Birds – Chapter 20

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Friday- 20:35 p.m.


Hair, make-up, screaming outfits and heels. We looked dashing. We looked flawless. Ethiopia’s Audrey, South Africa’s Senhle, the twins, and not forgetting Nigeria’s Omowumi. The same clique that goes partying together. The same Circle members i met Mr “do you love me Audrey” with. Tonight was about fun. And possibly keep my mind off the wealthy, sophisticated and very married Dingaan.

*That was very callous of you to leave me in bed like that. Is there something wrong I did or said? Please return my calls, Audrey. I apologise for whatever I did.*

-Read a text from him. I did not reply.

What was i supposed to say? “I knew what it meant to be with a married man, but I have issues with the fact that you are married to someone else.”? No, that doesn’t sound right. You haven’t left your wife and I’m sure that idea has not crossed your mind. And I will be naïve to think the wealthy and respected Dingaan Dlanga will leave his wife of nineteen years for some twenty four year old Ethiopian lass with no eligible career prospects.

Tonight I am going to drink, dance and socialise with the fellow celebrities who would not even attempt feigning that I am not wanted. Twelve years in this beautiful country and I’m nothing but an Ethiopian girl who came to their country for gold.

Two hours it took me to prepare my outfit;-A white bra top with spikes from Pontso’s collection, a pink high rise jean, 6 inch pink stilettos, and red set of jewellery.

Omowumi was the most fashionably dressed as always. She wore a black short dress which was impressively cut on the side of her torso. She designed it herself.  “Wow, you look great Womi.” said Portia sitting at her usual spot in the living room. We were about to leave for Azania. I was at the kitchen site finishing eating; while they were in the living room.

Omowumi gawked at her and said- “It’s Wumi. As in short for Omowumi?” Senhle intervened- “Come on, cut her some slack. You two need to mend fences already.”

Omowumi just sashayed off and went out through the front door. Knowing Wumi; she was not about to mend any fence with Portia after what she said to her.

“Whatever, she can go jump.” said Portia.

“Kamo you are really not coming?” said Shirley. “Nope. I have a test to prepare for….I guess it will be just me and Portia remaining. Say hi to Pontso for me Audrey.” She said standing by her door. She was already in her pyjamas. Her demeanour said she will slip in her party clothes any time and join us.

Since when are you a fan of Pontso’s Kamohelo? Since her nudes? … Even though I wasn’t in good terms with Pontso; I wasn’t planning to snub her that night.

I responded Kamo-“I will and maybe get an autograph for you.”

“Urgh Audrey!” she replied with her high pitched voice

I headed to the front door. The twins then followed me. Charmaine was surprisingly okay being around me. She even had the audacity to complement my outfit after what she said about me. Who is the snake now? I made sure words do not pass between us.

We found our transportation waiting for us. As always Senhle and her extravagant needs. We were going in a limousine;-courtesy of her copious foreign connections.

When we arrived at Azania; we went in immediately. Glitters everywhere. The setting looked Magnificent. It really screamed Bontle. Huge, colourful and expensive.

Omowumi was tagging on my arm, while the twins and Senhle were already rubbing shoulders in the club.

Omowumi and I strut in. I could spot Bontle surrounded by her friends. She was wearing a huge tiara and a pink bubble dress. When I eyed her feet; she was really wearing the outlandish and attractive heels in white from Pontso’s Boutique collection.

I then noticed Brant at the desks with Macky playing piercing music. I looked around the place as I always do. The one thing that Dingaan finds irking and astonishing. The interest he considers as a trait of a hooker! A hooker? You can’t possibly divorce your Mrs Dlanga for a girl you thought to be a prostitute… I sighed. What do you know Dingaan?

Omowumi and I sauntered around the club and finally stood at a bar stool. I then looked back at Bontle. I noticed Pontso was one of the girls she was with. Omowumi quickly said- “Oh, there is your Miss Porno. I will be at the couch by the corner with Zinzi, okay?”

“Fine, let me just go and say hi to her.” I said.

We drifted apart. I treaded to where Bontle and Pontso were surrounded by what seemed like a swarm of bees. Whose purpose I assume was to share bantering comments and nod.

Bontle noticed me walking towards them and nudged Pontso.

Miss Pontso was wearing a black and tight to the knee dress. She had red heels, and a whopping gold necklace that looked ridiculously pricey.

“Hello ladies!” I exclaimed cheerfully. “Hey Barbie, cute outfit.” said one of the girls. I did not know her.

“Oh thank you boo.”

I looked at Bontle. Her impressive colour coordinated make up looked like it took her make-up artist more than three hours. “Happy birthday Bontle. You look superb! And I’m going to have to steal those shoes; I love them! ….I don’t have any gift prepared unfortunately. But I will make it up to you.” I was literally rambling.

Bontle made sure she looked like the birthday girl; an outfit that set her apart, and girls who would die to be in her shoes to surround her. She is undeniably sublimely gorgeous and huge in the entertainment industry .Her talk show doing well; her face in almost every South African magazine issue -every month. Bontle is Queen of Mzanzi’s EVERYTHING.

She responded- “It’s alright. I know most like you just came to get drunk.” they all suddenly gawped at me like I was a pariah. Should i have bothered coming with a gift? She can be such an insolent being. I ignored her remark, – “Anyway, I actually walked over here to wish you a happy twenty seventh birthday. And possibly steal Pontso away from you.”

