Birds – Chapter 18

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20:21 p.m


Nothing is as satisfying as a good meal and good sex.


Dingaan and I were now sitting at his bar table eating. Dingaan in the grey sweat pants, and I was in his red collared shirt.


“Your cooking is good. This is good.” he said sarcastically.

“Yes, they burned a little.” I said.

“For a good course.” he said laughing.

“Oh. You might want to check your cell phone; it was ringing while you were showering.”

“Did you answer it?” he asked. “No…would you have wanted me to answer it?”

“If it was urgent; I wouldn’t have minded.”

“It was your wife, ‘Mrs Dlanga’…” I rolled my eyes,


“Oh.” I mimicked him and gathered the plates we dished in. I glanced at him sipping on his wine and eying me.


I went to the kitchen site.


“So aren’t you going to ask?” he said.

“Ask what?”

“About my wife?”

“What about her?”

“She and I have been unhappy for years Audrey; I told you. I’m surprised you are acting this way.”

“You don’t know what you are talking about. I’m fine.”

“Do you love me Audrey?” he said bluntly

“Love is a big word Dingaan.” I said drying the dishes. He cornered a smile.


If you are so unhappy with your wife; why don’t you leave her? Is it hard? It is the same old gibberish with most married men: “I’m not happy with my wife.”

“I’m going to leave her.” next, – “I’m going to leave her soon. Just be patient.” like hell you will!

I stripped from the kitchen and marched towards the bathroom. I eyed him, and I found him looking at me with so much hankering. He then helplessly sighed and went to the dining room; probably for his phone.

I gazed at Dingaan amusingly snoring; lying next to me in his bed. I looked at his carefully trimmed beards, thick alluring eyebrows, and imposingly immaculate face. How can one man be this mature, powerful and gorgeous? I looked up at the ceiling for a while and I gazed back at him next to me.

What am I doing? I received this man with a purpose, but now I just want to hurl that purpose out of the window; love him dearly, make him love me and make babies with him….. Babies! Why doesn’t he have children anyway? At forty-nine he should at least have two children? Normal married people have children. Progenies, who would take care of his transcendent wealth after him. What is his wife thinking? How can you not give such a wealthy man children? Some women are fools!

I grasped my cell phone under the pillow, and confirmed the time. It was around 01:00 midnight. What did he suggest by me not being pleased about him and his wife anyway? Oh please Dingaan, you don’t know what you are talking about! How dare you ask me if I love you? Well do you? You say you are not happy with Mrs Dlanga; and then you have a lengthy conversation with her while I am in the bathroom? No you don’t do that.


I reached for the glowing silky white gown which lay next to the bed and wrapped it around my body. I sauntered to the dressing table.


How awkward it was when I walked into the living room after showering, and found him still talking to his wife. His tone revealed they really had issues. Deep unsettled issues as I heard him say to her- “Just do what a wife needs to do. I have stopped begging. I’m not doing this with you on the phone.”

When he noticed me standing at the bathroom door, he hung up. NO Dingaan. Why not unbound yourself and talk to your wife in front of me? I assure you, i wouldn’t give a damn! This is no longer feels like a mature satisfying arrangement, but a love triangle!


I covertly grasped my hand bag, slipped in my top, underwear and jeans that lay jumbled on the dressing table. I went to the living room and grasped my heels.


Without thinking twice; i walked through the passage from the living room towards the elevator. I pressed ground floor option. You don’t make me fall for you or impose envy towards your marriage with your wife. I don’t care about your damn marriage Dingaan.


At 11 a.m. Friday morning; I was already at a gym with Kamohelo. It was recently opened; so we decided to take a view which ended up with us using the facilities. There were sweaty masculine men everywhere. These are the kind of places the circle hunt.


I looked up; stood a guy staring down at me. “Need some help?” he said.

“No thanks. I think I got it.” I replied breathing heavily.

“I knew I would see you again.” he said smiling. I rose up and realised it was the Jaguar guy.

“Lord this is a small world. Are you stalking me?” I said wrapping the pink towel around my neck. “Don’t kid yourself. This is my gym.” he said boastingly.


“You look surprised. I don’t know why.” He said .

“You want to tell me you own this gym? Oh wow, it is dope. I think I might divorce the one across the street and join this one.”

