Birds – Chapter 19

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Friday-11:46 a.m.


It was Friday the 27th of May and as any day of the entire week; – I was tired. I stood there at my front door waiting for Miss Mzansi Bontle; the birthday girl. She was turning twenty seven and was paying me a visit.


I was surprised to get her call that morning since she and I never converse even though we share a manager. And I was also surprised she was making visits on her birthday; when later in the evening -it was her party at Azania. From what I heard from Tshepi; she wants everything to go perfect and exactly the way she wants them to be. I guess she had everything under control.


There she was. She parked her Porsche at the gate looking like a million dollar superstar. I must point out I was sometimes ‘star struck’ when I saw her at award shows or other events. She is a gorgeous and successful celebrity. And she didn’t just get there by luck. She hustled and still does.

Almost everyone is close to her. My boyfriend Brian considered her as a friend that he was the first option to be the host for her party.


“Pontso! Oh my word, you look amazing…aow come on, don’t just stand there!”  She scuttled to give me a hug. Oh, what a nice scent she had.


“You look great too Bontle, as always! Happy birthday by the way…please come inside.”

“Aow, thank you.” she held my hand like we knew each other for ages. We reached my living room.


“Your house is superb! Look at this…wow and you won’t believe I tried to buy this place two years ago and I couldn’t afford it…so good job honey.” I didn’t know how to respond to that. She added,-“I know, it’s weird that I’m here. I could tell by your awkward silence that you are not particularly feeling my visit.”

“No …okay, yah it’s a bit weird, but you are here, so-”

“Girl I love you! I have been going through the shoots you have done in FHM, glam… You are a star. And after those pictures…you are going to be major. I’m sure you are already getting offers.”


I moved to the kitchen to make her a drink.


My “pictures” seemed to be resonating in everybody’s minds from Sunday and it was now Friday. Can it be next year?

“Honey, relax. I’m here for the interview. Tshepi asked me to talk to you before we do it next week. And I hate doing things over the phone. And… I also wanted to see your house.” she giggled. I just smiled carrying the apple juice on the tray and placed it down on the table.


“Thank you for coming Bontle. I kind of like your approach, I must say. Very professional.

I reminisced over what happened at the Thee magazine cover shoot. How unprofessional they were on my shoot on Wednesday. However, everything was settled as they paid for what transpired and I re-did the shoot with lingerie on. No one asked me to remove my bra or underwear for that matter.


“Tshepi told me what happened with Thee. I’m not surprised…  Lindiwe is so opportunistic. She would do anything for that magazine to sell. And since you had nudes out already; she had the nerve to ask you to do the same for her gossip magazine. What a bitch!”

“It’s settled now. But I was so furious. And after that, I had a fight with Audrey…it was so frustrating.”

“The Barbie doll?”

“Yes her. Can you believe she wanted to feature on the cover?”

“What? That’s crazy.”

“She is so -” we were interrupted by a knock on the door. I rushed to open it.


I wondered who it was. I wasn’t expecting anyone. Surprisingly it was a delivery man, – “Pontso Molomo?” he said.

“Yes, that’s me.” I replied.

“Please sign here, lady.”


I quickly signed on the paper. He then handed me a gift basket. My heart beat faster; because I knew who it was from before I even read the note.


*I know, I suck… but I cannot stop thinking about you. This gift is a reminder of what we shared. I hope you will start answering my calls –Macky.*


I slowly closed the door as the delivery man turned away. Inside the basket were chocolates, strawberries, gift cards and what happened to look like a jewellery box. I sighed.


“Hmmm…. Brian is romantic neh?” Bontle said. I was so embarrassed.

“Okay, why don’t you look charmed or happy? Let me see.” she tried reaching the basket. “Bontle no.” I said moving further. “Pontso? What’s the big deal?”


She was appalled by my reaction and suddenly seemed more interested. When I turned to put the basket away; – she seized the note from my hand and ran to the back door.


“Bontle, Bontle please… don’t read it… oh my God.” I panicked. I put the basket on the table and ran after her.


She was coming back to the house already- smiling. “Oh-oh. Seems like our princess Pontso is cheating on Brant!”

I was annoyed that she took the note without my consent. “Please give me back the note.”

“Don’t worry. I’m not judging.” she came towards me and gave me the note back.


“You shouldn’t have done that.” I said furious. “Girl, I find out information for a living. I had to.” she said as if proud of what she did. She added -“Macky is a nice guy. A jerk, as some would say; but he knows how to treat a lady… you got it good Pontso.”


I placed the note in the basket and went upstairs to my room.


“I won’t tell anyone! Relax honey!” she yelled from downstairs. I felt like staying in my room until she left. Now two people know about me sleeping with Macky, I thought.

Audrey promised never to blurt it out. But after the fight in my car; I can only put faith in our 11 years friendship.


Brant would kill me if he finds out!


I placed the basket on my dressing table and went back downstairs.


Bontle is a big celebrity and all but she had no right. She informed me the interview will be on ‘Women in fashion’. She said my status as a business woman and a model will be the main concentration of the interview. She also informed me it was not going to be a solo interview; but a double interview with fashion designer and icon,-Lerato. Who, with her clothes showcased all over Africa, and a hit reality show; I knew I had to sound and look the part. I was flattered that someone like Lerato was going to be interviewed with me.


Bontle then quickly shifted the focus and spoke about how big her party in the evening was going to be. She held my hand and said- “I would love it if you could be my date baby, please…”

I was a bit surprised considering she and I were not even friends. “Really? Won’t your man be jealous?” I said.

She laughed as if I said something foolish. “I don’t have time for men baby. I have so much on my plate…its work, work, work…I really don’t have the time.”


I was shocked. With her looks and success; men should be flocking at her doorstep.

“I can’t say I don’t entirely try to date. I just get bored with every one of them. I’m too busy and uninterested.” somehow I was impressed, -“But look at you. You even receive gifts out of nowhere. It must be fun neh?” she said mocking me. “Please, let’s not go there.” I said nervously

She said- “No, have some fun Pontso. Don’t even feel guilty. You are not married.”


I looked at her for a while when she said that. I then grasped the half full apple juice from the table and said- “Cheers to that.”

We both raised our glasses. I added- “Yes! So let’s go have fun tonight. Forget work, forget nudes, and forget the drama!”

I felt strange saying those words. However, I was really looking forward to Bontle’s party. “Cheers baby!” she exclaimed excitedly.


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