“What do you want?” Jumped Pontso surprisingly cold. “I need to talk to you.”


“Wow, if I knew I would be received this way; I wouldn’t have come over here. You know Pontso you’re the one who wronged me?”

Bontle interjected – “She is? She told me you wanted to do a cover with her. A cover -that is hers? Hello? I don’t know how they do things in Ethiopia, but it doesn’t work like that here.”

“Oh please, don’t get involved in this. We both know that is just her side of the story.”

“That’s not what happened Dree? This is stupid. Just walk off and be with your tacky house mates. What do you call yourselves again? The Round?” said Pontso snidely.

“The Circle.” I boldly replied.

“More like the circle of wannabe’s.” said Bontle laughing. “Oh wow. I’m not even offended. Actually, I’m just going to say hi to Brant and Macky at the desk; and maybe ask them how it feels to be inside you.” I said directly at Pontso. I turned back at them quickly and flounced to the stage. Circle of wannabe’s huh? Alright.

I went to Brant at the desks. I hugged him and Macky. They were happy to see me but occupied playing their house music. Then Pontso was predictably, and all of a sudden next to me.

“What are you doing?” she said. I looked at her for a minute and wondered what exactly must be running in her head. Is thee “Lioness” actually terrified that I’ll spill her dirty laundry?

Tell me how it feels to make out with your boyfriend’s colleague at the back of his car?

I had to stand there that evening and watch you stunned as I was; when you moaned at the back of the car to whatever tricks Macky pulled in there. Who was tacky then Pontso? It was you. Who loves outrageous bow tie heels that I saw dangling on the window panes? Who drives the most expensive huge cars in the whole of the Celebrity-Ville, if not Macky?

I watched you two right on the outside of this club as your decent and eligible boyfriend entertained guests at your twenty fourth birthday party five months ago. And you had the nerve to try deny it the next day when I confronted you!

You begged me Pontso; remember? You pleaded to keep the secret that will absolutely blow your whole mini career. And as your best friend of eleven years, i had the decency to. But now you scurry like a puppy to Bontle and bad-mouth me?

“What? I’m just greeting your boyfriends.” I said to her looking at me nervously. Macky took off his headphones and looked at us. Brant was still playing the music with his headphones on. “You really want to do this Dree?” She said. “I don’t know, do you? You are such a snake Pontso! Running to Bontle, really? Since when are you two friends anyway?”

“Are you jealous?”

“Why would i be jealous? I actually think you two make a great pair. Two people who would do anything for fame!”

Macky intervened- “Is everything okay here? Do you notice people are looking at you down there?”

“I don’t care if anybody is looking Macks! I’m sick of your little girlfriend here treating me like I’m a piece if crap!”

Brant turned around; taking his headphones off,-“What’s going on?” he said.

“You want to tell him bitch?” I said

“Audrey, you don’t want to do this. Trust me.” she flinched her eyelids repeatedly; terrified as expected. I looked at Brant’s decent demeanour, then Macky and then back at Pontso. I walked off the stage.

Omowumi was coming towards me; she said- “What was that all about my friend?”

“I nearly told Brant that Macky slept with Pontso.”

“Really? Macky? Haba! When?”

“Not long ago.”

“Barbie, you should have told him!”

“It wasn’t my place Wumi. And you know what Bontle called us? …. ‘The Circle of wannabe’s’…”

Haba! What?”

“Don’t do anything stupid Wumi. I want to drink first. Let’s just go drink my friend.” I said as we walked towards the couch were Zinzi and Thabz were. Get drunk we shall Bontle. I assure you that.



22 thoughts on “Birds – Chapter 20

  1. It’s not Audrey’s place to spill Pontso secret. It’s never our place to spill anyone’s secret ever anyway. Why purpose does the spite serve? Especially after making a promise to someone to keep their secret? Was it a conditional promise then if now you want to spill your guts because things are rocky.Do we not then turn into hypocrites?

    1. You don’t miss treat people who have your secrets, Audrey cares about Pontso but she is taking advantage of her as for a photo shoot Audrey did not ask to be in the photo shoot the editor just suggested to kill two birds with one stone, but the words that came out of Pontso’s mouth were hurtful to anyone all she should have said sorry about her outburst to her friend in the car.

  2. Audrey is just pontso’s lapdog… She seems surprised wen pontso says she made her,of Coz xe did …she must just get over it n maybe she can lead her to smtng big…

  3. Audrey should just keep her mouth shut, this industry is full of hate and, macky and pontsho can easily take her down.She got nothing at the end of the day.And she must just be greatful to potsho, she made her at the end of the day…

  4. I Love me some Audrey.Pontso is going to learn and I bet her new bestie Bontle has been or is sleeping with Brant.Pontso should learn not to bash a friend that has had her back for more than 12 years just to be in someone else’s good books.Never be rude,cocky and act self righteous while having your own flaws.At that Photoshoot she should have used better/friendlier words when denouncing the editors request.You can’t say hurtful things about a friend and tarnish her image then expect her to not do the same.

  5. You’re very good Keletso, amazing actually I don’t know which writing lingo I can use to describe your writing but it’s great.

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