not the type who just sleeps with anybody. So please, I will pay. I am not trying to disrespect you. But I won’t stop thinking about making love to you.” wow, you would pay me? To have sex with you?

“How much do you want? I will write you a check.” he said hurriedly reaching for his wallet.
“No, I want cash.” I said.
“Uhm I have-”
I seized the wallet from his hands, and then took out the money that was inside. It was only R2320.

I boldly said to him-“Do you know who I am? I can’t take this pocket change.”
“Wait… uhm, I have R5000 in the trunk.”
“What are you waiting for? Go get it.”
He rushed out of the door with his manhood prodding out and hurried back after I heard him shut his car boot.

“Here…” he said handing me the money. And immediately when he handed it to me; he couldn’t stop himself from climbing over me.

I slipped the money in my hand bag, took out a condom, and undid his zipper; slipping the condom on him. “I don’t like condoms.” he said looking down at me. “No one does, but you will keep it on.” I said.

I then moved him so i will be on top. I started wriggling on top of him. He moaned heavily exclaiming the words -“Ngiaxela Audrey, ngiaxela, ngiaxela.”
“I love you Audrey, please…”
You love me? What the hell?

Because of my high libido; I was now feeling pleasured panting and stroking his neck. “Please Audrey, Please.” he kept pleading until he finally climaxed. I got off him immediately and put my jean back on. I climbed out of the car. How disgusting, what a freak. He honked the car as I walked off. Jerk!

When I went back to the club; things were abruptly in high spirits. Bontle was now on the stage with Pontso, and dancing up a storm. While Brant and Macky enjoyed the parade in the club.

I went to the barman and ordered alcohol. Zinzi was now alone going through her phone. I sauntered and sat with her on the couch.

“Where is Thabz? Did you find him?” I said to her. “Yes I did. He went to the loo now. Where were you?”
“I was with some guy outside.”
She just nodded and typed something on her phone.

Just then two girls who looked like they have just been legalised to be in clubs said to me- “Join us Barbie! Come dance with us please.” They said staggering. Their timid bodies did not hinder in making them look a bit older. I had no idea who they were. They were now dancing next to me and tenaciously prompting me to join them. They looked incredibly drunk.
Their fashionable dresses were now at the tip of their buttocks. The other one’s right nipple was now saying hello to the guys in the club.

I ultimately stood up, and started dancing with them.

“I loved you on Teens Mzansi!” one said. “What do you do now?” the other one asked. “I just model for some few designers and blah, blah.”
I had no desire in telling drunken stans or anybody else for that matter; how clueless I was regarding my modelling career.

“Nice.” they said. We continued moving to Big nuz’s ‘uMlilo’ banging on the roof. I had no idea who was going to take me home after what transpired with ‘Mr Jaguar’; but I kept dancing with the two fans.

More drinks kept coming from the girls who looked what Omowumi probably meant by “damaged”. However, the girls had such a gaiety aura; I did not mind. One was now flashing her privates whilst grinding on the leg of her friend. The friend said -“Chomma, he’s looking at you. Look at him.”
The grinder then looked across the club. I realised they were referring to some guy who was dancing with whom I assumed was his girlfriend. And he was really imprudently looking at the girl dancing next to me.

“Yoh chomma he still wants me. He still wants me chomma.” she then dropped by her bums on the floor and then rose moving her hips and dropped again. She was a pretty good dirty dancer.

They kept giggling and touching each other. Both of them were not wearing underwear; just skimpy dresses and heels.

“Barbie is his girlfriend hotter than me? Tell me, she’s not right?” said the grinder. “She looks like she needs that make up darling. She got nothing on you.” I said. They both laughed. However, the girlfriend was attractive with her built impressive poised stature, blonde weave and conservative dress. The grinder was not so pretty. Comparing her and the guy’s lady, I understood why he is with the girlfriend;-she looked classy.

“Are you friends with Bontle?” said the one who was being humped on. “No not really, why?”
I guessed this is the same reason celebrities avoid having conversations with fans. “You and Pontso are not friends?” she asked another question
“We are.”
“Then why are you not with her and Bontle on the stage?” I was befuddled.
The grinder interjected- “They are such snobs those two. I don’t like them.”

I looked back at the couch. Zinzi and Thabz were now standing up, appearing to be leaving the club. I could feel my movements not confident anymore. I was slightly drunk.

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