Kamohelo peered at us while pacing on the treadmill next to us.


“That will be great. We need sexy, sweaty and beautiful ladies like you to keep the fellas coming here.” he said so rubbing his hands against each other, and smiling awelessly looking up and down at my body; as if not knowing what to say next; I smirked.

“Are you here alone?” he said. “No, i am with a friend.” I turned against him. I bent down to reach the water bottle that I rested on the floor. I gulped it down and looked back at him.


“Oh cool…uhm, I don’t think I will get lucky more than twice in a week. So can I just grab this opportunity and have your number?”

“Cheesy, but no.”

“Ah, why not? Come on. Ngiaxela, I am begging.”

Kamohelo signalled me stealthy to give them to him. “Fine…” I said. He handed me his phone. I then saved my numbers.


Kamo then walked past us; – signalling we had to leave the gym. “I have to go.” I said.

“Wait….what are you doing tonight?”

“Tonight? I’ll be at a party at Azania.”

“Bontle’s party?”

“Yeah, you know about it? Are you coming?”

“I saw her tweets. I was not planning to, but I will be there just for you.”

“Cool, see you then.”

“Hmmm. You are not even going to ask for my name, typical. I’m Khaya Audrey.”

“Okay Khaya. Well, I’m leaving your gym now Khaya.” he giggled blushing.

“See you tonight Barbie.”


I ran towards to the exit door where Kamohelo was waiting for me.


“Audrey is tough going out anywhere with you.” she said drinking water from a bottle.

“How so?”

“Everyone hits on you. I’m used to being the centre of attention but with you aowa, I fall flat on my face!”

“As my girl Keri Hilson says Kamo: Don’t hate me cos I’m beautiful. It’s not my fault, so oh please don’t trip.” she burst out laughing.


We reached her car. The interior of her car has always been neat. She has always been the clean freak.

I still remember the day her Mamelodi Sundowns striker ex-boyfriend surprised her with the car after dating for five months. She screamed jumping around the complex pavement; calling the rest of us to come take a view of her new black 2011 mini- cooper countryman. Envy filled me as I was still driving my old car and dating MK. She was now going out with another soccer player called Marumo. I wondered what he will be getting her.


Kamohelo laid a towel on her sit before sitting down. She then said to me-“You know Senhle told me you slept with Khakha; is it true Audrey?” I was taken aback by her question. “Does it matter if it’s true?” I said.

“Audrey. Charmaine knows.”

“How does she know?”

“Apparently she heard you guys doing the deed. She said you were so loud and annoying like you wanted us to hear you.” oh wow, sorry Aunty Charmaine that I am loud in a sack!


“Who did she say that to?”

“Shirley, me and Senhle last night. But I don’t think Portia knows.”

“Who cares Kamohelo? I f**ked him. So what? Is Portia and him even together? They both sleep with other people anyway.”

“But Audrey-” She said stunned,


“She’s our friend.”

“Maybe she is your friend. But definitely and absolutely not my friend. Not any of my friends are ugly like that girl.”

“Audrey…” she said in her squeaky voice. “What? It’s true. I don’t care about Portia. And neither does she about me. I can go bang that Khakha whenever I want to. She doesn’t own him”

Yoh” she murmured.


“What else did Charmaine say to you?” I questioned. “She just said you don’t know where to draw your boundaries. Senhle and I just listened because Senhle have already told me about you and Khakha.”

“Boundaries? What boundaries? I really don’t care about that girl and her friend to be honest Kamo.”

She sighed. How is it any of my business how they take it? Is Khakha married? No! I’m sure the news will soon reach Portia, and that still won’t make me un-bang her baby daddy.


I took out my phone from my pink Nike duffel bag and went online.

Celebrities were still talking about going to Bontle’s party. Which I was sure will be splashed all over the ‘Real Goboza’ and ‘V-entertainment’ show soon. Going is not only about partying but making an appearance as the ex-girlfriend of the VG MK and as the former presenter of a teenage show. I will surely have cameras on my face.

Mr Jaguar was going to be there and I knew nothing about him. Only the fact that he seemed young, proud and cocky. He was plainly the opposite of Dingaan. Dingaan is humble, mature and classy.

I then went straight to Google and Googled him. He was just a business man. Wikipedia did not even recognise him. However, he clearly was loaded.




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